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Wyoming’s transformation into a Constitutional Carry state represents the growing movement towards greater gun rights, away from the gun control-o-mania that led to the Clinton-era Public Safety and Recreational Firearms Use Protection Act (Assault Weapons Ban to you and me). And yet it’s clear that hard-core anti-gun blue states didn’t get the memo. Emboldened by the wretchedly vague “reasonable restrictions” caveat in the recent Supreme Court McDonald decision, exploiting the Arizona spree killers’ decision to use a high-capacity magazine, realizing that the federal bill to ban high cap mags is going nowhere slowly, Connecticut legislators have introduced Bill 1094. “An Act Banning Large Capacity Magazines” would make simple possession of 10+ mags a Class D felony. That’s one to five years in prison, a $5k fine and no more guns for you Bub). Check out who’s exempted . . .

(1) Members or employees of organized local police departments, the Department of Public Safety, the Department of Correction or the military or naval forces of this state or of the United States for use in the discharge of their official duties;

(2) A person, corporation or other entity that manufactures large capacity magazines for persons specified in subdivision (1) of this subsection or for export in accordance with federal regulations;

(3) Any person engaged in the business of selling or transferring large capacity magazines in accordance with state and federal regulations who possesses such magazines solely for the purpose of such sale or transfer; or

(4) A gunsmith who possesses such large capacity magazine for the purpose of maintenance, repair or modification.

So law enforcement can use high-capacity magazines to, what? Keep the peace? Protect themselves from bad guys? While civilians can’t be trusted with that much uninterrupted firepower. And companies inside Connecticut can continue making high cap mags for other states or countries ’cause it’s not about money. Or it is. And gunsmiths need high cap mags for maintenance?

Worse, the word on the street says the CT bill will include a provision requiring owners of existing high cap mags to turn them in. Yup, you heard right: the government of The Constitution State wants to confiscate private property. And if this thing has the force of law, then yes, they can get a search warrant and no-knock your ass for a high cap mag.

OK, so, over to The Land of Lincoln, where the AG has directed the state police to surrender their Firearms Owner Identification Card data to the Associated Press.

To cut that one off at the pass, gun rights legislators put together a bill prohibiting any such move. As reports, HB007 (true story) sputtered and died in committee, when the House Judiciary Committee grid-locked at 5 – 5. To their credit, the IL state police say they won’t go there—unless they have to.

State police officials, who claimed that Illinois law bars the disclosure because it is an unwarranted invasion of personal privacy, said they will challenge the ruling in court.

Madigan’s decree refuted the police assertions about privacy and said officials had not proven their contention that making the records public would jeopardize anyone’s safety.

The Illinois State Rifle Association disagreed. Director Richard Pearson said “there is no legitimate reason for anyone to have access to the information.”

“The safety of real people is at stake here,” Pearson said in a statement. “Once this information is released, it will be distributed to street gangs and gun-control groups who will use the data to target gun owners for crime and harassment.”

Updates as they arrive.

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  1. So disclosure of Jared Loughner’s history of failed drug tests and psychosis was protected by his right to privacy, but IL FOID information isn’t? Only in America, the land of the free and the home of the wingnuts.

    • You mean this one?

      Well hell, why stop there? Let’s have a full panel drug screen twice a year for every permit holder at their expense. If anyone thinks this breathalyzer bullshit is a good idea then they should rubber stamp a mandatory drug test.

  2. ISP to AP: It’s OK if we do it (misuse FOID data) but not if you do it.

    I always get a little suspicious when I see the popo sticking up for my privacy rights. But that’s just me…

  3. I guess the really important question is who makes that drum and how can I get one (I really mean several) for my 45’s.

    • The drums appear to be Promags, I haven’t tried these drums, but based on my limited Promag experience they may be best reserved for training yourself to clear malfunctions. The reviews on Midway for these drums say much the same – if you want to master being able to recover from a jammed pistol, buy them. One reviewer also said they can be used as a training aid for anger management.

      • Wow, 9 of 9 reviewers gave it one star… It is nice to see that Midway left those reviews up for everyone to see.


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