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“We will get between our kids and guns any way we can. The attention on the tragedy of Newtown gives us the opportunity to shine a light on gun stories in all neighborhoods. Newtown showed the nation that you can’t ‘other’ this away. You can’t say ‘this only happens in black neighborhoods or poor neighborhoods or to people out walking dark streets alone at night.’ This can happen anywhere. So we must value every life and mourn every life equally – democratize the hope and democratize the solutions. We must get between our kids and guns with love, with safety, with opportunity, with hope, with actions to address the root causes.” – Christine Pelosi in Mothers Day Vow: Get Between Our Kids and Guns Any Way We Can [via]

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  1. Trouble is, the anti’s will never get that they are one of the root causes.

    • Lol, so true! And then afterward they move to Colorado and New Mexico after their home states become unlivable.

      • And they bring their ideas with them because they see no connection between their bad ideas and why their former state is now in the toilet.

    • Exactly. I agree with almost all of her quote and I’m really happy to see somebody actually mention that gun violence is not just a middle class white person problem that affects schools and movie theaters sometimes. I only likely disagree with what she thinks are the root causes and what she would propose to fix them.

      …just to be clear, I agree with “get between kids and guns” if we’re talking about criminals with guns or stupid kids with guns who shouldn’t have had access to them, etc etc. Yeah, get between that s**t. But…. When a kid is responsible enough they should be trained in gun safety and safe gun handling and all of that stuff. When they’re responsible enough they could go to the next phase of owning a bb/pellet gun or something of their own and then eventually a single shot .22 and on from there. I think her definition of getting “between kids and guns” is probably VERY different haha

    • 1st thing I saw too. Nothing like astroturf, err, I mean grass-roots activists speaking truth to power!

      • What a shame that I already know ahead of time that this woman is incapable of saying anything that I would be willing to listen to. Poor looks and poor politics, yeeek.

    • Yep, that is the nuttier of them. Can I always have a non transparent obect between my eyes and christine pelosi? A face only a mother could love. Woof.

  2. I taught my children to handle guns safely, and to stay the hell away from people that do not handle them safely. Like my grandfather and father taught me, as I hope my children will teach theirs. No accidents in my family in five generations that I know of.

        • The sh** doesn’t fall far from the sphincter. (I English-majored it up for you.) 🙂

        • “The fecal matter is unlikely to descend in an area outside the proximity of its discharging anal passage.” There, now it’s been Englished-up real good. As for how an engineer would say it: “I’m an engineer, so of course I always wad my toilet paper instead of folding it. Oh, did I mention I’m an engineer?”

          Kidding aside, I actually agree with her that we need to address root causes of gun violence, but I have a niggling suspicion that her idea of a root cause is “guns exist.”

  3. “We must value every life and mourn every life equally” As long as that life is a white kid from a rich suburban home who was shot by a mentally deranged white man with an AR-15. Everyone else be damned.

    • This is what burns me. How many have died in the US/Mexican border violence? I have a friend just across the border whose private school was threatened/extorted by a cartel. They threatened violence toward the whole school. Does this the left’s ire? No. Instead they shipped guns via F&F to the murderers. I guess kids down in the border zone don’t count. Or in Chicago, Detroit, LA…

      • How many children does our government kill every year beyond our borders? What a bunch of hypocrites!

  4. We have gotten between our kids and the guns. Let us honor the fallen who died in defense of life. V-tech, Aurora, Newtown, and other massacrea yield stories of sacrifice and true heroism. We are stronger than our supposed overlords give us credit for.

  5. They must protect the kids in anyway shape or form. Except armed guards. Or guns. Or police. Or you know yourself. Or teaching your kids to fight back when someone tries to kidnap or rape or kill them. See that would be wrong. Because when a madman is gunning down children an armed guard might miss and shoot one! And guns are bad m’kay. And police! We can’t trust the police to be in a school to shoot a madmen gunning down children because they also might miss. Teaching kids to fight back? Also insane! They may hurt someone! Oh and we can’t look into the weird loner kid who fantasizes about killing people to become famous cause that’ll be wrong. It’s just easier to put other people who have never and will never hurt anyone in jail or dire straits because that makes sense.

    God I bet these people say their sh*ts don’t stink.

  6. Fine lady, teach all fear you want to your hellish drop. The children in my family will be taught to shoot.

    • I don’t think she even knows herself. More feel good babble that lacks substance. Probably trying to ride the hope and change train. Unfortunately for her it derailed a few weeks ago when the senate voted.

