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Magpul just announced via Facebook that they are planning to install an express lane for Colorado customers to buy PMAGs directly from the factory, and will be offering flat rate $5 shipping anywhere in the state. Thanks to the impending legislation that would make simple possession of an inanimate object a crime, Magpul is going to do its best to get these mags into the hands of as many Colorado residents as possible before the ban goes into effect. Their limit will be 10 per customer, with full details to follow. Make the jump for the full skinny . . .

We are proud to announce that within a matter of days we will be going live with a new program. Due to a bill currently moving through the Colorado legislature, there is the possibility that Colorado residents’ ability to purchase standard capacity magazines will soon be infringed. Before that happens, and Magpul is forced to leave the state in order to keep to our principles, we will be doing our best to get standard capacity PMAGs into the hands of any Colorado resident that wants them.

Verified Colorado residents will be able to purchase up to ten (10) standard capacity AR/M4 magazines directly from Magpul, and will be given immediate flat-rate $5 shipping, bypassing our current order queue.

Our customers outside of Colorado, please know that our PMAG production will continue at an ever-increasing rate until we do relocate, shipments to our distributors in other states will continue, and that we do not expect relocation to significantly impact PMAG production. We are also aware that Colorado is not the only state with existing or pending magazine capacity restrictions; we are working on programs for other affected states as well.

Full details and instructions will be announced when we are able to go live; please watch here for the coming announcement.

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  1. Good for them . I have no problem waiting in the line for my pmags. I live in SC where a Constitutional Carry bill was just introduced. Let the Colorads by as many mags as they can.

    I do have a problem with these goddamn popup ads. I cant get the to click off.

    • Best of luck on Constitutional Carry in South Carolina!

      AZ went that route three years ago and I love it. I like being able to CC and not worry about some lib newspaper in Tucson trying to publish my address.

      Google Chrome here with AdBlock – I’ve never seen any of the ads folks are talking about.

      • Thanks for the popup blocking advice guys.

        And yes, Const. Carry here will be nice if it passes. I am mostly just happy that the new legislation is going in the opposite direction as most other states.

    • Just $10!! But Wait! Order within the next 30 minutes and get another one COMPLETELY FREE! Just pay separate shipping, handling, and processing fee. ($82.47)

  2. Magpul is awesome. I cant afford (or find) many more PMAGS, but I might just have to pick up a MOE hand guard to support this great company.

    • I’m looking for a new stock/forarm in tactical scaryness for my 870, if Magpul sells them I’ll probably buy from them now.

    • I don’t really have any use for a PMAG but you can bet your sweet bippy I’ll purchase one anyway to support such an outstanding company.

      • I’d trade you a steel one — I love those plastic things. I hope it isn’t too long before they get to the gen 3 20 rounders. Those are the ones I really want. Just can’t say enough about those guys. Hope they move my direction if they are forced to go.

  3. Very quick on the trigger, Nick — saw this on Facebook right before I clicked over to TTAG and saw that it was already the latest post.

  4. Awesome! Hope the mags stay within CO, but I suspect many of them will turn up for sale at jacked up prices.

    • No kidding. Another Contrarian view, why mess with free enterprise? Why should some liberal, Obama voting Colorado gun owner get preference over a Conservative Floridian like me?

      • True enough – I can understand their reasoning behind wanting to arm their fellow CO citizens before they jump ship to another state – but I complete agree with the capitalistic argument.

        Most of those dope smoking communists out there are reaping exactly what they sowed at the ballot box. Civil disarmament and free weed for everyone!

      • Because for Marpul right now, the long term politics trumps the short-term profit. Since it’s their company, they can do what they want. And what they want to do is raise a giant 30 round middle finger to the Colorado Government.

      • One the one hand, you have a valid point. But not all of us trapped in the People’s Democratic Republic of Colorado voted for these Gun Prohibitionists. We only have until July 1, 2013 to get them. The other states (that are not subject to magazine restrictions) have more time.

      • It is free enterprise. Magpul is a private business, and they make those mags on their own dime. They are the ones to decide whom they are selling to, and how much they will charge. You are free to take your dollars to other mag manufacturers if it makes you unhappy.

