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When Are They Going to Ask The Republican Candidates About Gun Rights?

As Ralph will tell you, Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney is extremely vulnerable on this issue. As is “Gun Control is a State Issue” pizza guy Cain.


  1. avatar Greg in Allston says:

    RF, is that the right clip of Romney, it’s only 9 seconds long?

    In regards to Romney, isn’t it great that the richest guy in the room can buy instant street cred by whipping out his checkbook and buying himself a life membership to the NRA, several years after he signed into law the permanent AWB here in Massachusetts. This guy is as phoney as a three dollar bill. He is not our friend and he is not a conservative.

    1. avatar HSR47 says:

      And because we let the RINOs and Liberals in the media have so much say in the choice of the Republican candidate, he is likely who we will be stuck with, and it’s pissing me off.

  2. avatar Robert Farago says:

    Nine seconds. That’s it. What else do we need to hear from this lifelong hunter?

    1. avatar Greg in Allston says:

      You old trickster, you. Your original lead had something about seeing the 3:34 mark, but that lead was gone/edited by the time I submitted my post.

      The less I hear from this lifelong fraud, the better. If I could simply wave my magic wand, I would prefer to hear nothing from him at all. He really gives me the willies. He’s the perfect Stepford candidate.

      1. avatar Robert Farago says:

        Gotta move fast in these parts! God knows I do.

        1. avatar Magoo says:

          Chuck E. Cheese called, wants their guitar player back.

  3. avatar JTB says:

    Well if does become president, we might get lucky and have a congress that won’t send him gun control legislation while he in the the White House.

  4. avatar stateisevil says:

    The only guy in that debate who loves the right to bear arms, is Ron Paul. Perry, a neocon, may be better than Romney, but I don’t believe he’ll repeal Bush I’s import ban, which he would have the power to do by reversing the EO. The only man in the room calling for the repeal of NFA 34 and GCA 68 and ATF is Ron Paul. Nuff said.

  5. avatar JOE MATAFOME says:

    Perry and that no good COMMIE should have a good ole fashioned duel to decide who should be the next president.

    1. avatar Greg in Allston says:

      Ahhh, how I long for the good old days, when life was simple, and men were men.

      My money is on Perry.

      1. avatar HSR47 says:

        Don’t forget the part about the sheep being nervous…

    2. avatar Sam Wright says:

      Mitt kinda looks like a coyote if you squint just right.

  6. avatar John says:

    Don’t forget Gary Johnson. Too bad he doesn’t have much of a shot. It amazes me with everything going so poorly we (the collective we) still seem to choose the the same idiots every time. What will it take for us to try something different?

    1. avatar Greg in Allston says:

      Perhaps a complete breakdown of society and a revolution.

    2. avatar cmd says:

      We elect the same idiots because they are the only ones that run for office. The kind of people we need don’t want the job(s).

      1. avatar HSR47 says:


        The way I see it, anyone who would actively seek election to the office is not qualified to hold it.

  7. avatar Joe says:

    The media won’t ask about gun control because the candidate they want to win (romney) will be destroyed by it. they figure “gun folks” will vote for any republican instead of Obama, and they are probably right. all I am saying is the media has nothing to gain by asking questions on this issue, and that’s why we’ve not heard anything about it.

  8. avatar joe says:

    Can any of them be as bad as Obama?Obama fully intends to use regulation to mess with gun owners if he gets a second term-he will end run Congress like he just did on immigration while they sat around with silly grins and their thumbs up their collective ass.

    1. avatar Ralph says:

      Can any of them be as bad as Obama?

      Yes. Romney is just as bad and much more sneaky. If it’s Romney versus Obama next year, I’ll vote for neither.

      1. avatar RKflorida says:

        Thank you Ralph. I thought I was the only one. My reasons are different but if the choice is between Obama and Romney, I have to write in a choice.

  9. avatar taurus609 says:

    FOX News has had two republican debates, not one word about F/F and the candidate’s positions on gun rights. I get MSNBC and CNN not bringing up F/F, but where’s FOX!

  10. avatar Joe says:

    Two different Joes great. Fox isn’t much better than the rest. Better yes, but not by as much as you think.

  11. avatar Ralph says:

    We don’t need to ask Romney about where he stands on guns and 2A. His record makes that clear enough. Perry is an enigma. The NRA is ticked that he never returned his survey, and I agree. He carries a gun? Big deal. Every politician wants to have what you can’t have.

    I know that every word out of any politician’s mouth and every sentence he writes is a lie. Still, the NRA survey helps to make a pol commit to a position on guns, so that later on he can say that he was for it before he was against it.

  12. avatar Aharon says:

    Candidates often can and will say anything to get elected. I put more credence into evaluating the political goons based on a detailed research analysis of their history on supporting personal liberties and guns.

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