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[UPDATE: Magpul has since revised its policy.]

By John Boch

While nearly 100 companies have pledged to hold all purchasers of firearms and accessories to the standard of what’s available to everyday civilians, in what’s commonly known as the New York boycottArmalite and now Magpul have taken an opposing stand.  (See also The Police Loophole.) The good folks at Magpul have instead sided with Armalite against freedom and law-abiding American firearm owners – and what’s more, they’ve one-upped Armalite in their sales practices . . .

According to Magpul sales manager (in a post at Justin Beard:

 . . . our Distributors are allowed to sell to LEOs in ban states. Our founder has also said regarding LEO restrictions, “We have not considered such a move as we are not convinced that this tactic will have any effect on those in power (they will just buy Israeli or some other generic parts). It also adversely punishes street cops, local sheriffs and individual military members for the actions of those in power. The last thing we want to do is hurt those who support our cause.” 

So, we see that we can support Law Enforcement and Military members while standing up for our convictions and will continue to do everything in our power to protect our inherent rights. 

Yes, indeed. The last thing they want to do is hurt those who support “our” cause. Apparently, to Magpul, that means supporting those who will enforce unconstitutional restrictions on our Second Amendment rights.


As we said, Magpul has one-upped Armalite and, to add insult to injury, not only are they selling products to law-enforcement that are banned to civilians in those states, they have established an express lane for law enforcement “professionals” to get their standard-capacity PMAGs right away — even law enforcement officers in restricted access states such as New York that now ban sales of standard capacity magazines to civilians.

These law enforcement professionals will use these PMAGs in the course of their job-related activities to arrest and prosecute gun owners who were law-abiding at the end of 2012, but are no longer. Both military and law-enforcement can order up to ten PMAGs in this “express lane”.

From the Magpul website as reported by FN Forums:

Thank you for contacting us. During this period of high demand, we at Magpul are taking steps to ensure that Military and Law Enforcement professionals that use our products in their job-related activities can still obtain the magazines they need for on-duty use. To meet this need, we have set up a process for Mil/LE purchase of up to ten PMAGs per account from our website.

In order to participate in this program, go to: Magpul Industries Ecommerce.

– Create your login account and click the “Register” button to submit.

– Once you receive a Membership Confirmation e-mail from [email protected] reply directly back to it (RE: ) along with your name and unit or agency affiliation. Please respond using an official .mil or agency e-mail address, or provide other official identification to verify Military or LE status.

– If you already have a login account at, please just send an e-mail to [email protected] with your name, unit or agency affiliation as outlined above, and the e-mail address you used to sign up for the account.

It’s clear that Magpul believes in two classes of purchasers for their products. We sincerely wish them the best in selling to police and government agencies, wherever they may be.

John Boch is president of Guns Save Life. This post originally appeared at and is reprinted here with permission.

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  1. So let them buy foriegn parts. Who cares if the boycot actually slows them down or not, a symbolic gesture still shows some fv@%ing integrity!

    • Magpul is also flooding CO with pmags for residents. Putting them in front of the order line and offering $5 shipping. They will be expanding the program to other behind-enemy-line buyers as well.

      Give them credit for that!

    • If they actually believed in the Second Amendment, they would NOT allow LEO/Gov to purchase items that the public cannot. Why? Because the right of the public to own those items is grounded in the right of the public to protect itself from the LEO/Gov set. If they are intentionally arming that group better than The People, then they are intentionally subverting the Second Amendment and working against it in the most meaningful way.

      • By that logic, shouldn’t you at the very least boycott every gun maker that sells full auto weapons to the military and police? Lotsa boycotting to do.

        • If you want my personal opinion, it’s that actual “weapons of war,” meaning full-auto weapons intended for offensive purposes, are fine in the hands of our Federal military forces. I do not think police (or National Guard when acting within the U.S.) should have them if average citizens cannot. Maybe, maybe an exception for limited specialist groups that you could argue are offensive in nature and are used in only very specific circumstances, like SWAT and FBI HRT, but that’s a big “maybe.” I mean, normal citizens can own full auto once all of the restrictions and caveats are met, so if it were similarly difficult to obtain and use them for certain LEO/Govt groups within the U.S., I would not object.

          All that said, I didn’t mention a boycott. Where you draw the line for boycotting or not is totally subjective and none of my business. Free market and all. Do whatever the heck you want with your own money. I wouldn’t presume to suggest to you otherwise.

          Whether a boycott is justified or not doesn’t change my opinion that selling weapons to law enforcement that citizens are banned from possessing is a direct affront to the Second Amendment. Whether you believe the same applies to weapons sold to the Military or not is up to you. But… just because I did not take it to that level absolutely does not mean that the lesser level is wrong. It isn’t always an all-or-nothing scenario.

          Besides, we’ve already ceded all of the ground there. If we wanted full auto and rocket launchers and ICBM’s and claymores and hand grenades, we’d have a big battle ahead of us trying to get those rights (or get them back, as is the case for some of those things). For now, the right to purchase a machine gun has been essentially lost. So… it didn’t come up. As we are fighting right now for our right to continue purchasing and possessing standard capacity magazines and semi-automatic firearms, the choices manufacturers make related to these items is more pressing and pertinent.

        • With the exception of Glock, I pretty much cant afford products from companies that manufacture full autos for the US. Consider that an indirect boycott lol


    • This has been going on with almost every company for years in Ca. Suddenly it’s an issue when it affects you! What about all those Kommiefornia comments in the past, what happens in California will happen to everyone else eventually. 99% of these company’s that are supporting this never made this kind of a stand before but now that it pays follow suit. Barrett is one of the only companies that has always had this position not just now!

    • A-men. I am saving up for an ABS plastic printer. It’s 700.00. Hell, if I can do this, I’ll be printing all sorts of stuff. Spools are cheap too. I will have a printer by next year.

  2. Integrity and MagPul, it appears, are mutually exclusive. LET THEM sell to cops only! I don’t think they can sustain their business on those sales only. NO MORE MAGPUL. It apparently stands for “MAGazines for PULice”.

    • Bye bye Magfools. You’ve seen the last of my money and I’ll be spreading the word. You had a choice: support our Constitution or play the “sympethizer” and you chose poorly.

    • It’s worse than being hypocritical. Companies like Magpul are actually equipping the law enforcement officers who are already or will be directed to use deadly force to disarm us, citizens whose only “crime” is being armed.

      Make no mistake. In the states that are rabidly trying to disarm good citizens, Officer Friendly is not your friend. He/she is the person who will be pointing a gun (probably an AR 15!) at you and pulling the trigger if you refuse to give up your AR 15.

      For those people who think that last statement was harsh, it is the harsh truth. The Armed Intelligencia are often critical of civilian disarmament advocates because they don’t want to admit to themselves that violent criminals walk among us. Unfortunately, many armed citizens similarly don’t want to admit to themselves that many violent law enforcement agencies operate among us. Look at Southern California’s recent track record. First you have the Chief of Police who states that guns are not defensive weapons. Rather, police have them to intimidate and coerce citizens. Then of course we have the officers who shot dozens of rounds into two different pickup trucks that didn’t even match the make/color of a fugitive’s pickup truck — critically wounding an innocent citizen in the process. I don’t want anyone supplying firearms components to these types of agencies and neither should you!

      Making matters more confusing, we also have some agencies with integrity such as the numerous County Sheriffs who have publicly declared they will not enforce laws to confiscate firearms from citizens. Selling firearm components to them is fine and dandy.

      It sounds to me like it is time to gather investors and create a new — or expand an existing — U.S. firearms company that will not equip any entity that seeks to use deadly force to disarm citizens whose only “crime” is being armed.

  3. On one hand it seems Magpul thinks they’re too cool to have to support civilians. And at the same time they’re trying to thumb their noses at the Colorado politicians with their program to flood the state with standard capacity magazines.


    • Whether you agree with their policy or not, it is NOT about $. Magpul can sell every mag they make 10 times over to the private citizen market. Currently, they have a backorder of over 1 million mags. Carving out special privileges for LE does NOT put an extra dime in their pocket.

  4. “The last thing we want to do is hurt those who support our cause.”

    By making this statement and saying that you are willing to sell to “those that are better than citizens” you have just hurt those that support your cause. They are the very ones that supported your cause and was encouraging you to move out of CO.

  5. … It also adversely punishes street cops, local sheriffs and individual military members for the actions of those in power. The last thing we want to do is hurt those who support our cause. …

    What a bunch of assholes. Magpul can bite me.

