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It’s not strictly true that the Land Down Under is gun-free. For one thing, there are guns in Australia. For another, Australians can own a Category C-licensed shotgun for hunting/pest control if they jump through more hoops than a circus pony. Still . . .

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  1. The ballistics department determined it was a shotgun. Classic. I bet they researched that to death.

  2. I love the accents.

    But let’s note the thigh holsters and handguns that even the scientific types were wearing. As GS650G points out, the Shepparton cops had to call in someone over a hundred miles from Melbourne to tell them what we could have guessed by looking at the video–shotgun with birdshot. Or perhaps it was one of those full-auto BB guns that show up in Youtube videos from time to time…

  3. It’s a good bet most of those officers never used a shotgun with birdshot before. Just saying.

  4. Maybe it wasn’t a shotgun – maybe it was a full auto .9mm gatling gun firing a .05 second burst. Lets send off for a ballistics expert to decide.

  5. it looked like a fairly tight pattern, so the shot was at close range. judging by the divots in the door and their numbers i’m going to say number 4 birdshot. does this make mw qualified to wear one of those holster thingies on my leg.

  6. That was kinda funny watching three of the Aussie cops so focused on observing and discussing (wish we had a verbal recording of that conversation too) what was obviously a boring shotgun blast mark to the car door. I guess it’s time for Aussie-land to ban those breech-loading shotguns along with machetes.

  7. I’ve been reading this site for a few months but this is my first comment. I’ve been in Australia for a week and a half. Early last week there was a wacko taking shots at cars on the highway between Brisbane and Gold Coast. It was on the news briefly but no talk of gun laws. Late last week someone shot up a “bikie” bar on the north side of Brisbane. Same thing on the news. Today I’m in Sydney in Botany Bay and am told there is a bar down the street that was held up at gun point recently. And then I see this post. Highly restrictive gun laws are doing a great job of keeping gun crime low in Australia.

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