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Recreational marijuana is now legal in Illinois, and medical cannabis has been legal since 2013. We have seen all kinds of misinformation spread about these subjects and how they relate to having a FOID card, so we want to clear things up as much as we can.

Will Your FOID Card be Revoked if you Buy Cannabis from a Dispensary?

According to a recent statement made by the Illinois State Police via their Facebook page, probably not:

“The Illinois State Police will not revoke Firearm’s Owner’s Identification Cards based solely on a person’s legal use of adult use cannabis. Pursuant to both State and Federal law, a person who is addicted to or a habitual user of narcotics is not permitted to possess or use firearms. Accordingly, the ISP will revoke FOID cards where it is demonstrated that an individual is addicted to or is a habitual user of cannabis. The ISP would also revoke or deny the FOID cards of those who violate certain provisions of the Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act. The use of cannabis is still considered to be illegal by the Federal government and the purchase of a firearm from a federally licensed firearms dealer is governed by Federal law.”

This is certainly not clear cut though. Left undefined is what constitutes “addicted to or is a habitual user of cannabis” as a pretext to revoke FOID cards and concealed carry licenses.

The ISP later expanded further on what they meant by “certain provisions” in another Facebook post stating . . .

“Per the Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act, it is illegal to transport cannabis or cannabis products across state lines.…

NOTE: while marijuana retailers must scan an ID to prove age, there is currently no reporting of that information to the Illinois State Police or federal Department of Justice.

In fact, the state is forbidden by the Act from creating or sharing a database of marijuana purchasers (Section 10-20).

But Marijuana Possession and Use is Still Illegal Under Federal Law

Possession of personal amounts of marijuana has been decriminalized in Illinois for all practical purposes, now that you can legally buy it from state-licensed dispensaries. However, decriminalization only complicates the issue surrounding guns when it comes to federal firearm licensees like us.

The ATF’s Firearms Transaction Record, aka the Form 4473, that you have to fill out if you buy a gun asks:

“11.e. Are you an unlawful user of, or addicted to, marijuana or any depressant, stimulant, narcotic drug, or any other controlled substance? Warning: The use or possession of marijuana remains unlawful under Federal law regardless of whether it has been legalized or decriminalized for medicinal or recreational purposes in the state where you reside.”

Our state’s marijuana laws do not supersede or suspend federal law.

buying a gun at an FFL Maxon Shooter's Supplies
Courtesy Maxon Shooter’s Supplies

So Will Your FOID Card be Revoked if You Get Your Medical Marijuana License?

According to the ISP website’s FAQ section medical marijuana cardholders will not have their FOID card or CCL card revoked, or be denied issuance of a FOID or CCL, due to their status as a medical marijuana cardholder.

Cannabis is still a federally illegal, Schedule I drug. Federal firearm licensees are prohibited from selling firearms to card-holding cannabis patients, as per a 2011 open letter from the DOJ to all FFL’s.

Since the ISP have record of all Illinois medical marijuana card holders, they know when a potential purchaser is prohibited. Consequently, the department will not approve a background check.

While people licensed under the Medical Cannabis Program Act are not added to the NICS database as prohibited persons, and their background check will not be explicitly denied, the tricky part is their background check will never be approved by the Illinois State Police, either.

All Marijuana Use Remains a FOID Disqualifier

Regardless of any state decriminalization of marijuana, it still technically remains a FOID Act disqualifier.

Sec. 8.Grounds for denial and revocation.The Department of State Police has authority to deny an application for or to revoke and seize a Firearm Owner’s Identification Card previously issued under this Act only if the Department finds that the applicant or the person to whom such card was issued is or was at the time of issuance:

[snip] to section n.

(n) A person who is prohibited from acquiring or possessing firearms or firearm ammunition by any Illinois State statute or by federal law;

So the big questions are:

  • Will the FOID Act ever be amended to reflect ISP statements in regards to FOID qualification and revocation?
  • What will the ATF do with respect to disqualified purchasers and possessors (ie: question 11.e. below)?

question 11.e. atf form 4473

Lying on a form 4473 is a federal felony regardless of what state law defines as an illegal user. Everyone should at least be aware a felony conviction means a loss of your gun rights.

