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By Jew With a Gun

Just thought I’d give a quick update to the armed intelligentsia in the free(r) states about what’s going on here in Maryland. You’re almost certainly aware of our dear leader Martin O’Malley’s attempts at disarming Marylanders and banning the sale of normal-sized magazines. Not to mention instituting onerous and discriminatory handgun licensing requirements. But I doubt the Armed Intelligentsia are aware that we’re now waiting 40+ days to pick up a “regulated firearms” (i.e., all handguns and ~80% of modern sporting rifles) . . .

You see, Maryland has a delightful little system where, instead of using the NICS check system for background checks as most states do, the Maryland State Police run a more invasive and discriminating background check when you buy those regulated firearms. They then return the results after seven days.

This process was working pretty much as advertised until Sandy Hook, whereupon massive panic buying of anything potentially bannable overwhelmed the system. NICS managed to recover before too long, but the persistent threat of an Old Line State AWB has kept sales volume in Maryland very, very high. Long story short, the state police are simply not keeping up. So, if you want an AR-15 and have the misfortune to live in the land of the crab cake, be prepared to wait 40+ days to pick yours up.

There’s no proof of a conspiracy from the governor’s office about the delays; the officer in charge of the firearms division is a straight shooter and understands the 2A implications. But what people are wondering is why the statues are demanding that FFLs go beyond the law’s requirements.

You see, the law is pretty clear that, after seven days, the FFL can release the firearm, even without receiving approved paperwork from the MSP. Yet the state police have made it clear that no one should actually do it, despite their inability to cope with the amount of background check volume.

The FFLs are terrified to ignore this directive no matter what the law says, and the local 2A political organizations haven’t yet pressed the issue for whatever reason. All of that said, please don’t be afraid to transfer firearms to Marylanders. These wait times won’t affect sellers, and MD residents need to stock up before a potential AWB hits.

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  1. just to be clear, this is only for regulated firearms. I picked up a new Beretta shotgun yesterday (3901 Ducks Unlimited 12 ga) and i was out of the store in under an hour.

    • Only regulated firearms you say .”all handguns and-80% of modern sporting rifles”… what can one actually purchase outside of your duck guns?

      • Maryland has been a socialist republic for a very long time – here’s the list of rifles that are considered “regulated.” The law has been the same since 2005, the only difference is that post dec 2012 a) good luck finding something in stock (unless you have a connection, stuff is gone the day it comes in generally); and b) the wait time for the maryland proctology exam has increased exponentially (i hear the backlog is now 20,000 applications).

        The dealers don’t want the liability of releasing the weapons because then they have to recover the gun if its denied. I know some LEOs who are waiting for the paperwork as well, FWIW.

        good luck finding a pistol in stock too. or ammo.

      • you can find the list of regulated firearms on the maryland state police website (sorry, a previous comment got eaten, probably cause i provided the actual link). The law has not changed since 2005 – everyone who lives here knows or should know Maryland is the socialist republic of Maryland.

        whats available is also limited by stock (and unless you have a connection, good luck). The wait time for the Maryland proctology exam increased exponentially in Dec. (i hear there is a backlog of 20,000 applications, and there are LEO in the queue FWIW).

        Regardless on the MSP position, dealers are unlikely to release firearms until the app is approved because the dealers could be liable for recovering the guns if the app is denied.

        oh, i should add, this only affects the law abiding. baltimore has had more than 50 homicides this year already, so none of this is affecting the gangs. just saying.

      • Most shotguns. Bolt, lever, and pump action rifles and some “hunting” type semi-auto rifles. To complicate things even more a “heavy barrel ” AR is cash and carry while others are “regulated”. Just picture a firearm that makes an Anti wet their pants- its regulated. If your average “Fudd” might use it it’s cash and carry. There are exceptions.

    • I purchased a 9 mm back on 4/11/13 and still haven’t rec’d. it yet.
      They are really dragging their feet. Only in Maryland!!

    • As of 7/13/13 the wait for Regulated Firearms is expected to exceed 115-120 days. This came from a Gun Shop when I check on my May 5, 2013 purchase. I am told that I for sure, will have to wait another month.

      • You have not been paying attention to the posts. The State Police and State’s Attorney General’ s has notified gun dealers they can release the firearm if they do not get a disqualified report back after 7 days.

