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Kate Lewis is an expat who’s been living with her family in Japan for the last two years for her husband’s job. But now they’ll be coming home to America soon and she’s realized something.

I never really knew that I had a day-to-day fear I carried in my heart living in America until we moved away. …

What exactly does she mean by “day-to-day fear?” She gives us a few examples:

… coworkers and I would share our active-shooter escape plans with each other …

… friends would admit they now choose seats nearest the back doors of restaurants and bars, in order to make a quick getaway if necessary …

… this ever-present terror of my family dying in a gun massacre, of whether or not I could shield my 2-year-old son from rapid-fire bullets …

Now let me say that I have the utmost compassion for Ms. Lewis; fear like that is a horrible thing to live with. However, I must ask: Has Kate sought professional treatment for her debilitating phobia? I can hear someone in the back saying, “There’s nothing irrational about not wanting to be gunned down by complete strangers!” This is true, but it is also irrelevant.

What Ms. Lewis describes is a fear of some random “gun massacre,” not a specific threat of violence. According to this Washington Post piece, as of May 22, 2018 there have been 152 mass shootings with 1,091 deaths since August of 1966. That is 152 such shootings in over 50 years or about three shootings per year and an average of just over 21 deaths per year.

But let’s leave that aside for the moment and allow Ms. Lewis to explain the rational reasons for her bowel-clenching terror:

 Japan’s approach to regulating guns has created a society where gun violence is almost nonexistent, with just six deaths from guns across the entire country in 2014.

Yeah, no. Japan’s gun regulations have little or nothing to do with the generally law-abiding nature of their society. Indeed, while their gun-related homicide rate is indeed miniscule (running 0.01/100,000 annually) their overall homicide rate is also amazingly low.

From 2004 – 2013 they averaged 0.49 per 100,000. In the U.S., on the other hand, the non-firearm related homicide rate in that period was 1.78, or more than three times the total Japanese rate. And from 2003 – 2012, that paragon of low crime (and strict gun control), the U.K., averaged 1.38 homicides per 100,000.

You also must wonder if Ms. Lewis would be willing to see suicides in the U.S. increase by 36,753 annually in order to prevent all 14,482-gun related homicides. That same voice in the back is saying, “How does that work?”

It’s simple. Again, according to the WaPo, Japan’s suicide rate, although it has been dropping in recent years, is still almost double that of the U.S. (19.4 in Japan vs. 10.1 in the U.S.). So, if we got rid of our guns and imported Japanese culture, we could look forward to losing 2.5 times as many lives to suicide as are currently lost to “gun murders.”

I know, some will argue that if we get rid of our guns, then gun suicides will go away too. To those people I say, “Canada.” When Canada passed their draconian gun laws a few years er, a few decades ago their gun-related suicide rate did indeed drop precipitously, a fact civilian disarmament advocates make much of while ignoring the fact that Canada’s overall suicide rate actually increased.

Ms. Lewis goes on to compare the wonders of Japan to the horror that was her day-to-day life in the U.S.:

I wasn’t scanning every grocery store for its nearest exits as I shopped with my toddler son and newborn daughter, or standing on the fringes of a crowd at concerts, or wearing sneakers to the local playground solely so I could more easily grab my children and run for all of our lives if I had to. …

I’m dreading returning to a place where seven kids are shot and killed every day. …

Again, I say no. Per the Centers for Disease Control, between 2007 and 2016 an average of 236 “kids”[1] died annually from gun related homicides or accidents. That works out to 0.64 per day. Even including suicides (which are mostly preventable and not the gun’s fault) that totals 286 kids annually or 0.78 per day.

To reach that figure of seven kids-per-day (2,555 annually) you must include suicides, and legal intervention, and 14-year-olds. Oh, and 15-year-olds, 16-year-olds, 17-year-olds, 18-year-olds and 506 19-year-olds.

Ms. Lewis says that when she gets home she will join the Parkland survivors in demanding policies to keep everyone’s kids safe. I know that guns are scary, but if you want to work for change, instead of worrying about the 12,000 or so gun-related homicides annually, how about the 28,390 deaths from accidental falls each year? Or the 38,500 accidental poisonings annually? Or the 17,000+ suffocations? Or the 19,700 non-firearm suicides each year?

