ny cop charged making selling guns
(New York State Police via AP)
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We’ll say it again: criminals will always find a way to obtain firearms. They couldn’t possibly care less about Governor Soprano’s vaunted SAFE Act. The only people hindered at all are law-abiding citizens.

Cuomo’s grandiose pronouncements and his signature on a piece of paper didn’t stop this police officer or his biker gang customers and it doesn’t stop other “prohibited persons” from getting guns, either. Does anyone really think there’s a shortage of firearms among crooks in the city and state of New York?

Here’s the full story from the Associated Press:

PLATTEKILL, N.Y. (AP) — A police officer with the New York City Department of Environmental Protection has been arrested on charges of manufacturing guns at his upstate home and selling them to motorcycle gang members.

Thirty-eight-year-old Gregg Marinelli is also charged with tipping off a suspect in a major drug investigation, state police and the Orange County district attorney’s office said.

Marinelli, a sergeant in the DEP police, was arrested Thursday at his home in Plattekill.

Police say Marinelli assembled dozens of handguns and assault rifles and sold them to “individuals who are legally barred from possessing such weapons” including members of outlaw motorcycle clubs. Many of the guns Marinelli sold had no serial numbers and would be difficult to trace, authorities said.

New York cop charged making selling guns
(New York State Police via AP)

The Times Herald-Record of Middletown reports that Marinelli was arraigned Friday on charges including criminal sale of a firearm, hindering prosecution and conspiracy.

Police said they learned about Marinelli’s crimes during a cocaine- and fentanyl-trafficking investigation dubbed “Operation: Bread, White and Blues” that resulted in more than two dozen arrests. Marinelli tipped off “one of the major people” in that case, Orange County District Attorney David Hoovler said Friday.

“This has to be one of the most egregious breaches of trust that I have encountered,” Hoovler said. “I am furious. Number 1, about the leak in the case; and number 2, the conduct, the possibility of putting untraceable guns on the street.”

It’s not clear if Marinelli has an attorney who can speak for him.

A spokesman for the New York City DEP said Saturday that the alleged crimes “betray the oath that this officer took to protect the public.”

Plattekill is about 75 miles (120 kilometers) north of New York City. The city DEP deploys officers to the area to protect the city’s water supply system.

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    • Say it isn’t so! ANOTHER NY cop making shady deals with guns. UNpossible!

      But, but, but cops are the ‘only ones’ that can be trusted with guns!

      This is my shocked face…

    • The smart ones don’t.

      But then, I don’t think it’s about the guns for them.

    • Maybe not. There was a huge bust involving lots of fireman and he was apparently connected to that in some secondary way.

  1. Because only law enforcement should have guns. They are trained and can be trusted…

    Or something like that.

    • Military and Police are super special don’t you know?
      Since they are so trustworthy all laws should have carve outs so they do not apply to them. Right?

      • Hey, don’t throw military into this.

        We are bound to all laws, unless it is for military training. You know how shitty it is when you’re based in Colorado, buy whatever toys you want and have a CC license, then get stationed in Maryland or NY and have to either 1) sell them all or 2) store them at a family members house in a gun friendly state…in hopes they don’t PSC something ridiculous?

        – Army NCO

  2. This will result in further laws and restrictions . Clearly more are needed in new york.

  3. When guns are outlawed only cops and their outlaw biker buddies will have guns. Apparently.

  4. “I blame napresto for owning a rifle. He and his kind are not welcome here.” ~Andrew Cuomo

  5. 0.0 that is quite a diverse cache of weapons. Is… is that a flintlock pistol??

    • Yeah, appears to be a Traditions trapper .50 cal flinter pistol.. not a bad choice, though at 16″ long it makes quite an impression under the jacket..
      The rifle looks to be a hawken single lug flint.. so maybe a Traditions hawken woodsman, maybe a Pedersoli or Lyman… with an aftermarket non-period carry sling.. its just wrong..
      I see I think a 10/22, a couple of .410’s, maybe a 22 pump, and a 30-30 win?