  6. Well now this new dirty twist that makes one wonder! Graphically speaking as to which side of Obama’s pelvic region (anti gun agenda) Magpul favors. Butt roast, or Brat wurst with sauce and small taters. So Sorry I bought many of their mags.

  7. I know there are other companies that make polymer AR mags these days. What are some quality offerings from these outfits?

  8. Dan Zimmerman

    Please try to get an interview with Magpul’s management to get a their opinion.

    We have seen too many times that sales people or website operators do not actually represent the companies stance.


  9. Justin Beard (I can’t help but wonder if that’s a pseudonym based on Chris Costa…) made that statement a few days ago. As the sales manager, he’s not some kid working in the mail room shooting off his mouth. And he’s quoting the big shots.


  10. This is truly disappointing… Just as we thought Magpul was showing supreme integrity by getting ready to move out of CO, they show us their true colors by giving a big FU to the rest of us law abiding civilians. Hopefully the backlash from the firearms community is immense and people stop buying Magpul gear. Hit them where it hurts… the pocketbook.

    • This is why I don’t interfere with capitalism. Easy to take the money out of other people’s pockets and not your own.

      • And that shows how much you know about capitalism. Deciding to take your business somewhere else because you dislike the practices of a company are exactly the kind of thing capitalism is built on, not bending over and taking it. If Magpul doesn’t like it, then maybe they can stop doing what people dislike, otherwise they can go pound sand.

        • Yeah, we all get Capitalism, but I’m talking about all the wailing and gnashing of teeth of you bitche$ as you flail about day to day trying to decide who to boycott and who not to boycott. Just shut up and do business with whom you decide. I don’t need your guidance on where to purchase stuff. These companies are in the business of making money, not making you feel good.

  11. In all honesty, I have to say that I agree with MagPul. Police officers are not responsible for the creation of laws, they are responsible for making sure they’re followed. However, there is a concept called “officer discretion.” I believe that those officers who move to purchase the 10 PMags understand this, and when the chips go down, I think they will side with the gun supporters. By refusing to provide these officers with equipment, we are stripping them of their ability to help our cause as well as alienating them and making those officers who already support us feel unwanted. We need to realize that we shouldn’t be fighting against the very people who decide if they will enforce a gun ban or not, but the people who make a gun ban a reality.

    • Or LE’s nationwide can do like the sheriffs and publically state they will not enforece bogus laws. “Right and wrong” trump “legal and illegal”.

      • Exactly,
        The point is to get the all of the local LEO unions to fight against citizen disarmament, and to get them to refuse to enforce laws that are clearly wrong.

    • I agree. It’s fine to lash out at the governmental entities, but the average cop leaves the house with no bigger aspiration than to make it home and see his or her family that night. Depriving them of what the bad guys may have seems spiteful and wrong.

      • Except that the average cop IS a member of the government as one of their agents. They are the ones who kill people who do not deserve it and are supported by their department and prosecutors. They are the ones who will kick down doors to confiscate guns.

        • I can tell you right now that no officer ever wants to kill anyone. It is a last resort that no one ever wants to face. And yes, average street officers will be the ones supposed to kick down doors and take guns. Most street officers are just like any of us, in that they fully support the second amendment, and yes, will put their job on the line rather than knowingly do something morally wrong. It won’t be the chiefs and PR officers who suck up to the politicians who’ll be out on the street deciding whether or not to confiscate firearms, it’ll be people like us.

    • It is true that the police are not the ones making the laws but they are enforcing them and that is UNCONSTITUTIONAL. I have no problem with companies selling to LEOs or military personnel who have openly spoken out against theses laws, but that is not whats happening. LEOs who are enforcing these laws are getting special treatment by Magpul and Armalite. IMO this is a big middle finger to the civilians that are being oppressed by these laws and the LEOs enforcing them.

    • Those dirty jackbooted thugs with badges will just take their ten packs and scalp them on GB, then turn around for ten more to bear down on the uppity peasantry.

      Magpul isn’t down for the struggle. They’re in it for the dollar, which is what it is. They’re war profiteers in Civil War II, and history is watching.

      • Magpul has made money selling to LE agencies all along, so has Armalite. Armalite even sells sniper rifles to the Canadian military. You can dislike it, but folks should not call them traitors. They were never on the side you’re representing to begin with.

        I think a lot of the companies and people behind this LEO boycott don’t really understand what they are suggesting. You are budding anarchists, some of you are probably in full bloom, but many are not and as this gets bigger you will find out how the system feels about people with ‘ideas’ like yours.

        You may have a point about cops scalping PMAGs. But I think even if a significant number of police are doing such things, there are still plenty of cops that ‘need’ mags. But then again… how often do cops actually use their ARs? How often does anyone fire an AR in anger in the CONUS on a given day? Not very damn often.

        Gun manufacturers do not have to be your friends. Magpul makes damn fine products and people will keep buying them as long as they are available. If you boycotters really expected all of the big players to go along with this little grassroots idea of yours, you belong on fantasy island where you can alert Ricardo Montalban that the plane has arrived.

        • You are budding anarchists, some of you are probably in full bloom, but many are not and as this gets bigger you will find out how the system feels about people with ‘ideas’ like yours.

          1. Sounds like a threat.
          2. Sounds like you’d enjoy seeing them deal with “people with ideas” like ours.
          3. FOAD

          I’ll do my best not to support companies who continue to serve the king’s men when they’re acting as agents of a tyrannical state.

          This serf will be buying his crossbows and bolts from companies who don’t favor the knights above the rest of his fellow peasants.

    • And when the chips go down, I think they will side with the gun supporters. By refusing to provide these officers with equipment, we are stripping them of their ability to help our cause as well as alienating them and making those officers who already support us feel unwanted.

      Please tell me how a cop shooting an unarmed person or some other absurd abuse of force is “helping our cause”? Nothing that the police do during their daily job is “helping our cause” because their job is to take away people’s rights, not to protect them.

    • There’s also the fact that the author of this article is lumping active-duty military in with LAPD and NYPD. Seriously? The military is your biggest ally in the fight against gun control. We’re young, from what I’ve noticed we almost all universally despise these new gun laws, and we’re spread across the political spectrum. The only thing better than a Republican gun owner is a Democrat gun owner.

      Much of the military represents the latest demographic of gun owners because we’ve been handling weapons for a while. I got bit by the “scary black rifle” bug when I found out just how much fun shooting can be (first time I used a rifle was in basic). A ton of veterans like AR-15s because they resemble the weapon they carried in Afghanistan. They’re used to it and they like it.

      And now you’re going to say that Magpul should stop supporting the military? Really?

      Sounds to me like the author of this article is butthurt that AD military has a way to jump the queue.

    • You have far more faith in me that people will choose to be outcasts and outlaws over their job and benefits if it comes down to it.

      The excuse of “We don’t make the law, we just enforce it.” is complete BS! Why is it that every time they announce one of these laws they’re flanked by LEOs in uniform? How many LEO org’s actively lobby for these restrictions that will make their job “safer and easier”? Silence = consent when it comes to legislation. LEOs and their org’s COULD speak out against the legislation, but the only time they say anything (excepting some sheriffs) is when the law-makers forget to exempt LEOs from the law(s).

      • I do have more faith because I have been told by many officers that they will do what they have to do to support the 2A; they swore to protect the Constitution and America’s citizens from the forces of evil, which include those who try to limit our rights as human beings.

        And those officers you see flanking politicians as they announce laws? They aren’t regular road cops who work the streets every day, they represent the brass in police departments. They do anything to earn brownie points with politicians.

        You say LEOs could speak out against these legislations, but to have one officer say something here and there will accomplish nothing, and it’s not the easiest task in the world to organize a group of people large enough to be able to represent a road officer’s perspective on the 2A.

      • In response and defense of your statement,”revolutionary” I was just following orders didn’t work too well at the Nurburging trials for the nazis,so it deffanatly won’t work here.

  12. I believe this company just back stabbed the American gun owner. I think they were bribed by the stink-en liberals and democrats and bought off, i guess there following the devils foot prints after all. We Americans must boycott them then. Do not buy a thing from this company. They walk in the presidents shoes.(saddly)

    • Really? They were bribed by the liberals? Walking in the president’s shoes?
      They are threatening to leave Colorado and spend hundreds of thousands of their own money in relocation costs because they have caved in?