In Conclusion

  • Your FOID or CCL will NOT be revoked for buying recreational marijuana or having an Illinois medical marijuana license.
  • Licensed dispensaries are currently prohibited from sharing the personal information of their customers to any database.
  • Marijuana remains a federal disqualifier, and since the ISP knows who has a medical marijuana license, they will not approve a background check for such holders, effectively preventing us from selling firearms to medical marijuana card holders.


Dan Eldridge is President of Federal Firearms Licensees of Illinois and owner of Maxon Shooter’s Supplies in Des Plaines, Illinois.

This article was originally published at and is reprinted here with permission. 

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  1. As I understand it, medical mj and a license is a moot point for them, same thing happened here in California. All of those doctors and cards and forms are no more, just walk in and pay cash, make small talk then leave. The correct answer is “no, I’m not an unlawful or habitual user” because you believe you are not.

    • yeah, just ask the guys who were stopped outside a dispensary in CA and told they’d need to surrender their firearms to not get charged…

      from what it says above, looks like IL will feel free to not let you purchase another firearm.

      • Heck, I figured that out long before legal use in Illinois became law. This is just one more attempt of the Liberal Democrat anti-gunners trying to take away our guns. Buy your “legal weed” and eventually you’ll have the State Police knocking on your door to confiscate your firearms, ammunition, etc. when your FOID card expires and you try to renew it. I’ve gone 71 years without marijuana so why start now and play into their hand/trap? Thanks but no thanks!

        • “Buy your “legal weed” and eventually you’ll have the State Police knocking on your door to confiscate your firearms, ammunition, etc. when your FOID card expires and you try to renew it.”

          I’m convinced that’s how they will burn you in Democrat-run areas that hate you and your guns. It makes perfect sense, from their perspective – If SCOTUS forces them to ‘allow’ you have and carry guns, they will expend every effort to make as many people officially prohibited persons.

          I fully expect the state to remain quiet on this until renewal time comes around and then denies you. They will even play like they are just the innocent ones here, and it’s the big, bad, evil government doing the denial. Remember – Leftists *love* to play the long game.

          I’d be very careful until weed is de-criminalized at the federal level and even then, I’d want to see that question disappear from the 4473. Or have the SCOTUS weigh in.

          The rank hypocrisy of being a Leftist – Make drugs legal for everyone, except gun owners. They want the voting age dropped to 16, but the age to buy a gun be a minimum of 21 (for now, until they make it 25).

          The fastest way to shut down their push to make the voting age 16 is to insist that also be the age to buy handguns. If Leftists claim kids are adult enough to elect a president at 16 years old, then they are damn sure adult enough to carry concealed…

        • I agree with you they are working on making it legal here in Fl. but I have gone 65 years without it why would I start now especially when I went to the trouble to quit smoking 40 years ago and quit drinking also why start any new bad habits at this age

        • Theres the question on form 4473 about drug use. Answer yes and no firearm, answer no and risk federal arrest. ( if you are lying.

      • I have no simpathy for gun owners who want to smoke marijuana. Absolutely none.
        They are the ones in California who said

        “if we can just make pot legal, there will be no reason for the black marijuana dealers to have guns.”

        Pot smokers are Socialist Progressive in their political orientation. Also back in the 1970s they said “legal Marijuana would be a great tax revenue source for the government.”

        Pot smokers have never, ever been pro gun. They will vote against any pro gun person with a record of progun votes, but who is against legalization, just to get legal pot first.

        • “Pot smokers have never, ever been pro gun. They will vote against any pro gun person with a record of progun votes, but who is against legalization, just to get legal pot first.”

          Sorry, Chris. 35 years back when I smoked, at no time did I ever pull the lever for a scummy Democrat… 😉

        • Funny, I don’t have much sympathy for anti gun, anti Constitution big government progressives like yourself who support the War on the American People, AKA the war on drugs. Your war has shredded the 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 9th, and 10th Amendments. Citizens should not have their freedoms and rights abridged because they use a plant. Face it, you are a big government progressive to the core.

