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According to the comment made by the guy who shared this pocket dump it’s actually his wife’s EDC and she asked him to share it using his existing account. It includes a Kimber Pro Carry 2 chambered in 9mm, a spare mag, and a Gerber Ghost Strike Punch fixed blade. I’m of two minds here. I want to touch on reliable carry and the enormous importance of using a reliable daily carry gun not because I dislike Kimber but because we haven’t covered it in awhile. Then again I also saw the inhaler and wanted to touch on the disparity between various concealed carriers. It does matter.

Your abilities are not the same as the next guy’s and you should train for and be aware of those needs and abilities. Hey, my back is a problem when it comes to grappling and force-on-force. If I was thrown to the ground it has the potential to be far more crippling than if a guy with a healthy spine was thrown. What’s my point? Well, from a legal standpoint it makes a difference. If you’re unfamiliar with disparity of force, look it up. Also, consider buying a copy of Black’s Law Dictionary (actually, just do it).

Asthma. Degenerative Arthritis. Hip replacements. Everyone faces different medical challenges – or a lack thereof – and should train and behave accordingly when it comes to self-defense.

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  1. Disparity of force is a real legal concept. I’ve raised it here before. I might even endorse a 9mm 1911 in this case. Not many others though. 1911s should be .45 ACP. Recoil difference is negligible. Really. I’ve had grandmothers who had no problem. But, there are a lot of girly men out there. Grow up and a pair.

        • I guess I live in 22winmags dreams now. Who new that on top of being a crazy conspiracy nut and anti jew that he was also homosexual.

          Not that there’s anything wrong with the gay part. You be you sweetheart. Don’t let sanity get in your way.

          As for jd. Why someone that has obviously never touched a gun tries to make himself out an expert is beyond me. I guess its easier to hide in mommy’s basement than it is to get out and have a real life of your own.

        • Jwm, maybe you ought to jump on your gay little repsol scooter and head to the pharmacy, sounds like you’re running low on your geritol…

        • Hahahaha you really do drive that scooter! What’s that do like 35 mph? Better hold tight, your teeth might fly out of your mouth!

    • I have 1911s in 9mm, 10 mm and the traditional 45 Auto. There is a noticable difference between each chambering.

    • I can shoot my 9mm 1911 faster and more accurately than my .45 ACP 1911, plus I get more shots, plus there’s little to no difference in wounding in human targets (cite gel all you want, that’s not real life).

      So please tell me again what MY needs are.

      Because, to be honest, I wouldn’t trust my life to a pistol with two manual safeties on it in the first place, which is why I carry a Glock(R) brand glock.

  2. I know a guy who was stabbed and survived because he was so fat the knife didn’t reach any vitals.

  3. “Asthma. Degenerative Arthritis. Hip replacements. Everyone faces different medical challenges…”

    Yeah, tell me about it. Part of the joy of the late December ‘festivities’ is that I broke every finger on my right hand except the thumb. I’m right-handed.

    So, a few weeks back, I tried shooting weak hand (my un-injured left hand).

    Holy crap, it felt so WRONG! Everything was screaming at me “This is WRONG!” as I tried shooting someone’s 1911 left-handed.

    Avoid hurting yourself. It SUCKS…

    • May I ask how you broke all your fingers?

      Pretty much every way of doing this that I can think of right now makes me cringe at not just the recovery but the actual event itself.

      • “May I ask how you broke all your fingers?”

        No problem. In the process of being hit by her car, first her bumper shattered the living sh!t out of my right ankle (broken in *4* places). That ‘flipped’ me to the right where my right hand on the handle bars slammed onto her hood. That broke the fingers. Thumb wasn’t broken because it was on the ‘inside’ of the drop handlebars.

        The ‘fun’ didn’t end there. The momentum of the impact launched me and my helmeted head into her windshield, breaking it. She was then kind enough to slam on her brakes. That removed me from the windshield and flung me onto the pavement in front of her car in a heap.

