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Cobalt Kinetics, manufacturer of exceptional quality precision firearms and accessories, has announced the launch of their new BAMF Pro Series rifles. Cobalt Kinetics has become known for their premium AR-style rifles, packed with features to help shooters reach their potential and perform their best.

After hearing from law enforcement, military and competitive shooters, Cobalt Kinetics is combining the innovative features their customers love and applying them into a professional rifle, the BAMF Pro Series.

The BAMF Pro Series offers the same technology, durability and precision engineering with a 1.4 lb weight reduction from the original BAMF model. The high tolerances and strict quality control that come standard from Cobalt Kinetics will give shooters confidence in a rifle that’s as comfortable in competition as it is in the doorway protecting your family. Available in three lengths, there is a perfect Pro Series rifle for everyone.

Chambered in .223 Wylde, the BAMF Pro Series is available in Pistol (6.5″ premium barrel), Mid-Length (12.3″ premium barrel) and Rifle (16″ premium barrel) models. All receivers and handguards are machined in-house from 7075 aluminum to maintain superior quality and fit. See full specifications list below for more information. The BAMF Pro Series rifles are available in Armor Black, Flat Dark Earth, Cobalt Kinetics Green or Stainless and have an MSRP of $2,700.

Ambidextrous Operation
Extended Magazine Release
45 Degree safety selector
Precision Machined 7075
Billet Aluminum
Mated receiver sets
Beveled magazine well
Nickel Boron Bolt Carrier Group
Cobalt kinetics Bolt release
Angled brass deflector for consistent throw
Threaded pins KE arms
Performance trigger
Hogue OverMolded grip
Adjustable Gas BlockHANDGUARD
Integrated mount to upper
7 Side functional M-Lok
4 Integrated QD Mounts
Flared end for Integral attachment

For more information about Cobalt Kinetics, visit

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  1. Since it is semi automatic soon to be made illegal when the Democrats ban not only the purchase of all semi automatic rifles and handguns but also when they totally ban the private ownership of all semi-Auto’s with a mandatory buyback and if you resist expect to go to prison or be executed without trial.

    The compete and total ban of private gun ownership with the mandatory turn in and confiscation of all privately held firearms is only a matter of time and logistics. Private firearm ownership is gone. It is dead. And the courts will be rigged and packed to make sure that WHEN all private gun ownership is made illegal it will be found legal. Door to door confiscation a dcthr executing of all United States citizens will
    Also pass the courts culminating in the mandated extermination of every single gun owner, their families as well as the extermination of every single solitary United States citizen that opposes that.

    They don’t have to worry about election consequences anymore. After all now all they have to do is wait long enough so they can manufacture enough ballots to win. Even of every single solitary United States citizen that can vote both against the Democrats but they can cats will still win because they’ll be more ballots for them than there are actual living human beings in the United States and they will win every single court case.

    America is dead. They hate you and want you dead and now they do. All of a here are also dead. We just don’t realized it yet but we will when they come to kill us for our guns. They do worry about losing power when they Ban all private gun ownership and mandate the extermination of every single gun owner when from this point forward elections no longer matter because they’re always gonna be rigged for the Democrats.

    And you might say that is hyperbole. I say they hate everyone not them and want to literally exterminate every single solitary United States citizen that opposes or resist them. How do they do it? Nuclear bombing the country. Yes the Democrats will deploy nuclear weapons to kill American citizens.And if elections are held they will still win even if literally every single person that is left boats against them because again there will be massive voter fraud with more ballots than citizens.

    Prepare accordingly. Our politically mandated extermination is guaranteed.

    • I get your anger, but politics is literally a never ending war. Even if Trump were to pull off a win, we’d likely be in this situation in 2024.

      Starting now, we need begin our effort to obstruct Biden/Harris as much as they did to Trump, then flip the house back to the GOP in the midterms. Historically the sitting president always loses the midterms, even very popular ones, so there’s no reason to think we can’t. Then we’re set up good for 2024.

      What really sucks though is as I noted below, this will result in non stop panic buying thus no availability until 2022.

      • The war is over. We lose and will keep losing. Massive sweeping gun bans are only a matter of time. The fix is in. They stole this election. You really think they won’t steal it in 2024? 2028? And by then the countries demographics will be so left leaning republicans will no longer exist and will never win sonde the dems will just manufacture more and more ballots to make sure they win.

        • Quit being a defeatist.

          “Demographic trends” Are not in the democrats pocket they way they think they are. The proof is actually in Florida. It’s actually gotten more red, largely due to the disdain of socialism among minorities.