        It would only be contrary to the spirit of free enterprise if it was the government mandating the distribution of mags specifically in CO.

        • int19:

          Thanks for the lesson in the free market economy. I have learned so much from you today. Please feel free to impart your wisdom further as you like. Next, could we cover whether water is wet? I’ll stand by. After you cover this, I have so many more questions for you. I hope you don’t mind.

    • My first thought was to call relatives in Colorado and have them buy 10 for me. I suspect that is what a ton of folks would do and turn around and sell them.

      I might suggest they really dig into who they ship to before they bypass all their other customers on back order. They suggest they will do this.

      I might also make sure my employees and friends and family are fully stocked as well. I am sure that has happened. They truly are a great company! Now get back to making more of those magazines for the rest of us. 😉

  5. I already love PMags, thanks in part to the one Nick thoughtfully included with the signed copy of his book. I find I love them even more, now.

  6. I like this. This is a Berlin Airlift for Colorado. Maybe Liberator pistols (thinking in modern terms, Hi-point pistols) should be included in each box too.

  7. Hmmm…

    Sounds almost like an insurrection.

    “God forbid we shoud be twenty years without a revolution!”

    — Thomas Jefferson

  8. Good job, push the pols to the wall, then see them scramble when the counties take a hit….hope that as many of the employees of magpul and the sub-contractors can also relocate.

  9. I don’t even have a AR or other magazine fed rifle, and I’m thinking of buying a few Magpul mags for family that does.

  10. I’ve loaded up on PMAGs (and non-Magpul mags too) so I really don’t need any more, but as a CO resident I’ll buy 10 (and keep them) as my show of support for our very-likely and soon-to-be departed supplier of all that is good about guns. I’ve been wanting to unload some of my off-brands anyway, so this is just what I’ve been waiting for. Hope they’re not too expensive though. Primary Arms just had them for $12.99 today and sold out in minutes.

  11. Cool. Until I start seeing pmags up for sale on GunBroker, at a profit, from CO residents who bought ten but only wanted three, I think this is awesome.

    • As a CO resident, I’m trying to get as many pmags as I can…The only downside to this, is I’m trying to build an FDE rifle as well as a black rifle, and I can’t get my hands on FDE mags (besides a couple 20rd’ers). I’ll be buying 10 to keep, and I’d buy 10 more from other people if I could…

  12. Great gesture, Magpul!

    It’ll be sad for CO if they leave, but it seems Magpul is intent on one last classy move in support of the community that it’s called home until now.

  13. A plan:

    Out of state residents set up a private mailbox with a Colorado retail store. Order and ship the mags to the address in Colorado. Have the store forward them to you. You now have mags.

    • I dont need them as badly as others, especially in places that are about to be hit with draconian gun and magazine laws. I can make due with what I have now and pick up more later since my state still respects the RKBA.

    • Better yet, how about expand the program to CT and others soon to be screwed? I respect that doing this for their home state first. Hope some of the rest of us being screwed get some help as well.

      And, maybe we may even have some ammo that is not double the price to fill those mags — I hope!

      • What’s the point? If Mallow gets his way we’d just have to turn them in or sell them out of state anyway.

      • They are working on programs for other states with similar legislation, but they are piloting it here in Colorado to show an example of what will happen. I’m betting they will be doing tracking as well on these 10 packs to present as a “see what happens in a short time?” to the legislators.

  14. Will the purchase and sale of “pre-ban” magazines be allowed by the new law? Will there be any way to know if a magazine was purchased before or after the ban goes into effect? (Edit: On the second question, I’m just wondering how pre-ban magazines will be distinguished from illegal ones that were purchased out of state)

    • Pre-ban (July 1st) mags will remain legal if already owned by a CO resident, but we can’t transfer or sell them. Magpul apparently have dates on mags, but most mags don’t; so with burden of proof (for the misdemeanor offense) on the prosecution the law is virtually unenforceable.

      The law is designed not to stop criminals, just to piss off lawful gun owners!

      • Plus the bill as currently written requires serial numbers on post ban mags. Unbelievable, and unenforceable.

