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Jesus Campos receiving award after Las Vegas mass murder (couresy

I don’t believe officials are withholding intel on Stephen Paddock’s motivation for mass murder. I did at first, back when the Las Vegas Gaming Commission revealed that Mr. Paddock had made sixteen $10,000-or-more “transactions” with various casinos — most likely losses — before he opened fire on the crowd below his 32nd floor hotel room. Once I learned that he’d scoped out other, non-Vegas venues for a potential high vantage point attack, I concluded . . .

that even if Mr. Paddock had racked up significant gambling debts, he wasn’t trying to punish Sin City in general or the Mandalay Bay hotel in particular for his presumed penury. A motive that Las Vegas would not want to see the light of day, for obvious reasons.

That said, it would be helpful to know exactly how much money Mr. Paddock lost in the casinos, which casinos [may have] held paper on him, and whether or not he was broke when he killed himself.

Anyway, while I don’t think the authorities are suppressing evidence of Mr. Paddock’s motivations, I’m entirely convinced that the police and hotel are hiding their response to the incident. The ever-changing timeline — no less than three separate versions so far — and the lack of crucial information about the sequence of events within the hotel indicate that there’s something rotten in the city state of Vegas.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m open to the possibility that the conflicting and incomplete information provided by Clark County Sheriff Lombardo to the press is the result of simple gross incompetence — despite (or because of) the Sheriff’s tearful defense of his investigators.

Jesus Campos (courtesy

But what are we to make of the disappearance of Mandalay Bay security guard Jesus Campos?

David Hickey, president of the Security, Police, and Fire Professionals of America union, said it had been four days since he last saw Jesus Campos.

“We have had no contact with him…. Clearly, somebody knows where he is,” he said.

Hickey said he was with Campos on Thursday, coordinating a series of interviews that the guard was scheduled to give about the attack. They included appearances on the Sean Hannity show on Fox, as well as news shows on CNN, CBS, ABC and NBC. Campos was staying in a suite in a [unnamed] Las Vegas hotel, Hickey said.

David Hickey (courtesy

Hickey [above] said he was attending a meeting with MGM representatives in one room of the suite as Campos waited with a security guard — hired by MGM — and another union member in the living room.

When the meeting ended about 2 p.m., Hickey said Campos was no longer in the room.

“When I got in touch with the other [unnamed] union member, I was told Campos was taken to the Quick Care health clinic, Hickey said. He didn’t hear from the guard afterward and announced to a scrum of reporters that night that Campos had canceled interviews.

Multiple requests from Fox News for SPFPA to comment on the matter were not returned Monday.

As you know, Mr. Campos was the security guard who approached shooter Stephen Paddock’s room on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel after Paddock opened fire. I mean, six minutes before he opened fire. Or was that forty seconds before?

Those are the three accounts of Mr. Campos’ encounter with Mr Paddock. The first was based on God knows what. Sheriff Lombardo says he based the second “official” timeline on erroneously recorded written information in a security log book. The third timeline was initially provided by the hotel’s owners, then confirmed by Sheriff Lombardo citing a time stamp on Campos’ cell phone.

Bottom line: we need to hear from Mr. Campos himself what happened on that horrible, fateful night. Only we can’t, can we? Or can we? reports that the Las Vegas police’s Information Officer told them that Mr. Campos isn’t missing.

LVMPD officer Larry Hadfield [below] told us that Campos is not missing, and reiterated that Paddock had no accomplices when he rained bullets down on the Route 91 Harvest Festival. Hadfield told us, flat-out:

LVMPD officer Larry Hadfield (courtesy

[Campos] is not missing. He’s not under arrest. We tell people what we know. If they don’t believe it but they’re going to believe whatever web site, then I don’t know what else to tell you.

So Mr. Campos got cold feet on his media appearances. He’s holed up, not pushing up cacti somewhere in the Nevada desert. But he can’t stay stum forever.

There are some 604 direct victims of Mr. Paddock’s attack, and literally thousands who can justifiably claim mental anguish. One way or another, they will be represented in court. Mr. Campos’s testimony about the Mandalay Bay hotel’s reaction to the shooter on the 32nd floor could cost — or save — MGM billions of dollars.

