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When Porsche unveiled the Boxster, the mid-engined sports car was an automotive revelation. Unfortunately, the Boxster’s 2.7-liter powerplant was pathetic. Porsche had good solid marketing reasons for creating a gutless wonder, but it was the wrong choice. By the time the Sultans of Stuttgart blessed the Boxster with a proper engine, it was too late. The baby Porker was a “hairdresser’s car.” The Ruger SR40 is just like that: A great gun with a fatal flaw that runs the risk of defiling the Sturm Ruger brand for years to come.



I’m not sure what pistol sired Ruger’s SR series, but I sure am glad they put that ballistic bad boy out to stud. All three variants share the same elegant proportions and snake-hipped savoir faire. Unlike Porsche’s roadster, there’s no question which is the SR40’s business end. The stainless slide’s aggressive serrations line up perfectly with the grip in both width and angle, giving the Ruger SR40 “it went thatta way” purposefulness.

As does the “SR40” etched on the barrel’s left side. While some pistoleros are put off by the oversized graphic, I reckon it’s well judged. I’m also down with the blacked-out barrel-borne invitation to miserly morons to read the ‘effing manual (“available free”). And I’ve grown to like the “loaded when up” message on the chamber indicator so much that I’m thinking about having it tattooed on my penis. The only false note — the SR40’s jumbotron front site. Which serves its purpose well enough. (There is also an accessory rail that provides space for mounting lights, lasers and other tactical accessories.)



Speaking of ergonomics, the full-size SR40 pistol feels as natural in the hand as a snifter of Courvoisier L’Esprit — only a lot more deadly (depending on consumption levels) and profoundly less expensive. Officially, the SR40 is 1.17-inch wide, including the Chicklet-sized ambidextrous external safety lever standing proud of the handgun‘s frame. Subjectively, the SR40’s exactly perfect. Concealed carry gun? Well . . .



This semi-auto pistol is a full-figured gal. The gun’s reversible backstrap offers more real estate than Phoenix, with an ambidextrous magazine release of sufficient size, shape and position for one-handed release. The SR40’s hardened stainless-steel slide and 4.14-inch barrel make the weapon so heavy that the website designer saw fit to put the stat well below the “other” specs: 27.25 ounces or 1.7 pounds. Unloaded.

For comparison’s sake, a .40-caliber Glock 22 weighs 22.9 ounces. But Glocks are ugly. And by its manufacturer’s estimation, the drop-dead sexy SR40 is “possibly the easiest recoiling, smoothest shooting .40 on the market.” Possibly? That’s not much of a boast — especially as it’s true. Well, the “easiest recoiling” bit.

If you’re looking for a handgun that makes firing a .40-caliber bullet feel like unleashing a 9mm projectile, you can stop now. The Ruger’s extra weight and reduced slide velocity remove much of the round’s reviled snap. What’s more, the SR40 provides greater stopping power than the SR9 without a major loss of capacity: 15+1 vs. 17+1 cartridges. Other than ammo cost, hey, why not?

Trigger quality. The striker-fired Ruger SR40’s game-on button is grittier than a John Wayne cowboy. The SR40’s trigger also stacks like a forklift at an warehouse. The trigger pull has all the travel of a Springfield XD — with none of the Croat’s predictable smoothness. And the breaking point is as hard to predict as my next simile. Harder.



It’s the damnedest thing. The Ruger SR9c we tested had a fantastic 1911-style trigger: minimal take up and BANG! Ruger told us that the SR40’s trigger contains the exact same bits as the Ruger SR9 and SR9c, assembled the same way by the same people in the same factory. The discrepancy (and disappointment) was so profound that I returned the SR40 for another, wondering if “my” gun had fallen afoul of quality-control issues. (Not just because SR40 slide bite put blood on steel, as above.) Nope. Same again.

All of which explains my skepticism re: the SR40’s “smoothest shooting” claim. I reckon trigger feel is as important to a gun’s overall shootability as, well, anything else. For roughly the same money as the Ruger SR40, the Glock 22 offers a trigger with no stacking, greater predictability and unbeatable speed (in terms of initial travel and reset). Smith’s M&P costs more than the SR40, but the trigger’s miles better (provided you avoid the wretched 750-pound M&P Massachusetts trigger).



A gun with a lousy trigger is hard to shoot accurately. Wayne Buettner’s group may look good to you, but this is the same Army vet who can pick up a Glock, Springfield XD or just about any halfway decent handgun and put five bullets through the same hole at seven yards. If you doubt the Ruger’s built-to-a-price feel, try flicking the external manual safety — another mission critical feature that lacks haptic finesse.