        Denver residents are still SOL, since 30 rounders are against city ordnance.

  15. Magazines with be grandfathered in. The burden will be on the prosecutor to prove it’s not a pre-banned magazine. Pretty much, unenforceable, but that’s not stopping it from being passed.

  16. Magpul just made a lifelong customer out of me. I can wait on my gen 3’s until they relocate 🙂

  17. I keep saying this, but OhGodOhGod I hope they move to Utah. Though I will need to work on my interview composure, I’m afraid at this point it would be me blubbering and bawling like a little girl “I’m so proud of you guys! Pleeeeease let me come work for a company I can be proud of!!”

    • If you do get hired by them some day….I want some clear gen3’s….just copy the Lancer material and make some good clear 30 round Gen 3’s ( love the lancers by the way )

      • First things first, I’m going to coax them into making some nice, reliable American 5.56 waffle mags so Bulgaria doesn’t get all my money.
        I’ll make the clear 30 rounders priority right after.

        …what? I can’t wet my beak?

  18. I may send them a check or contact them and give them $50 or $100 to cover shipping for 10-20 people who order mags. I can wait on magazines….can’t find ammo to fill them anyway.

  19. The determination of independent minded individuals will always trump the ignorance of an elitist-run tyrannical government.

  20. I think 10 is too many for a single purchase. They should have made it 5 at the most. As others have pointed out we will probably see a bunch of these for sale on E-bay from CO residents at a ridiculous profit. Some of them will probably be from the hunters that don’t support us and can care less if they have an AWB.

    I have noticed in the last few months that the gun community has a lot of a-hole types. Every store in this state with the exception of Sportsmans Warehouse has horrible customer service. It is obvious they don’t care about the 2A and are only in it for the money. I thought it was a NM thing, until you start talking to people online. There are some very good people, many on this board but unfortunately that does not seem to be the norm in the community. It really makes me think back on what I am fighting for and if it is really worth it. Especially when it feels like the majority doesn’t care either way, only think about themselves and what they shoot, are in it for the money, or they care but will cave to government at the first chance. For example this mag pul situation. We are excited and want more companies to join, only for Mag-Pul to be stabbed in the back as soon as they (CO Residents) start selling them at a profit online. IF that happens that is.

    • I see what you’re saying with the quantity being high, but for those people who would keep all of them, if the law is signed, that may be all they can get. Forever. If I lived in CO, I would want my lifetime supply to be more than ten.

      • Speaking as someone who lives in Colorado, I certainly agree! I currently have 8 Pmags, 6 D&H aluminum mags, and 1 Surefire 60. Adding 10 more Pmags will certainly help.

        On the other hand, I only have 5 25 round magazines for my 6.8 SPC upper. I’ll have to get more of those before July 1st.


  21. I think I’ll move to CO temporarily…

    Great to hear Magpul is standing up for our rights. I will continue to support them in the future!

  22. I’m sorry, but what is to stop anyone from getting their magazines from a free state? I looked on my Magpul magazines, and they don’t have a single shred of evidence that would locate them to a certain date or place of manufacture. (Except for “Made in USA” doesn’t say CO anywhere and mine were purchased long before any of this was in the pipes) I say continue to flood the market long after the ban takes effect!

    • Then we couldn’t sit in a circle and sing Kum-buy-ah. More feel good pablum. If Mgpul really meant business, thy should require a copy of a voter ID card proving the buyer is not a registered Democrat.

      • What’s your issue? Magpul is making real moves to support the 2A. Yes, their efforts could be taken advantage of, but I appreciate what they are doing. If I was stuck in CO I would be very excited to have 10 high quality Pmags at a good price. I’m happy about my recent Pmag purchase, and will probably get a Magpul cover for my iPhone 5. Magpul isn’t just about making a buck, and neither is anyone of substance.

        • My point is that their law is pointless, and that we shouldn’t be panicking over it, continue to flood CO (or any other freedom-hating state) before the ban, and continue to flood it after the ban. Eventually they’ll see the futility and give up the ban. (Maybe that is naively hopeful, but we should still try)

        • True for sure. The main sponsor of the IL conceal carry law is a Donk. You have to realize though that it is easy to paint all democrats as gun grabbers, because virtually all of their leadership ranks and most of the rank and file legislators are just that. I don’t have much sympathy for democrats who complain about it.