      • There is a phone number for the state police licensing div. that is futher down in this post;410 653 4500. If you call and select #8 it tells what dates they are currently processing. I called today and they are working on April 14 &15. I bought mine April 14 and today is day 100 for me.

      • J&k Pawn in Aberdeen MD is great. They release handguns on day 7, and rifles and shotguns are same day cash and carry.

  2. If Donkeyrats believe that a 40-day (and 40-night) waiting period to exercise a constitutional right is reasonable and is not a violation of that right…

    then they should have no objection to a 40-day (and 40-night) arbitrary and mandatory waiting period for abortions.

    • there is a small part of me that hopes that after no’malleys lgislation passes it gets much worse. I hear many people will have to drive a couple hours to get the new handgun license. The text of the law says you need a license to receive a handgun, so so that begs the question how newbies will take the required safety class. The more egregious the waiting times and restrictions are, the easier it will be to get the whole thing quashed in court.

    • 40 days?? So far I have been waiting 7 weeks with about another 5 to go. This is crazy. I cant wait to get the hell out of The Peoples Republic of Maryland.

  3. > Maryland has a delightful little system where, instead of using the
    > NICS check system for background checks as most states do, the
    > Maryland State Police run a more invasive and discriminating
    > background check when you buy those regulated firearms.

    We have the same thing in Colorado, with the Colorado Bureau of Investigation running a check in addition to the federal NICS check.

    > They then return the results after seven days.

    If CBI does not complete their check within 3 days, the dealer is authorized by law to complete the transfer. However, when the system became overwhelmed earlier this year, CBI decided to start the clock when they began the check, not from when the dealer contacted CBI.

    James Winchester, who wrote Colorado’s background check law, told the state House Judiciary Committee that CBI was acting illegally by delaying purchases for one to two weeks, and called for an investigation and for filing criminal charges against CBI. This was during his testimony opposing the new background check law.

    Miraculously, the background checks were down to the normal 15 minutes a few days later.

  4. “A right delayed is a right denied.” Where did I hear that before? Oh, it’s a mis-quote of MLK, “Justice delayed is justice denied”, which is from … (cribbing from

    There are conflicting accounts of who first noted the phrase. According to Respectfully Quoted: A Dictionary of Quotations, it is attributable to William Ewart Gladstone but such attribution was not verifiable.[1] Alternatively, it may be attributed to William Penn, although not in its current form.

    The phrase may alternatively be traced to the Magna Carta, clause 40 of which reads, “To no one will we sell, to no one will we refuse or delay, right or justice.” The reason one goes to court is to get justice, and “Justice Delayed is Justice Denied”

    As Chief Justice of the United States Warren E. Burger noted: “A sense of confidence in the courts is essential to maintain the fabric of ordered liberty for a free people and three things could destroy that confidence and do incalculable damage to society: that people come to believe that inefficiency and delay will drain even a just judgment of its value; that people who have long been exploited in the smaller transactions of daily life come to believe that courts cannot vindicate their legal rights from fraud and over-reaching; that people come to believe the law – in the larger sense – cannot fulfill its primary function to protect them and their families in their homes, at their work, and on the public streets.”[2]

  5. If I lived in MD, the photo above would leave me reassured that I don’t need a gun for protection should a huge crazed meth-head kick in my door some night. All I would need to do is dial 911-PRAY.

  6. I just did a MSP transfer and they clearly said that in 7 days the seller was to turn the firearm over to me even though he will not have the “not denied” paperwork back from the state. The trooper that did the transfer at the barracks said that after 7 days I am there problem if I came back denied.

    Everything MD is doing right now simple sucks. Keep writing the state reps, and maybe they will keep the sewing to a minimal. Even nonresidents but residents of the Md/DC area need to write and explain to them that you will no longer visit or spend money in the state. I hope berreta really sticks to their stance on leaving if MD passes these new ridiculous laws!

    What sucks the most is I live 1.5 miles from the VA line

    • That sounds like a private sale. In that case it would be legal. The state law allows release after 7 days. However the federal law requires FFL to have an NICS check number before they can release the gun but that isn’t the case with private sales between two people in the state. So if you are doing a private sale inside Maryland State and they don’t get back to you in 7 days then it is legal. However FFL have to obey both State and Federal Law and even though the State Law allows release after 7 days the FFL doesn’t have there NICS Number and can’t release until they have that. That is why FFL wont release guns after 7 days.