Watch this space.

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    • That shouldn’t be too difficult to determine, unless he’s hiding or in protective custody.

      • As of 11 PM EST MGM Resorts now says that they know where he is, and that he wants privacy. He does? Or they do? They further state that he was working under an unknown person’s SSN. They didn’t make clear whether he had one. Certainly we now know that MGM Resorts does not use E-Verify, and probably favors open borders.

    • You mean he went for treatment for a gunshot wounds 14 days after being shot ? He hadn’t been treated or seen by any Hospital , paramedic , or doctor prior and when the medical clinics were called about what union chief said , they never saw him either . But he was well enough to apparently receive his award for heroic service ? Lol..that’s it .. you solved it

    • When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth. It would appear that the truth is a most elusive creature in this story.

      • After two plus weeks we know less than when it went down. This story is a movie script that’s writing itself.

    • So, he agreed to an interview while still critically injured from a gunshot wound, and was going to go through with the interview until just minutes before he was supposed to go on the air… and then he realized that he might need to see a doctor about this wound. Therefore, without saying anything to anyone that he would not be able to go through with the interview, he vanished into the darkness without a word to any one.

      I’m sure that’s what I would do. 😐

    • Keep in mind the security officer showed up for work the very next day. He wasn’t injured. The “story” of the hero has been inserted into this narrative.

  1. Do we have any real good data on other shootings that happen on that same night? There’s been a lot of noise in the online media that have said there were other shootings that were happening at the same time. Not to get too conspiratorial, but do we have any data on any other homicides that just happened to happen that day? By the raw numbers there’s probably at least one or two other shootings just because of general causes. Might be easy to hide something bigger in the usual chaos.

    It’s always easy to look at the conspiracy angle first… but when things don’t add up to this level they’re is usually something we’re not being told. Kind of like half the Islamist shootings that happen every so often… the media will trip over themselves to hold the details back as long as possible. If they’ll do that, what will they do for something worse?

    • Their is live local TV news coverage of a single shooter that was taken down in front of Bellagio . Guns drawn and police detaining him but no info on if he shot anyone . Their is also several videos of individual people in the Bellagio , in Panet Hollywood that claim they were detained and Hotel on lock down for several hours .. if their wasn’t any conspiracy here , wouldn’t you think either FBI , sherriff , or Mandalay Bay would release any surveillance video of Paddock Valeting his vehicle ? Or him checking in with bags , or any casino , hotel footage of him leading up to the event ? Wouldn’t their be any footage of the 200 shots fired on 32nd floor? Wouldn’t their be a 911 audio recording for ” shots Fired ? Security officer shot ? Anything ?? Come on

      • Yeah, because we all know the feds are very forthcoming with vital evidence during any ongoing investigation into a high profile case.
        Oh, wait, the exact opposite is true.
        Why do so many think that criminal investigations should be crowdsourced?

    • Good question. The police scanner mention up to 5 (five) other shootings and multiple shooters. Bellagio, NYNY, Tropicana, Harrah’s and Luxor all reported “shots fired”. These are documented.

      Also documented was a black SUV at the Luxor that had “wires sticking out of it” and it took police an hour to remove the device. The assailants were three adult Asian males and one adult while male with a beard.

      Sadly, these have all gone down the “memory hole”.

  2. The buzz on Tucker was he’s staying out of sight because of hotel responsibility. Oh and WHERE is the definitive proof the shooter used s bumpstock?!? This thing is rspidly morphing into a Kennedy conspiracy😡

    • Investigation still ongoing. The feds do not announce every piece of evidence their investigations turn up.
      It’s easy to determine if a gun with a bump stock was fired. Given chemical composition of the chemicals left in the bore, it’s even possible to determine approximate time of firing.
      Just because you don’t have the answers you want, don’t assume no one else does, either.

  3. “Hadfield told us, flat-out: [Campos] is not missing. He’s not under arrest. We tell people what we know. If they don’t believe it but they’re going to believe whatever web site, then I don’t know what else to tell you.”

