MasterPiece Arms Unveils MPA Protector Pistols

Let’s face it: these are not the prettiest weapons in the word. I’ve seen Lego guns with more style. But MasterPiece Arms reckons their new “MPA Protector Series line of Personal Protection, Conceal Carry, Sub-compact Pistols” have something going for them (other than Germanic over-capitalization). They claim the pocket pistols are a “super premium product at a moderate price.” To wit: both double-action-only handguns boast fully machined stainless steel upper and lowers, which should help reduce felt recoil and muzzle flip. No castings, no forgings, no injection molded receivers, no woman, no cry. The $345.90 MPA380S weighs 10.9 ounces while the $322.90 MPA32B tips the scales at 11.3 ounces.


  1. avatar 84P6 says:

    Looks interesting. Will it be any good, though? I was thoroughly impressed with the cheapo, injection molded Taurus 380. Way more accurate and reliable than any cheap plastic mousegun has a right to be.

  2. avatar TSgt B says:

    Give the KelTec P-11 9mm DA a try. I've owned several (gave one to my daughter, and others to friends) and just bought another one. Consistent (although somewhat heavy) double action only. 10 +1 ammo capacity, and will accept S&W 59 series magazines. Capable of excellent accuracy at CQB ranges. I have personaly drilled several 7 yards X-ring sigles and doubles, with virtually all 11 ending up inside the 8 ring in rapid fire. Best thing is it is VERY reliable and only costs $250.00 to $280.00.

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