        • The black market for weed still exists in Commie land because they wanted to fleece growers with crippling taxes. The black market pot is cheaper by miles. Also, I’m all for ENDING the ENTIRE war on drugs, aka, war on American civil liberties and rights. Its interesting that I’m not just pro-gun but pro – ‘weapon of the day’ as well.

          Constitutionalists are like that.

        • to Chris Mallory
          We have discussed this before. You will choose drugs over guns every single time. I know its a Libertarian fantasy that a fighter for Liberty is intoxicated. I don’t think your projection onto the Virginia gun owners for example will work very well. Those people will be very sober “when the balloon goes up”.

          As long as we can shoot drug users dead who rob, rape, steal, break into our homes and businesses, we will be just fine. You do understand this will happen because a drug user is not a reliable employee correct?
          They can’t hold down a job correct?
          So they have to break the law to pay for their habit correct?
          Unless YOU are going to give them YOUR MONEY.

          In fact the bad guy shot dead by a good guy with a gun in a texas church, that bad guy was a drug addict. But the state of NJ did what you Libertarians wanted them to do. They downgraded his arrest charges and this allowed him to get a gun.

          I assume you and I will just have to disagree on this. You access to drugs are more important.

        • to ARC
          You do know that those pot taxe laws were all written by california Libertarians Liberals and Leftists correct? No republicans were involved.
          Funny how you still want to blame them.

          to Chris Mallory
          If you will just support ending the Welfare Industrial Complex and return the power to the synagogue/church in supporting religious based welfare support for the poor, the world will a better place. But I know the big government atheists don’t want to give up the power over poor people. That’s why they wanted to replace PRIVATE religious welfare with GOVERNMENT atheist welfare.

        • Chris hurry up and die smoking weed is no different than drinking beer you’re just a fucking inbred retard-Try to take my guns

    • Freedom is supposed to be scary and dangerous. That’s part of the addictive ‘rush’ of practicing it… 🙂

  2. In CA, our A.G. Xavier Becerra has taken advantage of this situation here and played both sides of the fence. Cannabis is legal per state law, but still illegal per federal law (as noted in the article above). So…Becerra has publicly announced his joyful glee at being able to use our state’s gun registration database to confiscate guns from peaceful gun owners who have recently acquired a state “medical marijuana” card or have been found to be purchasing cannabis under their names. Can you say Big Brother surveillance state, kids?

    So the State of CA openly encourages marijuana because it’s a new tax revenue stream. But at the same time it’s using it as a way to jackboot guns from people who nobody previously cared about or viewed as any danger to anyone. Witness the modern miracle of government databases and Interwebz snooping.

    I don’t smoke pot and probably never will, but this is just another reason not to ever, ever register your guns. Especially if there’s a legal away to avoid doing so.

    • That was prop 215 of 1996, prop 64 overwrote all of that and threw it out. There haven’t been any medical marijuana cards or doctors or databases since the beginning of 2016. All those ads we used to read in the back pages of the Ocweekly are long gone.

    • “I don’t smoke pot and probably never will, but this is just another reason not to ever, ever register your guns. Especially if there’s a legal away to avoid doing so.” I share this.

      What happens when the police get it wrong and someone with a similar name buys marijuana? We see how well this ammuntion back ground check is working, with 20% being wrongly banned from purchase.

      • There is no record of the names of purchasers in California except as could be gleaned (via a search warrant or subpoena) from bank records, and even that is not enough to prove the use or possession of an illegal substance, since you could be buying for someone else.

    • “So the State of CA openly encourages marijuana because it’s a new tax revenue stream. But at the same time it’s using it as a way to jackboot guns from people who nobody previously cared about or viewed as any danger to anyone. Witness the modern miracle of government databases and Interwebz snooping.”

      This explains a hell of a lot about how government steals your life i.e. your money, your time, and your freedom to behave peacefully.