      Think about it. Not likely.

      I think those commenting here need to take 24 hours before their emotions get carried away. Be rational.

      • They are threatening to leave Colorado and spend hundreds of thousands of their own money in relocation costs because they have caved in?

        As Magpul explicitly stated in their letter to the Colorado government, they fear a boycott of gun owners from around the country if they didn’t move. They aren’t moving out of some ideological principle, they’re moving to keep their customers happy.

        • Then they might as well stay in Colorado, and save the money. Selling to LEOs and agencies in infringing states will see their support amongst private buyers dry completely up, hopefully.

          Let them sell ONLY to LEOs and agencies, then. We’ll keep an eye on them. Once the day is won, they’ll be out of business for good.

  13. Don’t be silly. Magpul does waaaay to much business with all sorts of LEO and military organizations to participate in this noble, but marginal boycott fad that’s going on. It’s not even a remote possibility for them.

    • LE represents 15% of total weapons industry sales in the US. We represent 60%. Who, again, has a bigger financial club to wield?

      • Yes, but I’d be surprised if more than 1% of that 60% gave a fuck about this enough to actually boycott magpul.

        Colt will not boycott LEO sales, nor will Glock. Suppressor companies won’t either. Same with S&W and Ruger, because they have shareholders.

        I applaud the companies that do close the police loophole, but let’s not get hysteric about the 98% of companies that don’t.

    • From what I’ve read they are actually banned by some military orgs because their mags don’t work so well with select fire rifles. I seem to remember a post here some months back to that effect.

      • Actually, they work just fine in the M4. The problem is they do not fit in the squad automatic weapon. The military brass doesn’t want the troops carrying mags that cannot be handed over to their machine gunner. For compatability issues, it makes sense.

        • Correction: MADE sense until the advent of the PMag GenM3. Older PMags wouldn’t fit in the HK 416s or M27s mag wells since they was built a little too tight. EMags and the above mentioned GenM3s resolve that issue entirely, however.

  14. Good lord you people are bitchy. They are a company that sells to LEO and military folks. The rest of us are just extra bonuses. Boycotting isonly going to make Colt, and FN more contracts.

    • I was thinking the same thing – I suspect this is necessitated by MagPul’s business model. And if they have to do this to stay in business, then it sucks, but that’s reality. I don’t think anyone wants to see them go under, no matter how objectionable some may find their stance on this matter.

  15. I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt since they done some cool stuff in the past.

    However, if it is true, some people are saying we should accept special privileges for the better class in the hope they won’t get mad and remember us when things get bad?

  16. Criticizing Magpul because they won’t force their distributors from selling to LEO in NY is very similar to having the government give us arbitrary restrictions and regulations. We don’t want that, and if I was a Magpul distributor, I wouldn’t want Magpul telling me how to run my business!!

    Another request for us to inspect our motives: this “boycott” won’t really do any good, it just makes us feel better about ourselves and our cause. This can be likened to the Ms Feinstein’s attempt to ban “assault weapons” — it won’t really change crime, but makes people in power feel better about having taken some action.

    A week ago, the gun culture praised Magpul for sticking to their words in potentially leaving Colorado. They have now continued an existing business practice, and now these people in the comments are the wafflers — turning on what a “great American business” a week ago and turning their pithy and trivial comments against them.

    I rarely troll, but will here —- be mature and grow up. I would like to see anyone here in the comments that owns a PMAG make a video of them destroying it because they no longer want to support a company like Magpul. In other words, people are trolling their opinions, but aren’t willing to put their money where their mouth it. They are armchair quarterbacks who are not contributing to positive gun culture.

    Magpul will survive, or die. Doesn’t matter. It won’t make a difference in NY gun restrictions (or CA, etc).

    • Clearly you haven’t been paying attention to what’s happening here in NY and the effectiveness of rallying together for a common purpose.

      A huge movement on both the boycott front and grass roots “communication bombing” of legislators at the county level have put huge pressure on Cuomo and his cadre of boot lickers. As of 2/27/13, 50 of the 62 NY counties have either already passed resolutions asking for the repeal of the so-called SAFE Act or will be voting for repeal in the coming weeks. (

      This coupled with the legal challenges (which have resulted in an injunction effective 4/29 if the state cannot prove these laws are constitutional) clearly demonstrate what can be accomplished through sacrifice (the law team is working pro bono) and hard work. Sacrifices that Magpul is apprently not willing to make. Moving their operation will probably cost them less then you think with the incentives they’ll receive from whichever state they end up in.

      And don’t forget the hit S&W and Ruger took due to their stands during the first AWB. Don’t kid yourself, many folks WILL toss their PMAGS and not give it a second thought.

    • We can all agree that Magpul should have just not said anything regarding this. No one is boycotting or demonizing Glock, Colt, Ruger, for not .

      Lets be absolutely clear on what has happened here.
      Waffling = action or statements inconsistent with stated views/position

      Magpul states they will not do business in a state where their product cannot be sold to the general public of that state. Originally, it wasn’t going to be legal to even produce a 30 round mag in state until that was OOPS amended.

      To further support the people of Colorado a preferential sale of up to 10 mags plus shipping will be instituted.

      Magpul later states it will continue to provide products to every government agency regardless of those agencies stance or enforcement of gun/magazine laws. And give those very agencies at least the same preferential treatment offered to Colorado citizens.

      So the confusing message comes off as “yay business first?” Then woot 2nd amendment as long as it doesn’t interfere with yay business?

      I get they have to protect their interests. They are in it, like every other business, to be profitable.

      Stephen D., maybe you don’t troll, but if you don’t understand who is actually doing the waffling, then stop arguing. If you apply this to any other situation outside of guns or rights, it still comes off a waffling.

      Please stop, you’re sounding like a shill.

    • While I do appreciate that people should take a breath, Magpul was fully aware of their ‘business model’ last week when they made their first announcement. They made the announcement anyways (with more than a likely certainty of how it would affect their bottom line. Magpul is in the business to make a profit.). Now, inexplicably, they do a 180, and fall back on their ‘business model’?

      First “we’re not going to sell to LEO/gubmint types in NY et al.” Fine. Laudable.

      Second, “we’re going to move out of CO if our state legislature passes anti-gun bills.” Fine. Laudable.

      Then, “Oh, but we can’t hurt the ’cause’ by depriving LEO/gubmint types of our products, even in states that pass/have unconstitutional gun control laws. And we’ll still keep the LEO/gubmint loophole in effect.” Huh? Schizophrenic at best, and a stab in the back at worst.

      If Magpul and others want to sell to LEO/Gov, fine. Money is money. But principles (and I could have sworn that Magpul was showing theirs) do end up costing money. Better that Magpul never spoke up or against the LEO/Gov loophole, than this blinkered betrayal.

      And another thing. If an LEO is going to fire on American citizens and infringe upon the Constitution, they were going to do so before these firearms/accessories companies even opened their pie holes. Having an LEO’s principles (in NY or CO or anywhere) be so flexible that they will suddenly decide, now (or at least in the last week or so), to fire on American citizens and infringe upon the Constitution, simply because they can’t get exclusive rights and access to weapons/accessories that American citizens can’t is foolish talk.

      Those LEO/Gov types that weren’t going to fire on American citizens, won’t fire on American citizens. And those that were/would fire on American citizens, will not be fazed by these companies and their, for the moment, principled stances.

      The “cause” is upholding and defending the Constitution of the United States, from all enemies, foreign and domestic. The “cause” must never be about making money over having/defending principles. One either has principles or they don’t (be it a company or an individual).

  17. I just bought a Magpul trigger guard and MIAD grip for my AR-15, and I felt so f-ing cool. I was planning to get a stock in a week or two. Now I feel like a dumbass. Thanks Magpul.

  18. If and when I ever get those PMAGs I ordered back around Christmas, I expect at least one of ’em will spontaneously combust, just like my Wounded Warrior T-shirt.

  19. I thought that prohibiting LE sales in ban states was a great idea right up until my state became a possible ban state.

    Most of the sheriffs here, and lots of their deputies, are very pro-2A, and having them be penalized makes me think twice about it. Maybe stop sales to the State government, but the average deputy sheriff is a different thing.

    Just thinking out loud.

    • It’s a difficult situation. All these exemptions for LEOs and retired LEO really are a divide and conquer strategy — a way to get them not to care, because those restrictions will never hurt them. Like hunters, they’re special. (Right up until they’re not.)

