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Brings back memories of “the shoulder thing that goes up”…

[Full interview]

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  1. He gets confused because the fulltime 24/7 taxpayer provided personal protection police security detail he has carries full auto carbines.

    • She asked him about that but did not really press him on it. Too bad, because he was visibly nervous about it for a moment, then started talking about something else. A sharper reported would follow up and expose his hypocrisy. People like Bloomberg either have enough money to afford full time security or they get it on our dime. So the limits he wants to impose will NEVER affect him directly, he just wants to appease the most people to propel his political career. I’m sure he’ll run for another office later, so he wants to exploit this situation to gain sympathy. He’s a typical idiot, scumbag politician.

  2. Wait, so you’re telling me that one of the chief and most vocal anti-gun people in the entire world has no effing clue what he’s talking about?

    This is my surprised face.

    • i guarantee he could not hit a deer in 3 shots if the deer was more than 20 yds away.

      he sounded like a 90 year old telling a 20 year old what computers to buy and which one is the best and most modern.

  3. I heard he was against that thing that had a pipe sticking out of one end where something came out of. Randy

  4. I don’t think he’s that misinformed or stupid. He’s deliberately trying to spread propaganda to the misinformed and stupid.

    • True. At least the reporter knew the difference, which is a start. And for all intents and purposes, an anomaly.

    • Me too. I find it absolutely ridiculous that he seems to not know that the “assault weapons” which are in the news so much lately are almost always semi-auto.

      It’s embarrassing.

      • For once (maybe the second time) we agree on something, mike. I suppose for your side this is the equivalent of me facepalming when someone on my side uses a stupid example like, “You want to see what a disarmed society looks like? Look at Rwanda!”

        I want to grab those people and shake them and say, “You’re not helping!”

        • Because just like the “every Swiss household has a government issued rifle” argument, it’s a dramatic oversimplification that ignores the million other differences between that society and ours.

  5. “No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms. The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.”

  6. The evil bloodthirsty-mindedness of the gun control witch hunt is really starting to scare me. These people are reveling in the most ignorant, hateful, and violent language. They openly advocate for the murder of gun owners, and gleefully await the next mass murder. They reject reason and facts, and assault anyone who disagrees. What monster possesses these people?

  7. If we ever get the country straightened out, I want to see Bloomberg tried for treason and thrown in jail for the remainder of his life. He is the definition of a domestic enemy of the Constitution.

  8. Bloomberg is just another way to say “moron” or “terrorist” or “liar” to the logical and sane

    while at the same time “hero” and “brilliant” to the liberal garbage infesting this country

    • The same guy that wouldn’t let the United States National Guard into the storm damaged parts of Brooklyn and Queens because he didn’t want anyone other than the NYPD “running around with guns”! He doesn’t even trust our N/G with weapons in HIS city. What an American! He’d probably let the UN in though.

  9. “If you haven’t hit the criminal in three shots, you’re a pretty lousy shot. He deserves to get away.”
    You know, that sounds like I’m being facetious, but I would not feel surprised if Bloomberg actually holds that view.

  10. This is a pet peeve of mine – seeing semi-auto confused with full auto in all forms of media and the general public. How sloppy! Another would be the self-righteousness of these buffoons.

    • Outlaw the black, full auto clip fed machine guns! Now! Uniformed soccer moms and their sissy husbands are outraged by the violence! They can’t believe their God-less, self absorbed, prescription drug addicted lifestyle is subjected to so much evil!

  11. When I get my AR paid off, Im going to the dollar store and buying a cup holder, strap it to my telescoping stock and tossing a big gulp in there.

    My self portrait Christmas card will be a little late to Bloomberg this year

  12. Wait, you all are missing the point. Didn’t he just say he has no problem with semi-automatic weapons. AR-15s are back in in NYC.

    • No – he has no problem with his security detail having those weapons. Just not the rest of us. Especially those of us in those dumb, inbred flyover states.

  13. You actually missed the money quote in this interview. The reporter asks Bloomberg about the fact that he lives with 24/7 armed security, and then goes on to ask about Boxer’s proposal to send the National Guard out to protect schools. His response?

    “That’s crazy! You can’t live that way!”

    By which he means, you peasants can’t live that way. That’s for those who are worthy, like me.

    • Yep. Security for Bloomie? Good! Security for others? Bad!!! For a guy who made so much money he truly is a fool.

    • Well, it’s official – that man is certifiably insane. What’s the process for having someone involuntarily committed in NYC? Seriously, the most anti-gun person in the country who spends MILLIONS of dollars a year trying to convince people to ban all guns actually thinks he’s supporting the Second Amendment?

  14. Wow. I suppose you really don’t need to know anything about a topic to pontificate on it, but to do so on television takes some serious over confidence in ones own abilities.

    Maybe we should define the term.
    1. An irritating or foolish person who lectures others on topics about which he is completely clueless: Who brought that Bloomberg to the party?
    1. To make a completely false statement, get corrected by someone more knowledgeable, and then to dismiss the correction and continue speaking as if nothing had happened: He Bloomberged me on that system change and just kept telling the boss that it was impossible to fix, so I fixed it while he continued to yammer.

      • No one there whos opinion I value. Actors and actresses that I like yea sure but nothing further. Sadly the people of this country would rather have the tough choices made for them. Snooki for president anyone!?

        Funny how the comments on the youtube page have been disablrd.

    • Yea, it’s pretty sad that some good actors are on that vid. Funny thing is that you don’t see Tom Cruise, Will Smith, Bruce Willis, and Arnold S aren’t on it. Now we know which people are against us…

  15. I almost spit out my drink on the monitor laughing at MB! Why is he even in office if he has no lick of intelligence?

    He probably gets all his Assault Weapons knowledge from movies. LOL

  16. THIS IS EXACTLY THE PROOF In The Technicolor Living Digital Surround Sound of Bloombergs idiocy and hypocrisy perfectly recorded for posterity.

    He says such absolutely wrong, misleading, incorrect and inflammatory things that make no sense but further his cause… and he knows Darned Well he has no problem with anything in life because he is not only Mayor of New York City but he owns a financial/media network empire *and* he’s a Billionaire…. minor detail. If Cigs and Sodas are banned in NYC, he’s got the moeny to make a long WaWa run.

    But this takes the cake, Almost as perfect as “A Shoulder Thing That Goes Up…” but not quite. FIRST, He decides THAT If you need 3 rounds to fire at a deer, that is it. TYPICAL BLOOMBURGLER, *HE* Decides how your life works, HE Decides you get , Hmm, THREE? Shots to hunt. AND THEN He gets “Assault Weapon” and Full Auto completely wrong.

    What a moron. Seriously, Moron. This is the guy who gives his press conferences and then goes back to chop it up in Spanish. To show how smart and with the people he is.

    Read a book on your subject of discussion first, dooshdaddy.

  17. Don’t forget – this is the guy who said, paraphrased, “You got a guy, banging on your door, he wants to rape/rob/murder you….. And you got a gun in the drawer… NOW Do you want a gun then?? NO! You got to go think about it , go get the gun , find the gun in drawer, load it up, go back to the drawer.. Its Stupid!! You don’t want a gun theen!! It will get you killed You want a phone! Dial 911 and stay BACK! LET THE POLICE HANDLE IT!”

    yEAH– *THAt’S* what the freak you want to do, and CERTAINLY Don’t want any gun to defend yourself with! No way!!!

    … 1, 2,,, 3,, DUh!

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