MasterPiece Arms MPA AR9 PCC
Courtesy MasterPiece Arms
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From MasterPiece Arms

MasterPiece Arms (MPA), manufacturers of the MPA BA Rifles and Chassis Systems, is pleased to introduce the MasterPiece Arms AR9 PCC (Pistol Caliber Carbine). Specifically designed for superior reliability and maximum accuracy, the AR9 PCC still retains the familiar handling and controls of the AR platform. This outstanding carbine was designed by competition shooters for maximum performance but is still capable of in-home personal defense and other tactical situations. The AR9 PCC is the first release from MPA’s recent product line acquisition from CK Arms.

The MPA design team has designed the MPA AR9 PCC lower receiver to be compatible with the GLOCK pattern magazines in 9mm. The new 7075 billet-machined aluminum receiver models also accept standard AR accessories like furniture, triggers, charging handles, buttstocks, and optics, and incorporate an integral trigger guard and flared magwell for fast reloading

MasterPiece Arms MPA AR9 PCC
Courtesy MasterPiece Arms

The MPA AR9 PCC closed-bolt blowback operating system is soft shooting and reliable with a wide variety of 9mm loads and exhibits flawless feeding with all common pistol bullet profiles, including hollow point and ball ammunition. The AR9 PCC proprietary bolt carrier group with heavy duty claw extractor and plunger ejector is tuned for exceptional reliability and has been optimized in weight for less reciprocating mass, which equals a flatter and softer shooting platform.

During the test and evaluation process, multiple buffers and recoil systems were tested and evaluated. MPA chose the best performing combination that enhanced the shootability of the rifle that puts it a tier above the competition. The AR9 PCC is also an excellent suppressor host with minimal gas blowback and enhanced accuracy over the other designs. Like all of its rifle products, MPA uses 416R SS match-grade button-rifled 1-10” twist 9mm barrels to ensure that the AR9 PCC meets MPA’s stringent quality and accuracy requirements.

MPA AR9 PCC Specifications:

  • Billet machined lower from 7075 aluminum
  • Caliber specific upper with a flared ejection port
  • Hard coat black anodized (type 3) and Cerakoted
  • Enhanced magwell for easy magazine loading
  • 16” lightweight 416R stainless steel barrel, 1:10 Twist
  • Anodized low profile handguard and buffer tube
  • Multi-port steel Cerakoted compensator
  • Optimized buffer and recoil system
  • Machined aluminum S2 Grip
  • Match grade accuracy
  • Suppressor ready
  • ½-36 TPI muzzle threads
  • Competition ready
  • Adjustable buttstock
  • GLOCK style 17 round Magpul magazine included (PMAG17 GL9)
  • Rifle Weight 6.25 lbs.
  • Available in black, blue, red, and green
  • MPA Lifetime Warranty
  • MSRP $1,499.99

MPA makes every effort to get the product to the customer as quickly as possible. These are hand-built precision instruments and not production components. To see MPA’s latest delivery and lead times for all Bolt Action Rifles and Chassis, visit

For more information on MasterPiece Arms and their product line of rifles, chassis systems, and accessories, visit

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    • assuming you mean as opposed to a pip- squeak round. fine, valid.
      the m&p (?) or whichever comes in silenced .22 is a good thing, fun, cheap to run.
      9mm has much more power (not .45 or 10mm grunt, but less cost to use, which is nice for the range but far less important when utilizing for defense).
      .44 mag levers work well. but i’m thinkin’ (if the whole ar- ish platform doesn’t go by the wayside ala big guv’mint) that .30 carbine was onto something all along. i can’t find the liberty offering for an upper anymore, but it should get made in some type of lightweight carbine. and i don’t mean a retro inland dealio.

  1. Seems a little steep for a company that usually makes MAC carbines and pistols especially when I don’t see much of anything that stands out.

