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Reader Jerry Smith writes:

A war is coming to Pennsylvania. It is on our doorstep and was started by a handful of democratic senators in Harrisburg, PA. Their political canon fired the first shot, one that was loaded with Senate Bill 17 of 2018. A bill that in no uncertain terms is designed to criminalize gun ownership across the state. One that will result turning law abiding citizens into common everyday criminals.

Bill 17 outlaws various classes of rifles and shotguns. It outlaws magazines and attachments. It outlaws firearms that are black and look scary. It criminalizes the legal ownership of guns that have been lawfully possessed and used by millions of Americans. It criminalizes legal behavior, not based on scientific principles, but on a progressive political dogma designed to enlarge a democratic plantation of dependancy.

This bill should be opposed, not because it doesn’t solve gun violence or because it infringes on our Second Amendment rights. Those are obvious. Rather, it should be opposed because its premise is based on making you and me more dependent on them. The less we can protect ourselves, the more we will have to turn to the government for our needs. Their dependency plantation grows at the expense of our freedom to protect ourselves and our loved ones. We become more enslaved.

But stopping this bill should no longer be the singular goal. In a state “led” by Republicans and conservatives, one would expect this bill to never see the light of day. In theory, there should be no chance that it even gets a vote. It should die in committee. But more needs to be done now, because the left has mounted a national war on Second Amendment rights and Pennsylvania is a battle front. It’s not enough just to kill this bill in committee, the Democrats need to know that there is a line in our constitutional sand that will not be crossed or even approached. A moral line worth fighting for.

Money will flow into Pennsylvania to support their efforts. The national progressive movement will open up the funding tap and let it poor into our state. Organizations are going to coordinate in our state capital to support this bill.

The left will lie about the facts. Distort the truth. They will march our children up and down Harrisburg streets calling lawful gun owners baby killers. They will have our faces on anti-NRA posters saying we value weapons of war more than than the safety of our kids. We’ve seen this recently in Florida and California. It’s just around the corner here. 

So a war is coming. It’s inevitable. The question of our time is, what are we going to do about this? How do we plan on getting ahead of the PR curve before the progressives push lawful gun owners into a corner?

Pennsylvania’s Republican party is known for their lack of a backbone when it comes to fighting for these kinds of causes. They let the left walk all over the truth, our way of life, and the constitution. They let them box rational thought into an emotional corner because they are afraid to fight, afraid to be aggressive, afraid to be called “bad names.” There has to be a logic line that we will not cross. One that we will lobby for, demonstrate for, fight for. This question is, is this that line?”

Our question is, where is that line for you? An assault weapons ban? Magazine capacity limits? Ammunition background checks? Extreme risk protection orders? At what point will you take the kind of action the anti-gun left is so well known for?

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        • “At what point will you take the kind of action the anti-gun left is so well known for?”


          But anyway, what will happen when the line (wherever it is) gets crossed? That is the real issue, but also one that could get you in trouble by either or both words and action.

          What are you really asking?

    • Make no mistake about it. A bill like this will be coming to a state near you. As the writer acknowledges, the totalitarian left is motivated by emotion and ideology. Reasoning with them, relying on facts, and citing the Constitution will do no good when they possess the raw political power to impose their will. Like earlier civil rights activists, we will be forced to resist and disobey these immoral laws. The alternative would be slavery.

    • Good enough.
      I’d like to exercise my rights under the Fifth Amendment and refuse to answer any question wanting to know under what circumstances I may or may not load all of my firearms and magazines (even the muzzle loaders!).

      • What!?!? They’re not already loaded? I have one g un that’s not loaded and that’s just because I just picked it up today and haven’t bought any .260 am mo yet.

  1. Most of those infringements I would simply ignore, as I’m too old and infirm to go to war again. If someone brings that war to my door, OTOH, I will be ready. According to the laws I have lived under, the only guns anyone is allowed to legally discover that I own are an SBR and a suppressor. If a court orders me to surrender them, I’ll spend a couple hundred thousand bucks in court fighting the order up to SCOTUS, but if I lose, I’ll comply. I understood that risk when I bought them. But otherwise, it’s on!

  2. Of all the nonsense that has been happening lately the Extreme Risk Theft, uh they call it Protection Order is the most dangerous. They have to come in while you are away to steal from you, otherwise they know they would get a fight for being thieves…anywho the line is where the left starts talking, always!