    Told who? Snopes? Why Snopes? Why is Mr. Hickey and all the rest of the public not being told this information?

    Furthermore, what to make of the other witnesses that have been posting contradictory to the mainline story accounts of what they encountered turning up dead or missing?

    Last count I saw there was at least 4 or 5 dead and/or missing witnesses including Mr. Campos. Could all be completely unrelated but what are the odds and why is this not being reported more widely?

    • “Last count I saw there was at least 4 or 5 dead and/or missing witnesses …”

      Citations please.

      • Really? Can’t do your own search?

        “vegas dead or missing witnesses”

        Are some of the sites sensational? Sure. Am I suggesting that it should all be taken at face value? No. I’m merely asking why the main stream press isn’t talking about this and why people aren’t more concerned. Sometimes, just sometimes, where there’s smoke there’s fire.

        • Well, out of 22k people, one witness did in fact die in California. I will not state her name, because pushing that shit is not cool. She had serious health issues, which I’m sure the stress of being in a mass casualty event didn’t help. You can find it if you want. But out of 22k, one dying isn’t proof of anything, bootstrapping conspiracy BS is pure stupidity.

        • B-Rad

          You don’t know what she died of. The only reports are that her husband left for work, she never woke up and then her grandmother found her later. All of the cause of death reasons are pure speculation at this point.

          If you read her facebook post of her account of the shooting and being at the concert you don’t get the impression that she was on death’s door. She was able to run away and hide. Sure she was encountering PTSD but enough to kill her?

          There are poisons/drugs that can kill a person and make it look completely natural or point to a different cause. This is well known and not conspiracy driven.

          And again, I’m only pointing out how, just as with other national tragedies, there seem to be a whole bunch of “coincidences” left in its’ wake. Funny how there were a lot of witnesses that mysteriously died after 9/11 as well…

        • So, you think a sick person, who has been chronically ill for years, who was a stay at home mom, was singled out to be assassinated. When you hear hoof beats, think of horses not zebras.

          I think the outrageous demands evidence, not the purely rational.

        • Today Dispatch.. There’s a reliable source. Not. Read the article linked to, and sources are notably missing.

          Global Politics Now. More of the same.

          Neon Nettle. The beat goes on.

          Here’s another site to check those sites on…

          Someone’s been to a lot of conspiracy theory sites.

    • “Last count I saw there was at least 4 or 5 dead and/or missing witnesses including Mr. Campos.”

      OH NO!!
      The Clintons are involved!!

    • I was about to suggest the same thing. Very fishy, according to some reports not a certified security guard, and now “missing”.

      • That or he lied on the 4473 about not being a fugitive from justice. But illegal alien is probably more likely.

  4. What happened to the gag order on Campos and family? Did that happen or not? And if it did, why?

    Nothing about this event makes any kind of sense if you read the “official” line. And no, I don’t see any conspiracy. A conspiracy would actually require a straight, consistent (false) story, with as little room for question and speculation as possible. This crazy mess has almost nothing BUT questions and speculations. If it is a conspiracy, it’s an impossibly stupid and inept one.

    A cover up, sure. And regardless of the “time line,” the photos of Paddock dead lack any burns or gunpowder residue on his face, which indicate he did not kill himself. And, of course, that opens up a whole big can of worms…

    • MamaLiberty,

      See my post below. I don’t think this was some grand conspiracy involving Mandalay Bay Hotel, Las Vega Police Department, nor the local Sheriff.

      What I can see is that a very small group of people orchestrated an “operation” to usher in civilian disarmament once and for all. And when I say a small group of people, I am thinking less than 10 people, all of whom were totally committed to some cause.

      That would explain a lot.

    • Assuming he ate that snubbie above his head, and had the barrel a couple of inches into his mouth, there wouldn’t necessarily be powder burns around his mouth. Inside, yes. And the inside of his mouth looks black. Probably a combination of powder and dried blood. Unfortunately, I’ve had a very up close and personal look at what was left of someone who did the same thing with an M-4.

