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Clark County Sheriff Joseph Lombardo has named Stephen Paddock as the suspected gunman in the Las Vegas shooting. The 64-year-old white man was found dead by officers in his hotel room on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay, where ‘numerous firearms’ were discovered.” Paddock apparently was found to have committed suicide in his hotel room by police officers who burst into his hotel room.

Little is known about the Mesquite, Nevada man so far. Media speculation will, no doubt, center on his political beliefs and affiliations. If this situation runs true to form, it will be assumed by all of the expert talking heads that he’s a NRA member and former Tea Party activist…right up until it’s determined that his beliefs and motives were diametrically opposed to those (case in point, baseball shooter James Hodgkinson).

Again, speculation as to any political or other motive this soon in an investigation is fruitless and irresponsible. So we’re sure to see plenty of it in the hours and days to come.


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    • Doesn’t matter, full Republican government control right now = no new gun control laws. Let this be a reminder that no matter how much we might despise Republicans, they are currently our strongest line of defense. Had Hillary and the progressives won there would be gun control bills already through the Senate and on her desk.

      We just need to keep steamrolling through the progressives. Get more pro-gun judges in place to take out old gun control laws and Republicans in office to ensure that no new ones get made.

      After that, maybe we can try to get some Libertarians in office since they appear to be the only party actually willing to push pro-gun legislation.

      • We need to also be vigilant about laws that are on the books that need to be removed. Where they can, the anti’s are using definitions in the law and extending these. Good example is “Assault Weapon” in MA law. AG a year ago changed the definition with a memo. Now no more semi-autos on the shelves in MA. GOAL is fighting this in court but, its is a sad state of affairs when political motivation can change the effect of law with a memo simply because a definition in the law allows it.

      • I don’t know. Even under an Obama presidency, after 20 kindergarten children were murdered no new gun laws passed. Even after a leftist asshole shot up a baseball field full of congressmen, no new gun laws passed. I think we’re safe for now.

        • No new FEDERAL laws. (And even that not for lack of trying by usual suspects.)
          You may have heard of SAFE act in NY or “assault weapon” registry in CT. I bet there was more in other states. Like Initiative 594, which requires universal background checks for all guns sold in Washington state.

    • It might not be. Could be a righty. And the media will celebrate:

      “Oh, thank god, we finally have a right-wing gun nut we can hold up to the spotlight as the face of all the white supremist, racist, sexist, Islam-a-phobic, Trump supporters. Because using Timothy McVeigh was starting to wear a little thin. Now, we have a fresh one.”

    • It will be one of three things:
      1- radicalized convert to Islam.
      2- some flavor of leftist following through on the “Kill a Nazi” mantra going through their circles right now.
      3- someone who is bat shit crazy.

      • Well, ISIS just called dibs on this guy. Looks like it may be #notallmuslims for the win. #punchanazi and #thuglivesmatter seem disappointed.

        • Now I’m convinced you have brain damage since you take ISIS at their word that some nutter, 60 something year old white guy was working for them.

      • But never someone from the right? I forgot they only use cars like ISIS and fertilizer bombs on government buildings.

      • Omar Mateen, Adam Lanza, Cho Seung Hui, James Holmes, Aaron Alexis, Nidal Hasan, Micah Xavier Johnson, Jared Loughner, Arcan Cetin, want me to keep going??

        Your exceptions don’t make the rule that you leftists love doing, making the exception out to be the rule. The body count is MUCH higher amongst your kind.

      • Omar Mateen, Adam Lanza, Cho Seung Hui, James Holmes, Aaron Alexis, Nidal Hasan, Micah Xavier Johnson, Jared Loughner, Arcan Cetin, want me to keep going??

        Your exceptions don’t make the rule that you leftists love doing, making the exception out to be the rule. The body count is MUCH higher amongst your kind.

        • You know Islamic Extremists are right wingers right? Sharia Law is no different than the Ten Commandments. At least us “Commies” (or what I call non-paranoid, non-delusional True Patriots) don’t believe in magical beings….that includes your conspiracy magical secret societies, aliens or deep state agents….all fake. The only thing that is real is the Right wanting to kill everyone with guns for some small penis anger produced because you think you are entitled to better jobs than everyone else…’s an idea go to college, improve your skill set and get paid more….pretty simple.