  3. I’m not going to fight the cops or the gov, if “they” want the damned guns that bad they can have them, Dead or in prison ain’t worth it. That’s reality

    • That’s fine and dandy. But, do you have any close friends, family or kin that is willing to fight and die for their freedom? If so, what do you do if one of them goes down fighting? Sit back and watch?

    • “Dead or in prison ain’t worth it. That’s reality.”
      It is, however, worth it to me. That’s reality.

    • Reality is I’m an old fart. My best years are behind me. Clinging desperately to life is a non winning situation.

      How would I rather go? Drained of life in a hospital bed or making some proggies piss their pants.

      I’ve been shot at and returned the favor. I’ve seen death. And I know that there is no beating death.

      My way. My time. My choice.

      Beats the fuck out of the alternative.

      • I have been providing elder care lately for an uncle. What I have seen makes by “fear” of rapid/immediate death fighting for the republic disappear.

        I do not want the conflict, but I will respond in kind.

      • ” and Lord, if today is the day you call me home, let me die in a pile of empty brass.”

        • With my Ka-Bar broken and the slide locked back on my sidearm.

        • If we had the support of the populace . As it stands now it would be just another Ruby Ridge, Branch Davidian, the draw the line question, with sites like these being monitored by the Feds n all, my tin foil hat tells me to keep my mouth shut. They don’t know,,,” You can take my guns if you want them, I won’t fight” just might mean I’ve got clackers in my hand. “You can take my guns, I’m a puss” just might mean I belong to a hard core militia that ” they” don’t even know about. Threats of what we will do is trying to impress upon the opposition not to tread on us, “They” are not afraid of threats and “We” don’t make threats….. This, Where do you draw the line, . it’s not just me by my lonesome drawing a line, it’s a few others( 853 n growing) that have been tooling up since 1994, that’s not enough, Guerilla wars need the support of the population to succeed…..Tin foil hat says “keep your mouth shut, dumbass.”

      • We gotta take up some kind of collection to put some signs on that lake warning people of the rough waters ahead!

    • The objective of taking your guns will be so that they can easily make you dead or in prison. …so in the end what is the difference? Might as well stand for what you believe in.

  4. The Penn GOP are only there for the MONEY! (paychecks) Just like Illinois & Cali fornicate!
    Hell, living in Illinois (200 miles south of CHI-RAQ) we have to have the FOID Card to purchase any type firearm and ammunition, plus accessories! FOID card system already have stricter background checks! Welcome to the State of Illinois that tracks you ‘al!

  5. Harrisburg and Philly thinking they’re going to get rural PA to comply with their bullshit is laughable at best. They even have a token Philly RINO as a cosponsor

    • They may not have to. Or within the not to far future will not as in a lot of states the big cities are wagging the dog now. For instance New York city decides what goes in the whole state. This is slowly happening here in Florida too as the West Palm/Broward/Dade metropolis gains enough population to tip the balance of votes (power). Why do you think our Republican politicians folded so easily> They see the writing on the wall and it’s that in the not to distant future the rest of the state is going to not matter voting wise.

      • Oh I’m not referring to the politicians. They’re almost entirely scum. More to us peons that don’t live in the big cities. Look at the estimated compliance in Connecticut or even NY state with the SAFE act. A lot of people just don’t care what big brother thinks their serfs should report.

        • What then happens when a CT noncomplier ends up having to use his “unregistered assault weapon” in self-defense?

      • as it stands now 8 to 10 counties decide the gov and presidential races. the other 60 are ignored. When She lost Scranton and the surrounding counties it was almost not enough to lose by. Philly has Cook County levels of turn out, Chicago residents know what that means.

  6. Where do I draw the line? I draw the line right about December 15, 1791. Thats when the Bill of Rights, including the 2nd Amendment, was ratified and officially became part of the highest law of the land.

    • Here here. If only our community could organize en masse and stand up for what is right. It would be nice to see 5 million NRA members and 15 million CCW holders standing on the National Mall all openly carrying to tell Congress exactly how we feel.

  7. Right here, as we are, right now. Anything else and I will not comply. When our rights were not as fully recognized as they are now in Texas, I did not comply then. I was open and public about my non-compliance. I will not comply, again, in the future.

