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According to a press release yesterday, Magpul is running their machines around the clock to keep up with PMAG demand. But rather than simply resting on their laurels, they announced that not only are they about to release their new 20-round magazine into the wild, but that there will also be a 10-round flavor and a windowed M3 PMAG coming soon, too . . .

From Magpul:

These are a little later than anticipated due to production optimization of our standard capacity magazines, but we now have added capacity to produce the GEN M3 20rd magazine as well as have all the standard mags running ‘round the clock.  And so, without further fanfare, we give you the PMAG 20 GEN M3. The PMAG 20 AR/M4 GEN M3 includes all of the GEN M3 improvements, including constant curve geometry, which is a change from our previous straight 20rd PMAG.

We are also taking this opportunity to announce the PMAG 10 GEN M3, although this reduced capacity magazine will not be ready for release until early February, as we focus our current manufacturing capabilities on the standard capacity magazines.

Also, as promised, the PMAG 30 GEN M3 WINDOW is starting production, and we should be shipping before the first of the year.

Judging by the timeline on the 10-round magazine, this might be Magpul’s way of hedging their bets against a new assault weapons ban, tooling up ahead of time. Or it could just be them coming up with something new.

Even I have to admit, not every scenario requires me to load up the Surefire 60-round mag to take care of business. Sometimes 10 rounds is all you need. And when you do, Magpul has you covered.

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  1. Leave to Magpul to not only quickly produce a 10-round mag, but have it look cool too. Seriously, the way it hugs the lower is just plain pretty. Even though I’d want a high-capacity magazine, I can think of a few situations I’d want a clip that doesn’t jut out.

    • You mean a standard capacity magazine.

      It’s more than a pet peeve, if we don’t control the terms of the discussion we allow them to frame the debate and insert their propaganda.

      • My God, get over the clip/magazine crap! It’s been over forty years since I was in the Army and from my first day in bootcamp, our DI’s called them clips and so did everyone else. And for forty plus years I still refer to a “magazine as a clip, and so do my Marine buddies from back then!

    • Two strikes. 30 round mags ARE STANDARD CAPACITY for an AR (as the article rightfully stated). 60/100 rounds is hi-cap.

      And magazines are not clips.

      You have now been educated. Go spread the knowledge to your brethren. And don’t forget about the ladies too.

      • Dude, chill. I know that a clip refers to the something along the lines of an en bloc. I just got tired of using the word magazine over and (being a compulsive thesaurus user) used what is usually considered a synonym. Still, sorry for using what is technically speaking incorrect terminology.
        However I didn’t say I wanted a standard capacity magazine; I want the highest amount of bullets possible before my next reload, so I’ll get the biggest magazine I can find. I said high-capacity and I meant exactly what that entails

      • 60/100 rounds is not a high-capacity magazine.

        Its a drum.

        There are clips (stripper clips), BOX magazines, and drums.

        High-capacity magazines (just like assault rifle) is a term invented to provoke images of fear and sound scary.

        • Either way Matt, its still a box magazine.

          High capacity is assigned based on an arbitrary number. Where does it start? If you’re pro gun control, is it 10? If you’re an MSR owner, is it 31? If you’re the marketing department at surefire, is it 60?

      • Florida for one is restricted to 5-rounds for hunting, just saying. 20-round are great for bench rest shooting – rifle can sit lower on the bench.

    • Exactly. A 10-rounder with a limiter installed puts you right at the legal limit here in FL. I can see owning a couple simply for that reason.

  2. I wouldn’t mind having a few of those for hunting! These would also make a nice low profile package for bench rest shooting, as well as if you need to keep things discrete.

    They do look pretty bad ass!

    I think it’s a little of side A a little of side B.

  3. Those are nicer than the crappy frankenmags Bushmaster shipped in the 90s, they were cutting 30 rd mags in half, removing the center section, chopping the springs down, and riveting the mess back together for a “10 rd” compliant mag. They didnt work at all.

    Wonder how many good 30 rd mags they ruined to comply with that AWB.

  4. “These are a little later than anticipated due to us getting slammed with 5 years worth of orders in one day for our standard capacity magazines”
    There fix’d it for ya!

    • The fearful ones think it allows you to control the weapon better. The reality of that is, like it often is, debatable.

      • So let’s ban guns with pistol grips because they are more accurate? Most of the really accurate guns in the world have no pistol grips. Might this ban thing be related to just what a gun looks like?

        • I didn’t say it was more accurate. I said the fearful ones think it enables better control. Ergo, if it didn’t exist, an active shooter would have less control, and therefore would shoot fewer rounds.