  7. Because of the picture accompanying this article- Does Maryland also have a same sex marriage law- and do they have to wait 40 days to enjoy that fishy smell??????

  8. So I’m curious.

    The workers, bosses, and executives at Firearms and Ammunition manufacturers are US citizens, right?

    So, considering the US government is now smearing the Constitution in the mud and literally accosting and demonizing it’s law-abiding citizens that have committed no crimes with outright moronic legislation, don’t Firearms and Ammunition manufacturers have a higher obligation to serve the needs of the law abiding US citizens rather than fulfilling gargantuan ammunition orders placed by the very same government that wants to disarm the population?

    Anyone see the irony there? The government agreeing with moronic politicians saying guns are evil (oh but we’ll keep them for the military and police, because they are magically unaffected by the evil of the gun) are the ones buying up all of the ammunition?

    That and quite a few government politicians and employees have personal bodyguards or armed guards at their places of work while the average US citizen does not.

    The ammunition shortage is literally putting the pinch on law abiding citizens that need ammunition to keep their training going in the event they are involved in a DGU. Unless there’s another war going on and they actually need all that ammo, I don’t see the point in the US government making those huge orders for ammunition at this time.

    It seems far easier to believe this is a planned move on their part to lean on the firearm owners by restricting their ammunition before going after their weapons.

    Is the average American’s dollar the same as the government’s greenbacks? Technically it’s our tax money they’re spending, except for the fact that ammunition is not landing in the US citizen’s hands — where it’s also needed.

    Food for thought. I commend the manufacturers that were willing to move out of states that were moving forward with unconstitutional laws, but don’t turn a blind eye towards this planned ammunition shortage and not being part of that strategy.

  9. I am proud resident of Wisconsin, sorry about Tammy Baldwin though. A massive effort to recall her this fall is underway. My work actually requires me to travel to Maryland now and then. I was out there last fall when King Barry the 1st was reinstalled. Made me sick to my stomach, going to Maryland from Wisconsin is like going from West to East Berlin back in the days of the Cold War. “Your papers please?”

  10. I grew up in the People’s Republic of Maryland, in and around Baltimore. Even though my father was a Baltimore city police captain, and I had my friends who were cops and worked for the state’s attorneys office, I could not get a carry permit.
    I moved to PA to escape the gun laws. They have a shall issue permit system so I thought Pa would be very gun friendly. Turns out that in Pa you cannot use a semi auto for hunting of any sort. Can’t use my beloved Ruger 10/22 or other semi autos for anything but target practice (and self defense….at least it’s ok to own them)

  11. I am here to say things are only getting worse in Maryland. My paperwork was submitted on February 10th to the MSP, and still I wait. After 50 days I can only wonder if Owe Malley is dreaming up a new tax to hit me with, or just thumbing his nose at me!

  12. Purchased a EAA pistol on March 1st, still waiting (was told probably another 3weeks). Spoke with my FFL dealer about the 7 day requirement and was told that MSP instructed dealers not to release until paperwork was returned. I hope all of the criminals are abiding by these same rules. No drive-bys, stick ups or home invasions until there NICS checks come back.

  13. I just recently purchased a 22lr pistol for plinking and the FFL told me to expect a minimum wait of 60 days. WTF?

    In the meantime, I’ve been trying to find ammo, which apparently is also not available in Maryland! I don’t know why they worry about controlling the weapons so much when we obviously can’t buy the ammo to shoot anyway. Perhaps, someday it’ll all be fixed or at least make better sense…

  14. I purchased 2 Glocks March 9. April 23, still waiting. Lived here all my life, had enough. I will move as soon as I can sell this house that is highly taxed.

