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According to Twitter reports from local journalists, Steven Paddock’s location was discovered when the smoke alarm in his room went off as he opened fire from the 32nd floor on a concert below, killing at least 50 and wounding over 400 people. Clark County Sheriff Joseph Lombardo stated that the shooter killed himself as police entered the room where they found “in excess of ten rifles.”

In his latest update, he noted an FBI hotline number (1-800-225-5324) asking for any information on the shooter and any video taken of the event. They also appealed for blood donations for the hundreds of wounded being treated in Las Vegas hospitals.

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    • There will always be a certain portion of the population which associates fame and relevance with infamous acts. People were willing to make jackasses of themselves on candid camera or jerry springer. In 30 to 50 years they be brewing anthrax or worse with equipment that is no longer nation state resource required but effectively not much more cost than high school home chemistry sets we grew up with.
      Or people like Stephen King celebrated with “Carrie” or his novel celebrating and lionizing a school shooter.

      If you are otherwise insignificant, going out famous will always have an appeal to a small number of people

      One of the reasons why people subscribe to conspiracy theories with lee harvey Oswald, is cognitive dissonance at the idea that such a punk, nebbish, nobody loser killed the most powerful man on earth. When that is exactly who does.

      It is a big country. there are estimates of 600 rapes or sexual assaults every single day. thousands and thousands of people die everyday and 4 times as many people die in auto accidents than are murdered with guns.

      • ” In 30 to 50 years they be brewing anthrax or worse with equipment that is no longer nation state resource required…”

        30 to 50 years? Right *now* common food manufacturing blending-processing equipment (temp controlled vats with agitators) can mass-produce all kinds of horrific biological nasties, in near any quantities desired.

        A food technologist experienced in working with the problems with dry, flowable powders (think along the lines of pouch soups or gravy mixes) can make your biological misery “to go”…

      • Please go here and read what Stephen King has to say about his own works:

        This is not at all accurate: “Or people like Stephen King celebrated with “Carrie or his novel celebrating and lionizing a school shooter.”
        Writing about an abhorrent act is not remotely the same as “celebrating” it.

        And this:

        “When King decided to let Rage fall out of print in the United States, it remained available only as part of The Bachman Books. In contrast, the other novels that appeared in that compilation – The Long Walk, Roadwork, and The Running Man – are available separately in the USA. Rage remained available in the United Kingdom and other countries in The Bachman Books for a time, but later appeared to become unavailable. New editions of The Bachman Books do not include Rage.
        In a footnote to the preface of the novel Blaze, dated 30 January 2007, King wrote of Rage: “Now out of print, and a good thing.”
        King said, in his keynote address at the VEMA Annual Meeting on May 26, 1999: “The Carneal incident was enough for me. I asked my publisher to take the damned thing out of print. They concurred.”King went on to describe his view on this subject, which acknowledged the role that cultural or artistic products such as Rage play in influencing individuals, particularly troubled youths, while also declaring that artists and writers should not be denied the aesthetic opportunity to draw upon their own culture—which is suffused with violence, according to King—in their work.[8] King went on to describe his inspiration for stories such as Rage, which drew heavily upon his own frustrations and pains as a high school student.
        In an article on the ominous writings of Virginia Tech shooter Seung-Hui Cho for Entertainment Weekly, King said: “Certainly in this sensitized day and age, my own college writing—including a short story called ‘Cain Rose Up’ and the novel Rage—would have raised red flags, and I’m certain someone would have tabbed me as mentally ill because of them…”After the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting, he elaborated in a non-fiction essay, titled “Guns” (2013), on why he let Rage go out of print. King’s website states: “All profits from ‘Guns’ will benefit the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.”

        While I am quite sickened by the person and the act, I can find no rational or logical way in which we can attribute or connect his acts to “Rage”, or any other Stephen King novel, any more than Joseph Stalin or Kim Jong-un can be blamed on Shakespear’s murdering royalties.

  1. What a piece of sh!t. Rot in hell you cowardly bast@rd.
    My heart and prayers go out to all affected by this madman’s cowardly act.
    I am intensely curious to know what his motivations were.

    • Agreed. I had the same thought this morning. Folks on the interwebs have been murmuring for weeks that there was a false flag event coming our way – this is definitely it.

    • When something unexplainable happens it is a natural human tendency for people to think conspiracy. It is far more likely that the shooter is an old guy with a terminal illness who is mad at the world and wanted to take a few with him.

  2. At this early stage of the reporting and investigation it should be kept in mind that this was a Country Music festival, some 22,000 people in attendance, and we have a pretty good idea of the usual political leanings of your average country music fans.

    It remains to be seen, of course, if that had anything to do with it.

  3. I don’t want to sound insensitive but the facts are they found a body in the room. They, at this point, have no proof he was the shooter. Most likely he was but this doesn’t smell right. We are going to lose a lot of ground on this. The grabbers are already at it.

    • “We are going to lose a lot of ground on this. The grabbers are already at it.”

      The gun grabber will use a wet fart as grounds to take guns. The only ground you’re guaranteed to lose is the ground you give up before the fight even starts.

  4. I’m no expert regarding full auto weapons, but listening to the audio it sounded to me like 2 weapons with different rates of fire. Also the police reported 2 firing platforms in the room where the alleged shooter fired from. As usual, the shooter is dead so no motive can be gotten from him.

  5. Listen to the audio. Sounds like 2 weapons with different rates of fire. Two shooting platforms in room. Two shooters?

    • What you’re hearing is the delayed and overlapping cracks of the bullets impacting nearby, the bullets cracking through the air at super-sonic speeds, and the muzzle report from the machine gun.

      Honestly, to anyone who’s been on the receiving end of automatic fire, this sounds perfectly normal.
      We’re used to only hearing 1 bang when a gun is fired, because we’re standing by the muzzle.

  6. Suicide is typical with these scumbags who surprise attack their victims. Apparently they want to take life on their own terms, including their own.

  7. The shots are coming from approx 500 yds away using crack-to-bang. The first sounds are the bullets’ cracking. Then you hear the rifle. That sounds like a single weapon firing, then possibly a “New York reload” and a second, different rate of fire. Rate sounds off. Slide fire? IMO, not two weapons firing at the same time. This shit head was doing plunging area-fire into a crowd to kill as many as possible.

    • Definitely more than one gun used(New York reload) due to the differing recoils. He had at least 10 rifles according to Las Vegas Police. Getting the shot then the crack then the echo makes it hard to differentiate the type of weapon used. That jury is still out. It did sound like different calibers being used. One sounded much like a SKS or AK and one sounded like a 308. Why he did it is irreverent. It brings no one back and will add little comfort to those who are wounded or lost loved ones. Having been there the why never really matters. The only thing that matters is the loss.

  8. Was the gun he used full auto? Or was it “full auto”. The implications of an actual full auto rifle being used in mass shooting with such high casualties would be huge.

  9. We need to keep quiet about conspiracies, nut cases and other theories. Hillary already said that the carnage would have been worse if he had a silencer. Fauxcahontas and her treason cousins are already calling for gun confiscation. Not in so many words but the implication is there. I fear that the suppressor and reciprocal carry bills are dead for the forseeable future.


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