Is the Ruger’s graunchy trigger a deal breaker? In a combat situation, trigger finesse is not exactly priority one. So if you’re shopping for reasonably accurate, aesthetically appealing .40-caliber handgun, the SR40 proves the truth of the old SNL line “It’s better to look good than to feel good.”

If, however, you’re used to a proper go-pedal and can’t wait for one of Ruger’s camp followers to step into the breach (so to speak), the SR40’s not for you. But then serious combat shooters will take one look at the SR40’s law-enforcement-pleasing external safety and, in the immortal words of Lord Humongous, just walk away.


Action: Striker-fired, semi-automatic, DAO pistol

Caliber:.40 S&W

Slide Material: Through-hardened stainless steel

Slide Finish: Matte stainless

Grip frame: Durable polymer frame and black glass-filled nylon grip

Sights: Dovetailed, high-visibility three-dot adjustable sight.front sight and rear sight adjustable for both windage and elevation

Safety features: ambidextrous manual thumb safety and magazine release, loaded chamber indicator, visual and tactile cocked-striker indicator, firing-pin block safety

Overall Length: 7.55″

Height: 5.52″

Width: 1.27″

Weight: 27.25 ounces

Capacity: 15+1

Magazine: (1) 15-round magazine, (1) 10-round magazine (flush fit)

Grooves: 6

Barrel Length: 4.14″

Twist: 1:16″ RH

Price: $525 MSRP

RATINGS (out of five)

Style * * * * *

A modern classic with perfect proportions and just the right amount of bling.

Ergonomics (carry) * * *

A heavy thing, to be sure, and snaggeriffic with it. But plenty of capacity (15+1) for some big-ass bullets. A cop-carry-kinda gun that’s better bedside.

Ergonomics (firing) * *

Superb recoil control that brings .40-caliber to the masses. Crap trigger.

Reliability * * * * *

More than 600 rounds with nothing untoward to report. Ruger’s got this part of the equation wired.

Customize This

Nothing yet.


One star deducted for the sticky stacky trigger, another for the undersized slide-mounted safety. At the risk of stating the obvious, fix those and you’d have a five-star handgun.

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  1. "I’ve grown to like the 'loaded when up' message on the chamber indicator so much that I’m thinking about having it tattooed on my penis"


    Caught me by surprise Robert

  2. That is disappointing.

    It seems the SR9 is also afflicted with a certain amount of "inconsistencies" with the trigger. Some examples seem to exhibit rough, crunchy, gritty triggers while others have the sweet SR9c trigger.

    Can't explain it… don't know if Ruger's manufacturing/quality control is lagging or whether its something inherent to the design. Perhaps we need a pool of (x) number of SR40s to test to truly see if this characteristic applies across the board or if it truly is a manufacturing/QC problem.

    For reference (via, the full size SR9 appears to have three "versions":
    "Version 1" – pre-recall – no trigger safety blade, round magazine release (these should be long gone from dealer shelves and fixed/updated via the recall.
    "Version 1.1" – post-recall – trigger safety blade, round magazine release (serial prefix # 330-)
    "Version 1.2" – seems to be updated to the SR9c – trigger safety blade, D-shaped magazine release, slightly different takedown pin (serial # prefix 331-)

    • Ok, the gun shoots well. STOP complaining, some people just have to find the bad in everything. there is going to be imperfections it’s made by a human. last i check only God is perfect. I love this gun!!!

      • I’m with you on that Angie…It will put 9 into 2″ at 10 yards, and better if I did my part. Great firearm!

    • My SR 40 has a smooth trigger and take up is also smooth so i disagree with your view of this gun

  3. So, Robert, what would you recommend for a .40SW as having a good (or the best) DA trigger? Glock? Sig? HK? Springer? Curious to get your take on this one as I may be in the market for one?

      • Well, it seems like most SA pulls of a SA/DA triggers are fine for me. The DA side of that trigger seems to vary. I've had a Walther P99 that had a very "layered" DA pull. I now have a CZ P-01. Great gun, but first DA pull is gritty. When compared to my super smooth SW 627 revolver's DA pull, the Walther and CZ can't compare. I know a revolver DA pull can't be fairly tested against a semi's DA pull, put I'm just giving you perspective. Anyway, do you have any picks for an out of the box semi (9mm, 40sw or 45acp) with a particularly smooth DA pull?

  4. Helpful review.

    When I first saw the pics, I thought it was pretty, and wanted one. 3 more rounds than my XD40!

    Sobriety wins out. I passed on the SR9 last year when I was looking at 9s, on account of the trigger.

  5. The trigger was grainy on my SR40 at first, and quite stacky.

    About 3 or 4 mags after pulling it out of the box, it's smooth as silk. Maybe shoot a bit more ammo through it before you make a call on trigger quality being absolutely terrible?