  5. My guess is that he’s been shut down by either Mandalay Bay or the security company for liability reasons, since anything he says out loud can be used as leverage in a liability lawsuit. You can bet that MB will be sued for their response (or lack thereof) to things like giant windows being broken, etc. The concert promoter, CEC, Jason Aldean, etc., will be sued for ‘failure to provide adequate security’, and so on. That’s just how things are these days. When bad things happen, people don’t care ‘why’, they care who’s fault it is.

    • In the possibility that Campos was not an accomplice in the shooting, let’s go down the list of who has the most to lose from him speaking on the record:

      -His employer during a lawsuit
      -The Las Vegas police and their response
      -The FBI for poor investigation.

      Campos went to the room, God knows what he saw when he was on the 32nd floor. Remember that Paddock had ordered room service for two? Did Campos see or hear a second person with Paddock? Perhaps Campos saw something that he wasn’t supposed to see and that’s when Paddock, possibly others, started shooting at him?

      The police response to this shooting was slow. Perhaps the timelines that the bumbling Sheriff in Vegas has been giving are all wrong and Campos didn’t see any police on the 32nd floor until 45 minutes after shooting started, not 6 minutes or whatever. If the police response took so long, that begs the question of why? Was a stand down ordered like in Orlando or during the Ferguson and Baltimore riots?

      A conspiracy doesn’t require that a CIA agent and the Secretary or Defense were in the room with Paddock ordering him to commit mass murder to be a conspiracy. Given how much time has passed and the only thing that has changed is the timelines, dead witnesses, and the disappearance of Campos, I have to say I smell a conspiracy.

    • It’s interesting that you include Jason Aldean. He simply happened to be the performer on stage when the shooting occurred. His only security concern would be for himself and his crew.
      Security for the concert itself would be the responsibility of the promoter and the city.

  6. I was briefly pondering the Las Vegas attack this morning. Everything about that attack is odd at first glance:
    — the attacker has no apparent motive
    — the attacker does not fit any previously known profile
    — the attacker had about 20 rifles in his hotel room
    — the attacker had several handguns in his hotel room
    — the attacker had about 20 more rifles at his homes
    — the attacker had several thousand rounds of ammunition
    — the attacker allegedly used those evil “assault weapons”
    — the attacker allegedly used bump-fire stocks to increase the carnage
    — the attacker had no criminal record
    — the attacker passed background checks for all his firearm purchases
    — the attacker purchased his rifles over the course of at least several months
    — victims’ self-defense firearms were useless due to the range of the attack

    And then I had a thought. If you wanted to orchestrate an event that justified civilian disarmament, this was it because no heretofore proposed laws would have stopped him:
    — Mental health screening would not have prevented it because the attacker had no mental health history that would disqualify him from firearm ownership.
    — Social media monitoring would not have detected anything or stopped the attack. — Family and friends had no idea and could not have stopped the attack.
    — He had no criminal record so background checks would not stop the attack.
    — He purchased all firearms from FFLs so preventing private transfers would not have stopped the attack and registration would not have prevented the attack.
    — He purchased his firearms over the course of several months so time delays and monthly purchase limits would not have stopped the attack.
    — Magazine capacity limits would not have mattered since he had 20+ rifles in his room and could have fired at least 200 times without reloading even with “high capacity” magazine bans limiting magazines to 10 rounds.
    — Safe storage laws would not have stopped the attack.
    — His hotel was a “gun free zone” which did not stop the attack, clearly showing that “gun free zones” do not stop attacks.

    Anyone looking to prevent such attacks would realize that the only way to prevent such attacks was to eliminate firearm ownership entirely.

    And then I had a very strong and clear “thought” if you will, almost like a premonition:
    (1) Some nefarious entity orchestrated operation Fast and Furious in an attempt to usher in civilian disarmament in the United States. Their strategy hinged on hundreds/thousands of resulting deaths in Mexico leading to an outcry and demand for civilian disarmament.
    (2) An entity that facilitated the death of several hundred people in order to achieve their objective would be equally willing to facilitate the death of several hundred people in the United States to achieve their objective.
    (3) This could very well be a bona-fide, orchestrated attack explicitly designed and carried out to finally usher in civilian disarmament.