Better still Ms. Lewis, why don’t you work to reduce the up to 440,000 annual deaths due to medical mistakes and malpractice. That’s an effort like that would really make a lot more Americans safer. Just a thought.


[1] I define kids as human people from birth through puberty, or 0 – 13 years old.


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  1. I’ve been seeing this twit’s story for the past few days – unfortunately, it has never been linked to any article I could comment on and give an alternate viewpoint to her hood-wearing bigotry.
    Pretty sure the linked sources consider that a feature, not a bug.

  2. Kate Lewis is an expert? In what? Being a moron?

    Seriously folks, does this site not bother with editing or proofreading anymore?

  3. It’s been said before but bears repeating: What about kids killed in pools and cars? Does she swim or drive? Heaven forbid her kids do! The horror!

    • She’s white, well off, a mother, anti self preservation and she can vote. She is woman, you will hear her roar about toxic masculinity. Coming soon to a town near you!

        • some are awesome but others…. well let’s say they look like an English bulldog laying on its side after it ate a jar of mayo. To better illustrate, it looks as though someone tossed a hand grenade at a deli counter. Possibly may even look a kin to a grilled cheese being pulled apart vertically.

        • @ Moltar

          I hate you. No amount of brain bleach is going to get that bulldog image out of my head. 😉

  4. I have zero compassion for commie traitors. If you “lobby” against the 2nd amendment, you’re a traitor.

    • Says the part-time commie who literally backs the government/pharmaceutical cartel having full control over your medical decisions because ……we’re just not smart enough.

        • Lol, so you believing The US government, controlled by special interests, should let the industry known to be at least the 3rd leading cause death of the int US , have full unchecked control over people’s medical decisions is a straw man? Hilarious, guess that makes sense somewhere behind the iron curtain. Troll on KimJong wannabe.

        • Yes… because forcing you to take one shot with demonstrably minimal side effects in order to save hundreds of millions of lives is a horrible violation of your human rights and equates to “unfettered control” of your medical decisions. Here’s a thing, I don’t let my dog make “his own medical decisions” either, and he’s demonstrably smarter than most anti-vaxers. If you’re too stupid to take your medicine and endanger others by doing so, you should have said medicine shoved down your throat.

        • as i have said PWSERGE anyone that tries to force anything like that on me is going to get their own medicine….. in the neck. BTW this is not a threat on you. in fact it applies to everything in life that harms no one else. as for vaccines being effective, at best they are maybe 50% effective

        • @pserge

          “because forcing you to take one shot with demonstrably minimal side effects” …it’s not one shot dopeserge, its dozens of shots, most containing multiple antigens along with dozens of known neurotoxic and carcinogenic ingredients. Cite some of the evidence these products cause “demonstrably minimal side effects” as they are administered…oh wait, you wont, because you cant, you’ll slither off as usual after making total BS statements.
          “If you’re too stupid to take your medicine and endanger others by doing so, you should have said medicine shoved down your throat”…And this, right up there with you threatening women on disqus who disagree with you that you’ll beat up their husbands.

          pserge…making gun owners and people supporting the individual liberties this country was founded on look really bad all day/every day.

        • I’m not a libertardian, I’m a civic nationalist. You want to live in the state’s territory? You have to play by the state’s rules. Don’t like it? There’s the border.

        • Another perfect non-response from pserge after getting called out for being the ignorant communist in hiding he is.

  5. Please move to California, it’s nearly impossible to get a legal handgun there and New York or New Jersey as an alternative.
    Wherever you decide to relocate, please don’t move to Texas, we already have enough of “but this is the way we did it where we lived before”
    Also be sure to get some counseling, your degree of anxiety is over the moon in proportion to reality. Just don’t do stupid things in stupid places.

    Welcome back to America, land of diversity!

    • Ok as much as I hate California it is simply inaccurate to say it’s nearly impossible to get a legal handgun here. We have a 10 day waiting period and a firearm safety certificate to deal with. Other than that it’s pretty straight forward. But don’t bother trying to get a carry permit in LA county.

      • Unfortunately, that would be the Eastern Bloc Socialist Police-State in the People’s Republic of M–assachusetts…Mandatory Safety courses, Multiple Police Permissions and Permits are required to Purchase/Own/Carry/Posess, etc. With long waits if your approved to be a suitable person…As the DemoCommies and some RINO Globalists have stated…There is NO 2nd Amendment Right in this 3rd world Country state…Only a barely tolerated Privilege…..

