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    • Me too. That line was my favorite: “when they come out with something better than a semi-automatic rifle I’m going to want that too”.

      • Electromagnetic railgun firing formed-on-the-fly projectiles from a block of nanotech-enhanced polymeric metal, controlled via wireless connection to direct brain interface. Bursts of hollowpoints, heavy single-shot sniping rounds, even two-bullets-in-flight-simultaneously pairings of an armor penetrator followed by an explosive round.

        Wish I’d come up with that on my own, but no, it’s mostly from Old Man’s War series by the inimitable John Scalzi.

  1. If Im not in the range and have my gun out, Im probably in the confines of a public toilet stall because the luxury handicap stall needs cleaning.

    In all seriousness, very well put. The stupid ads however wont let me click on the go to youtube button, whats this guys user name?

  2. Not my original thought, but I’ll re-post it here. I carry a weapon because a Police Officer is too big too carry around.

  3. Right on, Thats why they are railing against guns in schools. They can no longer live in their fantasy world & tell their children there are only good people when there are armed guards, Randy

  4. The funny thing about any new assault weapons ban is that it won’t really be banning a REAL assault weapon. The people who own these weapons have special permits that won’t be affected by this silly ban.

    • Joe, the Class IIIs could all be deemed illegal…and the ATF knows where all the legal ones are. It would take a while to build a 4473 database and collect up all the semi-auto versions, but it could be done if the Powers That Be considered it necessary and could get the requisite votes in Congress.

      The easiest and most renumerative way to achieve gun registration would be to make semi-auto rifles Class III. You can keep them if you register them (and pay a $200 transfer tax) but if you have one without registration you have the equivalent of an unregistered machinegun and you go to jail for a decade. Not only would semi-auto owners be building a database FOR the ATF, but they would be paying $200 per rifle for the privilege of doing so. Feinstein’s “mandatory gun buyback” will cost money, this would actually raise money AND achieve gun registration in the same motion. The paperwork makes it a pain to own a semi-auto MSR, which makes it that much less likely anyone will buy one.

      I think making semi-autos Class III achieves a number of goals the antis want to see happen: registration, background checks, punishment of the presumed guilty (in the form of a $200 transfer tax) and draconian punishment of those who do not comply. Plus, it makes eventual confiscation that much easier even if they let you keep them for now. It does not outlaw anything so it doesn’t run afoul of the Second Amendment, and I have trouble coming up with an obvious legal challenge that will stick, even post-Heller.

      If they really wanted to be cruel, the would make mags greater than 10 rounds Class III as well. Turn ’em in, or pay the tax and put a serial number on all of them. Talk about headaches.

      • You’ve made some fine points Darren and I wouldn’t be surprised if they ran with your idea and charged us to keep our guns.

        • Not a lawyer, but it might take an act of Congress (literally) to undo a change in Class III status. Some previously-legal firearms like the USAS-12 and Striker shotguns were reclassified as Class III/Title 2 weapons during the Clinton administration. They still are.

          It’s a lot harder to pass a law making these “dangerous weapons” (as if there is weapon that isn’t dangerous, it’s kind of implicit in the name) NOT subject to control than it is to wrap yourself in the flag and take a principled stand on the 2A. There are enough Fudds to get in front cameras who don’t understand that their scoped Remington 700 is actually a “sniper rifle”, or that their beloved Beretta semi-auto shotgun is just a hacksaw away from a sawed-off shotgun and needs to be regulated as well.

          I expect the Obama Administration will hold back on a Title 2 reclassification to see if they can use the gun issue to beat on the GOP longer. If Feinstein et al lose in Congress, then they’ll drop the Title 2 hammer. JMO.

      • shhhhhhh! the sad part is that reclassification would simply be an ATF move, rather than any act of congress.


        • ok i’m wrong. Congress would have to change the National Firearms Act. I was thinking that the ATF could reclassify firearms as they sought fit, more-so like the FDA classifies drugs and medical devices, Schedules 1 thru 5, for example.

      • I’m not sure that the executive branch can unilaterally reclassify a semiautomatic rifle as a Class III weapon. I believe the definition of a Class III weapon is in the statute.