    • When I initially purchased my Ruger SR40 it had a gritty triger that was very difficult to predict; however, after firing 60 rounds through the gun the triger has become very clean and easy to fire. The gun works perfectly, but is a little heavy. I would give it 4 out of 5 stars.

  6. I got my SR40 this week and bought some .40 S&W BLAZER BRASS 180 gr. cartridges to take to the range this weekend, well not so fast. Loaded 10 rounds in two clips and found that the ammo would not chamber until each clip held only three rounds. I am asking around the local gun shops ask sending Ruger an inquiry to see if it's my pistol, clip, or ammo concern. I stripped the SR40, cleaned and oiled it with no better results.
    I have many Rugers, pistols and revolvers, and have never had one concern in the 50 years I have been shooting.
    Any feedback here would be great.

    • I have a similar problem that when sliding a loaded clip in to the gun, it would not lock in fully. But if you slide the breach open, I had no problem. You may want to try that. This may only be a short term solution..

      • Most semi auto pistols are like that ! When the magazine is at full capacity or +1 more, if the mag will hold it. Then inserting the full mag into the pistol with the slide in normal position; there usually isn’t enough clearance for the cartridge to come up and align with the chamber ramp !

        By either leaving the slide back after firing or setting it back allows the pistol to accept the full loaded magazine and then letting the slide shear off a cartridge and chamber it ! JES.

  7. I can’t get excited about the Ruger SR pistols. For some reason I think it is an ugly gun. And the trigger is inconsistent.

    It seems like a decent pistol overall, but there is nothing really that stands out and makes me want one. It seems like just another polymer frame pistol with no character.

    • The SR9 seems to be the best of the two models that Ruger makes. Remember; that Ruger designed and built the original 9mmp pistol for that very calibre! Then included the .40cal in the same format of pistol. The basic frame and slide is somewhat small for the .40 cal and hence due to this fact !

      With the exception of the ‘ Trigger wear in required ‘ on the SR9; it seems like a solid pistol now after three corrective versions! The SR.40 is an entirely different issue as it was build on a 9mmp frame! Beefed up to the .40cal requirement but still somewhat inadequate in the overall design! JES.

    • You want a Really Good .40cal pistol ?! Buy a FNH FNP40 !!! This one is well designed ! Works Well, with a good trigger! Works Every time ! And, Performs beyond what the others do ! – JES.

  8. Just bought one, have had no problems with the trigger or accuracy, its all about personal preference, one gun may not be right for one person and be great for another, we can sit around all day long and critique every gun ever made, purchase a gun you like and shoot it, who cares if it looks like a porshe or a pacer if it works for what you need great

  9. I just purchased the SR40 today and ran 50 rounds of garden-variety jacketed ammo through it. No problems. Felt good, trigger was fine. I ran the target out to 25 yards and got decent grouping but the sights need adjustment. Next trip to the range I’ll take care of that.

  10. I got one of these for Xmas, and I love it. The first 20 rounds were . . . . difficult at best. The trigger almost had me putting on ebay and going back to my Italian Beretta FS-92. However, the trigger loosened up and now I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

  11. I bought the SR40 in November. I have about 500 rounds through it. With the exception the overly strong mag spring making it hard to load the last round and making it difficult to seat it when full, the gun has been fantastic. Nice easy recoil, smooth (to me) trigger, reliable operation (now that the mag spring is losing a bit of its push). I’d buy another without question.

  12. I bought an sr40 a couple of weeks ago took it to my local range and it shoot good but i mean that is my first gun and i pretty much suck at shooting but i like it then i saw the videos you posted and i was like hhhhhhhmmmmm i have been shooting the wrong way the whole time. I was not holding the gun right i have my hand under holding you know what i mean. well anyways grats on the web-site it educated me alot on my gun

    I have a question where can i get custom grips for the SR40 like with graphics do they even exist!!!!

  13. Gritty trigger??? I guess you should have read the manual which states not to dry fire without a magazine in place. The magazine disconnect would account for the “gritty” trigger. Also, you are comparing a $400 – $450 gun to Glocks (more) and Springfield (even more!) I think Ruger got it right for the money. BTW I have an SR9 and LOVE IT!! You sound like a Ruger hater. A search of the net reveals many many positive reviews, yours seems to be one of the only negative/biased ones. What do you own/ is your preference? Let me guess, Glock like everyone else. I bet you drive a Honda too like everyone else does!

    • Carry Springfield XD(m) 45 and a Gemini Customs 642. Switching to a 1911 soon. Own a whole bunch of other guns, including two Rugers. Drive a Mercedes SUV. Bought it used.

  14. Like others, I recently purchased an SR 40. Yes – the trigger was gritty at first – but following the initial cleaning and firing several hundred rounds it is now a fine pistol to shoot. Smooth trigger, handles well and the recoil is minimal for a 40 caliber. I don’t want to part with this pistol!