    • From what I understand in Texas one cannot bear a handgun (either openly or concealed) without Government permission and paying a fee first. It sure seems to me that is the definition of Unconstitutional. Not much better than D.C. was as far as I am concerned. But I retire this year. I’m off to Antigua this month to pick up my catamaran and sail her back to VA. Then outfit and I’m gone. It’s up to your generation now. Keep your powder dry my friend.

      • Having lived in both places and attempted to get a permit in both places I can assure you that Texas is radically different than the District of Columbia. Here in Texas, prove that you are not a felon, convicted of a violent crime, or some DWI offenses and your permit is must issue. The cost is less than enchiladas for 2 and the wait time is usually 2 weeks or better.
        Now, is this an infringement? Yes. And one we should continue to work to eliminate. But it is minor in the extreme, and an infringement not worth jail or death. Infringement such as magazine limits, or waiting periods for buying a gun, both which limit my effective defense, certainly are.
        By the way, even without a permit in Texas a long gun is completely legal, and it is also completely legal to have a handgun on your private property, which includes your vehicle, or in pursuit of a sporting activity like hunting and the range, or to and from any of those activities or properties.
        The exceptions are so broad and so vague that when I was working to get concealed carry passed in Texas, my biggest challenge was convincing lawmakers that it was illegal in the first place. After all, half of them carried a gun, and they all knew someone in their family that did.

  8. At 19 I took an oath to protect and defend against all enemies foreign and domestic. I took that oath seriously. I spilled my blood for that oath. Today we are faced with domestic enemies that are in many ways more dangerous than enemies outside our borders. Our Republic is under threat. I will not comply.

    • Walter 88…..I also took this oath and do not remember an expiration date. Many of these politicians also took a similar oath when they were sworn in their jobs after being elected. How soon they forget.

    • Enlighten us. Perhaps you were referring to…

      “Are we at last brought to such humiliating and debasing degradation, that we cannot be trusted with arms for our defense?”

      “Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect everyone who approaches that jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. Whenever you give up that force, you are inevitably ruined.”

      “The great object is that every man be armed.”

      “The liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be, secure, when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them.”

      “If this be treason, make the most of it!”

      or something else?

      • How about…

        “Is life so dear or peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty, or give me death!
        Patrick Henry

  9. As we enter the age of desktop manufacturing, the only thing that would really disarm the population is choking off the ammunition supply.

    In five to ten years, banning any kind of metal/plastic device will be like trying to ban the baking of a lasagna in a home kitchen. This will become increasingly obvious even to professionally-stupid politicians. The only avenue left will be to prohibit ammunition by direct or indirect means (b/c the supply of smokeless powder can probably be effectively constrained through commercial channels, notwithstanding desktop mfg of solid objects).

    So ammunition bans/confiscations/prohibitive-restrictions/prohibitive-taxation should be the “red line.”

    • Good news is you can’t choke off the supply of anything, all you can do is indirectly raise the price. We lost the war on drugs before we started and made lots of people here and there VERY rich in the process. Imagine the smuggling that will happen when people of the gun with real jobs and money to spend in a nonimpaired state of mind pony up to buy ammo out of vans and trunks in back alleys.

  10. By far the most dangerous for gun rights is “Universal background checks’, combined with requirements for reporting destroyed, lost or stolen guns.

    It sounds so reasonable on the surface. Unfortunately, The *only* way that UBCs can be effective is that if there is a record of what exact guns someone owns. That means the government can declare any gun you own outlawed, and can throw your ass in prison if you fail to surrender it.

    That is the most important thing SCOTUS must decide. Gun registration *MUST* be declared un-constitutional by SCOTUS to secure gun rights…

      • The problem is, if you are ever found in possession of a gun you declared ‘lost in a boating accident’, your ass goes to prison.

        Do you now understand the problem with ‘Universal background checks’?

  11. I want my damn civil rights back. All of them. Any politician or corporate activist who opposes civil rights deserves to be shot. They’re lucky we’re so civilized that we’re exhausting all the non-violent options first.

  12. PA has been slipping for years. It’s only a matter of time and elections now.
    Philly is the biggest problem. The rest of the state has to suck it up because philly is a shooting gallery.