    • No problem! Just sell any firearms which were not tragically lost in that boating accident, prior to tokin’ a doobie! Simple, huh? Oh, wait, you didn’t go for the whole “registration” gambit, did you? Nobody could be that dumb.

        • …which, fortunately, only pertains to any guns that are already in the CADOJ database. Any items that remain unregistered are not under Governor Hair Gel’s microscope.

          Oh…I just encountered two ladies sitting at a table outside my local grocery store, with a banner that read “Recall Newsom!”. I promptly walked over, introduced myself, signed the petition form, and told them I appreciated their efforts.

  3. Cannabis should be as legal as alcohol. Firearms should be even more legal. Why can’t these idiot politicians get it straight? Why do these idiot politicians keep getting reelected?

    • There are a lot of otherwise intelligent individuals who believe that they and they alone should get to decide what *you* may or may not do, from paying taxes to owning firearms, to controlling your own reproductive system. And they are easily convinced that they can successfully impose their will upon you by voting for this demagogue or that charlatan. Again and again, over and over, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary beginning at least as far back as Prohibition. A personal goal of individual freedom essentially disappeared from the American political scene many decades ago.

      • Everything you need to know about politicians. Especially the current Socialist Liberal Democratic party can be found in i984. It has become their playbook.

        “Now I will tell you the answer to my question. It is this. The Party seeks power entirely for its own sake. We are not interested in the good of others; we are interested solely in power, pure power. What pure power means you will understand presently. We are different from the oligarchies of the past in that we know what we are doing. All the others, even those who resembled ourselves, were cowards and hypocrites. The German Nazis and the Russian Communists came very close to us in their methods, but they never had the courage to recognize their own motives. They pretended, perhaps they even believed, that they had seized power unwillingly and for a limited time, and that just around the corner there lay a paradise where human beings would be free and equal. We are not like that. We know that no one ever seizes power with the intention of relinquishing it. Power is not a means; it is an end. One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship. The object of persecution is persecution. The object of torture is torture. The object of power is power. Now you begin to understand me.”
        ― George Orwell, 1984

      • You had me on your side until you said baby murder. What the hell makes you think you have the right to murder another human being? If you want to “control your own reproductive system,” then keep your damn pants zipped or your legs together until you’re ready to assume the responsibility of bringing a new life into the world. How stupid do you have to be to not understand that murder is wrong?

  4. Sooooo…now those of us stuck in ILL should just “trust us”. Could be,maybe ,might be, I dunno. I am opposed to legal get high weed having spent years of my youth high. Buy from yer local dealer or grow your own. You have to be a stupid pothead to believe the state of ILLinois! BTW a huge % of young black & brown ILL miscreants use pot. AND they’re violent as he!!

    • Read a story a couple of days ago. A local Quad cities gentlemen was complaining to the local news station. WQAD. About the high taxes (30%) being imposed on marijuana purchases in Illinois. He commented that as a result of those taxes it would be cheaper to get product from his “Connection”. Rather than buy from the state sponsored distributor. This is one part of the conversation not being addressed by the State. This is also occurring in other “Legal” States. Which has made the Black Market even more Lucrative.

      • Similar in WA state.

        I don’t really know what it costs to get marijuana the “old way” (never really used it) but the state’s system is taxed and regulated to death; the legal stuff is *expensive*.

        Liquor was ostensibly deregulated — opened up to private sellers instead of state stores — but the excise taxes are so high that there’s no reason to buy in this state if you can get it anywhere else. I can save 40% by taking a short drive to Idaho.

        • Post Falls? I just bought a knife on post-Christmas sale from Buck Knives, which is located there. Unfortunately, upon opening the package when I received it, I found that it was made in China. I mean, c’mon…CHINA?

          Et tu, Buck Knives?

        • That’s not supported by evidence. Seizure of marijuana at the US border is down nearly 80% in the past ten years, and Federal prosecutions are also down, thanks to the legal market.

          The black market can’t compete with legal, tested, branded weed from stores. Over time the free market has reduced the price between legal and black market to not much more than the state taxes.