    • It means ass er tain the sit she a tion, most of us drive down the road though, Randy

    • Skinny,

      I think she wants to pervert the political system we have to purport that the non existent majority of Americans supports gun control and that such an assertion invalidates an inalienable right on principle. The concept of a democracy versus a republic.

  7. Apt movie quote comes to mind seeing this picture and source:

    “… The best part of you rolled down the crack of your momma’s ass and ended up a brown stain on the mattress!”

    – Gunny, in “Full Metal Jacket”

    • Thanks Josh, I read that while in the process of chewing and swallowing an English muffin.

  8. I agree, but we’re not giving up a single pixel (ink dot?) of our Constitutional rights. The bed wetters are happy to use the Constitution to protect people from the tyranny of the majority. Not so happy when its used against them.

  9. “You can’t say ‘this only happens in black neighborhoods or poor neighborhoods or to people out walking dark streets alone at night.’ This can happen anywhere.”

    Pardon my French, but duh. Only an ignorant bigot would have thought those things in the first place. So the real question is, is she copping to be an ignorant bigot who thought these things, or accusing the whole country of being ignorant bigots? Who in their right mind didn’t know that mental illness and rampage are racially and socioeconomically color-blind?

    And I’m not even going to comment on her agenda-revealing “Newtown is an opportunity” line.

  10. I’ve got no problem getting between “our kids” and guns.
    But I’m going to have one of my guns in hand when I do, otherwise I’m just one more dead body that failed to stop a damn thing.
    Why is that such a difficult concept for these folks? If you’re going to get in a fight with a junkyard dog, it makes sense to bring your own. I mean, they fight the NRA with Bloomberg, so they obviously get force-on-force, but when it comes to the important parts, the actual protecting of innocent people, why do they default to “the power or positive thinking?”

    • How can they think the way they do? Here’s an outline of my mental model, for what it’s worth:

      For the rank and file, it’s pretty much a cult. The drones are created by the public schools, polished by the universities, and maintained by the MSM. They have been conditioned to avoid or dismiss information that challenges their basic assumptions. They are not interested in open debate (indeed, will typically lash out when cornered), and immediately cast out those who dissent in even the smallest particular. In short, about the basic issues, they don’t think.

      For people like Josh Sugarmann, Mark Kelly, Shannon Watts, and others like them, it’s a job. Form a non-prophet, cut yourself a fat salary. That’s a bit cynical, since I’m sure many in the anti-freedom industry feel they are doing the right thing (also drones).

      Then there are the people like Rahm Emanuel, Mike Bloomberg, Valery Jarret, and Chuck Schumer. I think they understand the way civilian disarmorment benefits authoritarians. I think they understand it very well.

      • “Created by the public schools, polished by the universities, and maintained by the MSM”. Succinct.

  11. “You can’t say ‘this only happens in black neighborhoods…”

    I can agree on that statement but living just outside of Memphis and working in the city I can say no one gets on a pedestal “for the (black) children” and no politicians are saying stop gang violence if it “saves just one child.”

  12. Yes, lets get ride of everything the minority views as scary so we can all live in a Utopian world where no one feelings get hurt and there is nothing but rainbows and unicorn farts

  13. ” We must get between our kids and guns”

    I agree – here’s how it works:

    (Your kids) – (You) – (Your gun) – (Bad guy)

  14. The real question is why these elitist, worshipers of tyranny and mass death( this is the end result of their Marxist, socialist, communist belief system) are in control of our schools?
    Actually, the answer is in history; historically, this type of nihilistic, selfish and self destructive type of thinking becomes the norm at the end of all great civilizations, there is a reason dark ages happen; we’re seeing those reasons now, all around us.

  15. “Newtown showed the nation that you can’t ‘other’ this away. You can’t say ‘this only happens in black neighborhoods or poor neighborhoods or to people out walking dark streets alone at night.’ This can happen anywhere.”

    Oh the irony. This could be injected into any one of a thousand pro gun articles and would fit perfectly. The truth is, that statement is a huge part of why I carry. Sometimes, there’s no amount of preventative measures one can take that can prevent the bad guys from finding you. It can happen anywhere, and at anytime.

    An elementary school, in a low crime town of ~50,000 people; how many people thought that some psycho was going to come and shoot up the school that day? A mother pushing her year old toddler in a stroller down the sidewalk in a residential area, in the middle of the day, on a weekday; how many people would expect a couple of demons to attempt to rob her and shoot her baby in the face because she didn’t have any money?