    • If you name yourself uncommon sense, why would anyone care about your “thoughts”? If that was an example of your “thoughts” please, don’t share.

      • I am simply amazed in this day and age the people that blindly believe whatever the media and government tells them.
        You must be in this category. Here are some quotes that will be ignored but I’ll post them anyway.

        “The people will believe what the media tells them they believe.”
        — George Orwell

        “All news is lies and all propaganda is disguised as news.”
        — Willy Munzenberg, Stalin’s propaganda chief

        “The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media.”
        — William Colby, former CIA director

        “The media is a Counter-Intelligence organisation. The media backs every war. The role of the media and embedded historians is to surround the truth with a bodyguard of lies. ”
        — Greg Hallett

        “The media tries to put a sad face on these things, painting them up as great human tragedies; but we all know the function of the media has never been to eliminate the evils of the world, no! Their job is to persuade us to accept those evils and get used to living with them. The powers that be want us to be passive observers.”
        — Burning Man, “Waking Life”

        “Think of the press as a great keyboard on which the government can play.”
        — Joseph Goebbels, Nazi propaganda minister

        “Newscasters who want to keep their careers afloat learn the fine art of evasion. We should never accuse them of doing a poor and sloppy job of reporting. If anything, with great skill they skirt around the most important points of a story. With much finesse they say a lot about very little, serving up heaps of junk news filled with so many empty calories and so few nutrients. Thus do they avoid offending those who wield politico-economic power. It is enough to take your breath away.”
        — Dr. Michael Parenti

        “No one outside America any longer believes the US media or the US government… You can’t believe a word the American media says. If they say anything correct, it’s just an accident.”
        — Paul Craig Roberts

        “Newspeak was the official language … The purpose of Newspeak was not only to provide a medium of expression for the world-view and mental habits … but to make all other modes of thought impossible. It was intended that when Newspeak had been adopted once and for all and Oldspeak forgotten, a heretical thought should be literally unthinkable.”
        — George Orwell

        P.S. — Did you know that when Obama signed the 2013 NDAA, it effectively made government propaganda LEGAL for the first time since 1948 when the Smith-Mundt Act was passed (not that they weren’t doing it anyway, but…ya know…the gloves are officially off).

      • Which part of his musings do you not agree with Leroy?

        In my mind, this is the cleanest theory coming out of this whole shooting. Nothing else makes sense.

        • Cleanest theory? that’s just plainly stupid. The simplest solution, a nutter went nuts, and did a nutty thing. That’s pretty fucking simple, adding all of this other flatulence to it, is just stupid. Not a giant conspiracy of incredible competence, where there is no evidence, other than a lack of evidence.

          So, if no evidence, is your evidence, of evidence, then…by all means, you do you.

          Oh yeah, quotes…

          “When Linda said she wanted to keep it on a purely professional level, I realized she’s a prostitute.”
          –Jack Handy

          “One time we mated a bull dog with a shih-Tzu. We called it a bullshit.”
          –Harry Dunne

          “I never apologize. I’m sorry, but that’s just the way I am.”
          — Homer J. Simpson

          “Whenever I watch TV and see those poor starving kids all over the world, I can’t help but cry. I mean I’d love to be skinny like that, but not with all those flies and death and stuff.”
          —Maria Carey

          “I get to go overseas places, like Canada.”
          –Britney Spears

  7. “One way or another, they will be represented in court. Mr. Campos’s testimony about the Mandalay Bay hotel’s reaction to the shooter on the 32nd floor could cost — or save — MGM billions of dollars.”

    And the last time he was seen in public was with a union rep and MGM lawyers. This isn’t some deep conspiracy. If he got sound legal advice, he’s made a statement to police, and is shutting up until absolutely necessary. Speaking to the press or public can do him no good, and cause him much harm.

    It is frankly the most sensible portion of this series of events to date

    • Union reps… big casinos in Vegas… la casa nostra seems likely. They have a way of keeping people from talking and making them disappear when they do.