          Would you buy black market food or gasoline from your local ‘dealer’ if it was slightly cheaper? Of course not.

      • “He commented that as a result of those taxes it would be cheaper to get product from his “Connection”.”

        Watch ’em criminalize not paying the weed tax next. Prohibition way back was a *perfect* model for that. Wasn’t Capone thrown into Alcatraz for tax evasion?

  5. If any of you legal gun owners in IL believe the state will not eventually use this to restrict your rights you are delusional. That fat@ass in Springfield already has people working on it. Don’t doubt it.

      • And I support being able to do both. But I also retain the right to fire you if you’re my employee and you report to work baked or drunk. And if you’re high while handling a gun, I’ll be on high alert and may call the cops if necessary.

        I support the right to do almost anything people want to do with their own bodies. But if that person chooses to exercise that right in an irresponsible or dangerous manner, there are consequences.

        And note that I said their own bodies. An unborn baby has its own body and soul, so don’t anyone even think they can go there in a debate and convince me otherwise.

  6. Dan wrote:

    NOTE: while marijuana retailers must scan an ID to prove age, there is currently no reporting of that information to the Illinois State Police or federal Department of Justice.

    In fact, the state is forbidden by the Act from creating or sharing a database of marijuana purchasers (Section 10-20).

    Right-oh. Tell that to the medical marijuana users who got their FOIDs and, for those with carry licenses, their CCWs revoked for a medical marijuana card.

    Yeah, the state is also forbidden by law from creating or sharing a database of gun registrations. But that’s okay: they’ll just just the instant check information to compile a list from the dealers who made those call-ins for those gun owners whom they want a list.

    Same thing goes with restricted funds for IDNR. It’s not a “sweep” of “excess” monies back to the Illinois General Fund. It’s a “borrow.” Like the Social Security Trust Fund “borrows”…

    The bottom line: buying recreational pot is hazardous to your right to self-defense.

    • goin’ with this. don’t delude yourself. told my kids the same. the novelty will wear off.
      be aware that evanston imposes an additional 3% tax for reparations. racist ass town with a history of “community” hospital for minorities and property deeds that (still, if long time owner) state “no coloreds” tryin’ to shed some guilt.
      found my first discard: an empty jar, cold cream size, of “wedding cake” bud on the parkway. pretty soon they’ll be littered all over the place.
      i wonder if they’ll name one “brain eraser.”
      thanks, john.

    • So it says your foid will not be revoked but it fails to state how to answer question 11 on form 4473 when buying a new gun as the form specifies you cannot legally buy marijuana regardless if it is legal in that state. if you say yes your purchase is denied and cannot complete the gun transfer. If you say no you run the risk of “sometime” in the future having perjured yourself.
      F’d UP is what it is!

    • Firsthand knowledge ChiPD knows or has access to the information as to who legally bought what, where and when.
      Makes for an interesting phone call.

  7. Thanks for finally getting around to this story . I reported several days ago. It shows not only the hypocrisy of legalized marijuana laws. It shows that the reasoning behind them is two fold. The most obvious being the addictive thirst for tax dollars. By politicians who need it to further their agenda of tax and spend. along their idea of with social justice and criminal justice reform.. It also show a back handed attempt to make a product legal and then use it as a tool to further weaken a Constitutionally protected Right. I find it interesting that liberal politicians are surrendering on the War on Drugs. Now taking up a war of Civil Rights. Not just the 2nd A but in many cases. A War on the 1st A. Which began with PC Culture and has now morphed into saying anything they don’t agree with. Regardless of where they put the goal post. Unless they are removed from not only power but, society as a whole. Their poison will always find a way of polluting Humankind. Keep Your Powder Dry.

    • Just buy it off street dealers and they still won’t know.

      Legalizing it means when the cops find a small personal quantity they hand it back to you.

  8. if you want to buy and own boom sticks, stay clear of the jazz cabbage. Easy peasy.

    I can’t imagine anyone wanting to use this mind-destroying drug so badly that they’d put themselves through the angst of trying to decipher if they can “get away with it” in their state despite federal law being what it is.