        • …that “minuteman” statue should be altered to having his head hanging in shame…with the new inscription “we fought for this?”…..

  6. Anthony Bourdain didn’t wait until he could get back to America to kill himself with a gun, instead he decided to kill himself in France. He definitely suffered on his way out…

    People are going to do what they want to do regardless. Who are you to tell them they can’t? Do you think banning one tool is going to stop them? Do you actually care enough to setup legal assisted suicide or are you simply using these unfortunate souls for a political agenda?

  7. Japan is an entirely different society/culture…valuing education…honor…their elders…rules… .
    Also SUPER homogeneous…very few outsiders. Very different immigration laws/rules compared to the USA.
    Check out their suicide rate, BTW. And that is without guns, too.

  8. Link showing the U.S. loses out to Japan in all categorizes of rape, murder and violent crime.

    The Japanese rate of violent crime and murder is 24 times less than the U.S. and in rape it the U.S. is 66 times higher.



    • Are you one of those Alt-Right Nationalist Socialists? You sound like one of those Nazi guys who wants to restrict guns and make a homogeneous socialist society of whites. That would be unfortunate and not a surprise if you were from California.

      • To Cork Zero Jay Bird

        History lesson Jethro, History Lesson.

        The alt-right, or alternative right, is a loosely-connected and somewhat ill-defined[1] grouping of white supremacists, neo-Confederates, neo-Nazis, neo-fascists and other far-right[2][3][4] fringe hate groups.[5][6]

        Alt-right beliefs have been described as isolationist, protectionist, antisemitic and white supremacist,[7][8][9] frequently overlapping with neo-Nazism

        As you can see they are as far away from Left Wing Socialists as they could possibly be. I don’t have to make a fool of you as you do a professional job of it on yourself every time.

        • Ignore this guy. The worst thing you can do to a liberal leftist is invalidate him. Responding to him gives him purpose. Best reply. Yawn. Other things to think about.

        • He has gone under the name of Wolftracker at The Federalist. He is a Muslim supporting Nazi by proxy.

        • ROTFL!!!!!

          And your fellow travelers in the Muslim Brotherhood are not ant-semitic? And the former Soviet Union had no racism? Racism in the former Soviet Union and in modern Russia is endemic. Anyone from the Southern Republics was treated as bad, if not worse, than anyone of colour in the southern USA would have been.

          And the Soviets were not anti-Semitic? At the time of Stalin’s death he was conducting a purge of medical staff on the pretext of “The Doctors Plot”. And most medical practitioners in the Soviet Union were also Jewish. It is said this pogrom would have exceeded the Holocaust in scale.

          The Soviets and Russians have never forgiven Georgia (the country and former Soviet Republic) for Stalin. Anyone from the other republics such as Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, etc have the N-word equivalent “Churka”.

          And the ethnic Russians in the Soviet Union also lorded it over the Poles, East Germans, Hungarians, and other Eastern Europeans. They also tried forced Russianization of the other Republics by immigration of “Russians” to those regions.

          For someone who supposedly studies history you appear to be blindly ignorant of history that contradicts your world viewpoint.

        • Hey Troll, “Japanese society is 98.5% Ethnic Japanese.” CIA Library, “The World Factbook.

        • Hey kid, just in case you haven’t noticed, nobody on this list is impressed with your rants. You aren’t making anybody out to be a fool (other than yourself) except in your own delusional world.

        • Cisco are you actually calling people where racists instead of Kate Lewis and yourself who are both obviously racist for touting Japans racist society? Multiple peer reviewed studies show Japan is the most racist of all developed democracies. If you and Kate Lewis had your way and we emulated Japan’ society all Latin Americans, even those born in the US would be tossed out. We’d have police with the most civil rights violations of any democratic country:

          proportion of Japanese residents who are racially Japanese: 98.5%
          proportion of Japanese citizens that are racially Japanese: >99.9%

          That 1.5% foreigners in Japan are not “immigrants” they are foreign “guest workers”, they are not allowed citizenship, their Japan born kids are not allowed citizenship, and they ejected for any violation of any law. There are no “green card” analogies in Japan, all foreigners going there must agree to leave. They are over 80% women with Japan openly saying it does not want illegals because they cause crime.