          Right wingin, gun clingin proud clingers ( I mean retards)

          • @Byran Carpenter — You know Islamic extremists are actually left-wingers, right? Sharia Law is actually quite different from the Ten Commandments, and you’d know this had you actually ever read it. Which you haven’t. Oh, and you Marxists — more accurately known as paranoid, hyper-violent, deeply-delusional traitors — do believe in magical beings. But, instead of god-things and angels and the like, you’ve merely replaced them with Chairman Mao, Comrade Stalin, Lenin, and Trotsky, Castro, Guevara, Pol Pot, etc. Y’know, The Party™ and its resultant (and inevitable) authoritarian state responsible for over 150 million deaths just in the 20th century alone. There’s even a term for it now: democide, literally death by government. The only thing that’s actually real, and readily verifiable to boot, is the left wanting to kill everyone with guns (“by any means necessary” is your credo) for some psychological projection of their own internalized inadequacies because you think you are entitled to everyone else’s stuff. Here’s an idea for you: actually take your own advice for once and go to college yourself, develop some skill sets to begin with because you have none, and start getting paid in first place because you’re a basement-dwelling NEET only LAPRing as a revolutionary.

            Left wingin’, gun slingin’, proud thieves (I mean liars and imbeciles).

  1. My heart breaks for all the victims, I hate to see a firearm used in a crime, especially a crime of this magnitude. Another victim is going to be the SHARE Act because no politician in their right mind is going to vote for that now. This evil man managed to victimize is all.

  2. As always, the real story is seldom known at this point, and all sorts of speculation are rampant as usual. But I am curious… I’ve read several accounts so far, and the latest seem to be saying that the police killed this man… AND that he killed himself! Would be nice if they made up their mind. It can’t be true both ways.

    • The Sheriff’s report (above) states that LVMPD “breached the door and found the suspect dead”, not that he committed suicide. Depends on how they breached the door and what the coroner says actually killed him.

  3. CNBC Via interview with the Sheriff is stating the shooter committed suicide prior to police entering the building. Also, the women whose picture has been plastered everywhere had nothing to do with the event and the shooter had used her ID but did not elaborate further.

    Sheriff says he refuses to label the shooter until there is more information. Police only just arriving at the house and have not found information. Shooter has been staying in the Hotel since September 28th according to police

  4. CLUTCH your Precious Precious and slobber kisses all over it and tell it you’ll NEVER leave it, EVER, and you’ll defend TO THE DEATH if anyone tries to take your Precious Penile Entity out of your fat tubby little arms.


    • Can I ask you a serious question?

      Why do you automatically assume that because a person is a gun owner he has small and incompetent genitals? Anti Gun folk tend to claim they are intellectually superior to gun owners, and yet you hurl penis insults like a twelve year old?

      And assuming we are all fat? Come on now. Hurling childish insults isn’t helping anything. If you would like to have some intelligent discourse about firearms, gun control, or whatever, then go ahead and do so. But sitting here slinging insults because…well I’m not sure, all it does it make you look like a child throwing a tantrum and does nothing to further your cause.

      • Don’t bother. They aren’t capable of responding rationally. If they were, then they wouldn’t have posted such a comment in the first place.

      • In spite of Marcus’s comment (which is true, of course), I think that it’s nice to hear the voice of calm rationality at times like these. Thanks for weighing in.

    • Why don’t you go talk to someone who cares about your opinion commie scum? My family isn’t falling for the same tricks twice in 100 years.

    • Gunslag? That’s a new one. A Brit? Maybe an Aussie? Regardless, let it be known your opinions on the subject of rights in general, guns or otherwise, matter little to me. That is to say they don’t.

      In regards to your impotence comment, the missus and I had a fine, fine start to our Monday morning (thank you for the concern just the same), but then I turned on the news and was far from fine. Though just to reinforce your views that I’m a brainless, knuckle-dragging American Savage I do have to admit that the thought of disarming myself in the face of lunatic violence did not once cross my mind; however, I did not slobber kisses all over my precious EDC piece before I holstered it.

  5. I love how you say “Again, speculation as to any political or other motive this soon in an investigation is fruitless and irresponsible. So we’re sure to see plenty of it in the hours and days to come.”

    Right after assuming the guy isn’t an NRA or Tea Party supporter and assuming the media will get the details about him wrong. I agree there is a good chance that multiple media outlets will spread false information before details are known, but lets not descend into making our own set of assumptions without facts about the shooter. Its useless and equally as politically motivated as many of the news outlets you are complaining about.