    • Nice attitude. No need for an opponent when you have already defeated yourself. You are exhibiting the exact attitude that those in power desire; that they are so huge and awesome that no opposition will ever be possible, so why bother?
      “If you love wealth greater than liberty, the tranquility of servitude greater than the animating contest for freedom, go home from us in peace. We seek not your counsel, nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you; May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.”
      ― Samuel Adams
      Note that you don’t hear Mr. Adams mentioning how large and well-equipped the British were, compared to the colonies. Nor does he waste time bemoaning that King George is not leaving them alone, but was determined to own them as he did the whole rest of England. Only that if a one is unwilling to fight for liberty, then that one is not wanted by the fighters in the first place, and is welcome to his slavery, but that that attitude will not be that of Mr. Adams, or anyone he will associate with. There is a lesson in there somewhere…..

      • Attitude? Try facing reality. Wishing something is different is a waste of time.
        I’ve seen PA change over 30 years and just like Jersey and MD once they get the numbers it’s over.
        And they will get the numbers one way or another.

  13. “They let the left walk all over the truth, our way of life, and the constitution. They let them box rational thought into an emotional corner because they are afraid to fight,”

    I would submit that the above is most assuredly NOT the reason that R’s don’t fight the D’s, but insist on helping them in their quest for ever more control over the sheeple.
    I submit that any sane mind, observing the facts, must conclude that both parties are bought and paid for by the exact same persons in power(“the swamp” or the “deep state”), and that these persons use the politicians they own as they see fit, which is currently the disarmament of the US so that they will have ever greater control over the population.
    I conclude that any author that can not see this as a simple fact of US life, is either too blind to see(or listen to), or is bought and paid for by the same people as mentioned above.

    • EXACTLY what Clintons mentor said ….. this is how C.F.R + NWO + globalists rigged it.

      .”“The argument that the two parties should represent opposed ideals and policies… is a foolish idea. Instead, the two parties should be almost identical, so that the American people can throw the rascals out at any election without leading to any profound or extensive shifts in policy. Then it should be possible to replace it, every four years if necessary, by the other party which will be none of these things but will still pursue, with new vigor, approximately the same basic policies.”― Carroll Quigley

      Looks like the GIANT is finally awake :-))

      • Certainly some of them anyway. I see the awakening occurring all around me. I seldom talk to a person on the fence anymore. All seem firmly entrenched in their own fortifications, and are only awaiting the attack to spill some blood. And with the left(all mainstream media and all government employees at all levels) growing more and more violent with each passing day, I think that day is not far off. It is only a matter of time until they attempt some violent attack, and are met by overwhelming force. Then I predict that all gloves will go off and they will make the murder of political speakers fully legal and encouraged by society(their part of it, anyway…), kicking off the shooting war against those who refuse to be enslaved.
        Exactly as specified by JFK; “those who make peaceful change impossible, make violent change inevitable.”

        • I am expecting an ‘ event ‘ …. real or fabricated on or around APRIL 19 — the anniversary of ” shot heard ;round the world ” at Lexington & Concord.

          Anyone who fails to recognize the globalists are STILL pissed about that , is not playing with a full deck. They still view us as …” their colony “

        • You’ve seen a few too many movies. No one is going to start shooting and if they do it’s not going to end well. We all need to work within the legal framework that still exists despite others violating it. And sometimes they are going to win through courts, votes, and demographics.
          And we’ll win too the same way. But there will be territory lost along the way
          This isn’t 1775 and we aren’t fighting the British half a world and 3 months away.

  14. Pretty much all those things you just named cross my line. I will be in Tallahassee on the 14th to protest this shit they’ve forced on us now.

  15. just take a brief look at history.
    Bush passes Patriot Act. everyone is a terrorists. fourth amendment dead
    Obama passes NDAA. you have no right to trial. you disappear. all rights disappear on their whim.
    Trump has ordained “take the guns first, due process later” our last stronghold.
    every state will now follow suit. Dems will take over with sweeping draconian gun laws and start enforcing their socialist, communist, fascist laws.
    its over. they have systematically legalized tyranny, communism, and fascism. i am not looking forward to the future this country has lined out for it.
    and as we see, they are taking the last sliver of freedom left…the internet. now they will dictate what we see and hear.
    it. is. over.

    • Trump has ordained “take the guns first, due process later” President was just trying to please the left. Realized nothing could do that & announced a week later “2nd Amend will Never be traded for”. Trump speaks before He thinks, but always comes back.