      So how do you make the gun prohibition lobby feel the sting of their own hypocrisy without hurting good guys? I’m not sure it’s possible.

        • I will likely continue to purchase Magpul, I do not agree with the position in it’s entirety but I can respect it for what it is..

          I am of the mind however that making LEOs feel the pinch and thus have some real stake in the game would and is being highly effective.. I can also see where they would just switch mag brands..

          Again I respect their call but respectfully disagree on their belief of its ineffectiveness should they boycott.. They are the big name in mags, if they say no or start shipping blocked/limited mags it sends the message

      • It’s not about making the grabbers feel anything.

        It’s about making damn sure the police unions hear loud-and-clear from their members that the proposed legislation is really goddamn bad, and the police union needs to step up and say so in public.

        So long as there’s an exemption for active-duty and retired LE, they’re going to think “we’ve got ours, doesn’t affect us, why take a position on it?”

  20. I was more than a little curious about this. I recently purchased 3-30 round MagPul mags from a police – only store in CA from recently re-supplied stock. I can use these mags at work or out of state. Our agency uses Magpul and GI mags, but has not officially made any pro or con statements regarding AWB and additional gun laws. I know that Magpul supplies a lot of police nationwide, and I feel that their products are more reliable than GI aluminum mags. After all the talk about moving out of Colorado, I though Magpul would have taken a more aggressive stance in support of the 2A.

    This whole “police loophole” is a dilemma. I have no desire to artificially limit myself to low capacity magazines for the sake of a politician who is protected by standard capacity magazines at taxpayer expense. Magazine laws are a downhill slope – New York’s “brave” move to limit capacity to 7 rounds with no grandfathering clearly points to incremental restrictions and outright bans. Soon, 7 rounds will be too many.

    And since I’ve used my AR to look for some truly bad people, I would just as soon go into the fray with a reasonable amount of ammo, as would any reasonable person in a self defense situation.

    • Just curious…i would like to get a few takes from cops on what they would do if they came across a law abiding citizen with an “illegal mag”? Would you look the other way as it does sound like you are pro 2A? Just wondering and not trying to start anything.

    • I don’t think anyone would argue that when your life is on the line you want the best equipment possible.

      That goes for other civilians as well.

      As a soldier who bought about a thousand dollars worth of personal equipment to replace various GI lowest-bidder POS’ during OIF ’04 I completely understand your position (in fact, all my magazines were equipped with aftermarket MagPul no tilt followers as soon as they were available.)

      The problem is that these laws make the non-LEO population, quite literally, “second class citizens” with regard to their 2A rights. They also reinforce the us-vs.-them mentality some LE agencies and LEOs express behind closed doors, but not in front of the public.

      To quote Blade Runner – “If you’re not a cop, you’re little people”

      I’ve seen enough of your posts to know you don’t feel that way personally, but I’m sure you are aware those guys are out there.

      As a soldier, I got paid to accept risk so civilians would not have to. No sane person ever wanted to roll around in a high threat environment. Being a peace officer works the same way. If you want the authority and responsibility, the risk comes with the job. And the job doesn’t make the officer better than any other citizen.

      • DJ, your explanation of the social stratification of society was straight to the point. There are Police Chiefs in major cities that do not believe that private citizens should own firearms. I just hope that the Law Enforcement community realizes that eventually these laws will also catch up to them when some political elite decides that off duty and retired officers no longer need specific weapons and magazines for their personal use. No disrespect meant to those law enforcement types out there, and on this board.

    • I’m not sure what the “dilemma” is Accur. The whole thing is bull$hit to me, so no dilemma.

      Yesterday you say to me:

      “What’s your issue? Magpul is making real moves to support the 2A. Yes, their efforts could be taken advantage of, but I appreciate what they are doing. If I was stuck in CO I would be very excited to have 10 high quality Pmags at a good price. I’m happy about my recent Pmag purchase, and will probably get a Magpul cover for my iPhone 5. Magpul isn’t just about making a buck, and neither is anyone of substance.”

      I have no issue. I stay out of capitalism’s way. Then I don’t have to change my mind every day on the “morality” of a company in the business of making money. I understand they are in that business first, and act accordingly.

      • You’re absolutely right – I did say that. Believe it or not, I was hoping that Magpul would start putting the pressure on anti-freedom politicians by limiting the availability of their magazines. They did say much about leaving Colorado. I also appreciate that they want to sell to CO citizens who might otherwise be screwed over by zealous politicians who want to “protect” gun owners from themselves. As far as I know, that is still in full effect.

        I believe capitalism, overall, is the best system we’ve got. I thought Magpul was taking things a step further. After all, the civilian market (or whatever you want to call it) will gladly snap up mags all over the US at prices that aren’t discounted.

        I guess I wanted to see anti-freedom police chiefs staring into a glaring supply issue caused by manufactures who don’t want to deal with their BS. Yet I obviously don’t want individual police officers to be in danger, and I’m not lying about carrying standard cap mags. I just wish there was a better way to fire up police unions in support of freedom without causing danger to the cop on the street. I’m not sure if I’m even making sense because I’ve just consumed a fair amount of scotch.

        • I hear you Accur. Your opinion is in the right place morally. But, if Magpul won’t sell to cops, 100 other companies are chomping at the bit to fill their void. Just Capitalism.

    • And since I’ve used my AR to look for some truly bad people, I would just as soon go into the fray with a reasonable amount of ammo, as would any reasonable person in a self defense situation.

      Translation: “Know your place, citizen!”

        • I tell you what – try being someone who doesn’t have a union preventing them from being held responsible for their actions and defend yourself against violent assailants, then defend yourself against a liberal prosecutor and judge in court.

          You choose to do what you do for a paycheck, no one made you do it. Don’t claim that your life is “so hard” because of what you voluntarily choose to do.

        • The last time I checked, unions aren’t out in the field, so I’ll pass on any of your tactical advice.

        • You completely prove our points about LEOs somehow thinking they’re “special” because of the job they signed up to do. Rather than stand up to the legislatures in solidarity with all of us as Americans, your Org’s support the bills, so long as they exempt police, thus creating and perpetuating “Seperate but (un)equal” status quo. As long as cops get what they want, they give zero f**ks about the rights of others. Your comments reinforce that.

        • And you ignored mine. You’re tactical advice is worthless, and I’m pro – 2A, and oppose magazine bans. I’d ask you what else you want, but I really don’t care.

        • Your “tactical” advice was the Police need whatever they want and that peasants don’t. That’s not “advice”, that’s proving why LEO’s are not our friends.

        • And I never said that. Pay attention. I said that any reasonable person in a dangerous situation would want standard capacity magazines. I’ve been in dangerous situations, and wanted more ammo not less. The responsible man or woman protecting his or her family should have the same. Stop projecting this elitist attitude on me. Once again, I do not support magazine bans. I must have said that at least a dozen times on this website (also that i dont support Feinstein and BHO on civilian disarmament). I’m a pro-freedom individual, but you are free to believe whatever you want.

        • You don’t support bans, but you support LEO exemptions to bans, which is exactly what I was bringing up earlier.

  21. I think we should focus on anti 2nd amendment legislation and all the enemies of the constitution. Fighting against pro 2nd amendment firearm companies is a waste of time. I don’t think this site needs to join the liberal media in trying to make good companies look bad. Magpul is a great company, I don’t have anything against them as they are even planning on leaving Colorado because of legislation. I just think our attention would be better spent other places then trying to divide us against some of the great firearm industries of the nation.

  22. OMG, the cognitive dissonance is going to blow some people’s minds. They won’t be able to figure out whether to love Magpul for their “we’ll leave Colorado” stance or hate them for this.

    OMG. OMG.

    • I figure it comes out neutral to mildly positive in Magpul’s favor, all things considered.

      They’re going to extraordinary measures to supply citizens threatened with mag bans.

      They’re doing the same for LEOs and military who may depend on their equipment to keep them alive, though for good reason we would like those LEOs to feel the pain of the restrictions inflicted on private citizens.

      So far, it balances to neutral.

      But wait, they will likely move out of CO in response to any ban, taking jobs and tax revenue with them. I don’t see any other major players doing this.

      Point goes to Magpul.

    • They won’t be able to figure out whether to love Magpul for their “we’ll leave Colorado” stance or hate them for this.

