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The nation’s oldest gun control group, the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, has changed their name again. Earlier this week, they rolled out their latest moniker, Brady…and hardly anyone noticed.  And for those who care, they have a new logo, too: a star.

This is the fourth name for the civilian disarmament operation founded after the assassination attempt on President Reagan. It started out as The National Coalition to Control Handguns. Then, when that dog didn’t hunt, they changed their name to much warmer and fuzzier Handgun Control, Inc.

That identity didn’t gain any traction either, so they re-branded yet again, becoming the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. And now they’re simply going with the name Brady.

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer made sure to show up for the re-branding announcement earlier this week. I wonder how much that cost the Brady bunch. Amazingly, the event got some coverage at The Hill.

The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, the nation’s oldest gun violence prevention advocacy group, is rebranding, changing its name to Brady and expanding its efforts.

The group announced the rebrand at an event on Tuesday night with Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) while celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Brady bill, which required background checks on gun sales by federally licensed firearms dealers.

For three-plus decades, NCCH/Handgun Control, Inc./BCPGV served as the main players working to strip Americans of their constitutionally protected rights. They commanded a lot of respect as the big dogs on the block among gun control operations.

And then Michael Bloomberg started dumping $50 million a year into his Everytown for Gun Control. Then Gabby Giffords came along with her Americans for Responsible Solutions…now itself re-branded as Giffords.

Suddenly, the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence had a hard time raising cash, getting attention or finding anyone in the media who cared enough to call them for a quote.

For the past five years or so, the Brady bunch have struggled to hold their heads above water. Desperate for the oxygen of publicity, they’ve struggled for traction.

About their only meaningful events nationwide took place in Riverdale, Illinois as they protested outside Chuck’s Guns.

Some of them actually drove all the way from Washington State for the event. For those keeping track, that’s 2,085 miles from Seattle. Could they not afford plane tickets?

Photo by Boch.

And the good guys, including Guns Save Life and the Illinois State Rifle Association hammered them.

Photo by Boch.

That’s Rhonda Ezell, the woman who successfully challenged Chicago’s ban on shooting ranges in the city in court.  Twice.

Photo by Boch.

We had a lot of folks these events to counter the Brady crew.  In fact, we outnumbered the bused-in congregants from Father Pfleger’s St. Sabina’s church and a few die-hard white anti-gun liberals.

Photo by Boch.

Leading the march: Dan Gross, the former big cheese of the Brady Bunch.

Photo by Boch.

Jesse Jackson showed up for some faded “star power” along with local activist Father “Snuffy” Pfleger.

Photo by Boch.

They made sure to bring their armed bodyguards with them, including the one who was arrested later for carrying a gun without a license.

Photo by Boch.

That particular day, Jackson and Pfleger wanted to get arrested for obstructing the entrance to Chuck’s Gun Shop, but Mr. Gross had only rented the buses for four hours. The drivers told Jackson and Pfleger that their passengers would have to walk back to St. Sabinas if they didn’t cut short their little photo op.

When he heard that, Jackson’s anger boiled over. I saw it with my own eyes and ears. The Bradys didn’t (or couldn’t) spring for an extra few bucks to pay the buses for the whole day and Jesse Jackson doesn’t like it when anyone gets between him and some national publicity.

So all the bused-in bodies boarded the vehicles and the entire event fizzled out.

In all likelihood, this latest “re-branding” came about as an attempt to get the Handgun Control/Brady Campaign/Center for another shot of some much-needed publicity. Because donors don’t donate when they can’t see any results.

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  1. Lol. Sounds a lot like how Hollywood keeps coming out with crappy remakes that have a slightly different title.

  2. What Brady couldn’t do ILLinois’ onerous gunshop scheme WILL DO. Close Chuck’s. I won’t even go in that awful hood anymore. Who are they screwing?!? Black folks as per usual…and what’s with the pic of Pierced Organ?

    • Re: The pic: It was the closest thing to an image of their old logo I could find. And we all love Piers, right?

      As far as the gun dealer licensing: Chuck’s owner tells me that Riverdale loves that shop as it brings in a ton of sales tax revenue in a city where a big part of the commercial buildings are not only closed, but also behind on paying property taxes. I don’t think Riverdale’s government will harangue Chuck’s too much. Now, Chicago’s CAGE unit? And Tommy Dart’s Sheriff’s office? I’m sure they’ll be regular inspectors of Chuck’s.

  3. Arrested for carrying a gun without a permit , at an anti gun rally !! LMAO. That’s some special kind of stupidity.

    • There are seven or eight leading celebrities for gun control that are massive hypocrits.

      Google “Vic Mensa” who lectured from the bandstand at the Children Crusade/March for Our Lives in DC, to wild applause, that he is a “responsible gun owner” who demands common sense gun control.

      Turns out he was fighting three felony gun charges, all of which he was obviously guilty of, but plead to one.

      Insult to injury we underwrite these hypocrites because they are probably taking massive tax write offs for “donating” their time to gun to gun control “charities.”

    • The arrest was a while later (not the same day, but I’m unsure of the lapse in time) outside of St. Sabina’s church, not at the rally. At the rally would have been HILARIOUS. Pfleger denied any familiarity to that he man, I’m sure the story is in the link in the article.

    • Justified, of course, by being there to protect a “special” person who’s a “target” of “right wing radical Nazis” who are “likely to get violent”.

  4. Can’t complain about their fund raising. If we can let the NRA get out of control then we can let the BRADY crap get out of control as well.

    All this whining is just useless childish banter.