          Essentially all of the tiny number of actual “immigrants” to Japan who get permanent residency or citizenship are “racially Japanese” people like Japanese Americans, and Japanese decent persons whose ancestors immigrated to other countries and who can prove they are 1/2 to3/4 racially Japanese descent

          Also most foreign guest workers are poor Korean and Chinese women. They don’t take in MS13 members like the US does, and they don’t generally allow young men at all, If they are unmarried they are essentially barred to prevent them from marrying Japanese. They sign a visa contract promising not to marry and to leave in five or ten years.

          If you are looking at general violent crime it is not about guns or lack of them at all. Japan is an “inquisition/inquisitorial”system, meaning the judge can work directly with the prosecutor. This is why they have an over 99% conviction rate (including more false convictions than the US

          Ms. Lewis is a racist.

      • to Power Brain.

        quote——————Yeah… it’s not like Japan has an absurd culture of under-reporting crime or anything… oh… wait.—————–quote

        Any proof they under report crime any more than we do??????

        • In Japan the most common method of evidence is confession from the accused. Japanese police can detain someone for questioning indefinitely and can use forced methods to ensure the confession is made.

        • Hey Troll, “Japanese society is still 98.5% Ethnic Japanese.” CIA Library, “The World Factbook.

        • Japan also has no immigrants, it has a guest worker system where they trow out anyone who crosses any line. Japanese citizenship is for Japanese “race” only.

          Japan also has the the most under reporting violent crime, only 2% to 4% of of Japanese rapes and sexual assaults are reported.

          Japans is a much more violent society than the USA is when you count all means of violent death

      • Unsubstantiated 💩 like this coming from you is priceless. No proof, just opinion, while you wittingly or unwittingly downplay the vastly underreported dangers of inadequately tested vaccines and the vastly underreported Injuries caused by vaccines to children. And you post here pretending to support individual rights except that your communist/statist double standards are ridiculously transparent and laughable.

    • nationmaster shows Japan has more lethal violence, not less. Why do you count suicide in the US but not in Japan?

      Japanese kids are much more likely to meet a violet death than American kids.

      The peer received work also shows Japan has a much higher sexual assault and rape rate than the US as well. Japan actively discouraging women from reporting rape and assault does not mean they have less, it means they have a nastier more misogynist culture even at official levels.

  9. Why aren’t suicides counted as homicides? It’s self-murder, isn’t it? Japan wouldn’t compare so favorably then, would it? Additionally, most violent crime in the U.S.A. is committed in places where democrat control has been exerted for decades. I propose we ban democrats! Because it’s crazy to keep doing more of the same thing expecting different results. They try to liberal harder to solve problems and it just makes it worse.

    • Maybe ban the FBI too because they were tampering with the U.S. election in order to stop Trump from becoming el Presidente.

      With Americans like that, who needs Russians?

    • Japan tends to count unsolved murders as suicides. Keeps the books clean and and keeps their murder numbers down.

      • Not just unsolved but “cops can’t be assed to investigate, label it suicide so they don’t have to”.

    • Suicides do get lumped into “gun deaths”, so it’s a fair question. When homicide and suicide rates are combined, Japan actually comes out significantly worse than the US.

      • You hit it exactly. US gun homicide and US fatal gun accidents have been falling for a generation. The gun control lobby has to include the almost 2/3 of gun death that are suicide because it is relatively flat and allows them to go with bigger numbers.

        But they wont mention that when you combine total suicide and homicide rates by all methods, instead of just gun suicide and homicide rates, that quite a few counties have higher violent death rates than the USA (S. Korea, Japan and others) , but at the USA is +/- 10% or 20% of scores of developed democratic countries, ie just about average.

    • From the Washington Post, no less…..democrat areas have more malicious gun crime than Republican areas…


      “In the most Democratic regions, gun violence is more often committed against another, crimes that probably generate more news coverage and fear. In the most Republican areas, it is more often committed against oneself, suicides that may not attract as much attention.
      As the below charts show, Democratic areas (measured by the party that controls the congressional district) are far more likely to experience almost all forms of malicious gun violence than Republican areas.”

