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Swamp Dog Armory has teamed up with KG Gunkote, Swamp Fox, Redball Sports, Acid Tactical, Neomag, Bang Switch Customs, Shall Not Comply, and Nanuk Cases to auction off a one-of-a-kind Mandalorian theme bullpup 9mm carbine.

All proceeds of the auction go to help pay for the cancer treatment and medical bills of Isabella Hammer. Isabella Hammer is the niece of John Crump. Crump is an AmmoLand News journalist and Gun Owners of America Virginia State Director. Isabella has been diagnosed with a brain tumor (DIPG) at the young age of nine, and the whole family is overwhelmed with worry and is completely devastated. Their entire lives have been turned upside down.

The owner of Swamp Dog Armory, Cody Slocum, learned of the devastating news after seeing Crump on Guns and Gadgets where Crump opened up to host Jared about the devastating news and how he was donating all money from the sale of his latest book to his niece. Slocum felt compelled and inspired to act even though he did not know Crump personally

“I did it because I was in a position to help,” Slocum said. “We in the 2A community need to stick together as a family.  This is the way.”

The auction will run on until October 17th.  The MSRP for the carbine is $1800.

The auction can be found here:

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  1. What is it? The article refers to it as “one of a kind”, but I can’t believe someone scratchbuilt a one-off like that for less than $1800. I’m assuming it’s a themed / cosmetic dressup of an existing carbine, but I can’t place it. Anyone?

  2. It’s a Hi-point with the stock from High Tower Armory. $250 for gun, $250 for stock.

    Stock is pretty awesome though, I have one on mine.

  3. Is it already too late? From the article:

    “The auction will run on until October 17th. The MSRP for the carbine is $1800.”

  4. I sent a PM to the lister on GB asking a couple of questions.
    I know nothing about hipoint carbines. My tastes run in a different direction.
    But I’ll bid on it just the same. It looks cool, and it helps someone in a way other than just buying a gat on GB.
    Cheers all. Let’s bump this to at least a grand by morning.

  5. Isabella Hammer & Family

    Chris and Jessica Hammer’s family has been hit with really terrible news, and it’s at a time like this they need help and prayers more than ever. Their oldest daughter Isabella has been diagnosed with a brain tumor (DIPG) at the young age of 9 and the whole family is overwhelmed with worry, incredibly floored and completely devastated. We are reaching out to anyone who can help. They are going to be traveling a lot for appointments and treatments leaving little time to work to handle expenses like copayments, medical equipment, experiences with her younger sister Sophia, etc… any and all funds gained will help them during this time when their focus MUST be on their child. The family and friends of Chris and Jess are incredibly dedicated to helping them out in any way they can, and we are so grateful to anyone who can spare something monetarily to help on this long path ahead of them. Anything, even the precious gift of keeping their child in your prayers.

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