      • There’s an ‘honest’ conspiracy; Campos just had unrelated mob/cartel ties they didn’t want exposed a collateral damage from investigation.

  8. The simplest explanation is most likely correct: MGM lawyers have advised him to shut the hell up, perhaps accompanied by a non disclosure agreement and payment. No evil conspiracy necessary here. Especially because the cops said he isn’t missing.

    • Ding, ding, ding. If I were running MGM Resorts, that’s exactly what I’d want. He can talk to law enforcement, but the last thing you want is a security guard out there talking to every media company, trying to get him to say something that would cause ratings, but not necessarily helping MGM. So you cut him a fat check, and tell him to hideout.

  9. He is vacationing in style in French Polynesia at MGM’s expense. 10 or 20 years on the beach is trivial compared to the tort damages in 1000 lawsuits. Besides, scuba diving IS dangerous, Eh?

  10. Hmm….I seem to remember another story of a missing Jesus.

    But on the first day of the week, at early dawn, they went to the tomb, taking the spices they had prepared. And they found the stone rolled away from the tomb, but when they went in they did not find the body of the Lord Jesus. While they were perplexed about this, behold, two men stood by them in dazzling apparel. And as they were frightened and bowed their faces to the ground, the men said to them, “Why do you seek the living among the dead? He is not here, but has risen. Remember how he told you, while he was still in Galilee, that the Son of Man must be delivered into the hands of sinful men and be crucified and on the third day rise.

  11. The Union sure seems to have their fingers on the pulse of this thing. Why?
    Why are we interviewing them? What do they know that anybody else knows or should know?

    • What does that have to do with dems, or Vegas? A young man lived with a crazy man who fantasized about killing young men. Young man is shot to death with roommates gun…Hillary did it.

  12. Some of those posting here are either government shills, seriously stupid, or seriously stupid government shills. Nobody knows anything, which just proves the point that nothing is being responsibly reported.

      • The photo-shopped image of Campos at Gregory’s steakhouse in Vegas were poorly done. That picture was altered on October 9th. The award Campos received was on October 10. (the recently remodeled restaurant doesn’t even match the background on this.)

        Probably dead on the 8th of October.

        How he’s conveniently missing. Nice.

        • You believe he was assassinated, disappeared, instead of just getting paid by MGM to hide out and keep his mouth shut.

  13. So I just returned from vegas. We know a very highly respected person that lives there and knows everybody and I mean everbody. The media and all of what they are pushing is false. There is alot more to this than what people think and are being told.

    • Thanks for sharing. This makes sense, as we’ve been lied to since the very beginning of this “event”.

    • I have it on good authority, voice #2, highly respected by both voice #1 and voice #3, that Tom Cruise did it to gain the highest operational Thetan level, one below Xenu and the God GleepGloorp for galactic overlordship.

      • Tom Cruise operator, operating operationally on the operation to gain more operator operation as an operating operator.

    • And the truth is what?

      Don’t get me wrong. I think there are gobs of open unanswered questions, but why only go halfway with your comment? Your source swore you to secrecy, but only to have you not tell the truth, but saying the official story is garbage was okay?

      • Lets think about this for a minute. The man had alot of guns in one of his two rooms. Who is to say he wasnt selling these guns because of some reason? Whos to say the security didnt botch things up thats why hes been missing? Who is to say he didnt shoot himself? Who is it to say the firing on a crowd of people wasnt a distraction?

  14. Amazing to me. People mistrust the media(rightly so). But an unnamed and unvetted source on the interwebz or a friend of a friends dog walker says it, it must be so.

    The biggest conspiracy of modern times is how to use the internet to get the nutters spun up. And does it ever work. Flat Earthers. Birthers. Reptile overlords.

    It’s truly funny as hell.