  15. could someone please direct me to the law that says an ffl can release the firearm after seven days, im going to try it, i have msp background check and finger print cas at the ready and a federal clearence, proof of no history, i need a link to the legal writting the law as it is written the sooner the better

  16. Applied Feb 24th,2013 ; Maryland resident ; have not received mine as of date ; nearly ten weeks !!!!!!!! WHAT’S UP !! Can not contact my FFL Holder ‘ just get a voice message stating ” WILL CONTACT YOU WHEN WE RECEIVE ” !!!!! TODAY : 05/01/2013

  17. Hubby and I did our paperwork on Feb. 22, 2013. Finally received mine on april 22 but my husband is still waiting on his. We are so ready to leave this awful state of Md

  18. Paperwork received by MSP March, 14. Still waiting. My FFL said he’d release to me, if I promised to come back, when paperwork cleared. He, also, warned me that, if it didn’t clear, the “Gestapo” would come to my house and take every piece I own. Somehow, that doesn’t seem far-fetched.
    Have been making most purchases on-line, as local supply has been drying up. I’m seeing some sellers are beginning to refuse to ship to MD because of the headaches involved on the receiving end.
    …and so it goes.

  19. Just had my FFL file my paperwork.
    I at least got to see my gun and check it out.

    So the clock starts now. He said last month they had 47,000 applications. Good thing OweMalley will be running for president and vacating his position. Hopefully, our country isn’t dumb enough to vote for him…although, I think we have proven otherwise a few times.

    I had a fingerprint and FBI background check a few years back. They should make something like that transferable. ESP for the individuals who have T/S SCI + DoD clearances…You are trusted with the security of this nation…but…we’re not so sure you can have a gun to protect yourself and your home…but protecting the nation…we’re ok with. I’ll run for Guv’ner…my platform will have to be Democratic to win…but I’ll reverse the handouts, ridiculous gun laws which only tax and hurt legal gun owners and does nothing to crime in the city….oh and you get welfare…you pass drug test every 3 months. You know…no brainer stuff but way above the heads of politicians.

      • I Placed my order on Wednesday May 15th. Let’s see how long that will take. O’Malley now, as of October 1st, wants all gun buyer to be finger printed and class room training and extensive firearm qualification.

        Gun luck after Oct 1st.

    • Me. too. Filled out the paperwork on March 9. Have to do my LEOSA qualification on June 28. I am starting to worry I won’t have any practice time with the new gun before qualification.

  20. I bought a little 22 plinking pistol on March 29 and it is now May 23 with no end in site for my background check. I’ve held a gov. security clearance since 1980 and have not so much as a speeding ticket on my record. This is ABSURD.

  21. I submitted my paperwork on 30 March for a semi-automatic rifle. Still waiting and today my FFL dealer informs me to expect about another six weeks. Absurd; and IMO intentional to try to discourage law-abiding people from exercising their constitutional rights. There needs to be a class action lawsuit brought against the MSP and the state of MD for this. My FFL dealer also informs me that the Federal NTN # is typically taking THREE DAYS! All this waiting is on the MSP!

  22. My paperwork was put through on March 22nd (apprx 63 days ago) and I have still not received my glock yet…smdh.

  23. Finally, just received a call from my FFL dealer with an approval from March 1st. Can you believe it only took get this 90 DAYS. WTH.

  24. I am an active police captain and am on day 30 of my wait. Yup’ I walked into the gun store armed and have to get in line just like everyone else so don’t feel bad. Strange. I didn’t have a 60+ day wait when I graduated from the academy.

  25. 90 days huh? I guess I’ll be waiting another 30 then. I’ll buy another before I get approved for the first.

  26. Waiting since middle of April and looks like I still have a long way to go. Local gun shop told me that the fault was not the MSP, and that they have been working long days to try to process the paperwork. He also told me that the MSP tried hiring some extra help by calling in some retired MSP officers at least until they got caught up. He said O’Malley caught wind of this and squashed it, preferring to make us wait. True or not true, that’s what the man said.

  27. I purchased an M&P 45 on May 20 and was told it would take 11 weeks to pick it up. We are supposed to be able to purchase a regulated firearm every 30 days but a FFL I know told me that I have to wait 21 days from when I pick up the M&P before we can submit the paperwork on a second purchase. Anyone heard of that before? If it’s true, the M&P might be my last. I guess we are second rate citizens here in Maryland where it’s okay to marry if you’re gay and smoke pot if you claim to be sick. This is tragic!!!

