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When Nick and I saw the swag box at the Magpul booth yesterday, I knew they couldn’t really be cigarettes. After all, who would want to ‘Take A Dragful Of Magpul’ in this anti-smoking age? Then I thought they were boxes of promotional Magpul crayons, just perfect for my daughter who loves Kalashnikitty, right?

Wrong. They’re way cooler than crayons: they’re Magpul’s 5.56 NATO dummy rounds!

Unlike smokes or crayons, they’re packed just twelve to the box. While some journos had grabbed a whole bag full, I restrained myself to just two boxes. I didn’t even get enough to load up a mag full of Magpul swag. I know, you’re thinking ‘waah…’ (and probably ‘enough with the bad puns already’…) since dummy rounds are usually used one or two at a time for malfunction drills. And they usually cost a buck each, plus shipping and handling.

One of these boxes I’m keeping; the other will be the prize for some yet-to-be-announced TTAG caption contest. 


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  1. This will look good next to the zombie ammo and other stuff on my shelf. I never thought I would like kitsch the way my parents did, but you can’t fight genetics.

    BTW, there’s no need to wait for the contest. They’re for sale now.

  2. As the biggest Magpul-Fanboy out there, I’ll do all manner of freaky/awkward things to aquire this swag. Even just the box with Drake’s beautiful mug on it.

  3. 5.56 crayons would be pretty cool. It’d be hilarious to see the stick in the butt crowd go crazy about them.

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