  6. Totally believable. Someone already mentioned, there are probably more upstanding LEO’S with similar sidelines. Even if it’s one half of one percent in the NY LEO FORCES, it will max out Reikers Island. Dirty cops are GOOD COPS WITH A NEGOTIABLE PRICE…TRUST NO ONE.

    • That’s not what this is. Dude’s an NYCEPA cop which probably means he’s effectively a security guard with LEOSA authorization (an issue in and of itself). He got wrapped up in an investigation that has implicated a lot of fireman and government officials selling hard drugs and all sorts of other criminal activity with outlaw motorcycle gangs.

  7. Yo, Gov, there are already laws on the books to cover that kind of crap. New ones won’t mean SQUAT to the criminally intent.

  8. Yeah, the police force was created by the state legislature in 1906 and there’s been court cases affirming their authority over the entire watershed supplying NYC with water. Today they have 300 officers starting from the rank of “Detective Officer”. There’s a HAZMAT team, SWAT team, a K9 unit plus air and naval forces. And yet with all that there’s one entire division does nothing but manage all the contracted security guards that actually patrol the reservoirs and aqueducts.

    Mission creep and inefficient use of taxpayer dollars.

    Plus, gun sales to gangsters.

  9. The problem isn’t the criminal cop or the criminal bikers. Nope. The only real problem here is that ALL gun parts, not just lowers, aren’t serialized and can be purchased without a background check. Either that, or that gun parts can be sold at all. Just watch, Mark my words. These filthy, subhuman democrats will stop at nothing to destroy our Constitution. There can be no reconciliation and there’s only one remedy for these terrorists

  10. Ok it’s NOT DEP POLICE . It’s DEC dept of environmental conservation, NYS game cops .
    Google is your friend .

    • DEC cops are the top of the heap in NY State law enforcement. Good to have one as a friend in a lot of issues.
      Don’t have one as a friend. Call your local Sheriff.

    • Guarantee you it was tipping off the suspect that got him the attention in the first place. I am just hoping we don’t get an 80 ban from this low end of average NY leo

  11. Not sure that what he did is all that bad. Lots of folks build guns. It is illegal to manufacture as a business without a manufacturers license, collection of Fed excise taxes, and of course placement of serial numbers. But all of those requirements are of suspect constitutionality. Someone send this guy an I Will Not Comply shirt.

  12. Ha!

    This cop has NOTHING on Obama or Drumpf.

    These two pretend presidents have funneled more hardware to the bad guys, globally, than you can shake a stick at,…

    …and just like the gang members now in possession of this ill-gotten firepower, it’s going to circle back and bite us.

    • The Government and others giving weapons to questionable groups goes back much further than Trump or Obama.

  13. Liberal Demo-Authoritarians believe that no one can be “trusted” with “legal firearms, or weapon of any kind…” Because in THEIR thinking, ALL U.S. Citizens have the “potential” to become criminals…That only “Big Government” should have centralized authority over everything…THEY will attempt to “convince” ALL the Low Information Voters into “Surrendering” ALL our rights ….That is our future, look at how this crazy Globalists have cemented themselves into government like in EU, AU, UK…

  14. “bUt OnLy ThE pOlIcE sHoUlD hAvE gUnZ1!1!11!!11!!”

    Yet another example of some animals being more equal than others, and that agents of the state are every bit as corruptible and fallible as all of the rest of us.

  15. NYPD Officers. 18% hit rate, can’t hit the broad side of a barn from INSIDE the barn, take bribes to issue carry permits and run guns to criminals. What did you expect from a Democrat controlled City? They took lessons from obama and holder running guns to the Mexican Cartels.

  16. It appears the Truth About Guns reporting should be suspect. This was not a ‘NYC Cop’. This was a N.Y. STATE DEP conservation officer who did not even live in NYC but rather, uostate NY. If they get basic facts like this wrong, what else do they not get right?

  17. Well we need more laws to push on the people in NYS. Maybe shut down gun clubs and ban hunting. You know self-defense is all ready against the law. Maybe AOC can help push our agenda to the southern states.

  18. I California we had a state senator caught in an FBI sting smuggling guns into the country and being sold to gangs. Laws only restrain law abiding citizens!

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