  6. This has Gorka/Bannon written all over it. Best way to distract from PR response, Kushner Private Emails and illegal election of POTUS by Russia.

    Will be claimed to be fake by Violent Right since it won’t fit their everyone is entitled to automatic “hunting” rifles

    • Actually, the facts don’t support your so-called problems, except for the email thing (and by bringing it up, you are admitting that Clinton did it wrong, which she denies).
      The conspiracy theory thing just doesn’t fly.

      • Trust me if you look hard enough you will find the links between this shooting in the Trump administration. Follow the money I promise it flows through Russia first.

        • Oh, you mean the Russian money that actually flowed into and through the KKKlinton’s and John Podesta’s hands while Shillary was still Secretary of State? You mean that Russian money? If you had ever actually taken your own advice before, and followed the money yourself, that’s what you’d find.

  7. Was he a Bernie Sanders supporter??? Most of these mass shooters have been socialist progressive democrats.

    • You can pretty much guarantee it.

      Not too many Republicans would shoot up a country music festival, have “13” tattooed on their neck, or have a non white partner.

      All signs point LEFT.

  8. Over 50 People died, and you guys are most concerned about blaming on a leftist? wow that says a lot about you.

  9. This just smells like something that doesn’t jive….Another awfully coincidental event that YOU know will be aimed a curtailing 2nd amendment freedoms…Just has a “False Flag” kind of feeling…Like a “Deep State” put up job….

  10. Too bad it wasn’t 50 dead Antifa, Black Lives Murder, or Communist union thugs instead.. Next time things get violent at their protest the National Guard needs to shoot those violent thugs on sight.. Much rather hear of 50 people that actually deserved to die.

      • Communism is responsible for the deaths of millions of people, they deserve to be killed. If I turned on the news and seen the government shot up a picket line and killed 100+ lazy thugs I’d celebrate, unions destroyed this country and have the Communist ideology as Antifa.

    • And your Alt Right, I mean snowflake PC version of Nazism didn’t kill millions? Your version of history is skewed and not even close to what actually took place. BASH A FASH and Get a prize!

      • No, because the so-called “alt-right” has never had any totalitarian regimes in place that did kill tens of millions of people. You know, like alt-left Communist regimes actually DID, and your demonstrably revisionist version of history doesn’t even exist outside the thick walls of your empty little skull.

        62 million dead Russians in the gulag archipelago.
        90 million dead Chinese through Mao’s Great Leap Forward.
        2 million dead in Pol Pot’s Cambodia.
        5 million dead in Ukraine’s Holomodor.

        Need I keep going? NO. You’re categorically fucking wrong and THAT’S all there is to it. Period. Now, you can go ahead and shut the fuck up, sit the fuck down, and kill a COMMIE for your mommy.

        Or, you can keep being a FASCIST yourself and get BASHED, anyway.

        • oooh, right wingin gun clinging retards told be to shut the fuck up….maybe I’ll be offended that someone has a different opinion than I do…you’re a fucking Alt-Right snowflake. Take off your tinfoil hat, stop believing in magical beings in the sky and quit trying to impose Sharia Law…I mean Christian Values on everyone. The deep state does not exist…and speaking of mommies…..too bad your let you come to full term….looks like I touched a nerve in your tiny alt right cock….even you can even call a 1cm dick a cock. I used the metric system there…you may have heard of it but probably not because you live in Alabama and are afraid of education.

          • @Bryan Carpenter — Ooooh, a left-wingin’, gun-slingin’ retard came ill-equipped and unprepared for a battle over historical facts. You’re a fucking alt-left snowflake, and the only fucking snowflake to be found. Take off the balaclava, stop believing in all-powerful Dear Leaders, Chairman, and Comrades, and quit trying to impose Communism — I mean leftist values — on everyone. I never claimed the Deep State existed in the first place, either, you fucking inbred dipshit. Oh, and speaking of Commies, you owe us a suicide since your mother reneged on her abortion.

            Looks like I touched a nerve in your alt-left vagina, if you can call a mutilated, inverted 1MM penis a vagina. If not for Jimmy Carter, one of your alter boys, we’d be on the metric system. But, there is a country out there that put men on the Moon, and then there are countries that use the metric system. Guess the crack whore that bred you didn’t go over that bit of history in homesk00l, huh?

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