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Hotel suite where Mandalay Bay shotter launched his attack (courtesy 60 minutes)

A week ago, 60 minutes released an interview with officers involved in the Mandalay Bay hotel mass murder. The cops were the first into shooter’s room. They  revealed that Stephen Paddock had secured the hallway door just outside his room with a metal plate and screws. What’s more . . .

the report claims that the missing Mandalay Bay security guard Jesus Campos attempted to access Mr. Paddock’s room via the door, then took an alternative route.

Why was Mr. Campos taking the stairs from the 31st floor, rather than using the elevator to Mr. Paddock’s 32nd floor suite?

We also know that two police officers–  who “happened” to be in the hotel — accompanied unnamed, unspecified armed hotel security to the 31st floor, responding to Mr. Campos’ shooting.

According one of the official timelines, the armed security and police finally arrived at Mr. Paddock’s suite two minutes after he stopped firing. Which means the “wrong floor/bolted door” response may well have been a matter of life and death.

In short, when it comes to the Mandalay Bay hotel’s response to the shooting, we don’t know who knew what when, who was where when, and what they did.

Given all these questions, the Clark County Sheriff’s Office third attempt at a timeline and Mr. Campos’ sudden disappearance, the Department of Justice should launch an immediate investigation into the police and hotel response to the Mandalay Bay shooting.

I reckon we’ll only know the truth — or some of the truth — if the civil lawsuits forces its disclosure. What happened in Vegas should not stay in Vegas, lest it be repeated elsewhere.

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  1. The sheriff can complain about the word “incompetence” being bandied about all he wants.

    The simple fact is this: At best your department released incomplete or inaccurate information and did so repeatedly. Maybe that was some sort of attempt to head off the folks that would say silence meant a cover-up or conspiracy. Maybe it was an attempt to get the public information and the department just moved too fast.

    The fact that this happened repeatedly meets the definition of “incompetence” which is generally defined as “the inability to do something correctly”. So far, that’s what’s been demonstrated. The why of it is immaterial.

    • The FBI took over the investigation the morning after the shooting. Why are they not speaking at these news updates? They are using OUR sheriff and making him the scapegoat because of their incompetence in making up a believable story line.

  2. This whole thing has stank to high heaven from the very start. Let’s hope the DOJ does launch an investigation, because that may our best hope to get the truth (and that might not even work).

    • Until you come to realize that the DOJ might be in on it…or be told from on high to not investigate this or that.

      When the director of the FBI refuses to indict a politician who negligently let sensitive information that may affect national security pass through un-encrypted emails do you really think the DOJ or anyone else in a position of “authority” will do anything?

      Methinks the fox is guarding the hen house…

      • You mean Jared Kushner? Or Stephen Bannon, the former chief White House strategist? Or maybe you mean Reince Priebus, the former chief of staff? Or Gary D. Cohn or Stephen Miller?

        Or does it only count when a Democrat does it?

      • ^^^ This! Seems to me that since Trump got elected, we’ve been able to see just how corrupt both sides truly are…

  3. And why is their far more media attention paid to inanimate pieces of plastic rather than these material details which are literally matters of life and death? If that doesn’t show you the political agenda at play I don’t know what will.

    • ^ A friend caught me chuckling with something like a guilty tone earlier today… he asked what was up and I pointed out that Vegas and bump stocks are not the major headlines this week – the Democrat Hollywood power player is, and the Dems really don’t like being forced to talk about him.

  4. If the American government is willing to send guns to Mexican gangs and then blame the Second Amendment for the murders, then why wouldn’t the American government kill its own citizens at a concert, and then blame the Second Amendment????

    The Welfare Industrial Complex has destroyed black inner city families, and government people blame the Second Amendment, for all the violence.

    I’m a proud conspiracy theorists.

  5. I ain’t buyin’ any of it.

    It’s some weird contrived (unicorn facts and circumstances) theater that people had to die for.

    Brass didn’t melt into the cushions or the carpet ? ? ? ya, Ok.

    Body ‘fell’ and the AR fell right on top of him ? ?? (try that at home). And again, the only soundtrack that DOESN’T SOUND like their were 2 – 3 shooters is the one played on Sean Hannity’s show, but you can tell it’s been a ‘washed’ track.

    • “Brass didn’t melt into the cushions or the carpet ? ? ? ya, Ok.”

      And why didn’t barrels melt into the carpet or cushions? If you shoot 90 rounds through a rifle in 10 seconds, that barrel is going to be several hundred degrees Fahrenheit and melt, if not actually set on fire, anything it touches.

    • To be fair, he could have been sitting with his foot already under the rifle he had just set down after firiing it. He probably used that chair as a stand for it and shot under the arm. Behind the chair you can see the curtain billowing slightly, that’s probably one of the windows that was busted out.

      Of course he would have had to be sitting on top of that other rifle…

      This thing does stink, and it’s not the fragrance of spent propellant.

  6. Maybe I’m missing something in this, but why did Paddock have basically a gun store in the room? A man who is supposed to have planned this out to the point of mounting cameras and screwing the door shut had to know that he only had minutes to blast away. That means that having a dozen guns is both inefficient and illogical for one man to use. I can buy two rifles and the pistol but it seems he had far more than enough for his task.