  15. now theyre talking high capacity magazine bans

    thats in addition to banning bump stocks…

    and limiting the number of firearms that can be purchased in a month

    and ammunition limits will be not far behind

    i said this on *oct 2*:

    “if somebody was going to do a false flag operation for the express purpose of getting certain hot button items banned that the gun grabbers hate that operation wouldnt look significantly different than what just happened”

    and that was before all this other stuff started happening that doesnt make any sense to anybody like timelines changing and creepy press conferences and eyewitnesses disappearing and dying and STILL no motive

    does anybody with at least 2 brain cells to rub together really believe anymore that the same government types that allowed or by omission of action caused ruby ridge and waco and fast and furious and garland texas to happen wouldnt be totally ok with what just happened in las vegas if it furthered their agenda


    this whole thing has all the earmarks of a trap

    and if were dumb enough to fall for it by just going along with any more gun control like a bunch of pansies then were dumb enough and pansy enough to not be gun owners in the first place because were too dumb and pansy to be entrusted with the responsibilty that the 2nd amendment really entails

  16. Jesus ain’t missing! This I know
    Because the Sheriff tells me so.
    Jesus ain’t missing! He will stay,
    In a brand new home near Mandalay.

  17. Why don’t they release the video of him shooting and bringing guns in the room? That would stop a lot of speculation. I’ll tell you why. Because he had help.

    • Once they show us the photos with 1,500 rounds of brass casings on the floor in room 135 on the 32nd floor at Mandalay, then I’ll believe this BS.

      We are living in the Matrix.

  18. Is It just me or does this whole investigation have a keystone cops feel to it?
    Was paddock a registered voter? where ? what party?
    What real estate investments did he have ? it has to be on his tax returns.
    Did he film any of the event with the cameras in the room?
    The changing timelines, the complete lack of disclosure of relevant facts like, what were paddocks finances? why did he move so often ?
    The math doesn’t lie, How was he able to ” beat ” the Vegas machines? why wouldn’t the casinos have fixed any glitch in the machines that would allow anyone to consistently beat them as soon as the pattern was detected?
    They throw out card counters and similar types of people regularly and consistently. Sure you can play in texas holdem’ or poker tournaments against groups of people and win consistently, but beating the machines consistently, a different story.
    Why wasn’t then security guard and other “material witnesses ” held during the investigation? The Sherriff said in one press conference that paddock had to have help. It would seem prudent to hold onto material witnesses until the investigation did a thorough examination of paddocks past to confirm or preclude this.
    who was the other person in his room when he got room service the day before the shooting?
    where is the footage of him moving around in the areas of the casino that did have cameras , during his stay?

    It is on thing to say ” we have no evidence of another shooter” or ” we have no evidence that he had help ” or even ” we have no evidence anyone else knew about this ” , but that is not the same as saying that it is certain that he had no help, nobody knew, and all the bullets recovered came from the guns we found in his room.

    also , the mainstream media I have seen has completely lost interest in this story outside the gun control angle. odd.

    • Well, Jesus is gonna be on Ellen tomorrow apparently.

      But all those questions need answered. But it is odd how the media has almost lost complete interest in the story. Which is really weird. Almost like they don’t want to know the answers to a lot of these unanswered questions. Seems like the Wienstien thing is a blood sacrifice to bring the questioning mob back around to the moral outrage of the Hollywood hypocrisy/distraction from a bloody story that no longer fits their agenda.

      Really, wtf is going on? I thought SH thing seemed a bit off, but this event has taken crazy shit to a whole new level.

      • Their lack of interest could simply be that they know nothing in the way of major gun laws is going to happen because of this. Why waste further resources on a dead horse?

        Gun control is a dead issue. kapo bloomberg, soros and hillary are the only ones keeping it alive.

  19. “There’s a lot of holes in the desert, and a lot of problems are buried in those holes.”
    Nicky Santos

  20. Good new sheeple, rumor has it he is going to be on the Ellen Degenerate show this afternoon, he will make millions and run back to wet back land.

  21. 1.) Tinfoil hats for sale! I made extras.
    2.) “What Happens in Vegas…Stays secret in Vegas….”
    3.) “Deep State….”
    4.) Mark Dice , YouTube channel did a topic on this…Surprisingly, Ellen De-generate just so happens to have revenue making slots machines…At the MGM hotel where the shooting spree occured…All these slots machines are based on Ellen D. & her show !!!!-?

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