  15. I’m looking forward to purchasing my first pistol sometime this summer. I’m looking for a good .40 cal carry pistol at a good value, and mainly been eyeing the Sig P239, Smith & Wesson M&P .40, and the Ruger SR40. This review was excellent – and very amusing.

    “And I’ve grown to like the “loaded when up” message on the chamber indicator so much that I’m thinking about having it tattooed on my penis. “

  16. I’m looking at the SR40 (new) and a used S&W 5906, I like the 5906 but I’m a little nervous about picking up an old police gun. I want something inexpensive, (less than $500) and very accurate any ideas? both will come in right around my budget, so please keep that in mind.

  17. Hi, Will from PA. I bought a sr40 shortly after it came out. The trigger was very noticeable upon first firing it. I’ve contacted several people, from ruger and retailers. They say its the same exact trigger as the sr9. Its hard to believe because being a fan of ruger I have fired many of their weapons, one being the sr9. I’ve given up on talking to people about it. I ordered a smooth trigger kit from It hasn’t come yet but I will post to let you know if it made a difference.

  18. You boys would complaint if your ice cream was cold! Excellent gun, I checked one out, and I am going to buy me one. Excellent price too, and built in Good ole America.

    • I agree with Chief. You are all crybabies. Deal with it or pay for a more expensive gun and cry some more.
      I own many Ruger guns and rifles and just love them.

  19. I just ordered one yesterday, I hope to have it be the weekend. Anyway, I “googled” SD-40 reviews and was diappointed in the video review and their comments after wards. As I read on, it was a releaf to read positive reviews from people who are truely American and spend their hard earned dollar helping other Americans. I am not sorry, just what flows through my blood!

  20. Finally got the time for my son and I to try out the SR-40. We put 100 rounds of Blazer through it with not one problem. The slide release was tough for my son to release but, I had no issues with it. Deadly accurate at 25 yards, without any adjustments to the sights. It feels great in my hands and is accurate; I feel I made a good purchase.

  21. friend of mine just bought the ruger sr-40. Ruger has an excellent reputation for reliability and even though i have never fired a sr line of ruger pistols i am sure it will be just fine. I have read the complaints or issues with the trigger but i dont expect a perfect trigger out of a production weapon from any company. As far as the comments ab out people that shoot glocks or any other pistols, maybe we purchased a glock or s&w or springfield etc,,, because we liked the way the pistol fit in our hand. Not because everyone else does it. I know that was off topic but that is just the way i feel. Any weapons company with a good reputation will put out a quality product and will stand behind that product.

  22. Dry firing with the magazine out?????? I’m expected to put faith in the rest of the review after that? This does seem to be one of the only bad reviews on the net for this product. I do believe that you may have foreited the warranty on 2 firearms with your testing methods. Can you honetsly tell me that you read the onwners manual and were not aware of this?

  23. Just got the SR40 last week and fired it the next day. The trigger was smooth as silk for me. My shots at 25 yards were right on. It fired 50 rounds flawlessly (wish I brought more). I then shot my friends M&P .40. The trigger is terrible. Especially because I live in mass. This is the only negative review I’ve read on the SR40. I believe it is the best .40 for the money hands down and I would take it any day over the M&P.

  24. You obviously don’t like Rugers.
    My SR40 has the best trigger of any .40 I’ve shot…especially hands down better than my buddy’s Glock 22. Frankly he has buyer’s remorse after shooting mine. Not me. Felt recoil was worse for the Glock as well. (his words)

  25. Love my SR-40 just spent a week of tactical shooting trench style, put 1500rnds of FMJ in it and 500rnds of cheap Hp’s ran great was hitting 4 and 6 inch plates under stress trigger is fine, just need to learn how to master it. We all loved the two sr-40’s we brought i have already got rid of my 40 caliber glocks because there is Good weight and bad weight the SR-40 is now my all time #1 40S&W with a polly frame i plan on buying a few more SR-40’s along with a ruger P-95 and a SR-9 and a SR-9c. 13 years in the 75th and 5 years on a S.W.A.T team, i throw this out there for all those who don’t understand Training Trumps Gear. I am NOT the best shot and don’t clame to be but every round with the SR-40 is amazing i have been carrying one when i go into the woods, Zero problems and i have had to use it on two cyotes. About the safety, I have larg hands and i find it easy to use and i don’t use it unless i am useing it in a Backpack or in a inside the waistband holster. the chamber indicator, All of my tactical buddies love it ( 27 of us were at this shoot ) and i tend to agree nice to have. no gun is the best at every thing, but i have to say the SR-40 is realy a nice gun and great for many roles.
    Ruger has hit the nail on the head and i can say i will be buying more ruger products based on this great buy.