    When people ask me why I don’t leave the house without carrying, I simply point out stories like those.

  16. “Newtown showed the nation that you can’t ‘other’ this away. You can’t say ‘this only happens in black neighborhoods or poor neighborhoods or to people out walking dark streets alone at night.’ This can happen anywhere.”

    Why didn’t she just say, “The rest of the country needed to wait for rich little white kids to be gunned down to care.” Someone should slap the s*** out of her.

    • Anytime someone says something like “you can’t ‘other’ this away,” they’re automatically not worth listening to.

      Using “other” as an adjective, noun, and verb is a sure sign that someone’s been drinking the progressive kool-aid brewed up in some college’s ethnic studies, women’s studies, American studies, and English programs. (And I say this with all due respect–which is none–because I studied alongside these nincompoops for 3 years in an English graduate program.)

      These people are the same ninnies who inspired Dennis the Annoying Peasant in Monty Python’s Holy Grail. “Help! I’m being oppressed! Come see the violence inherent in the system!”

  17. My mom taught me that if I’d nothing nice to say I shouldn’t say anything.

    ‘Nuff said.

  18. I posted this on that site:

    I’m all for this:
    “…with actions to address the root causes.”
    However, I don’t believe guns are the root cause.

    This was a very strange statement:
    “…democratize the hope and democratize the solutions…”
    What if the majority is wrong? How do you democratize hope??? Hope is a concept that resides in each and every one of us. It is not a democracy.

    “…that address root causes of poverty, crime, anger, and hunger for which guns are an accelerator.”
    I think that decisions made with guns are the accelerator – not the physical gun itself which is an amalgamate of typically polymer, steel, springs, wood, etc.

    “… let us resolve to get between our kids and guns any way we can, so that fewer mothers have to suffer next Mother’s Day.”
    I agree – this is a parenting issue, a moral issue. Parents need to teach values and respect to their children… so those children don’t pick up a gun and shoot someone in the face.

    • In her world, a majority is always right; if someone disagrees with her, it’s a minority opinion. Don’t bother her with facts.

      As for “democratizing” hope, “democratizing” solutions – of course it’s gibberish. It can’t mean anything. The words sound great together, it becomes fuzzy and warm, and swarms of butterflies arrive on cue.

  19. What this woman forgets is that there WERE people standing between the gun and the children at Newtown–courageous, self-sacrificing adult women who put themselves in the path of the deranged monster in an attempt to protect the children, and those women died because good intentions and courage are no protection against incoming fire. With no means of defense, these women died nobly but needlessly.
    Given that evil people will always find a way to DO evil until good people put a stop to it with force, it would be far better to prepare for the worst and arm educators than to deny the inevitable and hide behind good intentions and ‘feel-good’ legislation.
    That, however, would be a harsh dose of reality that this woman cannot handle; Denial is so much easier than action, and ‘doing something that FEELS good’ and does nothing else is the key to sheep-like happiness.

  20. Your mama Nancy and her best bud Diane Frankenstein already tried that in San Francisco you floozzy and the violent crime rate in SF is way above average for a city its size. By comparison the violent crime rate in Portland where even the liberals own a gun (or more than one gun) is very low.

  21. “…democratize the hope and democratize the solutions…”

    What does that even mean?

    This sort of thing is what really starts me on rants: This empty political puffery masquerading as language, often the result of some egghead in psychology or human behavior advising a political hack on what to say to game certain responses out of the listener.

    Ever since the Baby Boomer Ivy League Democrats have come to power (with the first Clinton administration), we’ve been treated to a never-ending stream of this cranial flatulence. Terms such as: “The politics of meaning,” “social justice,” “environmental justice,” and so on.

    These phrases (and many others like them) roll off the tongues of the exceptionally glib, ratchet-jawed purveyors of monkey doodle that make up our “political class” now, but when one ponders and examines these phrases, one finds that they’re utter codswallop and nonsense on stilts.

    My habit now is to dismiss people who parrot these phrases as vapid, mendacious twerps. And I make a habit of telling them just that, to their faces.

    • She’s repeating the progressive mantra that the Democrats support and represent the masses of sheeple.

  22. I’m all for her getting between her kids and guns, ans long as she stay out from between me and my rights.

  23. as a rule of thumb, in political statements, one can safely disregard any paragraph in which the word “hope” appears.

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