      • Republican areas have more gun suicide which the science shows is simply more likely to be counted than other suicide methods. so yes, Democrat areas have both more murder (clearly established) and but also likely have more suicide, just that their suicide is “hidden suicide.”
        Democrat areas have much more severe mental illness:

        On average Republican counties have about the same murder rate as the European average.

    • To our Local “Nazi the Kid”

      Quote——————Why can’t we be like Germany – kill 50 million and go on a guilt trip?—————–quote————————-

      History Lesson Jethro, History lesson. A subject you obviouly flunked but what else is knew in the world of Hill Jacks.

      Hitlers Concentration Camps Killed 6 million by estimate but I grant you one thing the Germans did indeed acknowledge their horrific behavior in WWII while we here in Capitalvania U.S.A. have never done the same even after murdering 1 1/2 million Chinese in 1896, 3 million Philippians’s in 1899 and 3 million more Vietnamese in the 1960’s. That puts us 1 1/2 million ahead of the Nazi’s and their concentration camps and again we have never acknowledged this or said we were wrong and apologized as the Germans have done and continue to do.

      • Moron, old fashion Nazis had the balls to murder Jews all on there own. New fangled Nazis like you hire Muslims to do it for them.

      • Hey Troll, “Japanese society is still 98.5% Ethnic Japanese.” And that hasn’t changed. : CIA Library, “The World Factbook.

      • Funny how the Russian genocide that killed 20-30 million Christian men, women and children somehow never enters these conversations…..who financed the bolsheviks…..?

      • since the 1800s? The Europeans have killed over 200 million in that period. Japan killed about 40 million in south east asia.

      • 3 million Philippians’s in 1899

        Interesting our “American” ‘CiscoKid” should use decidedly non Americans spellings of dozens of words in his posts .

        He also claims Japan doesn’t forbid handguns and that people must just lock them in their safes at home, which is a lie.

      • leaving out all the allied casualties in the european theater????????….absent the nazis they all get to stay home…

  10. Lady is an idiot who is living in a bubble. Japan’s suicide rate leads the world. This lady is living in a happy dream land because Expats get paid huge amounts of money and all their housing and most of their expenses are taken care of. This lady is looking at coming back to the states and having her dream bubble popped. Expats do not live in the seedy, poor part of town.

    Japan manages to do ultra violence despite massive gun control. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Murder_of_Junko_Furuta

    And there is plenty of violent crime, including gun crime, in Japan. The Japanese don’t go out of their way to publicize every single event- because it’s considered a national embarrassment.

    Lady may want to learn about the nerve gas attack on the Tokyo Subway.

    • To Holfast on to ignorance.

      quote—————Lady is an idiot who is living in a bubble. Japan’s suicide rate leads the world.——————–quote

      What in the hell does the Japanese suicide rate have to do with the reality of the Lady being rightly worried about coming back to the U.S. filled with violence. Suicide is a self inflicted death and has zero to do with the subject at hand which is innocent people being gunned down on a daily basis in the U.S. one of the most violent countries on earth.. Where in the hell is your reading comprehension which you just proved is about at absolute zero.

      • Because moron, there is a thing called “family suicide” which is what we call in the good old USA murder-suicide.

        So moron, you don’t count suicides by gun in the US as”gun violence,” right?

        • Cisco has another series of posts on another topic where he uses the term 33,000 gun deaths, which is nearly 2/3 suicide. So he wants to include suicide when by gun, but exclude suicide by all other means. Why? Because if you include by all means it destroys his argument.

      • If there’s one thing that I concede to you Megan “the kid” it’s your consistent stupidity. Suicide is indeed a danger to the public. Haven’t you ever heard of “suicide by cop”? Haven’t you ever read about a traffic accident that was prompted by some asshole who wanted to do himself in? It happens all the time. But as a DUMBAMA wannabe you of course ignore the facts. Instead, you praise Japan – a nation of sheep – whose customs INCLUDE ritual suicide as an honorable way of dealing with shame and guilt. Yeah right. The country that attacked our navy in ww2 with the kamikaze. Who made the banzai charge honorable. The country who was responsible for the “rape of nanking”. The country who had “comfort women” for their soldiers and refused to admit any guilt for decades. DUMBAMA and the kid… what a joke!

      • What in the hell does the Japanese suicide rate have to do with the reality of the Lady being rightly worried about coming back to the U.S. filled with violence.