    • I called a local gun shop and they told me that you have to wait 30 days after you receive the firearm before you can purchase another. This is ridiculous. I read the law as saying you cannot buy two guns “within a 30 day period.” Well I bought the gun in March so 30 days has long passed. If I had money I’d be suing the state of Maryland and the governor.

      • technically you didn’t “buy” the gun until it was given to you. You merely put a deposit on it pending the background and “not disapproved” stamp. Had you been disapproved you would have gotten your deposit back.

          • Actually that’s not what the law says. It allows the dealer to hand over the weapon after 7 days but the dealers choose not to because of federal law and the potential loss of their ffl. I certainly am not defending the time it takes to do the background check as I complained to members of the state legislature about it as well. In fact, I think the law makes no sense when it requires a background check for each gun. My check just came back and I picked up my gun. If I choose to buy another gun after 30 days I would have to go through the whole process again – another 11-12 weeks. This is a ridiculous duplication and costs the state to have all these extra employees running checks. I suggested to a member of the state senate that they should loom at this and amend the law to require MSP to check a data base of recently approved backgrounds and come up with a time- such as if a buyer had completed the background check within the last 60, 90, 120 days then a new check need not be performed, or if one is it is limited to court records for arrests/conviction since the last check. This would sped up the process for subsequent buyers as well as reduce costs to the MSP.

  28. Ok. Since I am not purchasing the gun until after I have been approved I have another question. If I “purchase an AR-15 now and my background check runs past October 1st will it automatically be denied?

    • that is an excellent question. I would have to read the new law to see if those applying to purchase an assault rifle (so called anyway) before the law takes affect would not be able to complete the purchase. A quick review of the law does not show me anything about your being able to complete a purchase if you applied to purchase before October 1, 2013. No exception means you probably can’t complete the purchase, but again I am not sure. Of course, it would be a good case for the NRA to take up once it happens because it would a be a harm.

      • I have never been a “conspiracy theory” type of person, but something like this makes one wonder whether they are dragging their feet on back ground checks in order to prevent a buying spree of assault rifles before the law takes effect.

        • Is is a conspiracy? Probably not, but it certainly stinks of a bunch of brown nosing politicians doing what is right for themselves and not the people. The state of MD has enacted laws severely limiting the rights of gun owners and you can be sure they are not going to do anything to increase the number of firearms in the public domain before the ban takes effect. I have no expectation that the waiting period will get any shorter. It will only get worse.

  29. Dude, 40 days wait is not accurate…I wish it were that fast! I’ve been waiting now for 12+ weeks. My background check was submitted on 3/15/2003. Absurd isn’t it!

    • 12+ weeks is a disgrace!!

      “Maryland was first recognized as a “Free State” on November 1, 1864. On that date, the Maryland Constitution of 1864 took effect. By its provisions, slavery within the State’s borders was abolished, and Maryland, indeed, became a free state. To celebrate the emancipation, under direction of the Baltimore City Council, five hundred guns were fired, bells were rung, and flags displayed “to attest the joy of the people at their great deliverance.”

      Free State my ass!!

  30. I am on my 10th week and pissed. At what point should the people stand up and demand our rights back?

    • Check with your dealer. I believe friday they were told that after 7 days and the NICS check is complete they can decide if they want to release the firearm or not after that.

      I know my FFL is working on it, and I will be able to pick up my AR lower within the next week or so..

      So go check, I havent read anything official about this yet, been away for a few.

  31. Here is what I just found on a quick search

    “Maryland State Police

    Licensing Division


    LD-FRS-13-001, June 7, 2013


    The Maryland State Police Licensing Division has been receiving numerous inquiries regarding the 7 day waiting period and has been asked by many of our licensed firearms dealers to provide clarity regarding a dealers’ ability to release regulated firearms after the expiration of this 7 day period. This weekly advisory is being sent in an effort to provide this clarification and also provide further clarification to the advisory that was issued on May 31, 2013.

    Can a Maryland firearm dealer release a regulated firearm after the 7 day waiting period expires?

    Under Annotated Code of Maryland, Public Safety Article Section 5-123(a) and consistent with Code of Maryland Regulations Title 29 Section 03.01.10, a regulated firearm may be lawfully sold, leased or transferred by a licensed firearms dealer or other person after the seven-day waiting period, provided that the dealer or person has not received notice that the application has been placed on hold or disapproved by Maryland State Police (Public Safety Article Sec. 5-125(b)) and the dealer or person does not have actual knowledge or reasonable cause to believe that the recipient is disqualified from possessing a regulated firearm under Maryland or federal law.