  16. Ammunition background checks and ERPOs. I live in Arizona, and if it happens here, I know it’s time to fight. All legal recourse would have been exhausted, if that even sees the light of day here. I hope to never get to that point, but we must be ready to take aim and pull the trigger. If I am to be branded a criminal, I may as well go down fighting. ☹️

  17. I believe the NFA should be done away with, but there should be a machine gun registry and an FFL system with NICS, but the registry should be opened and NICS should be fixed (i.e. everything is wiped clean after 3 days and anyone flagged is actually followed up on). There should be Constitutional Carry across the land as long as you have a driver’s license or state ID to prove you are who you say you are and that you are at least 18. Furthermore, if you have a driver’s license you should be able to purchase guns from an FFL without a background check, and the age to buy any weapon from a dealer should be 18.

    • “I believe the NFA should be done away with, but there should be a machine gun registry and an FFL system with NICS, but the registry should be opened and NICS should be fixed (i.e. everything is wiped clean after 3 days and anyone flagged is actually followed up on). There should be Constitutional Carry across the land as long as you have a driver’s license or state ID to prove you are who you say you are and that you are at least 18. Furthermore, if you have a driver’s license you should be able to purchase guns from an FFL without a background check, and the age to buy any weapon from a dealer should be 18.”
      And just WHO will keep this registry? Just WHO will see to it that the records are deleted after whatever period of time? Just how will you “fix” the NICS? How will you force the bureaucrats to do their jobs? There are federal laws out the wazoo about ICE and illegal aliens, and yet there seems no way at all to force California or NYC to stop providing sanctuary to illegal foreign felons.
      This is the problem with “beliefs”. All are entitled to believe whatever they like, but few indeed will ever think these “beliefs” through.
      Most will instead conclude that a sound bite; like “fix nics” is all that is needed, even though it is obvious that any problem will only be “fixed” by proper actions, taken in accord with logic and reason.
      It’s just too much easier to make up sound bites and then repeat them, all the while watching the problem grow worse and worse.

  18. There is a war coming in the near future and it will be those who believe in the second amendment and those who want to take it away from the citizens of the United States.

    This is only the beginning of what is too come.

    Now we have to choices 1.( give up your rights) 2.(resist those who want to take those god given rights away).

    But after everyone is disarmed more rights will be taken away and more laws that enslave your children, your grand kids and so on.

    So speak up now for this will happen in the next 10 years.

    • There is no “when everyone is disarmed” scenario.

      Certain progressive states will attempt to make criminals out of law abiding armed citizens or have a big buyback. The weak-willed will submit but the patriots will not. Eventually there will be a confrontation between leftist tyrants and armed citizens that may or may not get bloody.

      As soon as that news breaks, neighboring armed citizens and family will rally to actively resist (think Bundy ranch but at a much larger scale). This will likely spur an emergency legal debate on the constitutionality of the gun grabbing laws in effect which will then spark a national debate to finally determine if gun control itself is unconstitutional as well as question states should be able to pick and choose what parts of the US Constitution they want to follow.

      The Constitution is written in plain English. But for some reason, we, as a society, have allowed morons into power and allow them to play their stupid games at the cost of our identity.

      • tjlarson2k,

        As soon as that news breaks, neighboring armed citizens and family will rally to actively resist (think Bundy ranch but at a much larger scale).

        I am not entirely convinced that news will cover such an event — especially if local and/or national news outlets sense that coverage will be a rallying cry for our side.

        I think a much more likely scenario is that successful surprise raids WITHOUT ANY NEWS COVERAGE will take place several times for about 2 months before word finally spreads (via word of mouth). Then, you will start to see surprise reprisals on the enforcers.

        • Word of mouth nowadays is Twitter and other numerous forms of instant messaging.

          If necessary, it will go to encrypted instant messaging.

          Word will spread in short minutes…

  19. We constantly complain that our governments don’t do anything while in office, but suckle at the tit of free tax dollars. We should be fighting all legislation, whether it’s good or bad. Why do we continue to allow more and more laws to be placed upon us. There’s 10,000 pages of tax code alone. More laws of any kind are never the answer.

  20. I’m not giving up a damn thing. Lock and load. Local cops are EZ to locate. I’m old and don’t care…

    • Dont waste your ammo on the enforcement class if you can help it. If it comes to a shooting war, the tyrants who perpetrated it should be the first (and hopefully last) casualties. They don’t rule from an ocean away. They’re in our own back yard and they are not safe from us. They know this, and this is why they want to disarm us.

  21. There is only one problem its an election year and the Republican Rats are jumping ship all across the country. There new web sites prove it.