        Because the “lady” herself calls suicide violence. US children have less violent death than Japanese children and us adults have less violent death as well.

        You yourself have used the term “gun violence” adding suicide plus murder.

        Your claim that jumping form a 30 story building or in front of a subway train is “less violent” than suicide with a gun is bizarre.

  11. MS Lewis can stay in Japan permanently for all give a shit. If America is so scary , stay where it’s not. Gun phobia is part of our problem. Don’t come here and add to it. Why don’t all the rest of the snowflakes move to Japan & join Ms Lewis.

  12. Ms. Lewis must be lucky. The average Japanese woman is groped dozens of times every day on the subway. She’s the epitome of limousine liberal white privileged, who doesn’t care about sexual assault, when it doesn’t happen to her. Disgusting racist.

  13. I’d say stay there, but the Japanese people don’t want howling crazy white women there either.

    Someone ask her about how Koreans, many of them illegal aliens, are a large part Japan’s crime rate (something like 10% of gang members are Korean which is FAR higher than their percentage of the population) and if she thinks they should be banned. That would be fun.

  14. But Japan’s murder rate isn’t low. Entire families have been known to commit suicide but that is a fiction. What we have in these cases is murder-suicide but in Japanese culture such events would dishonor the family name. Therefore they classify all the deaths as suicide. Anytime there is a multiple suicide in Japan it is virtually certain that there has been n-1 murders. Measured by American standards, the real Japanese murder rate is probably around 3+ per 100k with a correspondingly lower suicide rate.

  15. You’ve already shared this idiot’s story. How much free press do we really need to give to anti-gun morons? Sometimes this blog is our own worst enemy. Stop the obsessive coverage of antis and make some more actual firearm based content.

  16. Look at David Kope’s article that explains Japan’s low crime rate…people control, not gun control, where he states that Japanese police can search you whenever they want, wherever they want for whatever reason they want, including your home, and where prosecutors force confessions out of criminals and judges do not care…..http://www.davekopel.com/2A/Foreign/Japan-Gun-Control-and-People-Control.htm

    Then you have the gun control law that American 2nd Amendment supporters have always supported….long prison sentences for actual gun criminals, which is something the democrats keep fighting. Using a gun in a crime is essentially a life sentence in Japan….not the under 3 years a criminal gets in the U.S…..


  17. This Hoplophobe should be more worried about coming back to a country that allows unchecked Muslim migration. Unlike the US and Europe, Japan allows very, very few Muslims to immigrate to it’s country, and does not take in Muslim refugees. They also do not allow Mosques to be built in their country. She has a much higher likelyhood of being blown up by a suicide bomber here than being killed in a rampage shooting. What she really needs to do, is make every effort to stay in Japan for the rest of her life. If she comes back to the States, she’s going to go broke trying to find a Psychiatrist who can help her with her unfounded fears and phobias.

    • Not just school shootings, but also total US murder rate of child cohort in the 1990’s was more than double what it is today.

  18. i have an option for her. she moves to australia and i take her place in the US. BTW i would not move to any of the less gun friendly states

  19. For the person above asking why you would include suicide (in which case the US is safer than Japan). Here is the reason:

    – First number on Giffords Center for gun control website includes gun suicide
    – First number on Everytown gun control website includes gun suicide
    – First number on Democrat National committee platform includes gun suicide
    – First number on mayors for gun control includes suicide
    – First number on brady Campaign website includes gun suicide
    – First number on Violence prevention campaign website includes gun suicide
    – first number in “coalition to stop gun violence” includes suicide

    US gun violence deaths are over 95% criminals killing other criminals and suicide.

    How is child and adult suicide in Japan, much more prevalent than child and adult suicide in America, not relevant when the gun control lobby uses suicide all the time in their stats, tweets, position papers and pronouncements?

    Japan is not safer, it has much more violent killing and death than America.

  20. No person should be allowed into the USA who is against the Bill Of Rights. Including citizens who left.

  21. Three possible solutions to the lady’s concerns:

    1. Stay were you are.
    2. Try some other country or countries.
    3. Grow up, and face facts. Facts being that there is a significant difference between the U.S., as it actually is, and the U.S., as depicted in media hype.

  22. Fear is one of the most terrible things that should be addressed especially about going home and guns. This article would be a huge help. Thanks for sharing this one out.


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