Shield Sights Announces the New RMS2 Reflex Mini Sight

Shield sights RMS2 reflex

Courtesy Shield Sights

Shield Sights, Pioneer of compact micro red dot optics is pleased to present the newest edition of Reflex Mini Sight, the RMS2.

Building on the foundation of the original RMS, that was designed for competitive shooters, the RMS2 brings features that increase performance for the defensive carry, shooting enthusiasts, and competitors alike. The Shield RMS2 features a strengthened lens housing and updated electronics with improved battery contacts to further enhance reliability under all conditions.

Shield sights RMS2 reflex

Courtesy Shield Sights

The same glass coated polymer lens continues to provide a good balance of being shatterproof while remaining more scratch resistant than an all polymer lens option. Customers have the option to upgrade to an all glass lens if maximum scratch resistance is required.

The RMS2 has been designed without a battery draw to further strengthen the housing and remove any additional failure points in an EDC product. Shields superior footprint includes four location posts and two screws to ensure a consistent and secure interface to hold the sight in place. This system has been proven to be extremely repeatable when sights are removed to renew batteries and when combined with a long battery life has removed the need for the side access battery drawer.

Shield sights RMS2 reflex

Courtesy Shield Sights

“The explosive growth in the RDS market for concealed carry and general range use has presented new variables that we were eager to consider in the design of the RMS2,” said James White, CEO Shield Sights. “The advancements in technology and additional research in the field has given us the ability to design and deliver an overall better product for the majority of RDS shooters out there”

RMS2 Features

  • Shield footprint
  • Glass coated polymer lens (can be upgrade to all Glass)
  • Strengthened lens housing
  • Updated electronics
  • 4 MOA and 8 MOA dot options
  • 1-3 year battery life

The RMS2 is currently available for sale through the Shield dealer network or on the Shield website:

MSRP: $430



  1. avatar d says:

    “The RMS2 has been designed without a battery draw to further strengthen the housing and remove any additional failure points in an EDC product”

    What incredible BS

    1. avatar DFW_Patriot says:

      Never take anyone seriously if they can’t spell their marketing words correctly…”drawer”.

  2. avatar Montana Actual says:

    If I am putting an RMR on a gun that can fit something more than these ones, then I am going to put an actual “duty” style RMR on it. These RMS2’s and even then gen 1’s are NOT duty sights. They are cool boi edc picture sharing sights. Sage Dynamics tests would destroy these things in one range sitting. Granted, that is not your average user but I’d still rather have something I can trust vs. something that is smaller and looks cool.

    My p365xl has one of these style sights on it, the Romeo Zero, and it’s definitely a holster queen style RMR. I trust it enough to EDC it, but not as a “duty” RMR. When the kit goes on, Trijicon comes with it.

  3. avatar JB says:

    I have a RMS gen 1, and it’s fantastic. My only complaint about this (and all mini red dots that I’ve tried) is that the lens isn’t recessed enough to avoid smudges from my hand meat below my pinky finger when I rack the slide or do a press check. 5 mm more optic frame overhang would be enough to keep it clean. Oh, and I scratched the plastic lens on my RMS, and Shield’s warranty gave me a free lens replacement. However, I opted to upgrade to the new scratch-resistant glass lens and that cost me $70. I paid postage to their US facility in PA, they shipped it to the UK for repair, and sent it back on their dime. I’m a fan.

  4. avatar busybeef says:

    More than double the price of the Romeo0 or 507K.

  5. avatar HBOMatt says:

    Will the lens on this one still crack just from being mounted by a trained gunsmith?

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