Maj Toure Takes His Urban Gun Rights Campaign to Chicago

By now you’ve probably heard of Maj Toure. The Philadelphia-based gun rights crusader founded and runs Black Guns Matter. As Toure told TTAG last week, it’s BGM’s mission to preach safe, responsible gun ownership and Second Amendment rights to urban communities nationwide. Since he started BGM, Toure’s taken his road show to more than 40 […]

Daily Digest: Sloppy Social Media Management, Insensitive Training Targets and Maj Toure’s Prescription

OMG! A school librarian! Holding an AR! OMG! . . . Students find photo of librarian holding assault rifle – “Don’t be late returning books to this Bronx high-school library. Students last week spread around social media a photo of the Taft Educational Campus chief librarian holding an assault rifle inside a gun shop. One student at the Claremont school […]