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How long before gun grabbers kvetch about rifles that can be broken down—HIDDEN!—and reassembled quickly? Will Ruger cave on their 10/22 Takedown? Meanwhile, I reckon exitleftcreative is moving at a snail’s pace here. Dan, how about you hit-up DRD Tactical for a testing and evaluation sample and we show the world that we can name that tune—I mean slap this bad boy together in 30 seconds. While running away from a bad guy. Oh wait. SBR. Oh wait. There’s a 16″ barrel version. Rocky, I think I’m gonna need a bigger hat. Case. [h/t]

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  1. I hit the link and it says it’s designed for the military’s “Clandestine Break-Down Semi-Automatic Rifle (CSR)” proposal.

    At $5.5k per a rifle, I don’t think anybody BUT the military can afford it… yikes.

  2. The ACR stock looks rediculously out of place. Also, I want to see the groups it shoots after takedown/reassembly. If it can’t maintain the zero afterwards its just a geewhiz toy.

  3. Take-downs have been around for over 100 years.

    And 100 years ago, we had take-down rifles in real calibers, suitable for hunting something larger than deer, and they’d break down or re-assemble faster than the above example:

    There are even gunsmiths building .50-110 takedowns on an 1886 action. Now there’s a bunch of muscle in a briefcase, if you want it.

    Journalists and other lace hanky clutchers will have to become exercised and lubricious about something else.

    And BTW: If you’re going to spend $5K on a takedown rifle, you should start by looking at Dakota or Sauer’s rifles, where the bolt head locks into the rear of the barrel. I guess we could make a similar concept work in a tube gun, too. But the point remains – gunsmiths have been building take-downs of repeatable accuracy and high power for over 100 years. One of the issues that can be solved in take-downs is to mount the scope on the barrel, that way any errors that creep into the assembly of the barrel into the receiver are moot where point of impact and the scope are concerned.


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