          Al sharpton himself lamented this and is complaining about how latinos aren’t falling for the magic of socialism.

          Fighting the democrats clear socialist agenda is a winning strategy for the GOP, because the democrats aren’t even quiet about it anymore.

          I do believe it’s certainly possible the democrats have rigged this election however. Hundreds of thousands of votes are just suddenly all turning up, all for Biden.

          So the question now becomes, if that’s true, how do we overcome that so we can get back to free and fair elections? I’m not sure, because it can’t be totally rigged, otherwise there’s absolutely no way Trump would’ve won in ‘16. I don’t have all the answers.

          TL:DR There’s certainly a lot to be concerned about, but it doesn’t mean we simply give up.

        • defeatist mindstate indeed. With people like you, we’d never be “free” in the first place. You want it easy. You want to cast a vote and expect zero corruption. Sorry buttercup, that’s not how any system works no matter who controls it. Take that rifle and be prepared to use it, or lose it. That is the intention of the second amendment. Not personal protection… the defense of a republic.

    • “Also pass the courts culminating in the mandated extermination of every single gun owner, their families as well as the extermination of every single solitary United States citizen that opposes that.”

      Extermination? That’s literally what Hitler did. Fascism.

      The way you deal with that is to do what we did with Hitler.

      Comprende? 🙂

    • You are not an idiot. You are a hyperbolic loony toon.

      There is virtually no election/vote fraud in the USA. There is a hell of a lot of effort at vote suppression, but that’s coming from the Trump Party (there is no Republican Party anymore, that got assassinated back in 2016).

      Right now Fox News has Biden at 264 with only Nevada to get him to 270. Trump is looking at 268, best case. Just about as close as our Electoral College system come to an even split.

      So, no, if Biden does get that 270 in the final official certified vote counts, he will not have the kind of majority needed to claim a mandate or force anything thru the House and Senate. Control of the Senate is not carved in stone yet, but it sure looks like the Trump party will hold the Senate.

      So, nope, not a chance in hell that Biden has the legislative support to do all this anti-gun stuff. He’ll have much less to work with than Obama did.

      So what the hell are all you kids getting all scared of anyway?

      Biden is not a wizard, nor is he the boogeyman.

      John Wick is the boogeyman.

      Ask anybody……….

      • First of all no, that’s a lie, the GOP engages in no voter suppression operations. The militant wing of the democrats, BLM and Antifa sure do though.

        But you’re partly right, Biden doesn’t have the political capitol for much. Even if Adolph Harris becomes president, she’s widely disliked even among the left.

      • Shawn is a hyperventilating defeatist and you are a rat who voted for a traitorous political party that has promised to outright end the Second Amendment.

        If you think the Democrats aren’t cheating big and small, locally and nationwide, I’ve got oceanfront property in your favorite desert state to sell you. OF COURSE they’re fucking cheating. For one thing, it’s just what they do; for another, any game that’s worth winning is worth cheating, and that goes double for politics.

        This election was probably always going to come down to the best cheating/fraud operations, and the Democrats have always had Republicans beat on that score (not that the Rs don’t try).

        • Like I give a flying elephant turd……

          Trump is the traitor in this thing. The lover of dictators, admirer of despots, snuggle bunny of authoritarian scum.

          The liberals can say whatever they want, promise the fucking moon, doesn’t matter. What matters is what is possible and what is probable. The probability of them doing all that shit they talked about is nil.

          Therefore, if Biden wins, he is the useful poison pill to kill off this fucked up cult of Trump.

          You were told what would happen, back before Trump won the 2016 nomination, plenty of us warned you people. But you had to nominate and elect a reality TV star and failed pretend-businessman to the White House because he was a talented trash talker and he entertained you.

          Guess what campers, entertaining you ain’t in the job description.

          Next time, get serious or stay the fuck home and stop pissing on my country!

        • You keep saying Trump is a traitor, but you can’t point to anything he’s actually DONE, except to say a bunch of mean things. You’ve gone bananas over superficial annoyances.

          News for you: I didn’t vote for Trump the first time around. Didn’t like him then, and still don’t.

          But it’s not about “like” or “a nice guy” or “doesn’t say obnoxious things.” He talked trash like a reality TV star and actually did the most effective job any of us have seen of performing constitutional duties like nominating judges, protecting the border, and conducting diplomacy that keeps us out of wars and keeps the economy humming — and even you recognize that.

          We need more of that and less of literally everything the Democrats want to do (including and especially the Biden family’s corrupt financial deals with our enemies).