      Not if they really read Magpul’s “we’re leaving” letter. They explicitly stated that they’d likely face a huge nationwide boycott if they didn’t move even if they were allowed to still manufacture in Colorado – this is all about *money*. They don’t give a damn about gun owners or the Second Amendment, they only care about the money.

  23. Really guys? Boycotting a company because they aren’t taking part in your little activism even when they are staging their own (more effective, IMO) protest? Whatever. More awesome magazines for me.

  24. Now that the AR ban in NY will soon be lifted due to the work of some excellent lawyers, I will gladly remove the Magpul accessories from my AR and replace them with those from true Patriotic companies.

    • MDFalco,
      I keep challenging those criticizing Magpul to destroy their PMAGs in protest. Somehow, I don’t think these wannabe protesters will put their money where their mouth is.

      And you reminded everyone “Together we stand, divided we fall.” Will you encourage other anti-Magpullers to destroy theirs too?

      I’m with Jester.

      • Stephen:

        Being a NY resident, PMAGS were always illegal for us “civilians” to own. LEO’s could freely buy and use them. I wouldn’t ask anyone to destroy their PMAGs. That’s their own choice.

        However, where my problem lies is with the “better than civilian” status of those that protect the legislators who put the laws in place, regardless of the will of the people.

        I don’t want to see any LEO hurt in the line of duty but the main reason the LEO’s (and retired LEO’s in NY) are able to secure exemptions to the onerous laws “civilians” must follow, is due to their powerful unions. What politician will deny his protectors the best equipment possible?

        I would like to see the LEO’s use their collective bargaining power to help ALL the citizens of anti-2A states, not just themselves.

  25. Well that is a shame. Iliked the magpul bits and pieces I have.

    Now they will have to be melted down and flung like poo at the nearest hippie.

    • As “objectionable” as this move may seem, it doesn’t change the construction, performance, or utility of their existing products. Everything about the M16 from the action to the ammunition was designed to vaporize any Communist guerilla within 300m. Vice-versa with the AK-47. Didn’t stop the NVA or Muqtada al-Sadr from carrying ARs or GIs from scooping up AKMs. Or from everything from Nagants to SKSs to Skorpions being scooped up with glee by damn near every gun owner in America.

      The day you even put a magnifying glass to your MOE stock or MIAD grip is the day the US government reveals that the world actually DID end on December 21st, but they just covered it up.

  26. This wouldn’t be as bad if they hadn’t made the big statement of support with the talk of moving out and all that. Probably after the bean counters got done with their predictions they had to walk it back a bit.

    There seems to be a lot of anger and even hate directed towards law enforcement here. I spent time in LE myself and know first hand a lot of it is well deserved, but there are also a lot of dedicated LEO’s that take their oaths seriously and will even give a gun guy a break if they can. Those are the guys that won’t be part of any unconstitutional gun confiscation, it wouldn’t help the cause to strain that relationship by insisting they not have equipment they need. My experience is mainly in the Midwest and I know it is much different on the coasts and in the larger cities.

    This is going to be a long fight and we should be careful not to put our friends in difficult positions.

    • The police were the ones who created the problem by declaring war on the US population and deciding that anyone not working for the government is “the enemy”. Also, when their job is to enforce unconstitutional laws at the point of a gun, you better be damn sure I’m going to be angry.

  27. If any of you are thinking about throwing your Magpul accessories away (or destroying them or burning them or silliness like that), feel free to send them my way. I like free shit.

  28. I live in CO. I want Magpul to flood the market here and provide me with my extra 10 mags before that proposed legislation passes.

    Other than that, I could care less who else they sell to.

    I will not judge them. They are in a very difficult position right now with difficult choices you would not have to make yourselves.

  29. Sometimes we have to step back and assess the whole situation.
    We could have used Magpul in the fight but instead of dumping them or putting them in hyper defense mode that comes when besieged.
    Instead of yelling obscenities at them, we could put forth that which would win them over. It may take some time for Magpul to work out what is right and what is not.
    Maybe we could convince Magpul, as a condition of sale, to have all LEOs sign a re-pledge of loyalty to the Constitution and 2A with some literature explaning what that means. That may activate something political in the LEO’s mind. In turn push it up and up until lawmakers get the idea that they may be the ones spawning insurrection.

  30. Seriously guys??? Magpul has been very standup IMO. Our LEO’s need to be armed. They are people, with families. They are in much more danger than the average person. I am saddened that you guys think that Magpul is selling out by keeping our front line (military and LEO) armed. We don’t want to cut off our noses to spite our faces.
    I think Magpul made a smart decision in doing this. They are supporting what is just plain RIGHT, while giving the state of Co the middle finger by flooding the market with mags.

    Turning your back on a company that has your back when they really don’t have to is selling out IMO. Give the guys a break. Instead of wasting time bashing a company that is clearly on our side, you could be spending your time writing your elected officials.

    • If they’re so worried about getting hurt in the line of duty (what duty — enforcing unconstitutional gun laws?) then they should find a different line of work. That way, when the bullets start flying, they’re not in the way. We’ll know who the enemy is, by the uniforms they wear.

    • I am saddened that you guys think that Magpul is selling out by keeping our front line (military and LEO) armed.

      I’m saddened that people like you are so horribly brainwashed into thinking that they are our friends. They are the front line – the front line of our oppressors. When the order comes to kick down doors and confiscate guns, who will be performing the raids? The military and LEO’s. When they decide that any political dissidents need to be sent to “re-education camps”, who will be rounding them up and imprisoning them? The military and LEO’s. When they pick an arbitrary number and say that you need to spend 20 years in jail for violating that arbitrary number, who is the one dragging you to a cell at the point of a gun? The military and LEO’s.

      Those who work for the government are the enemy of the American people, not their defenders.

    • How does one boycott those companies if one already has one of their products – in a climate where selling and buying something else not an easy feat?…..

      • If you want to boycott, just sell any products of theirs that you have. You will no longer have your concience burdened and Magpul has one less sale on their books.

        • Run over their products with your vehicle. Video the destruction and submit to RF. I would love to see some of you guys put YOUR money here your mouths are, when it’s actually your money and not Magpul’s.

  31. They will just be sucking on Obama tits just to make him happy and kissing up to those DEMOcRATS ass. By not FOllowing what they originally Pledged.

    I don’t want to hurt the good cops but the bad cops that are unconstitutional! yes they must go! If they try to take away are rights.

    • “Firearm owners do not forget.”

      {Cough} Bullshit {Cough}

      It’s really easy to draw the line and say “I’m never buying an Armalite” for most people who would never buy an Armalite anyway. When it comes to Magpul gear, I’m going to say that approximately 95% of people who say they’ll “never buy Magpul again” are 100% full of shit.

    • I have to disagree since I remember Bill Ruger Sr’s testimony and see the success Ruger enjoys even after that.

  32. So many people ready to make assumptions and jump to conclusions. I still love Magpul. They are a good company that has integrity and stands behind their principles, despite some of the other opinions listed here. I will continue to buy their great products!

  33. Does anyone have any REAL data as to what percentage of their sales or profits are to LE? Otherwise we do not have enough information regarding their actions to judge.

    E.g., if only 10% of their sales are to LE, then they have just generated an enormous amount of ill-will from the other 90% of their customers. But if most of the $$$ come from LE, than they would be foolish to drop those sales.

  34. Hating on MP like this is really foolish. They are moving their entire operation. This is more than likely enormously expensive. They have employees to support and demands to rise up to. Even a 10-15% reduction in revenue could break their system.

    Relax guys, think it through, and remember that their giving CO the finger will make STATES realize the impact of their legislation. This push against our civil rights won’t be won on the federal level until the majority of states are in agreement.

    If the grab is serious, they will set up to actually amend the 2nd. 2/3 of both houses, and 3/4 of the states. The battles will need to be won locally, then nationally. Vote every election. Research your candidates. Attend public forums on important legislation. Get off your asses and get involved. Complacency is the fuel of bad legislation.

    • Rham, they said quite clearly that they would move their business due to fear of a boycott if they didn’t. They aren’t moving because they give a damn about the Second Amendment, they are moving because they’re afraid they’ll lose most of their customers if they don’t.

  35. It probably wouldn’t be easy to try to control who their distributors sell to. I think they should definitely take LEOs in ban states out of their express lane. I DO NOT think we should boycott them though, because we should be getting all the 30 round magazines we can into circulation.

