Magpul Slammed by American Lung Association. Or Not.

When Nick and I saw the swag box at the Magpul booth yesterday, I knew they couldn’t really be cigarettes. After all, who would want to ‘Take A Dragful Of Magpul’ in this anti-smoking age? Then I thought they were boxes of promotional Magpul crayons, just perfect for my daughter who loves Kalashnikitty, right?

NRA and Bling. Why Bother?

As you might have read elsewhere on TTAG, I’m a recently-minted Life Member of the NRA. If you attend an NRA confab, you’ll see several booths where they offer the opportunity to upgrade your membership, mention the NRA in your will, et cetera. You also get one big, honkin’ discount on the dues/fees. But wait…you […]