  22. WTH is the matter with you guys???

    There have been at least 5 attempts in the past by legslators proposing bills to repeal the Second Amendment- they went no where, could hardly get a co-signer. Of course there are well-funded attempts to reduce us down to zero self-protection and gun ownership but I doubt Pennsylvania is going that way any time soon, unless a bunch of people start to denigrate their legislative supporters like is already starting here. Now’s the time to organize, make contact with your elected officials via snail and email, take a trip to Harrisburg and meet in-person with them and put a face on the people that will be affected. And a good question to ask yourself might be: Why haven’t I already done this several times in the past few years?

    Proposals like this bring the enemies of liberty out in the open. We’ve had multiple attempts in Iowa to do similar things, locally and state-wide and they’ve all backfired on the majority the people floating them except in the more safe inner cities. We even passed a first round amendment to include US Second Amendment language to the the IA Constituion following the Parkland shooting. That really frosted the MSM and usual suspects.

    Welcome battles like this. And if the people of Pennsylvania are ready to lay down their guns, they’ll get what they deserve. Penn has a huge number of gun owners, not just hunters and sports folk. Get to work. Plenty of time, and quit whining that everything is going to hell. Make things happen.

  23. I have a line in mind and will fight everything that approaches it, but will comply. When that line is crossed my compliance will come to an end.

  24. What is a “law abiding citizen” to do when confronted with new laws whose sole purpose is the suppression of the free exercise of our rights? Irish democracy? I will not comply? Shall we redefine “law abiding” to mean “laws I recognize as constitutional”? Non compliance is currently widespread in democrat party controlled cities and states, re: the magazine ban in Colorado, unregistered rifles in Connecticut and New York, background checks for private sales in Washington and Oregon. I am old and stubborn enough that I will not cooperate in the elimination of rights I have enjoyed for the past 65 years. The anti civil-rights bigots are incrementalists who constantly seek to move the line inch by inch. They have already crossed it, repeatedly. My personal opinion is “not one more inch”.

  25. Join the club. We in Illinois have been blind sided by similar proposals for legislation, such as age restrictions, magazine and weapons bans, and no staying with the state if traveling through the state of Illinois with high capacity and assault weapons. Our governor has veto the first bill to pass to license FFL further being pushed by Chicago Democrats with all the other bills coming from them also. The Democrats are pushing similar language bills across the U.S. right now. I think it might be coming from even the DNC to help Democrats at the state level. Vermont even went the to the dark side also with the least crime state in the U.S. It really sucks.

  26. A line must be drawn. It’s not just about guns. There is a movement to alter our civilization.

  27. The firearm ownership line that governments shall not cross without significant repercussions:

    Effective self-defense firearms are outlawed
    (literally or for all intents and purposes)
    — and —
    Law enforcement sets out to enforce said laws

    Note that “outlawed for all intents and purposes” includes situations where it is “legal” to own a semi-automatic rifle ONLY after paying more than $10 for a license, or only after passing a psychiatric evaluation, or only if you store it in some “secure armory”, or similar such non-sense.

    • NO license of *any* sort.

      That is gun registration. One day they will demand its surrender.

      Thy did it in NY state, and other places. First, they demanded registration. Then they outlawed them, and sent registered owners a ‘notice’ they had to get their gun out of state or surrender it…

  28. The Pennsylvania Constitution says:

    “The right of the citizens to bear arms in defense of themselves and the State shall not be questioned.”

    Those idiots are breaking the law by even proposing this piece of garbage. This needs to be put down with prejudice.

  29. Wow. So again what is wrong with your comment editor? I wanted to edit the comment by cutting it into smaller paragraphs like I was taught when English was required in all public schools, but the comment editor said that I could not because the comment was flagged as spam. The poor programming on this web site is beyond ridiculous, and should be embarrassing to the site owners.

    And it then deleted the entire comment!! WTF is wrong with you guys?

  30. So here is my comment again, abbreviated for the sake of the worthless comment editor. The peaceful political solution to all these problems is to split the states such as NY, CA, WA, and IL first; and then PA, VA, FL, maybe OR next. This would require a national grass roots effort but would place an overwhelmingly large number of much more conservative Senators in Congress, permanently changing the Federal Courts from top to bottom. This MUST happen as a condition of Puerto Rico being allowed to become a state, as it will eventually request, or in its collective hive mind, demand. The precedent of splitting states exists. WV and VA. ND and SD. Both Obama and Trump were able to create successful grassroots efforts against all odds, so this idea is possible, although it will take many years. The current effort to split Cali is a beginning but it must become a national movement. I am no political organizer but I would participate and even donate money, something I rarely do. Does anyone know how to get this off the ground?