    • Hi Army Ranger 75th 3rd Bat,

      My buddy from C/75th recently purchased an SR40 and we went to the desert outside Reno to check it out. We both liked the size of the pistol and shape of the slide. Weight is OK, not light, not heavy. About the same as an HK P7 PSP. Lighter than a Browning Hi Power.

      We shot it some using the sights just for fun (Think you can hit that ? How about that rock ?).

      But it was practicing “real” shooting – not using the sights, where we both smiled. This pistol point shoots superbly, for us anyway.

      No problem with the trigger on my friend’s SR40 – very adequate for how we shoot. Also, no jams or failures to seat.

      The Ruger SR40 so far seems to be a serviceable and rugged pistol at a decent price.

  26. What the hell! My sr40 has a very smooth trigger. This guy just doesn’t like rugers. The whole article is written like a joke. Buy what you like and don’t listen to junk like this. If his has a bad trigger he did it himself. In the video he dry fired it with no magazine. If only he read the manual he would know that this is bad for the gun, causing the trigger problem he wrote about. Stupid author, stupid article!

    • Keep in mind that our testing and evaluation models were early production examples. I fully expect that Ruger has sorted these issues out by now. IN fact, I’ll have one of the guys revisit the gun. Fair enough?

  27. I may be late to it, but…Well, i didnt mind your review, even though it seems a little biased. i own a glock , m&p, xd,sig, 2 rugers, keltec, and a few revolvers. Now trying to compare one to the other is like comparing ford to chevy. Of all my semi-autos, i prefer the m&p the most, because of grip and trigger. But, if you hold the m&p, then the glock, then the xd, all feel different and all have very very different triggers. Keep in mind these are not “target” guns, but combat guns, which is why they have the type of triggers they do! They are designed to actually squeeze the trigger and release, not slowly let it back to see where it releases or see how “squishy” or “gritty ” it is when dry firing a striker fired weapon with a mag safety! Also, these are NOT 1911 competition and should not be judged as such… And judging by your other articles, you just dont like glocks, you criticized m&p’s for their trigger in your compact gun shootout review, and always seem to praise the xd, which i of all , hate the most. how about during your review videos, and actual gun reviews, 1-shoot the gun correctly, and 2- give a review without a biased opinion to start with. people actually read this that have no clue and base decisions on what you say. Unless that is, you get paid by springfield to bash everything other than the croatian xd! To anyone else reading this, go pick one up, handle it and judge for yourself when you see how it feels, and dont take the opinion of someone else. if you point, “squeese” the trigger and it goes bang, puts a bullet where you “pointed”, thats all you need it to do if it fits your hand! guns are a matter of preference and what you want to spend as to which one, nothing more.

  28. Wow, I am just stumped by your negative review of this firearm.
    I have one, and just love everything about it. My buddy who is a Sheriffs Deputy, uses a Glock 22 on duty, and likes my SR40 much better than his. Personally, I’m impressed as heck with this gun, and so is everybody I know. Also, as said in other replies, the feel of the trigger is very smooth on my SR40. Sorry your experience was so bad, but I really think some of your observations are a bit off, and really, none hold true to my own experience with the SR40.

  29. I hope you will revisit the SR40 trigger and comment on a current one. It is unfortunate for Ruger (though perhaps not for consumers) that the rumor has spread that the trigger on the .40 is so bad. In my local gun stores you can buy SR series Rugers for LESS THAN older, entry level, P-series Rugers.

    I think the SR40 is an amazing piece. I will always have a love of Glocks but Ruger has just blown away (no pun intended) the competition with the quality, ergonomics, aesthetics, and value of this piece. I prefer the trigger on my SR40 to that on my Glock 23.

    I also referenced your estimation of the trigger while dry firing, without a magazine, in my youtube review, and I encourage anyone considering purchasing an SR40 to dry fire with an empty magazine due to how the magazine disconnect effects trigger pull like I did at my local gun store. As sexy as the looks and specs on this thing are, I was sold after pulling the trigger!

  30. Hey! SR-40 is better than bow and arrows, some of you boys would complaint if your ice cream was cold. As soon as I get some funds, I going to buy me one!

  31. The SR40 is a great improvement over the P94DC I had But it’s not as accurate as my XdM40. I would not hessitate to recommend the SR40 for the money I don’t think you can beat it

  32. I bought the SR40 a couple months ago. Just got around to shooting it seriously this past weekend. Really don’t know why you were so hard on it. I think it’s an awesome handgun . Light on recoil for a .40 SW. Accuracy? I couldn’t believe it. 2″ groups at 20 yards, and just for the fun of it I hit a clay target at 75 yrds. on my first try. Yes, yards! I’m an archer, everything I shoot is measured in yrds.I highly recommend this gun!

