Mapgul SLM SL-M Mil-Spec Milspec Carbine Stock
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Magpul is out with another option for your AR platform rifle . . .

The MOE SL-M Carbine Stock – Mil-Spec is a drop-in replacement buttstock for AR15/M4 Mil-Spec carbine buffer tubes. It was developed for ultra-compact, PDW-style military platform requirements and for users desiring a smaller, lighter stock. Similar to the SL-K, the SL-M features a shorter and slimmer profile that is optimized for PDW-length receiver extensions. Its small, non-slip rubber butt-pad and angled toe support shoulder transitions, even while wearing body armor and modular gear. It includes a shielded ambidextrous release latch that minimizes rattle on the receiver extension without requiring additional locks, levers, or springs.


Reinforced polymer construction
Reduced size ideal for PDW platforms
Internal release latch feature mitigates rattle and wobble
Ambidextrous shielded adjustment lever


Black, FDE, ODG

Mapgul SLM SL-M Mil-Spec Milspec Carbine Stock



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  1. Whoopie?

    Seriously, yet another “Mil-Spec” “drop-in replacement buttstock for AR15/M4 Mil-Spec carbine buffer tubes” like there are not hundreds already on the market that may look a little different for some but have the same ‘generalized’ features as the ‘generalized’ features of this new Magpul item?

    Is Magpul getting lazy or are they just bored? This is what they have that’s “new” for this year, this is it?

  2. Some of the new Magpul stuff looks cool, new stock, kinda cheaper bipod, MP5 collapsible stock… But the drums, Magpul, we want to hear about the MP5 and Glock drums! Where are they?

    • That’s what I thought. Maybe they just put springs inside so it doesn’t rattle and feel/sound cheap like the SL-K does. Coming from a guy who has several SL’s, having the K model in the same line without the same feature doesn’t make sense to me.

  3. Seriously, TTAG?
    A regurgitated, copied-and-pasted press release for the most boring “new” (but not really new) product of the year, a “new” stock that’s basically a downgrade from all of Magpul’s other stocks! Next time, label this post as “ad content from manufacturer” so we don’t waste our time reading it.

  4. Magpul is resting on their laurels too much.
    Where are the P320 grip modules, magazines or even an FDC-9 that takes the P320 FCU?

    • Where is that folding gun they made a prototype of? They still make solid stuff though. I think I tend to take it for granted that they make a consistently solid product for a consistently reasonable price.

  5. Not seeing anything here to be excited about.

    I mean, I like the MagPul gear I have already, but don’t see them offering anything new I need.

    Ruger PC Carbine fitted-drum would be real interesting tho … ?

  6. Thanks Magpul but you’re about done with stocks. How about going retro and giving us some affordable magazines for the FAL, FN FNAR, SCAR, and AR15 in 7.62×39?

    I mean DAMN … we’ve been needing these and asking for them for the longest now.

  7. Still loving the FAB Defense RAPS stock I installed on my P308 SPR.
    The only item I’ve ever looked into and purchased based on a TTAG review.

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