    A dealer or person may wait until notified that Maryland State Police has completed its investigation and has no obligation or responsibility to sell, lease or transfer prior to being notified that the investigation is completed. The dealer will forward reports of sales of all regulated firearms to Maryland State Police within seven days of the completed sale (COMAR

    The Maryland State Police thanks all Maryland firearms dealers for their continued patience and continues to encourage all sellers, lessors and transferors to wait until the Maryland State Police completes its investigation, conducts all checks, and approves the sale, lease or transfer of the regulated firearm before releasing or transferring the firearm.

    Firearms Registration Section

    Licensing Division

    1111 Reisterstown Rd

    Pikesville, MD 21208


    So everyone waiting might want to call their FFL dealer.

    If you take possession say today, does your 30 days start from today or from when they finally finish the paperwork?

  32. “A dealer or person may wait until notified”…….I love when the “State” uses the the word “May” I always interpet that to mean “Must”…its just enought to hang you if you misinterpet the meaning.

  33. Tomorrow (6/29/13) will be 90 days for me. I could have moved to Virginia, bought a gun, and moved back by now. Lol.

    • Maryland Sate Police have notified gun dealers that they can deliver the firearm after 7 day waiting period without penalty. This was an agreement signed a few days ago. Contact your dealer as he/she should deliver now. check the NRAILA website for further information.

      • Wish I could convince Bass Pro shop to release mine , been waiting since April 14. Your better off dealing with a small local gunshop. Big box stores dont care.

        • when was the last time you contacted them? The MSP and MD Attorney General’s statement just came out last week. You can get a copy of it from the NRA ILA website and show it to them. They are now the ones who are responsible for your purchase.

          I did my background paperwork on March 9th and it took 11 weeks. Your background should be done pretty soon anyway.

  34. here is a quote from the article and a link:

    In response, Maryland admitted that it was unable to keep up with firearm transfer applications. But in order to avoid litigation, in mid-June the Maryland State Police and Attorney General clarified its official position that under Maryland law a handgun or semi-automatic long-gun transfer from a firearms dealer may take place after seven days, if a dealer has not received notice of a determination on the purchaser’s application, without a dealer having to fear future punishment. The state police also gave the court a sworn statement that it is adding additional employees to help process firearms applications more efficiently in the near future. With these two concessions from the state, the lawsuit was withdrawn.

    Read more:

  35. Was at bass pro shop in person today. THREE MONTHS to the day. Bass Pro Shops will not release till they get the paperwork back. Maybe the NRA could sue them.

  36. Since the MSP and Attorney general have both stated that dealers may release the firearm after 7 days, and apparently some dealers such as Bass Pro Shops mentioned in a earlier post are still refusing to release the firearm, my suggestion is to not buy a firearm at Bass Pro Shop and when purchasing, ask the dealer if they will release the weapon after the 7 day period has run even if no response has been received. Don’t purchase a firearm from a dealer that will not commit to following Maryland law because at this point there is no harm for them to comply. They whined and moaned about costing them money by holding weapons in inventories, which got a law suit filed, and then when the MSP and attorney general’s office reached an agreement to basically settle the lawsuit, some are now still holding the weapons. What this tells the state is that the argument made buy the dealers has no merit and could result in a change to the MSP policy if they know they could win. This is bad for everyone, so dealers who do not follow the law should not be selling firearms and we consumers of firearms should find dealers who agree to comply.

    • I was arguing with them about not being under liability. Bass Pro Shops either dosent care that the MD state police said its on them at this point or the bean counters at top there dont even know that. But I’m hoping that someone thinking about getting a gun get knowledge of there policy and buys some where else. And after I get my pistol from them I will never go in there again. I might have cost them a sale the day I was in there , several people over hearing my talk with the sales man.

  37. So I just learned that I may not be able to take ownership of my AR (lower) that I recently purchased (excuse me….PAID FOR) because the *#@!! * wait time will certainly extend past October!

    What a jip!