  33. I purchased an SR40 about two weeks before qualifying for my armed security license and then for my LEOSA permit two days later. The armed security qualification was stationary silouette at various distances.However the LEOSA qualification was timed fire at various distances. The gun handled beautifully and I scored perfect ( all tens or bulls eyes) both instances. I find it to be the best handgun I have handled. I have been an average shooter in the past so I must credit much of my success the the weapon. GREAT GUN !

  34. I love the look and feel of this pistol, and I’ve heard that Ruger has supposedly addressed the trigger issues. However… It’s that damn manual safety that’s the deal killer! A manual safety on a combat pistol for me is like a well-built woman that smokes. The woman may be gorgeous, but I just can’t get past the smoking thing. My dream pistol would be the Ruger SR40 frame with Glock 22 guts.

  35. Got my sr40 in may 2011 and put 100 rounds of hollowpoints thru it so far destroying cinder blocks from over 25yrds. and busted the hell out of them! Never had a problem with the trigger or gun !….great recoil..little heavy but so what, if im gonna carry it then im man enough to handle the wieght….dry fired it only 4 times since i bought it has NEVER FAILED…….its a good gun….looking for a viridian green laser……

  36. I dont know what it wrong with the autor of this review.
    I sold all my glocks that I had. The reason I bought them is I have to use the glock 19 at work and I get a LE discount on them. With that said I shot my friends ruger 45 and loved it. fit my hand much better and shot much better then my golck 45 cal I had. Yes you can have a gun smith grind down the grip on your glock for 200 dollars but why.
    I went to my local gun range and rented the glock 22 gen 4 with the back straps you can change ( glock should have done this a long time ago ) and I still didnt like the way it shot. I then rented the ruger SR40 and shot that at 25 yards it was right on. Cant say that about the Glock. I now own a ruger SR40 I will be buying the ruger SR9 this week. The triger on my SR40 is smooth as a babys butt hope this helps everybody.

  37. I just got my sr40. I love it. I felt nothing wrong with the trigger and just as everyone else seems to be saying it is deadly accurate at 25 meters and can definitely stop someone further away. I went shooting with my friend, he has the glock 22, and by far I prefer my sr40. As far as carrying I have a Blackhawk Serpa holster and I barely notice its there. I also find the safety is just as easy to work as a beretta 92f. I have found nothing I don’t love about this gun.

  38. Just got my sr40 put 10 rounds through it all is fine,and then the trigger stopped working. Have to work the slide every time to fire it.really sucks

  39. Just got my sr40 put 10 rounds through it all is fine,and then the trigger stopped working. Have to work the slide every time to fire it.really bits

  40. Just a little too much hyperbole Mr. Farago. You seem to be the lone voice in the forrest with your opinion of the SR40.

  41. Seriously? Most gun reviews I read are sunshine canons coming out of the reviewers backside, and here I read one that is obviously an honest opinion of the product and people are being critical of the reviewer? (this is not targeted at those saying “hey, my SR40 is awesome” in a counter-point manner, but those others, criticizing the review itself).

    That all said; Hey! my SR40 is Awesome!!!1!1!

  42. i have had no problems with my sr40 ….. my buddy has a glock that feels to light for my taste … i am a bigger guy and the sr40 works great for me …. i have put roughly 1000 rounds thru it and not had a single problem so the action is smooth … if you have a bigger hand and want a good .40 cal …. i don’t see how you can beat this gun

  43. Are you sure that it’s not “The Truth About Guns As-You-See-It?

    Gun choice is personal. There are many different factors that go into gun selection. Main ones in my view (thus, not to be taken as exhaustive) being: the manufacturer’s reputation and history, quality, reliability, shoot-ability (accuracy and recoil), features (safeties and accessories), feel (how it actually feels in the hand), comfort (how it feels when worn), weight, conceal-ability, ease of field-stripping & maintenance, ready availability of ammo, looks, and cost. Like most anything else in life, there are opinions on just about everything, but opinions aren’t objective by definition.

    Someone here took to task another for having criticized the writer rather than just focusing on the substance of his writing, but where was their outrage when this self-same writer, who in the very introduction of his “review” of the Ruger SR40, immediately drew a comparison (in a very derogatory and insulting manner) of the SR40 to the Porsche Boxster, which was, in the writer’s verbiage, a “gutless wonder, a “baby porker,” and a “hairdresser’s car?” Where was this outrage when this “writer” actually went on to praise Ruger for putting out to stud the sires of the SR series (and, therefore, by extension, slamming the SR40 yet again)? And where was this outrage when this “writer,” in a supposed objective “review” of a firearm,” used inflammatory language to accuse the Ruger SR40 of having “a fatal flaw that runs the risk of defiling the brand for years to come?”

