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Shooting a bullseye target can only improve your technique so much. People come up with all kinds of paper target drills, but is it possible to build a real self-guided curriculum around a specially designed paper target?

RE Factor Tactical answers that question with a creative-looking paper target (below), designed to be used with their Essential Shooting Guide. The book starts you off with a 150-round drill sequence that tests your draw, reload, marksmanship, trigger speed, and target transitions.

Based on your results, the book helps you self-diagnose your weaknesses and recommends subsequent exercises.

Here’s what the target looks like:

Yes, it looks a bit like the “golden record” aboard the Voyager spacecraft. However, it’s easy to imagine how this target could pick up on some subtler aspects of your marksmanship. The book can also take you through pistol/rifle transitions and rifle drills.

Here are the contents of the 91-page book:

  • Bullseye drills
  • General marksmanship drills
  • Draw drills (ready)
  • Reload drills
  • Target transition drills
  • Stress drills
  • Trigger manipulation drills
  • Facing movements
  • Pistol/rifle transition drills
  • Rifle drills

And here is their 45-second demo video to help show the intended use of the target:

As far as “books worth taking to the gun range” go, this one does make the cut. Especially if you aren’t working with an instructor, this can definitely help you structure your self-guided practice.

It’s also refreshing that RE Factor Tactical went the low-tech route. Contrary to popular belief, there is no magical gadget that you can stick onto your gun or target to make you a champion marksman overnight. A flexible, well thought-out training system, consisting mostly of paper, is worth more than any overpriced gimmick.

You can get the Essential Shooting Guide here and the companion Essentials Target here.

For discounts, goodies, and eye candy, you can follow RE Factor Tactical on Instagram.

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  1. Targets look interesting/fun but I only see the “Shooters Pack” on their website that has 10 of these.

    I think I will have to pass. Keep making my own from Cash and Carry Grocery Bags.

  2. I used to download mine from various free sources. Then I started using VISIO to create my own super custom targets. I might try copying this drill sheet. Might take me 10 mins. :^)

    • …another VISIO user here. It’s great for drawing electronic circuits; at least 2005 and 2007 are. I have no exposure to newer releases.

  3. Just print your own ‘Dot torture’ targets. Run the drills. Improvement follows.

    • “Just print your own ‘Dot torture’ targets.”

      ^ This. So much this.

      If you’re a cheapskate, a felt-tip pen on a paper shopping bag works just fine…

  4. I’m not gonna watch the video, but:

    1) I’m not comfortable with the contradiction of someone being so inexperienced with shooting that they need a special target and a drill book (because presumably they haven’t been taught in person or have, y’know, the internet?), yet also so confident in their draw-safety that they take a drop-leg retention holster to the range.

    2) I don’t take life advice from advertisements. Sorry, “sponsored content”.

  5. steel or nothing. nothing works as a better positive feedback than the PING. you can always get smaller plates.
    no target paper is going to substitute for real training.

    • Real training….like shooting zombies?……

      Most attackers dont “ping” when you shoot them.

      Also sometimes hard to see where your “pings” are landing.

      I like my “pings” to resonate from a 2 inch spot on the plate.

      If you have a large plate, your “pings” could be running around everywhere.

      Shooting is real training….an appropriate target doesnt have to be steel.

      I often shoot with jacketed ammo. Many ranges only allow lead for steel.

  6. Betteridge’s Law of Headlines: “Any headline that ends in a question mark can be answered by the word no.”

    • Great target feedback. Maybe print out for Little League Coach’s.

      Maybe be less candy ass children out due to participation trophies 🏆

  7. Another company that depends on my right to keep and bare arms. They better start making toilet paper.

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