    • What the fk are you talking about? Brady does not list its donors which certainly probably are foreign foundations and donors. Nether does 90% of the gun control lobby disclose all of is donors.
      NRA had in the last 20 years one, problem, with $50,000, which it gave back. The gun control nuts have been taking foreign money all along. go to Everytown and see if it stops you from donating if you list a none US address.

  5. When an org like this changes their branding does it count toward the “new groups spring up everywhere!” statistic?

  6. Jackson might want to go back into hiding & stay out of the spotlight, someone might ask him to explain about his politically connected SON who got thrown out of office, instead of trying to destroy the 2A, he should be raising money for his kids defense… how come we never hear about that I wonder ?

  7. You forgot to mention the “Moms Not Getting Any Action” harpies. They have also been stealing the spotlight from the Brady Bunch lately.

    • Brady is less than 1% of gun control spending.

      And there are bigger spending more monied groups than moms. Since the issue has transitioned to entirely partisan the Democrats know it is a way to put in massive amounts of dark money.

      Gun control advocacy is a partisan political money laundering mechanism and until we understand it that way we won’t have a prayer of countering it. We don’t have to, and can not, duplicate it completely, but we have to understand the reason d’etre and how it is all about money.

  8. “Jesse Jackson showed up…”

    Sorry, but I just *have* to do this. A ‘blast from the past’ when the ‘Reverend’ decided to run for President :

  9. “The nation’s oldest gun control group, the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, has changed their name again.” This whole article starts out wrong right from the gate. The oldest gun control group didn’t start out that way but it’s what they are now. The Democratic/Socialist/Communist Party.

    • I would like to correct my previous post. I didn’t mean the whole article is wrong. One error does not negate the whole article.

  10. There will always be gun ban supporters. All that is required is marginalization to keep them at bay. Like weeds in the yard.

  11. Brady entire yearly expenditure is under $3 million, ie is about 1% of the gun control lobby advocacy, “education” campaign contributions, 527 and .

    Kendeda fund did $48 million in gun control advocacy last year, Bloomberg more than that, Soros and a dozen other funders who put in between $500,000 to $50 million into other gun control efforts.

    Brady is old school, long left behind by much much bigger, more monied, more partisan, and more sophisticated gun ban groups. Their pathetic endless rebranding is an attempt to get some more traction.

    • Brady wasn’t successful at much lately. Their signature accomplishment of background checks and the temporary assault rifle ban nonsense were long ago.

      Susan Brady got caught buying her son’s rifle in Delaware against the rules her namesake group advocated for. Hypocritical people.

  12. They can change names all day long it doesn’t matter. Hand gun control is a dog that cant hunt here. No matter whos face is on it.
    Since the end game of all these groups is handgun confiscation. They long term wont get anyplace. Until the next Libitard gets in the White House and control of both houses. I hope Im gone before that happens.

  13. John, thanks for the more detailed info on the event. The bus/payment thing was too funny! Also, Piers Morgan should butt out and work on preventing knife/machete violence in his own back yard, London.

  14. How many of you recall that in 2001 she “no longer wanted to be in judgment of her” and bought him a hunting rifle in .30-06? She even commented that it was her background that was run and not her son’s which possibly violated Delaware law which is apparently the state of purchase. For what it’s worth she died of lung cancer at 73 the result of heavy smoking. I was a heavy smoker and have had two heart attacks as a result. That’s it for PSA.

  15. The National Council to Control Handguns (NCCH) was founded in 1974, NOT after the assassination attempt of Ronald Reagan.

  16. The name and logo change are a step in the right direction. But to be honest and forthright, they need a red star.

  17. White people like Wayne Brady, because Wayne Brady makes Bryant Gumble look like Malcom X.

  18. As a general rule, “rebranding” is not an indication of a healthy, successful organization. I haven’t heard any rumblings about Amazon changing it’s name to Nile.

  19. How many millions of dollars were fleeced from donors to pad the pockets of the admin of the ‘Brady’ or whatever name they have used. And what is the estimated impact of all those millions? I suspect very little was accomplished especially when the prosecution rate of falsified ATF 4473 forms is low. If you are really going to have the law, the least you can do is enforce it. It’s really not about public safety, it’s about image, and to use someone who has been scarred by a crazed gunman is disgusting. Are you listening Giffords?

  20. Maybe Gabby (Chatty Cathy) Giffords and her hubby will change the name of their money grubbing operation to “Gabby?” Maybe the could join forces and call the organization Gabby Brady. The repulsive Pfleger creature could bless all the money coming in fro the Sheeple and Lowinfomofos. Of course armed guards woukd be needed.

  21. Whatever the name, the organization or mob is and remains what it is, A Crock as are it’s Fellow Travelers/ Members.

  22. This Brady organization and all the other ‘gun control’ movements need a wake-up call in order to realign their thinking patterns. They are all blind to the fact that through all their efforts they have not put forth an idea which will keep guns away from those who should not have them, they shy away from finding a legal/constitutional way of identifying those with mental problems and denying them access, they shy away from taking legal steps to close the so called ‘black market, and they fail to find ways to locate and confiscate illegal weapons already on the streets and in hands of those who shouldn’t have them. They talk about the need for enhanced background checks but fail to ask why those who fail the FBI Check after making false statements on the form are never prosecuted. The Organizations may have good intentions but good intentions when misguided do not accomplish anything.

    • Perhaps the solution to keeping guns from those who should not have them is, use one against another human and upon a finding of guilty, immediate execution, no appeal, straight out behind the courthouse and face a firing squad?
      (It could be called, “Criminal Control”)

  23. The Hill is nothing but a Leftist Rag pretending to be non biased. There are a number of “conservatives” on it that think they are making a difference and all they are doing is sliding into RINO status.

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