    If you were looking for a fair and objective review, you certainly didn’t find it here. I only outlined the most glaring “character assassinations” that this “reviewer” employed, but there were others (e.g., “Chicklet-sized (sic),” “police-pleasing” safety, among others). Not only did this so-called “reviewer” slam Ruger, Ruger followers, the SR40, and the entire predecessor SR series, but it’s also patently obvious that he has some psychotic issues needing work on, preferably under the supervision of a trained professional.

  44. Just bought a used SR40 from the Gun Show locally…I want to thank all of those who have posted a comment about this pistol. It feels good in my hand – I think that in an emergency that I can pull it ‘up’/pull it up quickly, get it on the ‘target’, fire, keep it on target and do the job needed. The comments about the ‘LOADED WHEN UP’ indicator is a plus, the trigger pull pressure feels very acceptable, etc. I do not feel I will want another instead of this one at all! (If I get another pistol, right now I feel that it will be because I will want another similar one to add to my arsenal)

  45. Just got a sr40 and took it to the range, all I can say is wow. This is the best 40 I have ever shot. I would not call me a great shot but I could not believe how accurate this gun was.I put about 200 rounds thur it and no problems, this is for sure a keeper.

  46. WOW ! I just bought a 40c that was a trade in…maybe I understand why. Still short stroking and they didn’t fix it. Is it a spring problem ? Didn’t or should have to send to galloway but maybe have to ? Maybe also stick to my revolver…..

  47. Find your comments extremely negative about the 40c. I was surprised how well mine shot and functioned. The trigger was great maybe you should of took the time to take it apart and clean it before you shot it for the first time(common sense). Maybe yours would of shot as good as mine. This pistol is meant for concealed carry not bulls eye shooting. I would recommend this to any one looking for a good shooting concealable pistol that is very comfortable to shoot.

  48. I love this gun. So much so in fact that I just bought the new SR 45 as well. The trigger is smooth as can be, and I find it very accurate. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure I guess. I’m planning to pick up the SR 9 as well to complete the set. I also have Smith M&Ps and Springfield XD’s and this is every bit as good. I’ve read other comments about the small safety lever on the SRs. I have no problem at all with them. I loved the tattoo comment in the review though!

  49. I’ll take my SR40 over a glock, s&w, or what ever. First time out I put 5 shots in a quarter size bulls eye at 20 yards. I stopped after the 5, put up a new target and did the same thing. All I can say is, you can’t shoot.

  50. I have shot 2800 rounds out of my sr40.
    I havent had a problem out of it.havent had a jam or any malfunctions.
    The trigger is gritty at first, but it is very smooth after acouple boxes.wouldn’t trade my sr40 for a glock, or any other pistol.I have found that mine favors pmc fmj ammo, and zombie killers.I have no prb shooting 3 inch groups at 20 to 25 yards.also each person is different when it comes to guns.caliber, weight, and action come into play with accuracy.for me a favor the sr40 over the high priced pistols.I think ruger hit a home run with the sr series.

  51. Re “…i have had to use it on two cyotes.”
    Were the coyotes attacking? Very curious about this comment 🙂

  52. Took the wife’s SR out for a spin today, about 150 rounds really didn’t count, had a stove pip and failure to eject, also the barrel lug stop pin popped out every two mags with target loads, and almost every mag with premium. I’m completely disappointed in it. Glock, HK, Sig, never will I waste my money on anything else. HK makes the best .40 in the USP ( the hell with the P30 ) Sig makes the best 9mm in the p226 tacops and Glock does the 9mm and 45 as reliable as either, just not built as tough. XD/m’s were always crap ( I had 6 total ) M&P’s have the dumbest trigger out there, and are way to thick. If it ain’t HK,Sig,Glock IMHO it’s a waste of money.

  53. I’ve got this gun. Returned a crapy GlOCK and got this instead. Out shoots the GlOCK any day of the week. Very accurate gun and a better shooter than other 40s mentioned here.

  54. I purchased an SR40 recently on the same day that my father-in-law purchased the SR40C. It’s true that (for some strange reason) the trigger in his SR40C functioned much better than in my SR40. HOWEVER, all I had to do was use some Flitz polishing agent on a few key contact points in the trigger assembly and clean out the factory grease and the trigger is as good as any (although not as good as the Volquartsen in my Ruger 22/45 but that’s another story). No gritty feeling-smooth as silk. And man is this gun accurate! Definitely more accurate than my buddy’s factory Glock. The slide release is fine as long as there is a loaded magazine in it (empty magazine puts a lot of spring pressure on the release lever). I’m not real pleased with the safety, but overall I really like this pistol!