    • Wow, Mr “I want to have sex with a dinosaur” is back!
      I thought you were a fossil. I guess it’s time to change from Vlad to an older used name correct?

  9. So, let me get this straight. A legal firearms owner with a CCL is worried that his/her 2nd amendment rights might be violated if he/she uses marijuana, a known hallucinogen? A responsible person would simply choose between getting high and operating a firearm.

  10. Quite frankly, I’m more concerned with the sanctity of my 2nd amendment rights than of getting high. I would not feel comfortable going to the range knowing that someone under the influence was there with a firearm as well. Truthfully, this is a perfect way to “weed out” those that shouldn’t own firearms.

      • The Left Wing might be pro pot. But they have never been pro-second Amendment or pro Liberty.

        • Yep. I wouldn’t consider Republicans pro 2a though really. They just have more pro 2a members.

          If Republicans wanted to shrink the government, get the government out of marriage, education, healthcare, and the economy. I would call myself a Republican because then they would be pro liberty.

          I can’t see either party as pro liberty. Just varying degrees of anti liberty depending on the issues. Neither believe in rights at all.

        • to Biatec
          I don’t disagree with you. In Kentucky there are some republicans who are floating gun control ideas. And Kentucky has lots and lots of pro gun democrats.

        • Dang that sucks. Here it’s at the point no matter who is elected they are anti gun. I can’t believe people here voted for Pritzker.

          I hope Kentucky stays a good pro 2a place. I don’t know much about it’s politics other than Rand Paul and I think you had Thomas massie too.

    • While I agree with parts of your post, if you think this is going to ‘weed out’ people from owning a gun and smoking dope, you’re the one that must be high.

  11. I never hallucinated off weed and I still smoke it to this day and I own firearms. I gonna continue to own my firearms regardless….hell I’ve done worse stuff drunk without a firearm. Weed is great. Too much use of anything can cause problems.

    • I am right there with you. So many ignorant people among us, they dont have a single word to say about alcohol or tobacco because those are “legal” and “acceptable” in our society.

      Hey Chris in KY, why dont you come up to Alaska and ill show you some people that are VERY pro 2nd amendment and VERY pro-cannabis. Your cognitive dissonance may not allow you to believe what i type, but all i can do is speak with complete honestly about how things are up here.

      Now, i am going to take a shot at many of you, this is why i’m using this username and not my normal one: (like it really matters, that’s just me i guess…)

      How many of you who believe marijuana is just as bad as alcohol or worse, also believe in Magic? By Magic, i mean a Magical superhuman being with Magical powers, basically doing the equivalent of waving his magic wand and saying “hocus pocus”, and making the earth appear out of nowhere. “Abaracadabara” and the sun instantly bursts into existence.

      Why, in the 21st century, where humanity has come so far in technology and science, do so many of us, regardless of ethnicity or cultural background, still continue to believe in things that obviously defy the laws of physics? Emotion, is my best guess. You are indoctrinated at a very young age to believe in magic, your parents, friends, extended family, neighbors, etc. all believe in magic as well as this goes back many generations, to a time where you were FORCED to believe this magic, or you would die a very painful death instead. This fear has been carried down through genetic memory for centuries, to where at this point we are well past burning innocent people alive, but that fear of defying God is in many of us by default, at a subconscious level.

      Some of you look down on people who smoke pot, grouping everyone who uses it into one demographic.

      I could say the same about all of you who believe in magical fairy tales that are the equivalent of santa claus stopping at ~1 billion houses in a 24 hour period by flying around in his magical flying sleigh, that must be able to move at a significant fraction of the speed of light, powered by magical flying reindeer, with millions of tons of cheap chinese toys stuffed into a physics-defying ~80lb bag slung over his shoulder.

      “all pot smokers are anti-2A leftists” is the equivalent of saying “all christians are ingorant magic believers.”

      • to Pro-pot AND Pro-2A
        “all pot smokers are anti-2A leftists” is the equivalent of saying “all christians are ingorant magic believers.”