    • Rignarredbeard,

      The attacker may have had a dozen rifles so that he did not have to reload or clear a malfunction. And since he apparently used at least some 60-round magazines, he would not have to worry about barrels overheating.

      Thank about it: if you have twelve rifles with 60-round magazines, that allows you to shoot 720 rounds without reloading. And if one of the rifles jams on the 27th round, you just throw it aside and grab the next one.

      Being able to shoot 12 rifles with full magazines means putting a LOT of lead into an area in a VERY short period of time.

      • Then why weren’t they all within reach? Do you think he expended the magazines of every rifle? (That is not a snarky question, I’m genuinely asking).

        • Marcus,

          All of those rifles may very well have been within reach at the start of his attack.

          Whether or not those other rifles had empty magazines or jams are a vital piece of information to determine what happened.

      • True. But only few of these rifles were bumpfire stocked, not all of them. Therefore he would not be able to expend all those rifle-magazine-loaded bullets so quickly.

  7. The local police and Sherrif out in L.V. have proven unreliable not only in their actions, but in their account of those actions. Everyone’s just covering their rears for political and legal purposes. At the very least, the Nevada state police need to investigate. In Texas, this would be handled not just by the DPS (state police), but by the elite Texas Rangers within the DPS.

    I get it; the stakes are high. Careers are potentially on the line. Still, we owe it to the victims to assess this event as thoroughly and as dispassionately as possible, such that we glean insights to apply in advance of the next spree shooting.

    • In Texas? You mean like when police snipe bikers in a crowd? And then arrest everyone in the general area? And set everyone’s bail at $1 million? LV has no corner on botched and covered up….

  8. Some of the things the Sheriff said early on I was willing to chock up to sleep deprivation. The many other things that have happened and that he’d be dead if he was sleep deprived this long really makes me doubt this isn’t intentional.

    The simplest (that is, the one with no government conspiracy beyond standard political corruption) explanation would be Mandalay made a big campaign contribution to cover up their poor security. While no camera in the hallway is bad, but no camera in the elevator is abysmal.

    There are a few explanations for why the security guard disappeared under that line of thinking:
    1: The Mandalay Bay made a big (as in criminal) mistake hiring him. I doubt this one as unless he had the world’s greatest fake ID we’d know by now if he had a record, was an illegal alien or was operating under a fake name.
    2:He’s involved in illegal activity, quite possibly with Mandalay bay being in on it. Pimping (possibly paired with human trafficking) or drugs would explain cops being there (they’re dirty). Money laundering is a classic for Vegas casinos, but doesn’t explain why they’d involve cops.
    3: (can be combined with either of the above) He was murdered. That seems unlikely for the sheriff to dirty his (department’s) hands with just for some campaign money, but not too absurd for the MB to do.

    • “So they don’t bust you/they’re extorting you” would be a reason to involve dirty cops for the money laundering scenario.

  9. If the original time line can’t be believed, no other so-called “information” forthcoming from the so-called “investigation” can be accepted as valid. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING coming out of the official narrative is credible at this point.

  10. This incident is just too tidy and clean. No one knows shit about this guy, zero motive, no political or religious affiliation AT ALL, and we don’t have any results from the investigation

    But we got fucking gun bans on the table.

  11. As a Fire Lt who uses elevators all the time and does many ” freeing people for stuck elevators ” as well , I can say if I’m on the 31 st floor and need to,go to,the 32 I’m taking the stairs everytime .

    It’s way faster .

    Waiting for the car which could be on any floor and perhaps going down , then stopping at many floors to come back up just takes to long .

    If I’ve secured the elevator and put it in fire service , then I controll it , doubt the can do,that though . Also if the fire alarms go,off , as it was said they did , all cars go down to,the first floor and stay there.

  12. I hadn’t heard that he’d bolted the stairwell door closed; if he was attempting to secure the floor that’d be a good start; next step would be to bolt the elevator doors closed too (the car and its doors would still open/close, but bolting the exterior doors would slow anyone trying to get out on the 32nd floor down); maybe that is why everyone went to the 31st floor first?

    No idea.

  13. Adding to some of the mystery, some media outlets report that the security guard has more recently been evaluated for some reason at an urgent care clinic, and then disappeared again.

    I am hoping this isn’t part of a narrative where he suddenly shows up dead next week from his “medical problems.”

  14. Because the DOJ investigation gave us a purely accurate picture of the fire and deaths at the Branch Davidian Complex…and no evidence was ‘disappeared’ in the making of that ‘investigation’.

  15. “the Department of Justice should launch an immediate investigation”

    Hahahahahahahahah! Sure — let the foxes guard the hen house. It makes perfect sense — if you’re stoned out of your mind.

  16. “Why was Mr. Campos taking the stairs from the 31st floor, rather than using the elevator to Mr. Paddock’s 32nd floor suite?”

    Maybe he’s not a lazy turd? It’s one flight of stairs, for Pete’s sake. Why he took the stairs is the absolute least mysterious thing about all of the questionable details surrounding this event.

  17. this is a trap

    even if it wasnt a false flag operation all the rahm emmanuel thinkalikes ARENT going to let THIS crisis go to waste…to people like them this is like the best crisis ever in the history of crises


    when are we going to to start acting like we know how they think and operate

    hopefully before its not too late


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