          “Might this ban thing be related to just what a gun looks like?”

          Are you just now figuring that out? It’s been preached as gospel since 1994 that the AWB was stupid precisely because most of the features it identified were merely cosmetic. It’s theatre that means nothing.

      • Matt, I would say in my experience of firing a Mini-14 and an AR-15 in the same session, that a pistol grip does make a rifle easier to control. IMHO, it makes your hand placement more natural and easier for rapid fire shots. Which is no reason to ban it, but like you said, it’s debatable 🙂

    • Definitely agree on that. For me, the 20-round size is just about perfect in an AR because it’s long enough you can get a good grip on it (either for shooting or for mag changes) but short enough that it tends not to get in the way with a bipod or sandbag rest.

      I’m sure hoping that I can get a whole pile of 20-round PMAG rebuild kits when inventory makes it back into the distribution channel.

    • A couple choice phrases lead me believe the contrary. The presser on their FB said they were expanding production capacity to meet demand. And they’re delaying release of the 10 rounders until February (I think to see where the chips land in congress). But also a message to their customers that even if things go south they have us covered. In addition to finally being able to provide for customers where there’s already capacity restrictions.

      • Have to agree with Loyd on this. The last two sentences of his statement were almost my exact thoughts.

        Giving up to me would be making a statement more along the lines of, “we are shifting our focus on military contracts.” But given what (in my reading) seems to be a rocky relationship with the higher powers in the military over pmags, giving up on tue civillian market would probably end them.

  5. The gun grabbers want to limit the mags to 10 rounders because it will save lives. These fools don’t seem to understand how quickly even an untrained person can reload a new ten rounder into an AR and keep on shooting without a problem. Then they’ll want to limit them to 5 rounders and that still won’t make a difference. I love the 5 round mags for my AK bullpup because they look better and I can practice my reloads without blowing through a ton of ammo. I also use the 5 rounders on my AR for the same reasons.

    • For close to the same ammo weight, multiple sub-standard cap magazines should give you lower rounds dropped due to mag related failures… no? Like if you get a mag related failure you drop fewer unfired rounds.

        • And about a month after that they’ll confiscate everyones sling shots, BB guns and squirt guns. Also remember that their definition of an “Assault Rifle” is that it’s a military weapon used for the battlefield. I suppose that by their definition my pristine 1891 Argentine Mauser in 7.65x53mm is now an assault rifle, right?.

    • Maybe I’m missing something here, but couldn’t you just load one or two rounds in 30-round mags and save even more rounds when you want to practice mag changes?

      • Yes, you can, and many of us do. It’s easier on the mags, too, if they hit the ground empty vs. half-full (less mass to damage feed lips if they flip on the way down).

        It also makes sure your weapon will reliably eject an empty mag; most will eject a partially-loaded mag with gusto, but empty mags may trickle out or even hang-up in the magwell. Tac reloads are a good thing to know and practice, but if the poop hits the blower, most folks will be shooting ’til bolt lock, so they ought to train that way, IMO.

    • @ Joe: And when some turd goes into a mall,school or theater with 10, 10 rnd mags the gun grabbers will say ” why would anyone NEED 10 magazines?!” Then we’ll be battling against the outright ban of all semi-autos with detachable mags, not that we really aren’t already.

  6. These have been around for a while, I’m glad they’re doing 10 rounders… Some of us don’t live in magazine friendly states.

  7. We already have the Pmag 20 and 30’s using internal blocks. I like the looks of the 10, since possession is not illegal in California, a lot of guys have them sitting disassembled as “rebuild” kits for SHTF. Putting a magazine of more than 10 rounds into a fixed magazine rifle (aka bullet buttoned semi-automatic rifle) is a felony in CA as it creates an AW. It would be nice to get a Pmag 10 though.

  8. Ya know, Obama is trying to shove an assault weapons / gun / magazine ban straight up our asses (without any KY Jelly) and some of you are fighting over the term MAGAZINE or CLIP?

    I am going to be a little direct here. GET YOUR HEADS OUT OF YOUR ASSES, PUT YOUR EYE ON THE BALL AND DO SOMETHING CONSTRUCTIVE LIKE CALLING YOUR REPS IN CONGRESS, DONATE TO THE NRA ETC instead of crying like children about a term that in the big picture, NO ONE GIVES A SHIT ABOUT at this point.

    • You do realize you’re adding a comment to an article that everyone else stopped paying attention to over 10 days ago, right?

      If you’re going to raise a ruckus, at least do it on a discussion thread where people will notice.


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