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A Mother’s Day “rally” for Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense. It’s a slam dunk for the pro-gun control media. But here’s the thing: the rallies were a damp squib. There’s no evidence that “thousands” of Moms turned out for anti-gun agitprop. But there’s plenty of evidence that the news media is in the tank for civilian disarmament. Click here for a NY media story about a Bronx rally with a strangely framed picture of four supporters captioned “hundreds of moms marched to end gun violence in the Bronx Sunday.” calls the Chicago rally “a large group” with an equally dubious (quantitatively speaking) photo and video. I reckon that the mainstream media’s complicity is the main thing keeping the pro-gun control side from drying-up and blowing away. Which it’s busy doing anyway. Not that you’ll hear that on your local news.

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  1. Kind of like the 25 or so Code Pink that showed up in Sacramento on Friday. We out numbered them two to one.

  2. You can find more a hundred times more “moms” demanding action at the Designer Shoe Warehouse.

  3. As of now, I’m forming Responsible Gun Owners Against Dumpy Female Gun Grabbers. Anyone want in?

      • that red head, pam should do radio pleas and stay off TV. There is no way a she’s a mom. To get drunk enough to hit that, you’d be legally dead.

  4. How can they expect me to read, “moms demand action”, and not snicker, or think of milfs? It’s impossible.

    Maybe if somebody started giving these moms some action they wouldn’t be so worked up. Who wants to protest after sex?

  5. At least this news report mentioned that gun violence is down. Now if only they would have an articulate individual to counter the anti’s. I just chuckle when I hear the anti’s say “it’s for the children!”

  6. I suspect this is more like Mitch Albom’s screw-up from a few years ago where he wrote an article and was not even at the damn game!!!!

    $20 says these “journalists” are merely copying the media announcement the anti-gun groups send out and then uploading a photo from their Facebook page. Any one wanna take that bet??

    the key is to BUST them like Albom was and shame them into reporting the truth

  7. Hey guys, does it not amaze you how every time an article starts with “Hundreds show up to…”, somehow there never seems to be photographic evidence of the so called hundreds? Now why would that be?………………..Journalistic bullsh!t…………….

    • Unless its a pro gun rally, when they have to crop the pictures to avoid showing the thousands that showed up.

  8. The American mass media, by ignoring the values and interests of their potential publics, is drying up and blowing away with consumers using this new invention called the Internet.

    Years ago, I sold Internet advertising for a major trade journal publisher. The editors and journalists were unconcerned about investigating the facts of their stories and in considering how their irresponsible behavior was biting the hands that fed their publications. What mattered was feeding their egos. Don’t get me started on the graphic artists who worked at the corporation. A one-man owned and managed blog can be far more factual, objective, and insightful than a firm with 20,000 employees.

  9. So while these “thousands” of moms are out marching, where are the dads?

    Probably out scrounging Walmarts for ammo.

  10. None of ’em want to out-do the poorly attended Schumer shindig a few weeks back – kinda like noone likes to pass a cop.

  11. Lol, she said, “We as Moms have the absolute right to protect our children form harm.” Me as a Dad, I do too. You choose your method sweetheart, I’ll choose mine. Let me know how beng disarmed works out for you.

  12. We had county meeting with this group. Pro gunners had them out numbered about 5 to 1. Most of them left once they figured out they were in the minority. Really they should change their name to the Spinsters for Socialism.

  13. “The right if a mother to protect her child shall not be infringed.” I agree 100%. So stop trying to infringe on the rights of my wife and I to protect our child.

  14. So she insists gun violence is getting worse. It’s getting better. but why let facts stand in the way?

    • Yes and no. The sensational incidents seem to be getting worse, as each maniac in turn attempts to trump his predecessors.

      The overall rate is declining, but the blips are getting bigger.

      Unfortunately, they can’t see the big picture. ‘Twas ever thus.

  15. “The right of mothers to protect our children shall not be infringed…”

    Wait a minute. Is that bitty arguing for or against gun ownership? How is she going to protect her children without a gun?

    • By following her child’s every moment and activity, via social media and modern child tracking software, and by interfering with and/or planning most of his/her activities and interests well into the stages of early adulthood. She will always be not far behind, ready to pounce at any person who challenges or questions her child’s abilities, and always with a pack of disinfectant wipes handy. May continue to remain equally involved after becoming a grandparent.

  16. “Thousands in protest”? I realize I do not have the same level of edjumacatedness as the elites in media but I have not seen anything close to “thousands” of people at this idiotic protest. Care to compare their numbers with the turnout at the NRA convention?

  17. Thousands, with the camera pan there is like a dozen. The prez claims all these people want something but they don’t show up.

    I don’t get it.

    • “thousands around country” (note – they are aggregating their #’s) – they won’t do the same for pro gun groups if we staged similar rallies simultaneously.

  18. The comments on that Chicago story decreased my faith in humanity -5.

    Imagine the Futurama meme “Shut up and take my money” and replace it with “Shut up and take my rights away! I need to feel safe!”

    • I’ve never read Raw Story before, but I plan to avoid it if at all possible now. Looks like the leftward version of World Net Daily.

  19. You would think that between the Libyan embassy attack and the IRS outrage, libtards (democrats) would be a bit too busy to keep going after peoples liberty (guns).
    Liberalism is a mental disorder.
    I wonder if this will put a dent in Earth Mother (Hillary) and her chances in 16′?
    Probably not.

  20. At lease the news reporting was pretty even handed, mentioning the rise in women buying guns and the dramatic decrease in violent crime.

    I think several others have already commented on this part, but I agree with her right to defend her children, but I have the same right, and I chose to do it with a nice 9 mm handgun, training, and a steady hand.

  21. I have personal experience with media bias and their intentional mis-reporting to suit their agenda.

    I went to the first TEA-Party rally a few years ago in San Jose, CA. One local news van showed up and took a lot of verbal abuse from the crowd. There were several HUNDRED well-behaved people there. They marched around a small park, listened to a few speakers, and then cleaned up after themselves before leaving peacefully. There also was a very small contingent of opposition to the Tea Party who the police surrounded to keep them separated from the others and to prevent them causing any trouble. The local newspaper showed a group of 5 Tea Party people (obviously photographed long before the crowds arrived) and made no mention of the actual numbers in attendance. On the nightly news, the network showed the opposition group (about a dozen people surrounded by the police cordon) while downplaying the whole rally as much as they could.
    SJ, CA was not and still isn’t very conservative-friendly, and their media was and still is in the tank for Progressivism.

    Since I have seen it with my own eyes, I KNOW you should never trust a reporter to give you unbiased news.

  22. A perfect visual example of the 92% of people who support civilian disarmament.

    Or it could possibly be the 84% of NRA members that favor expanded background checks.

  23. LOL I thought the man in the crowd was holding a rifle. Had to play it again, but it was just an umbrella.

  24. Every killer has a mom. Every killer went to school. School shootings occur at schools by killers who have moms and moms went to school too. I am seeing a pattern here and a common denominator. It seems moms may be what causes this senseless killing. This makes more sense than what they spout and I am being sarcastic.
    Moms and their “marches”. What is up with that? Always with “You march yourself right into your room and do your homework” or “March yourself into the bathroom and wash up this instant young man”.
    Where are their children while moms are marching? Babysitters? Are their little darlings perfect and will not grow up to be mental cases? When they see their mom being a loud-mouth fool lying on television plus all the teasing their classmates will dole out? All that teasing in school, day after day, just might make a kid snap later on in life. To suggest a mom stay home with the kids will earn one a sneer and “chauvinist pig” label…

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