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From Magnum Research:

Magnum Research brings exciting news to Baby Eagle fans with the return of these exceptional pistols to the market. The Baby Eagle has been an icon of the shooting world since the introduction of its ancestor, the Jericho pistol, in the 1980s.

The Baby Eagle III series is the latest revision of the Magnum Research imported handgun, manufactured in Israel by BUL Transmark. The Baby Eagle III series steel frame guns feature the slimmest grip ever offered on a Baby Eagle handgun, making its double-stack frame easy to grip by any shooter. It also features a smoother profile than previous models, adding to the already sleek Baby Eagle appearance.

The steel frame guns will be offered in 9mm and .45 ACP. Polymer framed models will also be available in 9mm and 40 S&W. Both steel and polymer guns will be offered in the full and semi-compact sizes.

Joby Goerges, Director of Manufacturing and Engineering with Magnum Research, stated that the Baby Eagle “..continues to be in high demand, and is very popular with fans. It is well known from appearances in popular movies, television shows, and video games. This gives the Baby Eagle a huge fan base, and in particular feeds big demand amongst younger shooters.”

Like its big brother, the Desert Eagle, the Baby Eagle is an icon of both popular culture and the shooting community.

Reliable, Accurate, and Easy Shooting
The Baby Eagle III series is well known in the shooting world for its exceptional shooting characteristics. All Baby Eagles are valued for their proven reliability. In addition, the full length dust cover and weight of the steel guns make them very soft shooting.

Each gun is manufactured on high precision modern machinery, making them very accurate. The double-stacked magazines provide extra ammo capacity just in case it is needed. Owning a Baby Eagle III means investing in a proven platform, with exceptional reliability, that will deliver performance on every trip to the range.

MSRP starts at $646.

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  1. If it comes with 1000 rounds of the appropriate caliber, I’m in. Otherwise, I’ve got too many mouths to feed as it is without adding one to the stable. Just sayin’.

    • Right now that should be everyone who already owns a rifle/pistol combo point of view. If you are still buying more guns it better be in different calibers so you can have a back up when your back up of your back up runs out. I’m over here just trying to stock up on 4 calibers and people on armslist/MGT selling ammo… wtf. Priorities man. Sell the house first.

    • Consider guns chambered in 7.62×25mm Tokarev and 9mm Makarov, Ammo is readily available and reasonably priced, the firearms are relatively inexpensive, rugged and reliable, just not sexy as a 1911 Colt or a Desert Eagle.

  2. “The Baby Eagle has been an icon of the shooting world since the introduction of its ancestor, the Jericho pistol,…”

    Have read that the Jericho was a failure. Is it logical that the alleged bad fruit of the Jericho can spawn good fruit in the Baby DE? Does anyone have direct experience with both?


    • To this one’s understanding, upon its inception the Jericho pistol was actually fairly popular. It was designed after the CZ 75 during the Cold War. Since CZ 75s were difficult to get ahold of by non-combloc nations, the Jericho (along with other clones) developed a cult following.

      The Jericho’s primary failing was also what set it apart from other CZ clones in that it was offered with a conversion barrel set up for a proprietary caliber in addition to 9mm. The Jericho 9/41 as it was called, had the capability to swap barrels, recoil springs and (if Esoteric Inanity recalls correctly) magazines to shoot 41 AE. .41 AE was developed for the same reasons as .40 S&W and had fairly similar ballistics.

      Esoteric Inanity has some experience with the older pistols, and a decent bit with the newer ones. While the older ones had some minor functional issues from time to time, they were generally quite well made and dependable. The newer baby eagles, while decent guns tend to perform similarly, albeit with sights on the standard models that only line up with heavier grained 9mm loads. The lighter loads tend to shoot around 4-7 inches low at 7 yards. As with most modern guns, fit and finish leaves much to be desired.

      • This one believes the Desert Eagle series is best kept for the famous models chambered in .44 Mag and .50 AE. It is Abstruse Asininity’s opinion that the market is already flooded with quality makes & models chambered in the more common 9mm, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP. The world does not necessarily need more new offerings at this point in time, but rather a stronger supply of ammunition. And magazines, if the recent development in the Ninth Circuit and California is any harbinger.

        • Give it up – You’re never gonna out – ‘Esoteric Inanity’ the original ‘Esoteric Inanity’, in this one’s opinion. 😉

          (Nice seeing ya again, E.I….)

        • @Abstruse Asininity:

          Aha!!! This one meets that one……once again!!!

          It has been said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but parody is the epitome of comedy.


          @Geoff “Insert Witty Line Here” PR:

          Thanks man, appreciate it. It’s good to be wanted, without the posters and bounty that is.

    • Having both I would tend to agree with Esoteric but IME where they shoot low it’s 1-1.5″. I also haven’t seen this issue outside of 9mm. The sights seem quite well “middle-of-the-roaded” onbthev.45 and .40 pistols.