    • Your right.
      Im in.
      Draw the line is our local one here in Chicago. I will look into that more today.

    • I tried to read through your manifesto further above, thanks for the brevity…

      This is really a GREAT idea- more states, even larger bureaucracy than we already have at federal level, extending down to the state levels now that there are more of them- think your taxes vs service are bad now?

      Easier bet would be a generation or two of home/private schooling, then even the yuppie parents might pick up a thing or two from their kids over time.

      Oh, and contributing money (and time) to “things” you already cherish and support would also be a step in the right direction. Why people think these crazy progressive restrictions and regulations just happen shows a complete lack of intelligence- ignorance at best. No problem finding sugar daddies like Bloomberg or Soros to fund themselves becoming King of the Universe, plenty of uneducated willing accomplices to join their anarchist armies, too.

    • I disagree completely. Forming a new state would be irrelevant, as those new states would still be under the thumb of the federal government, and the federal government is the biggest problem we face. The answer is secession.

      In a magical world, abolishing 90% of the federal government would probably be the optimal solution.

  31. California. End of story. I already left. I’m not going back. They try that shit here… well, you know.

  32. I draw a line at criminalizing stuff that doesn’t harm someone else. There’s no just reason for that in a government for the benefit of the people governed. (That The Overlords so insist on the other stuff suggests what they’re doing is for something else.)

    How far to go with “preventing harm” justifications from group harms, worse odds, n making a better world is not very. We don’t think clearly about such stuff, people have different values n harms, and things seldom work out as promised. (“Harm”, so-called, from absence of some good people want doesn’t take govt coercion — let them sign up.)

    The line I draw on what to do about impositions depends. Do you refuse the extortionist to their face, or oppose some other way? “Resistance” if that’s something I choose starts with not telling them what I’m resisting or what I object to, unless the telling itself advances the cause.

  33. As for PA, well, just like the progressives didn’t like it much when the Tea Party put on some brakes, like they liked it less when culture wranglers started Alynsky-ing them back, they’re gonna like it even less when the “You do you.” folks start building coalitions to sieze n hold political power. “If you won’t let me, do me, you don’t do you, either.”

    Sure you can live easy with a protection racket … until the people who make n do things realize they can hire the same enforcers you do. People with no life have been working systems of politics n propaganda to bleed off what others do. When they take so much that the people who do stuff realize they have to pay attention, it is gonna get interesting.

    The first rule of parasites is “Don’t take so much, the host removes you.”

    In Pa, primary every R-hole who let that happen. Demagogue every D-hole who won’t denounce the bill. Nothing they want gets a vote, a fair hearing, or even a mention for the rest of time. Every single thing they screw up, every trade-off, every smear you hang around their neck for the rest of time.

    So, D-holes, how many Pennsylvanians do you want to turn into instant felons; how many larders go empty this coming winters’ cold? Do you hate and intend to destroy them — a little reengineering the population to one more conforming, or are you merely indifferent — you want what you want, n however many of their kives younl destroy, oh well…

    Which is it?

    BTW, when you’re done with them, who’s next*

  34. The line has already been drawn, but there isn’t a whole lot I can do as a single person. I move around commenting in the comments sections of different websites on gun control articles, correcting misconceptions, and donate to the NRA and vote. During 2013 after Newtown, I called up Harry Reid’s office at the time and talked politely with the staffer who had answered, telling him that I did not approve of an assault weapons ban. Don’t think there is a whole lot else I can do though. I would call my senators, but this is New York (Schumer and Gillibrand), I doubt it would mean anything here.

  35. We are lacking a political movement. We are too reliant on large lobbying groups and complaints to politicians. These kids using twitter to target brands and banks are proving more effective than the phone call to your local congressman. I think we need to 1. strengthen our community 2. support pro-gun establishments openly and often 3. Raise money for local pro 2A politicians outside of big lobby group gofundme style…. 4. get better at the propaganda game. I may like Colion Nior and think Dana is bearable but anyone not politically angry is instantly turned off by them, even gun owners.

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