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CBS reports that a blaring smoke detector alerted Las Vegas police to the 32nd floor room from which Stephen Paddock fired upon a crowd of 22 thousand concertgoers. The video below contains the audio of their door breach.

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  1. At least they hauled ass up there as soon as they figured out where he was.

    I can’t even imagine trying to pinpoint where the shooter was, him being 32 stories up, amidst all the confusion, screaming, running, bodies, etc.

    I guess that’s about as quick of a response as you can hope for.

    • The fire alarm system in a hotel such as the Mandalay Bay would alert a central location when a smoke detector goes off so the fire personnel could be directed to the proper location. That hotel is BIG.

      No doubt when the LVMPD arrived someone went to them immediately and said “Room @ X, 32nd floor. Take THAT elevator.”

  2. Perhaps Cliff , since LV is a new city with modern construction. fire codes and hopefully a trained staff .

    In the city I work,for I’m lucky if the staff knows where the panel,is let alone how to read it , or if it’s zoned off to more then a floor or area .

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