      Other than the the Jericho and Baby Eagle pistol are very good guns. However I would point out two other “issues” with the line. First, quality leather holsters are not that easy to find. But the full sized steel Gen 1’s fit extremely well in Galco holsters designed for a P226 (don’t ask how I discovered this).

      The other issue is that aftermarket parts are a small market. Meprolight makes a set of tritium night sights and I believe Trujicon does now too. But it’s not like a Glock where everyone and their brother makes some aftermarket part for these things (not that they need it IMHO). Tanfuglio used to make threaded barrels for them but stopped some years back. Dunno if anyone else has entered that market. Personally I’m not the biggest fan of the 9mm semi-compact’s ramped rear sight but that’s just because I like the Gen 1 sights as much as I do.

      Other than that they’re great. When I take BE’s to the range and let other people try them I always have someone trying to buy them off me. Hell, I gave my buddy a gift card for the exact price plus tax on a .40 full frame steel BE years back specifically to get him to stop trying to buy mine. My dad shot my Gen 1 .40 and immediately told me he wanted one (he got it for his birthday that year).

    • First handgun I ever bought was a used Jericho 941 in 9mm back in the early 2000s, never had any reliability problems with it at all. The double action trigger pull is pretty rough, but the single action pull is fantastic. It’s a heavy gun so has very little recoil. Sadly it didn’t come with the 41 AE barrel and magazines, but I think that ammo is nearly impossible to get anyway.
      I was under the impression the steel Baby Eagles are the same gun from a different importer, but judging from the other comments I was wrong… mine says “Israeli Military Industries” and “Made In Israel” on it.

      • Thanx for the info. Worked with IMI and IAI (aerospace) for a few years when doing inventory management for a US defense contractor. Some really interesting arrangements.

      • You have one of the older IMI made pistols. I had one in .45 ACP. It was accurate, had a great single action trigger, and fit my had perfectly. Unfortunately it has the .45 curse and couldn’t get through a full mag without a malfunction with ball ammo. I tried a few magazines and was just not reliable. It was sad because it had a lot going for it. On checking out some gun forums, quite a few others had problems with the .45. I didn’t see the problems with the 9mm or .40. I should have bought a 9mm and I would probably still own the gun. I’m a CZ junkie, so it would have fit nicely in my collection. This new one Made by Bul is interesting, but I don’t like the safety/decocker on the slide. I would rather have the Jericho style frame safety. I actually switched my P-09 to safety from decocker for competitions because of the single stage trigger. It helped me get those first round hits easier.

        • Yeah it’s a beautiful pistol, and it’s a tank. Black slide with stainless frame. It does have the safety/decocker on the slide though…

  3. They would sell OK if they go to a frame mounted safety and get rid of the slide mounted safety.

  4. If you’re going to clone a gun (CZ75), leave the safety on the frame 1911- style like the original and other clones, Tristar/canik55 and E. A. A. did, not mimicking another poor design (Deagle) for hollywood style points. Otherwise, nice gun.

    • Agreed. However, in this market, any pistol will sell. I believe this is just optimizing factory capacity for the current market.

  5. Nice to see that the Jericho is still being offered in some form in the states. A shame that the manufacturer still puts so much emphasis on the polymer framed version. Some guns just aren’t copacetic in polymer, e.g. 1911s.

    This one would much rather see an iteration of the Jericho closer to the original. Full length barrel and grip, more of a rounded profile on edges, frame mounted decocker, no tactirail, preferably a dark blued finish and sights that actually line up with common 9mm loads. An optional stainless version would also be appreciated, as Esoteric Inanity doubts that they would be offered in nickel plating again.

  6. Interesting that the Baby Eagle is stamped Desert Eagle.

    Is it made in Isreal or Pillager, MN USA?

    What does BUL LTD mean? Is that a pun since these calibers are very limited right now?

    Other than that it looks nice.

  7. We did a buy-bust coke deal at a local truck stop once. The suspect was armed with one of these and a Glock 26. Never shot it but did look it over before turning it in to evidence. Seemed well made, but I remember the DA trigger being a bit rough. Maybe it was just that particular pistol.

  8. Looks nice, but, Nope.

    Sticking with USA made firearms from USA companies. The two Glocks I own were my very first guns, but after that USA only. Yes, the ammo, also.

  9. Doubt they have the resources to put this into production and on the dealers shelves right now. Would love to shoot one. One of my buds bought a DE/BUL commander size 1911 45 with the bull bbl. Very nice gun.

    • The probably will since Bul is located in Israel. I have a feeling they won’t last on the shelf though.

  10. I do not like the slide mounted safety because it interferes with the serrations. When one needs to charge the pistol how does one get a good grip with that safety in the way?

    • You grab the slide right in front of the safety. It will act just like the cocking ears on a VP9 and keeps your fingers from sliding off the slide. If the safety is off you pull slightly upward so you don’t accidentally activate the decocker.