        I really don’t care if you think christians are ignorant magic believers. I’m not in a popularity contest. All you have to do is support the 1st amendment to the Bill of Rights. Sadly atheists support flag burning and porn. But they have never supported the 1st amendment.

        Show me an atheist who supports the Bill of Rights? Here I’ll show you one who comes pretty close. And I like him.
        styxhexenhammer666 on Youtube is a former Devil Worshiper. Now he calls him a occultist.

        To me the one and only civil right that is important is the Second Amendment. And atheists seem more concerned with the 1st amendment (cross burning) than the 2nd amendment (arms).
        And I’m very comfortable saying this because I know American and world history so very well.

  12. Don’t worry folks, you don’t gotta partake in drugs to get busted for drugs and lose your guns!

    There’s still the “wet tea leaves drug raid” wending its way through the courts. It is what is sounds like it might be: SWAT raid on a home based on wet tea leaves found in the trash.

    Then there’s the case of the guy who got SWATted because he and his son were growing tomatoes in the basement and the cops had staked out the hydroponics store’s parking lot.

    Add to this that controlled studies indicate that field tests for drugs pop positive on non-drugs up to 70% of the time, “with positive results obtained from substances including vanilla, peppermint, ginger, eucalyptus, cinnamon leaf, basil, thyme, lemon grass, lavender, organic oregano, organic spearmint, organic clove, patchouli, ginseng, a strip of newspaper, and even air.”

    Drug laws and loss of rights via due process, it’s not just for dopers anymore!

  13. California is a Libertarian Liberal and Leftist utopia when it comes to open drug use. They supported it for decades. None of you should be unhappy with this. If your honest.

    Drug Use At BART Stations Happening Even In The Burbs

    • I’ll cut out all the logic and real-world shit and go straight to pure philosophy on this.

      It’s pretty simple: Freedom includes the freedom to do stupid things that cause harm to you. So long as they don’t harm other people there’s no actual issue here.

      Freedom is scary to most people. Drugs in public scares some people so it’s a great way to carry an anti-freedom message.

      In this world there are far scarier things than public drug use. I know, I’ve seen some of those things with my own eyes.

      The WoD is one of the biggest threats to the 2A. It’s one of the main roots with which the antis argue. Drug use is never going to disappear, but the recognition of your rights very well may. Priorities my man, priorities.

      • I’m so High! I’m so High! I’m so High!

        As I said before as long as we can shoot drug users dead when they rob, rape, beak into our homes and businesses that is a great freedom to celebrate. But real freedom is if civilians can shoot violators of their property. Just like the government will shoot people who violate its property.

        “Panama City Looter Shot And Killed While Trying to Steal a Police Car”

        The Missouri National Guard was sent to only protect empty government buildings during the Ferguson riots. Not private property were people lived.

        You have no right to protect what is yours.

        • Uh, well there’s no moral or philosophical underpinning for the idea of killing a thief. There just isn’t.

          The fact that the government behaves badly isn’t an excuse for you to do the same.

          However when you say “As I said before as long as we can shoot drug users dead when they rob, rape, beak into our homes and businesses that is a great freedom to celebrate.”, well you already have the right to use lethal force in cases where the person presents a clear and credible threat of causing death or great bodily harm so all of these instances are already covered regardless of if the person is a drug user or not. Their sobriety status doesn’t matter at all.

        • to strych9
          Now I should read after every natural disaster that you are against people who post “Looters Will be shot on sight” signs.

          “Uh, well there’s no moral or philosophical underpinning for the idea of killing a thief. There just isn’t”

          So you are saying there is no moral or philosophical underpinning to shoot Looters correct?

          I always thought it was a dumb and stupid thing to say that you or anyone “dreams of a day when gay married couples could use machine guns to protect their legal pot farms.”

          I thought you couldn’t use deadly force to protect private property pot farms???

        • “Now I should read after every natural disaster that you are against people who post “Looters Will be shot on sight” signs.”