  36. Interesting. On the one hand Magpul states that they cannot stay in a state that will not let its own employees buy the product that they manufacture. On the other hand, they are still willing to sell their products to government agencies that currently enforce laws that are similar to the ones that Colorado is about to enact. Where are they going to go if a federal ban is enacted?

    • Nowhere. Magpul has a secure worldwide market selling to the government of every nation that uses NATO-spec firearms. That obviously includes the US.

      Keep in mind that they can also make smaller magazines, as repugnant as that thought may be. In a crazy world where Congress manages to ban >10-round mags for civilian use or possession, Magpul would do very very well selling 10-rounders to everyone who had to turn in their standard mags.

      They win no matter what, which is why I respect them all the more for taking steps to oppose the dilution of 2A rights for private citizens.

  37. One fight at a time, I suppose. I do know that they have had this LEO “fast lane” thing going for a bit.
    I get it, business is business, and cops are people too, even if they tend to forget that, but I would’ve thought a company struggling to find a new home would be a little more cautious about the company the keep (or don’t, in this case.)

  38. You band wagon fans can hate on them all you want. In the mean time I will be buying up all the pmags for my friends and family that I can before I flee Colorado.

  39. ” It also adversely punishes street cops, local sheriffs and individual military members for the actions of those in power. The last thing we want to do is hurt those who support our cause.”

    The issue isn’t punishing the grunts, it’s putting pressure on the higher-ups from the masses that they employee. If you’re a Chielf, and every single one of your employees is calling for your removal from office… it has some sway.

  40. Here is a thought, instead of complaining on this site…which does no good. Write Magpul. Flood their email boxes. Write a letter and mail it. Call them and leave a message.

    • Shawn:

      Why? If Magpul won’t sell to cops, 10 other companies will step up to fill the void. One word: Capitalism.

        • Capitalism isn’t just a company providing a good or service. It’s also the public deciding if they want that good or service from them. So while it’s true that MP selling to whoever is capitalism, it’s equally true that customers deciding not to buy from MP is also capitalism.

        • Oh, I understand Capitalism. Quite well. Walk into my business and tell me I need to exclude a certain segment of my customers, which includes LEOs, based on your criteria. I will laugh, tell you to kiss my a$$ and show you the door. Try it in your hometown. Walk into 10 businesses and ask for a manager. Request they stop serving LEO members. Then ask them to put out a public memo as to whether or not they will serve LEOs. Watch as all 10 say “NO”, at varying levels of politeness, and get your whiny butt back out their front door as quickly as possible. THAT, my fellow commenters, is Capitalism, at the supply side. We decide how to run our businesses, not the whiny, pain-in-the-a$$es who come in once in a while.

  41. How do you punish the dirty, traitorous pigs who openly support the banning of firearms to civilians if you sell to law enforcement (who also have pro-gun police, who should be standing up and rooting out the bad piggies)?

  42. I will still buy MagPul AND Armalite thanks to your drivel.

    You self-serving fucks that want to destroy every good firearm or accessory company can kiss me where the cheeks meet. FLAME DELETED

    • I just want to point out that I think that you buying from those companies “thanks to [our] drivel” is not a whole lot different than NOT buying from them because the wharrgarbl on the internet told you to. Either way, you’re letting someone else determine your actions.

  43. Just to follow the train of logic of not supporting companies who sell to government agencies that want to infringe our rights, why is no one jumping all over Nick Leghorn for being on Team FNH USA now that FN is making the M4 for the US government while the Senate is debating a new AWB?

    That makes about as much sense as getting butthurt because Magpul will still sell PMAGs to individual LEOs.

  44. So many reactionaries here.

    Not one day ago were we all singing Magpul’s praises and now they are somehow part of the problem? Are they the fair weather friends or are we?

    Gawd. I look at the majority of comments here and it’s really no wonder why public opinion is against us.

  45. shame to see this happen i thought magpul was one of the good guys but it seems as with anything money rules over rights because if it still puts money in your pocket who cares rights?

  46. Jesus, not this bullshit again.

    Right because its perfectly reasonable to alienate loyal law enforcement customers that support the 2nd amendment *rolls eyes (This is what those f^cktards at were doing with PWS, then PWS responded, conspiracies were thrown around, etc)

    “youre either with us or against us”

    Another hegelian dialectic and george bushism. Brilliant. That attitude sure benefitted the United States *facepalm*

    Oh, your state has a magazine ban??? F^CKING MOVE!

    Its interesting how you tough guys constantly talk about boycotts. Hmmm, lets see, you better get rid of your Berettas, HKs, FNs, Glocks, SIGs, S&Ws, Colts, LWRCs, Benellis, Remingtons, Winchesters, Mossbergs, Sakos, and countless other brands that continue to sell to law enforcement and government agencies.

    That leaves you with very few brands.

    That is if you are truly intellectually honest.

    • At least we can still buy Barrett rifles. If you can afford them, that is. (Don’t get me started on the cost-per-shot to keep a .416 Barrett rifle fed…)

      Right there with you, WLCE. Though that might be because I’m an HK owner (“You suck and we hate you”) living in CA (“you’re a gun owner so you’re probably a criminal”) so I’ve long resigned myself to neither HK nor CA giving a shyt about what I think.

      • 416 barrett *evil grin

        dont worry, im one of those pariah HK owners and absolutely love their pistols. The HK 45 is undoubtedly the finest 45 i have ever owned.

  47. Re: Dom @ M249 SAW Box Magazines

    Ridiculous considering the fact that the M249’s box magazine well is notorious for pooin’-the-bed with ANY type of AR magazine. The upgraded SAW, the Mk46, removed the notoriously failtastic mag well.

  48. Write Magpul. Make your feelings known. They are a business and businesses respond to economic pressure.

  49. I believe that one area in which the anti-s excel is in encouraging those opposed to them to attack each other instead of themselves. This is an example.
    We are not ever going to agree on how best to reac hour goals. Given that, I think we need to

    Acknowledge our differences.
    Remember the end goal.
    Attack the enemy, not the ally whose approach differs from ours.

    Ronald Reagan was able to build a successful coalition. One of his rules was not to speak evil of someone basically on his side. Assuredly I did not agree with Reagan on everything, but he remained head, shoulders, torso, and legs above his opponent.
    So it is with Magpul and Armalite. I wish they had chosen a wider boycott. On the other hand, they are still working in the direction we want overall, so I’ll say: I disagree with their tactics, but their endgoal is right, and I support them in that.

  50. I will no longer support Magpul Products and I will turn my customers away from them. Police are supposed to be on the same level as civilians. If civilians can’t own them, the police can’t either.

  51. We got suckered Screw um. Never forget Cheaper than dirt, Jane Fonda,some guy named Arnold, and MAGPUL.

  52. Some people are getting their panties in a wad – funny part is, they buy the same brand cops do.

    Work down the list of all the LEO/Mil suppliers and boycott them? Absolute BS, the haters are going to cherry pick one vendor and crucify them.

    Pure hypocrisy. Gonna burn your mags, don’t forget to toss your 5.11’s on the pile, plus your Glock, HK, FN, Smith, or any other gun ever sold on contract to LEO’s. Don’t forget your tacticool knife, too, plus your HSLD web gear, and all your 5.56 ammo, especially if it’s surplus overruns. You’d never own it if the government wasn’t buying it in the millions of rounds and the contractor selling off the rejects and surplus.

    Anything any cop would be should be on your burn list, right? I guess that includes Pilot ink pens, and Fords, because you sure don’t want to be using the same stuff some jack booted thug uses to oppress your constitutional rights.

    Check who sold them a computer, send in a letter about having to burn that, too.

    Nope, what we have here are some plainly unthinking individuals who really don’t follow thru on their hollow boasting, in a monkey dance to impose their small minded view about businesses selling to cops – or them.

    Boycott Magpul? Sure, and you are going to boycott Krispy Kreme, too? Yeah, sure. Spare me your ethics.

  53. Just heard from a friend of mine that they are offering Mag’s to LEO’s on the same deal as the people of Colorado, Which was supposed to be a stick in the eye of the Colorado government, as it turns out they are just bolstering sales and making everyone else in the country wait until that demand has been satisfied. Good business, however a big fat lie to the rest of us that supported them.

  54. Wow the ignorance of this post is astonishing. The express lane is not for LOE and military its for Colorado residents to get mags before the new ban goes into effect. As for selling to the LOE in ban states thats a good thing because with the bans people cant protect themselves are well so the people who are supposed to protect them are still equipped properly. As for the other companies that claim they do not sell to LOE in ban states they are lying. They still have to fulfill their contractual obligations which are long term and most every one that claim to be part of the boycott have contracts.

