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(courtesy Jack Ohman of the Sacrament Bee via

The Truth About Guns does its level best to keep discourse about civilian disarmament on a civil level. This dedication to calm, rational argument is a double-edged sword. It helps keep the Armed Intelligentsia focused, motivated and determined. But it doesn’t play well in Peoria. Gun control advocates’ appeal to non-gun folks’ irrational emotions give the gun control industry a distinct advantage. Over at Gun Owners’ of America radio, honey-toned host Bill Frady will attempt to protect that flank with the Defensive Gun Use Project (details to follow). Meanwhile, you’ve got to wonder: how low will the gun grabbers go to disarm their fellow Americans? No really, I want to know. Other than demonizing the NRA and gun owners [click here for a collection of cartoons], what else might they do to carry the day? Forewarned is forearmed.

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  1. That is one of the most offensive things I’ve ever seen. Many would consider me “fringe”, and to think that I am in any way associated with that makes me sick to my stomach.

  2. In a battle of emotions, they will go as low as they have to go. The argument has nothing to do with saving lives, or preventing crime or preventing another Newtown.

    The anti-gun groups are dogmatic and their goal is simple — total civial disarmament. The are supported with many politicians and left slanted MSM who allows them to have their way. There is zero critical thinking. Thus, there is no bottom. They feel they have the moral high-ground so damn the torpedos go full speed ahead.

    For some anti-gun groups it is a business. They need to fight dirty so that their bosses are happy — see Mark Kelly as a perfect example. Gotta keep fighting the anti-gun fight to keep the money flowing from the PAC into their pockets. It is also and excellent example of the MSM being complacent. Instead of calling him out, they have kept the story silent. This gives them more license to stoop lower and lower because who will question them? Who?

    This is no different than how the media soft balled F&F and Benghaziand who knows what which has not leaked out.

    What the whole country should do is “question EVERYTHING” — right now, everyohe is happlly with their heads in a hole or going to the church of stupid & emotion. Not sure when the country will wake up, but it will be one hell of a hangover when it does.

    • I have to agree with the statement “there is no bottom”. Since civilian disarmament is overtly illegal, there is clearly nothing “off limits” that they won’t try and yet that’s only the beginning of their tyrannical agenda.

    • I agree with you, Pascal, but I wonder if this country will ever wake up. Many have become too damn sensitive for their own good, and vehemently agree with “common sense gun control.” To support their opinions, most don’t have enough logic to pass muster in a high school research paper.

  3. Their goal is not to protect the children, but to disarm the parents of the children who need protecting. If they were intent on making the kids safer why, more than 3 months after Newtown and years after Stockton and Columbine is it still possible for a person to walk onto any campus in America and not be met by barriers and armed security?

    This fresh round of gun laws will do nothing to prevent the next tragedy from happening and those backing these laws know this. If the children are to be protected it’s up to us to do it. Our first step in that process is to stand firm against these new laws and the next step is at election time to punish the people backing them and their supporters.

    • Because, as much as we seem not to care about the militarization of the police, the thought of armed police on school campuses will be too frightening for the children, causing them untold anxiety and mental suffering. (No, I don’t know how that works either.)

  4. Human beings can rationalize anything in the name of “the greater good.” There is no articulable bottom, there is only “too far,” and we’ll only know that when they reach it. We’re not there yet. What happens now may be rude, may be incorrect, may be impolite, but it’s just rhetoric. We’re not “too far” yet.

  5. When the small pen!s jibes got no traction (although they did reveal a strange fascination with the size of guys’ members), they predictably trotted out the dead babies bullsh!t. What do you expect from vicious sc^mbags?

    Do not expect them to play nice while they try to turn America into a Third World cesspit. Unless we are demonized and marginalized, they cannot win and they know it. Make no mistake — this is a culture war and ultimately only one camp can survive. It’s them or us.

  6. I find this so-called cartoon to be the most egregious abuse of the 1st Amendment that I have ever seen. This image is only slightly above the actual crime it recalls. I think I will go be sick now.

  7. It is no different than racism. Painting any “class” of people with a broad brush reflecting the evil deeds of a few of their own “members” is prejudicial and supposedly frowned-upon in our enlightened society.

    “Most crimes are committed by ______ people.
    Therefore I hate _____ people.
    _______ people should not be allowed to _________.

    Now insert any particular group of people… ANY class, race, ethnicity, religion… and see what that gets you. It will get you labeled as a racist, bigot, and small-minded.

    But, if you put “gun owners” in the blanks, it’s OK.

    I don’t like it. I don’t like it one bit. I don’t like being discriminated against just because I own a gun.

  8. They hit rock bottom a while ago.
    They’re going to continue to dance in the blood of innocent children, the victims of gun-free school until we’re totally disarmed.

  9. Here’s the bottom:

    Those of us who refuse to give up our guns dead, or in prison. That is what we are down to. They are well into the stage of psychological preparation for that right now. Demonize the gun owner. Get enough people to hate us. Show how mean spirited, and selfish we are. Blame us for the world’s evils.

    Offer a replacement ideology, one of supposed justice, prosperity, and tranquility.

    Then kill us.

    Or as a second choice, lock us up. This should sound familiar to those who study history. Attempts to annihilate whole peoples have occurred on such a basis.

    We pack state capitols.
    We burn up the phone lines.
    We swamp the e-mail accounts.
    We send letters by the ton.
    We respond in the media.

    They ignore us an pass more gun laws.

    A systemic failure of the republic is what we have on our hands now. The elected, who refuse to work within the framework of the constitution. The tactic? Pass whatever they want, then let the courts have it, because they are incapable of understanding the founding documents.
    In their world, the black robes decide all.

    The ultimate result is that what we will have is what happens every time a society fails. And it is failing make no mistake.

    Listen. hear that sound? It’s the sound of glass breaking.

  10. Meanwhile – there scores of drones armed w/ hellfire missles that few are paying attention to. Oh, but that does not count – that is the military . . .

    • Ahh yes, not NEARLY as bad as the three dudes (total) who were waterboarded (including the 9/11 mastermind who looked like Ron Jeremy in a dirty nightshirt) which gave us good intel.
      Liberalism is a mental disorder.

  11. How low will they go? We’ll only know when they get there.

    I’ve seen this from both sides (a little bit), and while the more extreme gun people sometimes make me cringe, the anti-gun lobby has a hard core of truly unbalanced and nasty people. The financiers like Bloomberg and Soros are one thing, but their soldiers are an entirely different beast. There are some deeply scary people among them. If they have free rein, *everybody* is in trouble.

  12. I consider it possible, and even likely, that the CD camp or some municipality might send agents provocateur to foment brawling dischord at stores on Ammo Day.

    That would be bad.

  13. The cartoon seems to imply that pro-gun people were the ones who shot the kids.
    Sick, twisted libtards and the complicit liberal media elite who support them.

  14. Why is it the majority of gun owners, at least in here, can have a sane, rational and coherent conversation but the anti- gunners get caught spewing emotion based lies, they almost always resort to hysterical name calling?


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