  2. Fifteen hundred bucks for a blowback 9mm that you cobbled together from an AR upper and lower? Thanks for the laugh.

  3. Does not matter since guns like this as well as all semi auto rifles will be illegal for private citizens to purchase and it will be mandated that you have to give it to the government or you go to jail. And if you resist they will be allowed to execute you without trial.

    • Shawn,

      I saw the photo of that nice carbine and immediately came to the very end of the comments to post the exact same sentiment that you posted.

      Great minds think alike.

    • “and it will be mandated that you have to give it to the government or you go to jail. And if you resist they will be allowed to execute you without trial.”

      LIttle ‘shawny’, I have some bad news for you –

      Biden didn’t win the Senate. No gun control for fuckwits like you… 🙂

      • They stole the presidential election. It will be easy for them to steal all the Senate seats they need in 2022.

      • All they need is for a couple of compromised rinos to flip. Camel said, ” guns be gone within 100 days or Tupac’s best fan gonna take off her shoe and beat ya witit.”

  4. That looks like an outstanding carbine and I would love to have one.

    If you want one, you better buy it before the Biden — and soon-to-be Harris — administrations and their Democrat compatriots in Congress eliminate most/all firearm manufacturers.

    Then again, I am not sure if it is a wise idea to purchase any more firearms going forward since Democrats WILL try to eliminate nearly all private firearm ownership in our nation.

    And before anyone poo-poos my above comments, recent events have made it amply clear that Republicans will never again have any significant impact on the federal level. Thus, without any opposition, Democrats will start “swinging for the fences”.

    • “And before anyone poo-poos my above comments, recent events have made it amply clear that Republicans will never again have any significant impact on the federal level.”


      No Senate, no big-time gun control. Biden is neutered.

      The only thing he can do is executive orders, and we can sue him on those…

      • Yeah, with Mitt Rino, Susan Crawlins, and other such unwavering champions of liberty on our side, what could we possibly have to worry about?

      • Geoff PR,

        With election results allegedly still pouring in, how do we really know if Republicans actually held the Senate?

        More importantly, this election illustrated one of two possible facts:
        1) Democrats can successfully generate fraudulent votes and “win”.
        — or —
        2) Voters are so depraved that they will vote for Democrats.

        The importance of option (2) cannot be underestimated. Voters actually want unreliable electricity and astronomical taxes in California for various reasons. Voters in Oregon, Washington, and Minnesota actually want unopposed and unending rioting, looting, arson, assault, and murder. Voters in states like Michigan, New Jersey, and New York actually want their states on full-blown lockdown for months on end and want their economies decimated. And voters nationwide want massive “free” handouts and to saddle their children and grandchildren (the ones who actually survive pregnancy without their mothers killing them in the womb that is) with crushing debt and significantly diminishing buying power in their dollars.

        Either way you look at it, our nation is royally screwed and there is no recovery possible. Even if Republicans have the U.S. Senate right now, they will likely lose it in two years and are virtually guaranteed to lose it in four years. And, as someone else mentioned in reply to your comment, a slim Republican majority in the U.S. Senate is worthless if one or two Senators cave in to Democrats.

      • Geoff PR,

        Actually, where do you see that Republicans held the Senate? I just looked and Republicans only have 48 seats right now. Democrats plus Independents also have 48 seats. That is a definite tie of course. With respect to North Carolina, their Republican candidate only has a 100,000 vote lead with about 500,000 votes left to count. That is plenty for the Democrat candidate to win. And Georgia has no clear winner and will go to a run-off election. Finally, there are two other races which are too close to call at this point. That usually means that state/s is still compiling votes from urban centers which will overwhelmingly support the Democrat candidate.

        I will be utterly shocked if Republicans hold the U.S. Senate after the dust settles.

        And remember, if the U.S. Senate ends up split 50 Republicans and 50 Democrats, Vice President Kamala Harris will break the tie.