    • Aaaaaaaaaaand you’re wrong. re-read the article. It specifically discusses the LEO/military go-to-the-front-of-the-line strategy:

      “Thank you for contacting us. During this period of high demand, we at Magpul are taking steps to ensure that Military and Law Enforcement professionals that use our products in their job-related activities can still obtain the magazines they need for on-duty use. To meet this need, we have set up a process for Mil/LE purchase of up to ten PMAGs per account from our website.
      In order to participate in this program, go to: Magpul Industries Ecommerce.
      – Create your login account and click the “Register” button to submit.
      – Once you receive a Membership Confirmation e-mail from [email protected] reply directly back to it (RE: ) along with your name and unit or agency affiliation. Please respond using an official .mil or agency e-mail address, or provide other official identification to verify Military or LE status.
      – If you already have a login account at, please just send an e-mail to [email protected] with your name, unit or agency affiliation as outlined above, and the e-mail address you used to sign up for the account.”

  55. bgmofo,

    I don’t think anyone is threatening/talking/hyperventilating about denying LEO/gov access to firearms/accessories. I’m not.

    I have great respect for LEO and the hard and thankless voluntary job they do. Tip o’ the hat. But, the police loophole intentionally creates ‘second-class’ citizens (whether or not LEO/LEO unions want to admit it). Special/exempt/loophole treatment is exactly that. It forces an us-versus-them mentality. And that continues to be horribly unhealthy for America and Americans, LEO or otherwise.

    It can’t do otherwise. It appears that some pigs are more equal than others (pardon the Animal Farm reference). If Magpul et al, want to sell to LEO, bully for them. They can sell to whomever they wish. I applaud capitalism and this country wouldn’t be what it is today without it.

    But sell the same firearm/accessory to the rest of the public. No special treatment, no loophole, no exemptions, no exclusive cop-shops.
    Every citizen has the same access to the same firearm/accessory at the same prices. LEO can get the tools they need and so can the rest of us.

  56. I wonder why you don’t call for a boycott of ALL businesses in heavy-handed gun control states…

    I’ll remind you that it is the voters themselves who put these clowns in office. They are the ones who want to be ‘protected’, fed, educated, and cared for like children. Cops and military tend to vote against gun grabbers, myself included.

    The gun/mag/accessory industries really are on our side. They may not do 100% of what we think they should do, but as others above have pointed out, it is a bad idea to boycott or speak ill of our allies.

    Don’t get trapped in the liberal’s methods. They eat their own.


  57. Yesterday, I felt that Magpul was doing the right thing by flooding CO with standard capacity magazines, and I still believe that…I guess. However, after following the “Go Magpul” thread over at and reading Magpul’s responses about their policies, they just keep digging a deeper hole. I really don’t think they “get it.” They’re oblivious to the problem. Flood them with your calls and email. We’re all pretty good at that sort of thing these days. I have to believe they’ll come around.

    • f^ck

      im sick and tired of their -isms getting smeared all over the place as if they’re the holy citadel of all that are american gun owners.

    • not only new orleans, but Louisiana police have been stealing, yes stealing, private firearms in unparalleled numbers in the decade before katrina.

      Anybody that says, “they’re not coming for your guns” is incorrect.

      organizations and specific states already have. Hell, Missouri is a perfect example. Hopefully that shitstorm over there doesnt start a trend.

  58. My only issue with them is that if there is a ban the cops will still be able to get all the 30 round mags they want. They should stop selling to any gov agency (except deployed military, gotta take care of them) till the lowly civillian gets his mags. Afterall the average guy is the one who is running out of time.

    • The federal government has not (yet) limited magazine capacity. It makes sense for them to refuse to sell to any law enforcement or government agency or officer in places that limit magazine capacity–which is what their business model primarily relies on–but the federal government is not (yet) party to any such ban.

  59. Every time I read the comment sections on posts like this I start to see why we are losing this battle. Lack of focus on the actual enemy and the instant vilification of anyone we feel is not 105% supportive of our version of the cause. If every person who claimed to now be anti-Magpul spend that time recruiting another pro-gun voters or contacting a politician we would all have been better off. How about we all climb aboard for the big win and focus on the actual enemies of the 2nd Amendment?

    Do you think that all law enforcement agencies buy their Magpul magazines direct from Magpul. Nope, some do but most do not. They buy them from 2nd party LEO vendors who would have continue to sell to LEO’s and LEA’s as long as they can get a hold of product regardless of any feel good political statements. Ditto that for riflesm handguns, ammo, etc., etc. LEA’s buy lots of guns, mags & ammo and someone is always going to be willing to make that coin. Sure Magpul could make an empty and unfulfilled political promise to make everyone feel good with no actual or achievable result and in the process say screw you to a large part of their loyal customer base who had nothing to do with any stupid law being enacted… OR they could flood every place that has a pending ban with full capacity magazine and actually do some actual good. And when NY’s ban gets set aside by the court I am betting they will do the same for them. So let’s see here; symbolic gesture to appease angry people or tangible gesture to actually put magazines in the hands of those in need? Yep, you made the right choice. Good for your Magpul.

    For those of you who disagree, which is your right, I wonder if you are going to stop buying (or owning) Glocks, Remingtons, S&W’s, Sigs, Colts and all the other brands of firearms, magazines and accessories that are still being sold to LEO’s and military personnel in ban states? Just because they did not come out like Armalite and Magpul and say they are still going to sell there, you can bet that they are. And if they don’t 2nd party distributors will. Like I said before, symbolic gestures are fine but now is the time for real action. Let’s not get so caught up in infighting and bickering within our own ranks and with the firearms industry that we let off the real fight and stop focusing on the real enemy.

    • For those of you who disagree, which is your right, I wonder if you are going to stop buying (or owning) Glocks, Remingtons, S&W’s, Sigs, Colts and all the other brands of firearms, magazines and accessories that are still being sold to LEO’s and military personnel in ban states? Just because they did not come out like Armalite and Magpul and say they are still going to sell there, you can bet that they are.

      It’s not even about them continuing to sell to the enemy, it’s their public statements sneering at the “commoners” about how the police are superior and deserve better equipment that is the cause of most of the outrage.

      • “It’s not even about them continuing to sell to the enemy, it’s their public statements sneering at the “commoners” about how the police are superior and deserve better equipment that is the cause of most of the outrage.”

        which “sneering”???

        all i see is a bunch of bullshit exaggerated by posters who have been lurking on the whipping post.

        he makes a good point.

        Stop buying those brands of guns if you claim to uphold your principles and honor so dearly.

        stop buying brands of cars, computers, and office supply manufacturers that sell to law enforcement and the government.

        oh of course you wont. this is just another concocted bullshit, group think mental masturbation session.

        if any of you dinks had any common sense, you would be foaming at the mouth over legally owning suppressors and automatic weapons since law enforcement has access to those too. I know I am.

        Im not pissed that companies are selling law enforcement magazines in those states. im pissed at the laws that wont allow us to own the same weapons they have access to. Again, its a matter of principle that doesnt vilify gun manufacturers or police but hugely benefits private citizens.

        Start thinking outside the box people.

        • Misplaced anger from people sick of being vilified. I know I have been guilty of it. The threat to our liberties is making everyone tense and sensitive. We need to focus on the real threat, not the ficticious “traitors”.

        • Actually, I don’t do any of those things that you suggested I shouldn’t do. Why? Unlike you and your pals, I have principles and I’m not afraid to make my already difficult life a tad more difficult if it means even slightly hurting those who support oppressing people.

          Im not pissed that companies are selling law enforcement magazines in those states. im pissed at the laws that wont allow us to own the same weapons they have access to.

          And you’re pissed at the wrong thing. Be pissed at the scum who passed the laws. Be pissed at the idiots who voted those people in. Most of all, be pissed at the cowards who eagerly sign up to enforce those laws and shove their guns in the faces of people who aren’t hurting anyone. But don’t be pissed at an inanimate piece of paper.

  60. Such a shame.

    We used their parts in a lot of our various projects. But that won’t be happening moving forward. I am a huge Magpul fanboy, this is very disappointing.