          You can put up whatever signs you’d like and I would argue it’s your 1A right to do even if they’re “offensive” to someone’s sensibilities. It’s where you shoot someone that doesn’t present a credible and immediate threat of death or grave bodily harm to anyone that the issue arises because without the threat you don’t have a justification to pull the trigger.

          “So you are saying there is no moral or philosophical underpinning to shoot Looters correct?”

          Provided that they are just looting, then yes that’s what I’m saying. They’re undesirable to be sure and there’s nothing wrong with detaining them if you are able. If they resist that attempt at detention with flight then you may give chase. If they resist your attempts to detain them with violence then you may use violence in return. But to play judge, jury and executioner by yourself when they have threatened no one in the immediate is unacceptable behavior.

          “I thought you couldn’t use deadly force to protect private property pot farms???”

          First, I’ve never said the statement to which you refer. Secondly, are they protecting the property or the people on it? There’s a big difference here. If they’re shooting someone who’s solely stealing some of their crop and nothing else then that’s not acceptable. Things turn into The Beach pretty quick here. If they’re shooting some cartel guys who are trying to raid the property via violent action then that’s legitimate self defense.

          The idea of killing people over property is exactly what cartel and gang wars are about. It’s what you find in black markets and failed states.

      • “The WoD is one of the biggest threats to the 2A. It’s one of the main roots with which the antis argue.”

        I hate being clueless. WTF is WoD?

        • WoD is the War on Drugs. The #1 excuse for the expansion of government power and the limiting of your rights for the last 50 years.

  14. Very recent medical research seems to have found a link between marihuana use and testicular cancer. In spite of the breakup with my last ex-GF, I did manage to keep my testicular organs intact and would never risk them to some drug that smells like shit and only gives me headaches when I am surrounded be Millennials enamored with it at Art Basel events. (When I was in school there were studies linking it to lung &/or laryngeal cancer, but those studies soon disappeared).
    Keep the masses sedated and they will not have the will to resist the takeover of the new dictatorship. As Lenin said, the Proletariat is not yet ready to handle the responsibility and reins of power, so we the Socialists will take care of things for them in the interim.

  15. Buying MJ may imply use, but does not prove use. I buy a lot of guns. That does not mean I shoot every gun I buy. Someone will use that position when arrested for MJ and guns relationship.. Do straw purchaseers of MJ carry same penalty as for guns? Can one buy MJ as a gift for another and not actually be a user?

  16. Was told by friend. That worker at game masters in Quincy Illinois said they had a firearm purchase fail due to purchase of marijuana.

    • I was told to get the medical card to purchase pot 2 years ago by my doctor. I have epilepsy and tremors. He thought it would help. My card expired in May and I did not have it renewed. I just was denied a gun purchase . I have never broke the law except one spreading ticket. I only went 4 times to try oils and got them but did not use them. It did not help. I feel like people like me are being discriminated against because our doctor that why not ? Might help. Current treatment is destroying your liver. Is a law suite going? I don’t even know where to start. .

  17. This is one slick move by the Illinois politicians to get our guns away from us. It’ll take a while but it’ll get the job done for anyone stupid enough to buy weed in an Illinois state sponsored dispensary. When you walk in to buy your weed your ID is scanned into the system and this is where they’ve got you. You are a known drug user. Go try to buy a gun and fill out Form 4473 for the back round check. There’s a question on it about drug use you must answer no on to be approved. You already proved you’re a drug user when you bought your “legal weed” so your check comes back denied and you don’t get to buy that gun. Eventually your FOID card will expire and you’ll once again fail the back round check, when you try to renew it because you’re a drug user. Since you have no FOID Card you are not legally allowed to own or possess a firearm or ammunition. Knock. Knock. This is the Illinois State Police here to collect your FOID Card and any firearms you have in your possession. Slick, huh? Go ahead and buy your weed from the State of Illinois. Just be ready to give up your guns.

  18. So, I’m trying to find info for a friend on if a person had/has a medical mj card, how long does he need to wait until he can say that he’s not a user or gets denied because he has/had a medical card? Anyone have any idea? I can’t a clear answer on this anywhere.

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