  55. I have put around 500 rounds through my SR40. When I went to get my next handgun I wanted one that had a trigger like the SR40, I know every time it’s gonna fire, it’s smooth and breaks perfectly. If you buy a gun, shoot it, don’t run 50 rounds through it and say u don’t like it. By the way, got a Sig 938, also a great gun!

  56. Rugers centerfire triggers have always sucked, from the spongy Blackhawk to the mile-long P- series and the stiff, gritty SP and GP series.
    Rugers remind me of russian guns: bulky and unrefined, but tough and reliable.

  57. Purchased the SR40 ammo is jamming up and yes i tried different ammo.Sent it back to get looked at 4 weeks later still trouble.Trade the P.O.S. in on a Taurus 40 cal this is a real gun and even a little cheaper in price not one problem.Better gun all the way around recoil is softer magazine goes in the gun loaded just like it’s ment to.Taurus is a better gun hands down say what you want I would’nt buy another Ruger with someone else’s money JUNK………

  58. I usually like the reviews on this sight but on the SR40 I have to say, You’re an idiot. The SR series are good pistols with safety feature which some people find useful. The magazine disconnect can be removed in a matter of a few minutes. The loaded chamber indicator although big can be useful for verifying a loaded chamber in low light situations. The 40 is a soft shooter, I would have to say one of the softest shooting 40’s I have ever handled. You don’t like it? All I can say, opinions are like butt holes. Everyone has one.

  59. I’ve had my SR40 for just over a year now. It has developed a nasty slam fire condition: Multiple rounds downrange on single trigger pull. I love the gun, always have been skeptical of strike-fire weapons. Anyone else seen this? yeah – may sound cool until your trying to get through a USPSA course.

  60. I like Ruger firearms. I trust thier dependability. The only thing that was a deal killer for me on the SR series was the safety. It’s placement is poor for a LE handgun especially when push/pulling racking. The darn thing bites into the heel of your slide gripping hand to the point it cut into my hand. There’s no need for a safety on a striker fired pistol. Lose the safety and you have a keeper.

  61. I have just had the pleasure of testing out the SR40…and I’m in love with it. Your biggest complaint is trigger pull. I own/shoot a Glock 23 Gen 3 and like it a lot. But I thought the SR40 was a dream to shoot. Everything you listed as an issues was everything I loved about it. Trigger pull was tense and somewhat gritty, but not inconsistent one bit. In fact, it broke as expected every time. To compare it to the M&P40 as less superior is a joke to me, personally. I found the M&P way too slack and having to pull it to what feels like .250″ before any tension, ridiculous. The SR40 was very responsive. More responsive than my Glock even.

    And the weight, no doubt, contributes to its ease of recoil. It’s solid. In every gun, to get one spec, you usually have to do away with another spec. To me, this gun is everything I love about shooting. It’s like a more economic version of a SIG, which I also love shooting. But the SR40 is a bit slimmer and easier to grip for someone with a bit smaller hands.

    All in all, I will be buying one shortly. And maybe with more range time my perception of it will change. But until then, this is the best .40 I have shot for the money.

    I give it 4.5/5 stars solid.

  62. To the safety haters, I thought so too at first. After carrying & shooting a SR9c over 3 years in the country in sometimes dirty conditions, I realized that the safety #1 held the slide locked in closed position (which many including my 92 Beretta do not). #2 it also assures me that the slide is in battery (ready to fire when the safety is released). Even if you don’t carry, safety on, you can check in-battery condition by trying the safety. If safety won’t engage you are not in full-battery-condition. An out of battery position can be so slight you may not be able to tell by sight alone & the gun may not fire.

  63. S. Goellner, nice late chime in & keeping this going. Would like to hear more from anyone whose actually used these guns for several years. I’ve noted a few striker/firing pin & spring issues (stronger spring preferred).

  64. Speaking of magazine disconnects… “Nevermore quoth the raven”. Or, put in proper redneck jargon… Ain’t doin’ nun a’ dem!
    Absolutely LOVE Ruger products. LOATHE magazine disconnects!

  65. Don’t get the trigger talk! Have you ever shot a H&K USP or P2000 with LEM trigger? That snappy trigger pull, and reset that you’re looking for only works in our high stress, no aiming training! They’re difficult to shoot at 25 yards!
    In fact, my girlfriend just bought me a shoulder harness for off duty carry
    after she and her retired OPP dad shot it.
    Some morons don’t clean and oil a gun before they shoot it!
    I’ll carry my Ruger SRC40c over my H&K P2000 any day!
    And yes, my children understand the difference between a clip and a magazine!

    The local gunsmith likes Slop & Wobble, and makes fun of Ruger, and we still get along.
    It’s getting as bad as the Ford vs Chevy thing!
    Hell, I bought a Honda to reduce my 90 mile commute to the border.

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