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By now you’ve probably heard of Maj Toure. The Philadelphia-based gun rights crusader founded and runs Black Guns Matter. As Toure told TTAG last week, it’s BGM’s mission to preach safe, responsible gun ownership and Second Amendment rights to urban communities nationwide.

Since he started BGM, Toure’s taken his road show to more than 40 cities. He holds classes and seminars in communities that typically don’t get much attention other than on the evening news when reporting the latest shooting.

BGM’s low- or no-cost events teach under-served groups basic gun “anatomy,” safe firearms handling and storage practices, local law compliance, how to get a concealed carry permit and Second Amendment rights. Toure also talks mental health and refers attendees who need it to local providers who can help.

Guys in war zones who see occasional gunfire come back with PTSD. I’m working with people who are around that kind of traumatic violence every week and they don’t know who to go to.

BGM’s events also cover conflict resolution and de-escalation so that, whenever possible, bad situations don’t get to the point of pulling a trigger.

Toure revels in taking his message to communities that are less than welcoming to gun rights messages. This month, his urban empowerment caravan is in Chicago.

Why Chicago? As Toure told me,

That’s where the gun control is and the homicide rate goes with it.

He says going to places like Chicago is “an amazing way to make the hood great again.”

On Saturday, Toure will be at Conference Chicago spreading his gun rights message to hundreds of attendees, teaching the crowd how they can get an Illinois FOID card and get licensed to carry. If you’re in the area, you can get your ($5) ticket through Eventbrite.

While Toure get some corporate support from companies like US Law Shield, he funds the majority of his operation with contributions through his Patreon account if you’d like to help him spread the gun rights gospel.



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  1. I’ve met a LOT of black gun owner’s at the range and LGS’s. They’re already here in Chicagoland and NW Indiana. Unfortunately most vote D…this guy is one I’d support though.

    • One party says “be dependent on us for food, health care, housing, safety – in fact, damn near everything”.
      The other party says “we’ll get out of your way and let you do it yourself”.
      So sure, a lot of them do vote Democrat. What Maj does is to crack that egg just a tiny bit to show people that they are better off doing for themselves one of those things the Democrat Party promised to do for them. And the worst threat for the Democrat Party is when their loyal voters learn any sort of self-reliance.

      • If only that second party would actually get out of the way and let us live our lives, instead of engaging in the same sort of cronyism…

  2. An amazing contrast between the white jewish people of Deerfield and Skokie who turn their guns in when the government tells them to, and the people of Chicago that have the worst violence in their part of that City.

    They Want to learn about their second amendment rights, learn how to defend themselves. Learn how to protect themselves because the city government of Chicago is not going to tell them about their civil rights.

    I understand the former mayor of Chicago has a armed guard paid for at city expense for the rest of his life. And the current mayor of Chicago also has an armed escort for himself but also his wife and children as well. And a 24-hour guard at his house, all paid for by the city government.

    • I think he’s still involved in an open case with an ex gilfriend that involves some abuse or harassment claims. There’s no prosecutor involved so it appears to be a civil matter. I know he originally filed a ‘stay away’ order on her and she filed one on him in return. Etc etc. Anyway he has no felony convictions according to public records — a couple misdemeanors from back in the day — and I don’t think he’s facing anything of that sort in the open case, either. Though he does have or did have a temporary restraining order on him from this same ex girlfriend (granted to her without him being present in the proceeding!), which prohibits/prohibited owning firearms. He doesn’t need to own guns to do what he’s doing, though.

      And BTW I support his message 110%. The Second Amendment is for everyone and bringing that message to the inner city along with teaching safe firearms handling, storage, and use, is as good as it gets.

  3. I’ve seen and heard his influence spilling out IRL conversations with people and IVL social media. He’s having a huge cultural impact even if subtly. The guy is smart, focused and consistent.

  4. Good for Maj. Too, bear in mind the online video posted below courtesy of JPFO, Inc.
    at Titled “No Guns For Negroes” it exposes the historical racist motives
    behind gun control/civilian disarmament. JPFO, Inc. is “America’s Aggressive Civil
    Rights Organization” and is non-NRA affiliated. Also, The John Birch Society in
    Applelton, Wisconsin at and, respectively.
    Both JPFO, Inc. and the JBS expose the hidden socialist agenda of political deceit
    which has plagued and cursed our republic for generations. Too, consider subscribing
    to The Roseburg Beacon. This is an alternative and bulwark to the anti-gun establishment elite news media. Also, our government controlled socialist public
    schools, colleges, universities, and academia who walk in lockstep with the establishment news media. Finally, for combating truth decay News With Views at is an ally, friend, and supporter of the Second Amendment,
    private gun ownership, and American gun owners.

    James A. “Jim” Farmer
    Merrill, Oregon (Klamath County)

  5. I just donated.

    This kind of work is very important: working locally and incrementally convincing others one person at a time.

    There are a lot of gun owners so gun rights organizations don’t need to do a lot of convincing to get funding. They can easily drum up enough money by just going to people who already believe and asking for more. But convincing new people is what matters.

    BGM seems like exactly the kind of thing we need more of.

  6. I fear for him. Car accident, drug overdose, shooting, unintentional suicide, bad cold, something. Be careful out there Maj


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