        You know the old joke about the guy writing the accident report on how he wouldn’t let go of the rope until his fingers got jammed into the pulley above him? Then he let go? It was vaguely like that.

        Weird thing is, even after breaking her windshield with the mass of my head and being flung onto the pavement, I had *zero* medical issues with my head and neck. *Zero* headaches, no stiff or sore neck, nothing.

        I’m convinced I got a concussion out of it. Visitors to me in my trauma ward hospital room left me books and magazines to read while I was recovering. I noticed, however, although I was reading the words just fine, I couldn’t remember what I had just read one paragraph earlier. After about a week, that rectified itself, thankfully.

        For my 130, 000 dollar hospital bill, I now have a collection of a stainless steel pin in my shin, and a plate. Titanium screws in my lower right leg tied it all together. Airport security will forever give me a wand scan when I set of the metal detectors.

        So I got those as a wonderful parting gift to remember the ‘fun’ by. I’m not complaining, I’m not dead. By all rights, it should have killed me. My naturally hard head likely kept me alive…

        • Oh, and legal injected Fentanyl is serious nice stuff. I know now why folks get addicted to it. *Instant* pain relief.

          But that was just for the ride in the ambulance. It was morphine after that until after the surgury and Percoset towards the end of the stay and at home…

        • Jesus.

          Glad to hear that you’re recovering. That seriously sucks.

          Were I you I’d be seriously tempted to occasionally go to her place and slash her tires, like every few months for the next 10 years.

        • aha. i’ve been wondering. you hinted at something a few weeks ago maybe that suggested a medical episode. damn, she got you. can i take this opportunity to demonize texting drivers?
          i remember the med container saying something like “alcohol may intensify this effect.” i was really glad they pointed that out.
          this from, among other miscalculations, a man who hood surfed on the front of the ecuadorian bagel makers post soccer game express. left me pissing blood as they crashed into the next brick building they could find. it didn’t even notice them.
          as the bud cans rolled out of the car the police (witnessed entire event) let my boys talk to them first.
          wishing you full recovery and absence of pain.

        • Geoff! Doesn’t sound that smart, dude! What made you decide to do that?

          Seriously, wish you all the best. It’s been 23 years now since I gave up bikes after 35 years, because I knew something like that was waiting for me. I *always* drove too fast, from the time I was 14, totaled several bikes but had never been seriously hurt.

      • “Were I you I’d be seriously tempted to occasionally go to her place and slash her tires, like every few months for the next 10 years.”

        Nah, not worth it. Her insurance company (Geico) is paying for the whole thing, so fuckit.

        Besides, I’m not gonna be hobbling away from the scene of the crime on a cane. 2 weeks ago I finally got off the old-folks shuffle-walker so I’m making progress.

        Thanks all on the kind wishes…

        • Geoff, I’m glad that you survived, but sorry to hear of the damage you endured. I went to the hospital about 5 years ago with severe head injuries and the docs were making bets as to how many fractures I had. Turned out, I just broke my nose (again). They showed me X-Rays and told me if anyone ever said I was thick headed, they were right. So be thankful for your hard head! You are right in that getting your “bell rung” real good does scramble up the ability to think for a few days. My injury was from a fall down a flight of stairs and doing as face plant on top of a machine at the bottom, so I had a lot less speed component involved. I managed to mess up both hands. Get yourself a tennis ball and poke a hole in it so you can squeeze it and improve your grip strength and finger dexterity when you are ready for therapy.

  4. Big problems with 9mm in micro pistols is recoil is more prenounced. The weight of the full sized 1911 45 ACP. A person isn’t a less because the caliber you choose, it is what best for you. Nothing wrong with the 1911 in 9mm.

    • It’s the ammo, not the gun.

      Clowns with their 230 grain +P Gold Dots have it coming.

      Liberty Ammo 78 grain.

      Velocity kills.

        • My 3″ 1oz 12ga slug goes the same speed as my mini mag .22 at around 1600fps, wonder which is more effective?