      • Exactly. Plus on my Jericho, the slide narrows in front of the safety to make two ridges that your thumb and fingers can naturally fit into and rack the slide easily.

  11. Nice but new guns and deals don’t interest me at the moment. No point in another gun if ammo is scarce as it is.

    • Nostalgia, because one can. If we were not judgmental assholes we would all carry a Glock19…

      • I wouldn’t, I hate Glocks. I tried. I’m that one weird guy that actually shoots revolvers better than semi-autos. BUT if I do carry one, it’s a 1911. 🤷‍♂️

        • LOL nothing wrong with that! My point is you feel you shoot something better, than something else.. that’s you, not the gun, usually.

    • Unless you want the competition model the basic CZ-75 in .40 was d/c in 2018. I had a steel full size Jericho 941 in .40 a few years ago. A beast of metal, only one cycling problem I can recall that was probably due to a limp/weak grip, but had to take to the range gunsmith to unlock it as it was jammed hella tight. Gave it up as I didn’t like the rails, and for a couple other reasons. I have a 2018 CZ-75 B in .40 that I really like and won’t part with. Was an instant purchase I hadn’t planned on when I saw it in the store. Despite the great trigger and natural hand-fit I still don’t shoot it as well as my 96A1 or my Px4 (both in .40). I think I spent more time with the Px4 which is my primary carry gun, so that probably explains it.

      • My usual lately is a p-01 alloy frame, decocker only. Wanted a pcr but couldn’t find one at the time. Only failures were 4 rounds of browning out of 500 that the cases were oversized and would not chamber completely. I should have saved them for complaint purposes but they chambered in my ruger lc9 so I fired them. Anyone else have problems with browning ammo?

  12. There are tons of great options out there for 9mm, .45 and I guess .40

    If I want a Desert Eagle it isn’t for a standard pistol cartridge

  13. The specs I read last week say the .45 is the same size as the others and has a ten-round magazine. That was on the Magnum Research website. I’d certainly be interested.

    As for the safety, this is a DA/SA and the safety isn’t actually used unless shooting SAO. The safeties on the frames of my CZ 75 Bs are low enough that my thumb must be on top to avoid accidental engagement, so moving that useless bit to the slide is fine with me. I could do without the rail, as I don’t hang junk on handguns.

  14. I enjoy my frame-safety 941F that I bought as an Israeli police trade-in from Aim Surplus, years ago. I cleaned it up, replaced the springs and tritium sights, and got some new Hogue grips for it. It runs quite reliably with some 19-round Mec-Gar CZ75 mags I bought shortly after, and I used it for my License To Carry class.

    However, Baby Eagle continues to be the worst name for a gun I’ve ever heard. I understand brand recognition, and I suppose if you squint just right, some of the angles look sort of similar between it and an actual Desert Eagle. All things being equal, I’m glad mine is marked Jericho and IMI.

    • They had a Micro Desert Eagle for a while in .380. It was quite possibly the heaviest mouse gun on the market. All steel, with a heavy DA-only trigger. Fit and finish was awesome, though. It leaves a lot to be desired.

  15. I like my first gen Baby Eagle with the IMI markings. Although it is the ones with the slide safety. It shoots great. Yes, these are the ones that Tanfagilo made under contract for IMI. At least, I can use any CZ75 mags in there without any issues. My pre-b CZ75 is cool but magazine picky.

  16. Well this is close enough. Fellas, I have a DE in .44 Mag, 6 inch, ported barrel and it is finicky as all hell. I’ve tried cleaning the absolute shit out of it, I’ve oiled it, I’ve shot the hottest +P ammo, I’ve locked it in a vice to be sure it cycles. The only thing I haven’t done is just buy a regular barrel for it. Can ANYONE help me? Or did I just get a lemon? I have gotten it up from approximately 16 rounds per failure, to approximately 80.

    • It depends on what kind of failures you’re having. If it is failing to eject might be an ejector extractor issue. Try replacing the springs and a fresh magazine for failure to feed. Theyre finicky. Mine runs well but every so often it will short stroke which is probably my failure more than the guns failure.

      • It is a failure to eject. I have a photo of an ejected casing actually caught on the slide BACKWARDS. Rim facing barrel. Ok buddy I’ll try that. Thanks Ted! I really appreciate it.

  17. If you’ve never heard of Bul armory- you NEED to check out their new SAS 2 Viper -with compensator.

    It seems to be rapidly rising to be the ultimate carry set up. Size of a G19 with 15/17 rounds, 1911 trigger, hammer fired, polymer/aluminium frame.
    Here in Israel- I have heard first hand accounts of ASTOUNDING accuracy with this pistol, and extremely fast for follow up shots. If it can go 10,000 with no issues- it WILL become the ultimate carry pistol…….until of course they come out with a compact Alien………..

  18. The same gun made by the same company sells this alot cheaper like $660, they just out Deasert eagle on it and charge more haha

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