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If your AR is on the heavy side, a full day of shooting can leave you worn out. Feeling half past dead. Because of the weight. Never fear, though, because Lyman products has a solution for you. Their new Tacstar free-floating handguards are made of uber-light, ultra-strong carbon fiber with plenty of M-LOK positions and a convenient forward mounted length of Pic rail to attach a front sight. Here’s their press release . . .

Middletown, Conn. (April 2018) – Tacstar®, a leader in tactical accessories and a Lyman brand, is proud to introduce new, highly functional carbon fiber AR-15 handguards with an integrated Picatinny rail. Extremely rugged, carbon fiber offers an unbeatable strength to weight ratio, offering durability and toughness to go along with their light weight and good looks. Unlike handguards made from aluminum or other materials, Tacstar’s carbon fiber handguards stay cool to the touch, even with extensive firing.

Trevor Mullen, VP of Global Marketing and Business Development for Lyman Products, said, “Whether you are a competitor, professional or just enjoy a day at the range, this Tacstar carbon fiber handguard will make a difference in your shooting experience. First, you’ll notice how lightweight it is at just four ounces. Second, after repeated shooting, the handguard stays cool to the touch. And, the integrated Picatinny rail is one less accessory you have to fool with when accessorizing your rifle. The Tacstar carbon fiber handguard is easy to attach and you’ll appreciate its sleek appearance as much as all the other benefits.”

The fully free-floating octagon handguards are equipped with multiple cooling slots and accessory mounting points. The mounting points will accept any M-LOK® style mounting hardware used with accessories, such as slings, bi-pods, lights or vertical grips. Additionally, the handguards are equipped with a forward mounted Picatinny rail to attach sights.

The Tacstar handguard attaches to the rifle using an innovative aluminum mounting sleeve. The sleeve simply clamps over the existing barrel nut. No special tools are required for installation.

Handguards are available in three lengths to cover any standard gas port location:

10″ Carbine length – MSRP $174.98
12″ Mid Rifle length – MSRP $199.98
15″ Full Rifle length – MSRP $224.98

For more information on the Tacstar carbon fiber AR-15 handguards or any of the other fine Lyman accessories or reloading equipment, visit Lyman at

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    • Just got my 15″ TacStar carbon fiber handguard today. I weighed it with all of the mounting hardware (including a GI steel barrel nut) and it came out to 10.3 oz on my postal scale. Lyman’s website claims that it weighs only 4 oz, which is baloney.

      I haven’t put it on a rifle yet (just got home an hour ago) but it seems like a solid product. I’m a little disappointed that Lyman is padding their numbers where weight is concerned; they should be honest about the weight of the handguard, as it’s actually pretty light as it stands. No need to be deceptive, Lyman!

      • That’s a respectable number. But yeah, false advertisement. I have a CF endplate that weighs more than advertised, as well.

      • I have the 10″ model, and with all of the included mounting hardware it weights 7.3 oz. The 4-oz claim is about right if you leave out the mounting hardware, which consists of an aluminum collar and several steel screws.

  1. I’m interested. I’ve been wanting to make a WWSD build but the Faxon carbon fiber handguards were too expensive for me. At about a hundred less, this might change things.

    • Running a pinned FSB sort of defeats the idea of an ultralight config, doesn’t it? You are putting noticeable weight out at the end of the barrel where it is most noticeable. If ruggedness and durability of an FSB is required, carbon fiber hand guards are not the way to go. They are not “weak” but when CF fails it shatters completely. Not exactly rugged.

  2. “The Tacstar handguard attaches to the rifle using an innovative aluminum mounting sleeve. The sleeve simply clamps over the existing barrel nut.”

    Does this mean that it will work with *any* barrel nut?


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