    • As long as paper work is submitted by Oct. 1 you will get your AR Lower. Ask your FFL to submit your NICS check, as a lower should be classified as “other” and they are processing those for private FFL’s at this time. Took just a couple of weeks to get my most recent lower 🙂

  38. As of today, it’s been 112 days and counting… I’m not sure I even remember what I bought…

  39. this is bs I’ve been waiting since May 23rd I called the md state police in the said the date there working on is April 8 that’s way over 120 days

    • Bought mine April 14. Been calling state police for 2 weeks now and they have been working on April 14 &15 for 2 weeks. If its under second review Apr 8& 9. Its probably like what you see with public works employees fixing a road in there. Two of them digging and 4 or 5 others leaning on there shovels. Martin Omalley is happy with the situation. As far I’m concerned GOD DAM Omalley and the rest of the democratic dictatorship that runs this state and GOD DAM Bass Pro Shops!!!!

      • I’m truly thinking about moving this is crazy I grew up with the state trooper who got killed a couple years ago at the applebees its easier 4 people like the ones who shot him then people who obey the law in just wanna protect there family

  40. Just called today and they are still working on April 14 & 15… That is 3 weeks on the same week!

    • Actually it is 3 weeks on two days. I finaaly got my 22cal pistol yesterday I bought april 14 at bass pro shop. Salesman told me the state police appealed the court ruling from late june and lost the appeal. So he says now bass pro shop will release after 7 days. Any one thinking about purchasing a gun anywhere should get a written confirmation the store will realease after 7 days or buy somewhere else. The state police backlog of back ground checks is at about ONE YEAR for a weapon puchased now!!!!! GOD DAM Martin OMalley!!!! The first step in establishing a dictatorship is to disarm the citizens and the second is to take all there money and thats where this country is headed. In my opinion the second amendment was put in place for the citizens to protect themselfs from a tyranical government like the one they escaped in Britan. Tyranny is when the people fear the government, freedom is when the government fears the people.

      • Just FYI, your salesman was feeding you a line of crap. There was no court ruling in June, but a settlement between the State and the NRA which caused the NRA to withdraw the law suit. Had there been an actual court ruling an appeal would not have been heard for a year at least. What really happened was Bass Pro headquarters contacted it stores in Maryland and told them to follow the agreement. I contacted leadership at Bass Pro Shops and advised them of the situation and how that firearms purchasers are also outdoors men and make up the bulk of Bass Pro Shop’s customer base, so if they wanted to see their customers go elsewhere keep up with a policy that is not required. They told me they would look into it. Apparently they did if it is in fact fixed. I am not saying I fixed the problem at all, but I do not hesitate to go to the top of the food chain to complain because I understand the lower level employees or government bureaucrats will just repeat the company line and not ask questions of their superiors. The lesson here is, don’t just complain to those who are in your same situation, work together to form a coalition and then make your complaints known. Individually we are weak but together we are strong.

        • Funny, just got a call to pick up my wife’s pistol that she bought april25th from Bass Pro…

        • I sent emails to bass pro shops website contact info and only got responces from some lower level peons that said some higher ups would contact me. That never happened. I kinda felt like I was getting a sales pitch when he told me about the appeal. But any way thank you for getting involved from me and all the others that have purchased from bass pro shops. I Won’t Be Back!

  41. Funny….I got a call Friday from one FFL to pick up my lower, then almost immediately after that I got a call from another FFL to pick up my other 3 guns that were ready. Seems odd because the paperwork on all of them was done at different times.

  42. does anybody knows the real waiting time I just called the msp they don’t even wanna answer questions now all they said is go on the website but nothing on the website tells you anything in there new dates are may 6 that’s crazy

  43. This is a little off topic, but does anyone know whether the Ruger Mini-14 Tactical with a standard style stock is on the list of evil weapons after October 1?

  44. Does anyone know how to actually apply for the new Handgun Qualification License? I’m sure there is a link to a website somewhere out there but I can’t seem to find it. The MSP website gives all kind of info but it doesn’t direct you to the actual online application.

    • finally got my call I had to get a live scan background for my p85 9mm ruger even though I did my paper work before October 1st but I got my ar15 with no problems I waited 5 months

  45. Are you kidding? I applied in Sept and am still waiting. I don’t think they will ever approve it and I have a federal id. time to move

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