    • That is really sad. Whatever happened to “we will not comply”? Molon Labe? It looks like BLM and antifa have more guts than all 180 million-plus gun owners in this country combined.

      • Ing,

        I agree that our situation is incredibly dire/sad.

        I suppose the root problem lies in the fact that many/most of us are incredibly optimistic, polite, decent, and good people. We abhor (rightly so) the sleazy corruption and underhanded tactics of the Left. We are ginormously reluctant to harm anyone other than a scumbag criminal in the act of violently attacking us. The sad reality is that those last two characteristics are our greatest weaknesses and what enables the Left to prevail.

        It simply boils down to this: whoever is most ruthless will almost always prevail. And since Democrats are more ruthless than Republicans, Democrats are ultimately going to prevail.

        • What’s really sad is “I am not sure if it is a wise idea to purchase any more firearms going forward.”

          The Left in this country is violently attacking everything we love and believe in…yet nobody’s willing to get their hands dirty or even take a risk? Too many people don’t understand yet that this is about survival.

          If fighting dirty is what it takes to win, then we should be all for it. It’s better than having to shoot people.

          And when it comes to shooting people, I’m about equally divided between fear that we’ll end up boxing ourselves into having no way out but shooting and fear that nobody on our side will actually show up to do it.

        • Ing,

          I do not see how fighting dirty will accomplish the desired outcome.

          It is clear at this point that our United States Department of Justice and state equivalents will not, by and large, prosecute criminal tactics when those criminal tactics advance the Far Left, although those very same departments go after Republican supporters with gusto if there is so much as a hint of impropriety.

          What makes this situation really ugly is the fact that a large chunk of government and virtually all media platforms (both legacy and online) will declare that this election was fair and accurate (whether it was or wasn’t) — and the Far Left will use that to claim that all of their actions going forward are legitimate. Thus, they will view and treat anyone who is not in lock-step with the Far Left as treasonous agent provocateurs. And that means even moderates will reluctantly concede to all manner of heinous acts in furtherance of “legitimate” government.

          I only see two paths forward:

          a) Submit to everything the Far Left commands, understanding that they WILL command everything.

          — or —

          b) Oppose their commands for everything — understanding that such opposition will initially come through the courts and ultimately (after the courts fail us) other unsavory methods that will be extremely costly in several regards.

        • BLM and antifa have shown one way to do it. If burning shit down and being agent provocateurs is what it takes, then we’d better get started on it.

          You’re right about one thing — the enemy has completely taken over the establishment. We’re the real radicals and insurgents now, and we should probably start acting like it.

        • Part of what has me frustrated is that so many people don’t even seem willing to fight, let alone go outside the “approved” channels that are owned by the enemy. We’ll be denigrated and called dirty no matter what, so there’s really no downside to doing whatever it takes, no matter how it looks.

        • Ing,

          Your assessment is very accurate. I share your frustration.

          I can only hope that it seems like our side has no intention of doing anything because the truly motivated people on our side are maintaining operational security (e.g. discretion/secrecy) moving forward.

          Another angle: hopefully our side is taking the high road and challenging the election shenanigans in the courts before going “hot”.

          Speaking of challenging election shenanigans in the courts, there are uncorroborated reports of obvious and massive election fraud in my state. If those prove true, this could get very interesting. (Hint: my state will likely decide the election.)

  5. I just don’t see the point of this design. So many pistol caliber carbines out there, this one seems to lose more than it adds to the PCC concept.

    But hey, some folks do enjoy owning oddball stuff. I can’t afford to put that kind of money into one, but I get it that people who can will spend money just to play.

    Hope that’s enough to keep them in business.

  6. Hmmm, $1500 . . . this $500 gun better be delivered with a $1000 escort to provide oral satisfaction for the night.

  7. Nice looking guns.
    I like the colored anodizing and skeleton pistol grip.
    Why do they make a 9 mm carbine with a 16 inch barrel?
    Seems like it should have a shorter barrel

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