          If Joe Biden wins, as it looks like he will, the Democrats absolutely will at least TRY everything on their abhorrent wish list, and they will get at least some of it.

          You voted for it. How much of it are you willing to live with?

        • I was going to write our a response… but it’s enuf…
          This site needs and ignore or mute option.

  2. Confused. A year ago they announced that they were stopped AR production and moving to 1911s. I never saw a 1911 on their website. Now they are making ARs again?

    Sorry, but I have no use for a 6.5 barrel on anything ofter than 300BLK

    • My exact thoughts too. The TTAG article from October 18, 2019, stated Cobalt Kinetics was going to make ‘Modular Framed 1911 Pistols’. Never did see anything like that on their website or elsewhere on interwebzzzy-thing-a-ma-bob.

      That said, this particular pew-pew device can be had in .300BLK according to the product page for it.

    • Agreed. A 6.5″ barrel in .223/5.56 is just a novelty flamethrower. I know someone who built a couple of ARs with 5.5″ barrel lengths as “home defense & room clearing guns”, but with all that powder still burning brightly as it exits such a short barrel, he’ll just end up blinding himself in the hallway with the flash. If it’s noticeable in the daytime at the range, it’ll definitely be an issue in the dead of night.

      6.5″ is even a bit too short for .300 BLK, but TEHO. I understand the appeal for a CQB “truck gun” that’s as small as possible.

  3. Won’t be available. Even if the GOP senate stops Gun bans, it’ll still be non stop panic buying until late 2022 at the earliest.

      • More likely Chancellor Harris.

        I see Biden stepping down, Harris picks Pelosi as VP, AOC becomes speaker.

        A sure fired trifecta from hell, executively.

        But they will still be neutered, and they will provoke a backlash in the midterms.

        • If it ends up being Harris, she’ll make it rain with EOs in an attempt to bypass Congress, just as she declared she’ll do. Then it will be up to SCOTUS to handle all the legal challenges, but it’ll be a mess in the meantime.

  4. Pretty cool rifle…yeah I’ve been around since 1954. My life didn’t end when Nixon won. Or Jimmy “put on a sweater” Carter,Slick Willy or Barry Soetoro. Not giving up a damn thing(in fact I did a cleanup of my ammo and accessories today and FOUND 100 rounds of 9mm😏). The Senate is intact,the Dims lost House members and we have more or less got a better SCOTUS. And Trump ain’t going away!!!

    • Almost the same age here. Been thru the same sh!t. I remember having my ID copied down in a Dealer ledger when buying ammo.
      I think it’s different this time.

      I’m going boating tomorrow despite the weather reports.
      Wish me luck!

      • Boating…accident?!? I have a FB friend just outside Portland. Man your state is going to he!! GOOD LUCK Tom!!!

  5. enuf should be happy. He’ll march right into the local Sheriff’s office and surrender all of his firearms and ammo, because Orange Man Bad.

    • Orange Man is not “Bad”, he is a fucking traitor to the Republic and can rot in hell for all I care.

      No, in the impossible case of Biden/Harris managing any of this magical anti-gun wonder you all have convinced yourselves is a wave of his magic wand away from happening, I will not comply.

      Trump is dangerous to our freedoms. Biden is ineffectual, barely winning this thing so far. If he does win, it will be with zero mandate and no great advances in power in the Senate.

      What do you expect him to achieve without legislative power behind him?

      Pull some authoritarian shit?

      That’s Trump’s gig, and only Trump’s gig.

      Race ain’t over yet, still lots of waiting ahead.

        • Huh? What are you talking about? The way you people rant and rave and spew doom and gloom you’d think there wasn’t going to be a “next time”!? Isn’t there supposed to be a Marxist-Communist-Fascist takeover about one minute after the inauguration?

          Or does that have to wait on Obama coming back for his President for Life trick he has secretly planned all this time? Or maybe it’s his Kenyan-Muslim USA-Caliphate Conspiracy and Uncle Joe is merely the unwitting dupe to make it happen?

          Now where does that leave “AOC & The Squad of Marx’s Bitches” at?

          I just don’t get how you think there is going to be a “next time”?

  6. Now is the time to turn your anger against everything the dems have done to this country…. every change, every law, every illegal alien that helped tip the scales…. every educated idiot college reject…. EVERYTHING!!

    That’s not to mention what Republicans should start doing….. they should IMMEDIATELY start impeachment against Biden.. . Plant false dossier… TURN IT ALL BACK ON THE DEMS….

    But once again, turn your anger intro destruction of everything the dems holds dear…


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