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Tyrell Staten shot his own car -- and his fiancee -- when it broke down.

There are few things more frustrating than car problems. You have an appointment, need to pick up a child…whatever…and the old flivver conks out, just when you needed it most. That’s apparently what happened to Tyrell Staten of Kansas City back in February. But unlike calling a friend for a ride or dialing AAA for a tow, he decided to put the balky SUV out if his misery.

His fiancee told police Staten became angry when the vehicle broke down on Wilson Avenue, and that he got out, shouted an expletive and fired five shots into the engine compartment of a Toyota RAV4.

Clearly oblivious to bystanders and stray rounds, Staten was apparently unconcerned by the fact that his fiancee was still in the car when he opened up on it.

But as each round fired, Staten heard the woman scream as the shots fell closer to the victim in the car, eventually hitting her.
Fortunately, it appears she’ll recover. Of course, the entire incident might never have happened if the KCPD had arrested him for a charge of sexually assaulting a minor that they let slip between the cracks years earlier. Oh well.
So for his conspicuous stupidity and recklessness in the face of everyday frustrations, we’re naming Tyrell Staten our Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day. He’s due to be sentenced unlawful use of a weapon, armed criminal action and first-degree assault next month. We only hope the people of Kansas City don’t see him cruising the streets for a while.

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  1. “Of course, the entire incident might never have happened if the KCPD had arrested him for a charge of sexually assaulting a minor that they let slip between the cracks years earlier.” What? LOL! I got 30 sex offenders in a (5) mile radius, and you think that should have prevented him for acquiring a firearm? LMAO!

  2. In May, a Jackson County judge sentenced Staten to 10 years in prison for sodomizing a girl under the age of 14 — a crime that was reported to Kansas City police in 2012 but didn’t lead to an arrest or charges for nearly three years. The three-year wait occurred while the Police Department’s Crimes Against Children unit experienced what one commander called a “systemic failure,” with at least 148 cases mishandled or not investigated for periods of more than a year.


    OK, statists: Please, by all means, explain to me in exacting detail why I should trust the government to protect us from criminals and then surrender all my guns.

    Then I’m going to hold this case up in your face, and laugh at you.

    • Speaking of government failure, I noticed on today that Chicago’s 2017 homicide clearance rate is at 12.2%. That’s about 500 unsolved murders. Yay….

    • Wait, wait, wait! In May of THIS YEAR? Then how was he not in prison? Did he finish a 10-year term in 3 months, or something?

    • No kidding. This guy shouldn’t have been walking the streets in the first place, but as a former probation officer I saw too much of this sort of thing. People being released form jail, prison and mental institutions just so they could re-offend. One guy was released from a mental institution and two days later stabbed a teacher at his old school 67 times.

  3. The girlfriend was in clear violation of the “stupid places, stupid people” rule. Chances are, her I.Q. was no higher than his.

    • No doubt his chickenhead was helping him flee from chillun support payments, those baby-mommas ain’t about to share the Benjamins.

    • No doubt. Hopefully he wasn’t a “Baby Daddy” to her so his and her genes would continue to pollute the gene pool.

    • I had a car I had shot. I was shooting out in the sticks and tripped falling down hurting my leg. I wasn’t seriously injured but it hurt and I was pissed, so I put a 9mm round into the fender of a beater car I was driving at the time which was a 1969 Rambler American. I mean, if you are driving a Rambler, why not shoot it? What was amazing was while I drove that car around after, the amount of people that would notice that bullet hole.
      I will tell you this: people look at you funny when you drive a car with bullet holes.

  4. A Toyota Rav4? What the hell, no Chrysler 300 or Cadillac Escalade? What is this world coming to? I at least hope his chickhead used her EBT/SNAP card to pay for a custom paint job and a set of rims.

  5. The thought of shooting my car has occurred to me, even as recent as earlier this month, but yeah, rational thought and self control kicked in.

  6. Discharging a few rounds into an engine compartment is a repair technique I’ve not tried, but like some previous posters, I’ve had a few vehicles over the years I perhaps should have tried that on. Perhaps Tyrell’s engine was too hot & a few ventilating holes would cool it down. Or maybe the transmission had too much fluid & a hole or two would allow the excess to drain off; however, draining tranny fluid directly onto the ground might upset the EPA, not to mention the spent ammo lead. Also, I wasn’t aware that concealed carry included carry in one’s car repair tool box, but that’s certainly a novel idea.

    “Staten was apparently unconcerned by the fact that his fiancee was still in the car when he opened up on it.”
    A sure sign they’ll have a delightful, lovely wedding & many happy years of marriage.

    • The conversation between them will go like this.
      (HER) You BAST—, you shot me!!
      (Him) I’m sorry, but I love you.
      (Her) You do??? Oh I forgive you honey, I love you too!

      • Yeah, that’s right, but can you imagine if he’d said something like, “Honey, we’re gettin’ the band back together.” OMG, she would’ve blown a gasket!

        “You shot me? That’s OK, honey.”
        “You’re getting the band back together? Oh, you’ll pay big time for that!”

  7. Why the heck did she stay in the car? Was she afraid that if she got out, he’d shoot her and not let a stray shot hit her?

  8. Well if the Rav4 was black then black cars matter. Time for a riot to replenish those items sold from the last one.

  9. What?, now he can’t go to college, and now that rap star career will never happen?
    I thought he was getting his life together, LOL


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