        Ever since the election there has been a lot of misinformed discussion about Executive Orders. The President can only issue an EO when he is granted that authority in law. Otherwise this, or any President, could rule by decree. That is why gun control advocates are proposing new laws. I see stalemate at the federal level and action in deep blue states.

        • For the Striker and USAS the argument was “no sporting purpose” and bore over a half-inch.

          It would not be the first time BHO has acted without Congressional authority, cf. DREAM Act and basically preventing his bureaucracy from following the law with regard to immigration. Also, the border state long gun registry. If you’re in TX, NM, AZ or CA and happen to find more than one MSR at your local gun retailer you can buy it but if you buy more than 1 in a five-day period from the same vendor you get put on a new ATF list. Wish I was kidding about that one, but finding more than one MSR is unlikely to happen now.

          He can do it and dare you to make him stop. It’s kind of his style. He gets that for free, as it were.

        • There is a big differance between not enforcing a law and making a law. The equivalent with firearms would be not enforcing the NFA and not issuing an EO to arbitrarily reclassifying semiautomatics outside of a change in statute.

          I don’t think the courts have issued the final word on the registry. ATF is citing staute for their authorities. To the best of my knowledge I think they would need a change in the law to bring ARs et al into Class III status.

      • It would take a while to build a 4473 database and collect up all the semi-auto versions, but it could be done if the Powers That Be considered it necessary and could get the requisite votes in Congress.

        They have had such a database for a long time, its called eTrace. In addition they make the information available to the members of over 120 foreign nations via the UN’s disarmament program.

    • Government LOVES taxes. It will all come down to a tax on ammunition. Every round you fire will give the government more money, at your expense. And, as with Obamacare, taxes imposed by Congress have been deemed legal more often than not by the SCOTUS.

      This is how they will do it, mark my words….

  5. I do sometimes think about a lunatic running around with ballistic protection and a rifle, and all i got on me is my cute little Makarov.

    PA disappoints because you can open carry any rifle all day, except in a car, where the ammo must be separated from the gun.

    my AMD65 and sub2k fit in a backpack pretty nice, and i considered bringing one around holiday shopping, in case of a copycat; thinking along the same lines as Mr. Noir; but pesky laws make it a PITA. Call me crazy, or call me proactive.

    but i guess we don’t have it THAT bad, compared to other states.

  6. I have watched most of Mr. Noir’s videos. In my opinion, he should be the NRA spokesperson. Reasoned and informed, speaking directly to viewers, rather than the Wayne LaP rant (sorry, remember, my opinion).

  7. Want to change the anti-gunner’s mind about evil people? Make it mandatory for everyone that believes guns are evil to be a police officer or solider for one year. Maybe, when they are exposed to all the evil people that are out there on a daily basis, they’ll realize that guns in the hands of good guys is the only thing that makes the cushy life they so cherish possible. Oh yes, they don’t like to think that our little polite society is built upon the backs of people that carry guns. God forbid they acquaint themselves with history and current events outside what’s going on the US. Every single day our soldiers are fighting for our freedoms. Every single day the police are stopping rapists, murderers, and insane people from hurting good people. Every day all of those people use guns to get the job done.

    So, the next time you say guns are evil and don’t want anyone to have guns, I invite you to leave this country and go somewhere where that is the case. And then let me know if it’s the utopia you think it is. I think you’ll find that society doesn’t exist. At least not on Earth.

    The problem is that all these anti-gunner folks have lived such safe lives in cushy neighborhoods that they literally forgot how dangerous human beings can be when they literally don’t care about your way of life.

    What we’re fighting here is insanity. Plain and simple. Look at 9/11 vs. Sandy Hook. Same exact senseless violence minus the politics. Insane people doing insane things.

    So explain this to me: How does the creation of new legislation and laws do anything to battle insanity? When is the last time an insane person (or people) ever cared about the written or spoken law?

    The only time an insane person may may listen to a sane person is if that sane person is pointing a lethal weapon in their face and communicating the universal gesture of “STOP”. That’s the true test of insanity — if they are willing to die for their misguided beliefs. And most are, hopefully at their own hand.