  23. This is awesome! I’m getting a lot of our friends who don’t even own AR15s to buy 10 each just to flood the market!

  24. And you now have my money for the rest of my life! I love it. Take a stand…..

    Re posting to my webpage.

  25. I have no problem waiting while Coloradans arm and supply up I applaud it.

    I live in Alaska where my legislature just may grant me my wish of slapping cuffs and planting my boot heel on the neck of the first BATFEces puke that dares cross the line.

    I am now and forever a Magpul customer.

  26. I have a bunch of 30 round P-mags and am waiting on some of the new 20 rounders but decided to go ahead and support them by purchasing new MOE handguard, buttstock, and grip in OD green for my latest build. Good company.

  27. That is exactly the strategy required to defeat an Gun or magazine ban. Absolutely flood the area with whatever they want to ban so that the ban is completely ineffective.

    They should also make a policy of destroying all shipping and address records so that in the future they can not be ordered by a court to give up any such records.

  28. Until Magpul pulls out of Colorado and puts a whole bunch of people on the state’s unemployment rolls, this is the finest FU that the company could manage. I love it.

  29. I love it. I have been a Magpul fanboy, of sorts, since I bought my first AR15 more than 3 years ago. They make solid, effective, and economically priced tools. I couldn’t be more proud of being a customer of theirs. Having just received a fresh 10 pack of Pmags a few days ago that I ordered on 12/30, I ordered up a plethora of Magpul accessories and furniture today to show my support for their actions. I sincerely hope that CO’s misguided attempt at legislating “behavior” goes by the wayside and Magpul can remain a profitable Colorado company, but if not, there are some empty factory type facilities in Wisconsin that’d likely suite their needs just fine!

  30. magpul released a statement which makes it clear they **WILL NOT** join the other manufacturers boycotting state government agencies from sales where civilians arent allowed to buy. (Law Enforcement loophole). Over one hundred companies have already pledged to support law abiding gun owners in states with restrictive laws, by not selling any product to law enforcement or state agents that civilians of that state cannot buy.

    Shame on magpul. I will never buy any of your products again.

    Tell your friends they do NOT support law abiding citizens in restrictive states.

  31. It looks like they have a “no BS” reason behind their lack of joining the boycott. I know that I’ll continue to support them.

    ” With our distribution model, it would be difficult to enforce such a blanket policy, and would be a symbolic gesture. Just as it is difficult to stop $50 and $100 PMAGs at the retail level from resellers that buy through multiple levels of distribution, stopping sales to specific end-users would be almost impossible for the same reasons . . .”

    ” On the other side of this, we have seen the efforts of the Larimer County Sheriff and others in the CO Sheriffs’ Association, who have been incredible advocates for the Second Amendment here in the fight we are currently in. If a ban passes, these guys would be the ones hurt, and the politicians wouldn’t care. They would also be on our side. On the same front, about 600 of the NYSP have come out in protest of the NY SAFE act and in support of responsible Citizens and the 2A, at the risk of losing their jobs, their retirement, and the safety of their families. Are these the guys that we want to punish? Lumping all individual officers together and wanting to punish them all is no different than politicians who want to punish responsible Citizens for the behavior of criminals. Would a check box on the LE/MIL order form affirming 2A support for all Citizens make a difference? How many out there click on “I Accept” for terms and agreements before an iOS update without reading or caring what they are? Would anyone NOT click such a box? Chuck Schumer would even click that box if he was trying to order PMAGs. (We wouldn’t ship that one.)”

  32. When can we buy these and from where, directly from Magpul? I want to make sure I place my order as soon as I can. Getting my 1st AR in a week, wish I had a few more. Working on finding amo next for AR (plenty of handgun and shotgun ammo).

  33. Hey, MAGPUL. . .

    Scoot on over to Mississippi where the citizens do not tolerate infringement. We just passed a improved version of an “Open Carry Law.” A holster in plain sight no longer “conceals” the firearm. 18 years old and not a felon.

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