    – D

  61. Great to know the LEO’s will each be able to have 300 rounds of ammo in Magpul mags ready to kill me when they come take mine away

  62. The Problem With Boycotts;

    I guess we have to boycott EVERY company that sells a full-auto to the US military or any US government agency? Where do we buy ANY gun then? Can’t buy a Colt, S&W, Sig or any AR platform rifle.

    If guess we should destroy our existing guns from those manufacturers in protest.

    I mean, either you believe in this protest or not, right?

    This 2nd Amendment Puritanism will make it damend near impossible to buy any new weapon.

    What about ammo? If they sell to those agencies, do I have to boycott them too?

    Clothing? Boots? Gloves? Lights? Even if they don’t get special models they get special pricing, which makes it unfair to me.

    They get special cars too, so no more Chargers, Caprices, Tahoes, Camaros, etc

    If you are going to go this way, go all the way, right?

    Yeah, I know I crossed some “technical” lines in my examples. So be it.

    • You make some very valid points. I’m doubtful that punitive measures against companies that sell weapons and firearm accessories would be effective. Many of these companies send funds to the NRA. To boycott these companies would be counterproductive.

      • Nazgul – Thanks. I think it’s better to fight my enemy, rather than the guys on my own team because I didn’t like the way they fight.

  63. Many of the firearms suppliers and manufacturers are considering moving to Texas, for its low taxes and business/firearm friendly attitude at the legislative level. It appears that Magpul is willing to sell to individual officers, which is far more difficult than selling to government agencies. They, do after all, have to stay in business. If you live in a ban state, I would strongly advise that you move and do it now!! Things are likely to get worse for you as a gun owner. LEO nearly always get special consideration from suppliers in the purchase of firearms and accessories. If you find that unusual, get into the LEO business yourself and see how many agencies only issue you a badge and credentials and expect the officer to furnish everything else and then pay squat. Some don’t even furnish a badge.

  64. I have changed my position and hope that this boycott is hugely successfull.

    If it is successfull, prices will drop and I can stock up on anything I want to buy 🙂

    Thanks in advance for teh discount.

  65. Personally, Im not angry about companies selling products to LEOs. Believe it or not, this is not a issue to me. they are businesses and have to operate like a business. If your state enacts draconian laws against firearms and magazines, MOVE. Get out. Do everything in your power to take your money and time away from that state.

    The issue we should be tackling is Class III firearms (i.e. SBRs, SBS’s, suppressors, select fires). We should be focusing this company bashing BS towards changing the laws in regards to citizen ownership of Class III firearms. Law enforcement doesnt get alienated (they still get their gear), manufacturers dont get alienated (not only do they not get alienated, but their customer base expands to the 80 million gun owning americans) and private gun owners benefit because they are given more equal firepower to the state (in accordance with the 2nd amendment). Everybody wins.

    We have to break ourselves away from this Hegelian dialectic of us versus them mentalities. Dont worry, the elite are far ahead of you and are using shit like this to manipulate you.

    Of course, keep up this bullshit if you decide to people. I could use less people in the lines and backorders so that I get my orders faster. Please extend your morality to ammo manufacturers too. This will also benefit me.

  66. Well then, seems they were all talk! I am guessing they won’t be moving either? Wimps, and I won’t be buying their products anymore.

  67. Hey Truth About Guns!!!

    What about your beloved Daniel Defense? I don’t see any redicule pointed in their direction. While companies like ArmaLite and Magpul get publicy bashed by websites like this your elite status manufacturers like DD get a pass? Why? Last I checked DD is offering financing exclusive to ANY gov’t affiliated agency, yet won’t offer the same to me.

  68. Consider that anyone eligible for this program from Magpul who takes the time to qualify and get in line for their 10 PMags at ‘normal’ pricing probably isn’t your garden variety mall ninja hoarder who already has 100 PMags of each color in their closet. Oh, and the individual pays for the mags, not their nebulous, nefarious agency. All the sales from that side of the site probably pale in comparison to the million mag backorder from all the panic buying in the retail chain (distributor to customer). Let them get their 10 PMags…

    • I agree with you 100%. I just don’t understand why small companies like these two seem to be taking a large amount of heat while industry giants such as Colt, Remington, FN, and S&W somehow are granted a pardon. Especially when you take into consideration that both ArmaLite and Magpul are owned by two men who put their own personal safety second in their previous careers so we can rest peacefully and read as journalists slap them in the face!!! Magpul did just reverse their decision but to all those who are still giving the bird to Mark Westrom, I get the impression that none of you have ever had the experience of wondering if what you are doing is going to have an effect on weather or not the man working beside you is going to home at night or you are going to be delivering a flag to his family.

  69. Wow! How come there are so many jaded people here? I am almost ashamed to call myself a gun loving American. Gun loving by choice and an American by choice. It seems that Magpul just wants to help continue to arm law enforcement and the military. Why hate on them so much? Just because you are not part of the eligible few for this program? Just because you can’t hoard more gear? Just because you can’t be as tacticool as you want to be? Let me tell you this. I was a soldier and proud of it. Now, I’m an LEO, also proud of it. I did and do this to protect my country from enemies foreign and domestic. An oath I keep near and dear to my heart. Yes, I participated in Magpul’s program. I participated because I wanted to be sure that when s**t hits the fan, I can stop the threat right away with as many rounds as I need. Why? Because it’s the profession I chose. I choose to protect your life with my own. I choose to be the one that goes to your house when you are away at work, providing for your family, to stop the guy that’s raping your wife and is about to kill your children. I choose to be the one who goes after the traffickers of guns and drugs going into your town from across the way. I choose to be called away in the middle of the night while my family is sleeping to go help find the pedophile that just distributed a video of your son or daughter across the internet. I choose to be the one that stops the would-be home invaders before or after they go into your grandmother’s house. I choose to be one of a few people who carry a badge despite the nation enacting more laws that further diminishes my abilities to save the world, while it eases a criminal’s ability to commit more crimes. I choose to put your life before my own, so you can continue to protect your family. Yes, it sucks that you cannot participate in the program. Yes, it’s like a military or LEO discount program designed for the public servants of our nation. No, it does not mean it’s the end of the world. Yes, there are other manufacturers and distributors still selling magazines. No, my agency did not help me purchase the magazines. Yes, the current economic climate forces me to sometimes make purchases for use in my agency. No, it does not mean that LEO’s will use the Magpul magazines to infringe on your right to bear arms. No, I’m not part of a union. No, Magpul does not want to stop selling their products to you. No, do not get pissed that I am sometimes given free coffee when I am in full uniform and you are not. Soldiers and LEO’s are not politicians. If you want to be pissed, don’t be pissed at us or Magpul. Be pissed at the politicians that put us here in the first place. The same people that think that a high capacity magazine is some sort ammunition. The same people who think that criminals will abide by the ridiculous gun control laws that they have and will put in place. Be pissed at Senator Feinstein who is pushing for more gun control, even though she has a CCW. Be pissed at the people who don’t know the difference between a machine gun and an AR-15. Be pissed at the people who think that the AR-15 is the cause of the degradation of our society. You sound like we are somehow different from you. I am you, except I have a badge. 10-4?

  70. In the wake of all of this I’ve only got a few things to say. SCREW!!!!! Magpul, I will do my very best to prevent anyone I know from owing or buying a Magpul product. I have several P-mags and a PRS stock that I WILL be DESTROYING. Magpul pulled a complete 180 on the real supporters of their company. Now its time to turn my back and get others to join me. Our GOV. is such a joke now days that it’s freaking disgraceful to cal myself an American, and Magpul is their supporter now. take a look around EVERY ONE HATES AMERICA……… its not for no reason. It’s our GOV. TIME FOR A CHANGE AMERICA WAKE THE HELL UP, SHOW EM YOUR TEETH!!!!

  71. First of all, MagPul is a for profit business. They could NOT survive losing 15% of their business overnight, not any of us could.
    Yet I do NOT understand, why is it NOT OK for MagPul to sell to LE yet it is OK to sell to the military?
    Think about it, god forbid the SHTF, once Martial Law is invoked, not only will ALL LE become federalized, we would also see regular Army combat units as well as Soldiers/Airmen/Sailors/Marines that make up the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) working WITH Law Enforcement to disarm the general populace.
    So with that being said, why is a PMAG equipped Infantry soldier OK when a PMAG equipped LEO
    Practically all firearm manufacturer’s /furniture have LE accounts. We cannot cherry pick to whom will suffer the wrath of armed Americans, otherwise we would have to boycott everyone…….

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