    Please support laws that stop insane people from doing insane things. That is all. Stop trying to stop good people from doing good things.

  8. I liked this guy who is he? I want to say thank you for some voice of logic and reason in all this paranoia coming from antigun idiots out there.

    • You’re giving up 500fpe in muzzle energy compared to a .223 Remington. Not to mention three-point contact with the weapon and longer sight radius. 10mm Auto will not punch a vest, .223 Rem will.

      Noir is right. The 10mm Auto is a great choice in a pistol, but at the end of the day it’s still a pistol.

      • All true, but I’d still love to see a side-eject, side-loading-gate lever action rifle chambered in 10mm. It would be really interesting to see what kind of FPS and energy you could develop with custom 10mm loads optimized for a 20-inch barrel.

        • I imagine it would be a challenge to feed and extract such a cartridge due to the case design. Revolver cartridges work much better in lever guns because they have an external rim. All of the lever cartridges – from .22 short, .22 LR, .357, .44 mag, .30-30, .45-70, .500 Smith Etc. all have rimmed cartridges.

          But if a 10mm could work out of a lever gun, that would be pretty cool.

        • How about a lever gun built like the Browing BLR. It has a box magazine just like a bolt gun. Or a savage 99 type with an internal rotary mag. Either type would work with the full house 10 mm.

      • The answer is a .41 Magnum lever action. The 10mm is just .41 Mag ballistics in a cartridge that works in semi-autos. Right now you have your choice of .357 Mag and .44 Mag in lever actions. 10mm is about as thin on the ground as .41 Mag these days.

  9. In a nation with 300,000,000+ people, a tragedy involving 26 people (or 23 a year on average lost to madmen with guns) isn’t a reason to change gun policy. The media push isn’t about saving a few kids. Drunk mothers kill that many kids every few months. No. It’s about the fear that our economy really isn’t going to achieve growth again in the near term, with a Federal government already sunk so deeply in debt that a small rise in interest costs per $ borrowed will create chaos. The push for restrictions on the only guns that actually provide defense against tyranny are about the money. I can smell the fear. It’s so much easier to talk about guns than about bankers and politicians who have ruined the economy for short-term gain. Every time jobs are lost or money is pulled unjustly from household budgets to bankers’ bonuses, kids die. They die from inadequate medical attention, insufficient diets, unsafe household conditions, and ill-maintained cars. The gun stuff simply expresses the fears of the the rich. Fears of retribution. Fantastic nightmares that their enjoyment of their loot will be curtailed. Diane Feinstein, as most people have now heard, bought a handgun not to stop a crime, but to make sure she could “take them with her.” Imagine ordinary folk thought that way! There, now you’ve experienced the nightmares of the rich and powerful, and the repeated prayers they make that the guns (well, not their guns) will go away. It’s natural.

    • Gun control is SWPL. White people get shot very rarely compared to black men (24x more likely) and Hispanic men (6x more likely). For whatever reason, better opportunity, different life choices, living in the suburbs — white people don’t get shot. When white people in the suburbs get shot it calls into question all the choices they have made for the security of themselves and their families and Something Must Be Done. I mean, they went to the right schools, the got the right job, they moved to the right place and yet random violence still tracks them down. It can’t be the people, because we’re all good people here in Newtown. It has to be the Things, so we will ban the Things and then we will be safe.

      Black children are shot regularly in places like New Orleans and Chicago, but it has kind of been accepted that areas of urban blight eat young people. Not saying that is acceptable or reasonable, just that 480 people have been killed in Chicago this year (probably more, that stat is a couple of weeks old) and there’s not a lot of hype about that. That kind of violence is Over There, we are Over Here so we tut-tut but it’s nothing we have to worry about. Bring that casualty rate to a tony suburb with half-million dollar houses and all in one day at a school and suddenly gun control is Stuff White People Like.

  10. loved it. he spoke the truth, except when he slipped and said “clip. i have to disagree though, i would rather defend my home with 7+1 rds of OO


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