      • Been to an autopsy lately? When talking pistols it’s big deep holes that do it best. When talking about rifles it’s 30 caliber+ soft points that do it best. If talking shotguns it really doesn’t matter as long as it’s close.

  5. Inhaler and a pill bottle for something else. Ouch.

    That’s a cool knife. The only problem is that the belt loop portion of the sheath sucks. The slits are too narrow.

    As for training for self-defense, yeah an old injury or health issue can cause problems but those can be worked around so long as you don’t lie to yourself. Telling yourself a gun/knife is a magic defensive talisman is a foolish thing to do. So is assuming that martial arts training will solve all your problems.

    Options. You want them. Being a one trick pony greatly raises the chances you get sent to the glue factory prematurely.

  6. Black’s Law Dictionary? The über-bible for the illiterate sovereign citizens and moron^h^h^h moorish nationals? I’d rather pay for insurance, retain a lawyer, or do real research.

    • Black’s is a text book in some college courses, still have mine on the book shelf along with texts on Criminal and Constitutional law.

      Doesn’t make one a ‘sovereign citizen wacko’ to be well read.

      just sayin’

  7. Disparity of force is a MYTH. If he’s close enough to hit you, he’s close enough to grab your gun and use it against you. Either you use it or he uses it, so don’t be afraid to use lethal force.

    After that, SHUT UP and get a good defense attorney. People don’t get prosecuted for defending themselves. It happens when they can’t keep their mouths shut. You have your Miranda rights. Use them.

    In the meantime, take some “blue gun” classes so you can practice weapon retention, and get a USCCA membership so you can afford a defense attorney if you ever need one.

    • People are afraid to defend themselves with a gun because of the Trayvon Martin incident, but this actually proves my point.

      Before the case was even decided, Zimmerman was out there blabbing to CNN about what happened, and they edited the footage to make him look like a trigger-happy madman. Then they showed pictures of 12 year old Trayvon smiling in a gray hoodie (Trayvon was actually 17 at the time of the shooting, and already had a prior criminal record).

    • simpler manual of arms than all but the big stick. very intuitive, barely detectable when fully synthetic.
      easy on the knuckles.

  8. Push dagger really? Yeah, I have one on my truck fob. A.G. Russell Odins eye. Doesen’t look like a knife. Very last ditch weapon.

    • Myself being realtivly new to TTAG, I’d say a very FEW of the comments are concerning and have to be taken with a grain of salt. SOME are folks venting as we all share the same/similar views on 2A. IMO, with the diverse backgounds (across the US, Mil/LEO/Vets, gender, age, ethnic backgrounds, etc.) of MOST of the regular commenters, there are some sage advice and rational thought put into their comments. There is much to be learned and shared in this forum, again JMO.

  9. This person’s edc loadout, at least the gun and mags are carried in a purse. I had to ask becuse I like to know how folks are carrying which give us an idea of how the weapons are deployed. The purse was not shown for opsec reasons I’m sure. Glad she is carrying.

  10. Sadly, my everyday carry also includes an inhaler and pills and a cane. Sucks to be old and sick. But I also realize that my being old and crippled makes me a prime target to any predator (2 legged or 4 legged). So I am automatically prey to anything hunting. But I will not go easy into the jaws of the beast.

  11. Looks like a good edc. Nice pistol. Another good thing to be learned is hand to hand of some kind. Can be done by almost anyone, and can be carried with you always.

  12. Never, never plan for a fair fight. Should that bad day occur when Evil and Violence come calling at your door, often in units greater than one, and you haven’t planned for a unfair fight with disparity of force, they will probably carry you home in a body bag. Planning for a fair fight is akin to flipping a coin to see whether you live or die. Have you ever heard a military commander tell 1,000 troops to go back to base so it’ll be a fair fight?? Or a Police Watch Commander tell LEOs to return to the station so it will be a fair fight? You just have to prepare before hand how to convincingly convey how you were forced to use deadly force and make it appear to have been a fair fight.

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