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(sponsored post) LWRC is a high performance rifle brand delivering custom features and innovation unavailable to buyers of most “out of the box” production models. To that end, all but one of LWRC’s rifles are piston-driven. If you’re driven to find the best modern sporting rifle money can buy, click here and buy your tickets to the 2016 Texas Firearms Festival at Best of the West Shooting Sports in Liberty Hill (just outside of Austin). Come and shoot it! Including . . .

ICA 5 Individual Carbine and Pisol – The IC-A5 is the latest model in the IC – Individual Carbine series, directly descended from the rifles developed by LWRCI™ to meet the requirements for the U.S. Army Individual Carbine program, the IC-A5 is built for high performance. Click above for more details.


SIX8 A5 – The SIX8 ™ series weapons are short-stroke, gas piston operated rifles fully optimized for the 6.8 X 43mm SPC II cartridge, including an enlarged ejection port allowing unhindered ejection of the 6.8 casings and the first polymer magazine designed specifically for the 6.8 SPC II round. Click above for more details.

REPR (7.62) – Engineered to exceed, the innovative LWRCI™ R.E.P.R. | Rapid Engagement Precision Rifle is a full-spectrum weapon system designed to put devastating 7.62mm NATO rounds on target in a variety of real world applications.  From long range to standard carry, the R.E.P.R. is the fully equipped, highly versatile, ready-to-shoot rifle of choice. Click above for more details.

LWRC DI – Built from the ground up to be more than just another Direct Impingement rifle, the new Di delivers the quality the discerning shooter demands, and innovation you expect from LWRCI. All with an operating system that’s been around the world and back.

There’s more, of course. But that should be enough whet your appetite. Why leave yourself hungry? Click here to buy your tickets to the 2016 Texas Firearms Festival then come and sample LWRC’s finest (i.e. all their rifles) and guns from 40 different manufacturers.

Ammo’s free and you don’t have to clean a single gun! What’s more, all firearms are for immediate sale at significant discounts and there are 50 retailers vying for your patronage in The Range at Austin Retail Village. Click here and buy VIP tix and enjoy a range of benefits and Full Auto Friday. And Austin’s finest food truck cuisine.

This is it: the world’s biggest and best shoot -> shop -> buy firearms event. Tickets are strictly limited to minimize line length. With only a couple of weeks before zero hour, the time to buy is now!


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  1. Sorry, but the barrel gimmick turns me off. They call it a “spiral fluted” barrel but of course it is a helix, not a spiral (which is planar). I can’t believe there’s a cooling advantage over a straight fluted shape.

    But at least it isn’t mauve.

    • Fluted barrels have more surface area which does cool quicker. They are also stronger than a barrel of the same weight (after fluting)

        • Straight fluted barrels expose more surface area than non-fluted barrels. Helix-fluting exposes even more surface area than straight flutes (the helix is a longer “path” for a given barrel length).

  2. I’ll post again just in case it was operator error. I sold the one LWRC I owned several years ago due to excessive slop between the upper and lower receiver. I figure that if I’m paying over $2K the fit and finish should be perfect. Unfortunately it wasn’t and I also moved on from the whole piston AR platform in general. Hopefully LWRC QC got their act together and started fixing these issues. For what these guys charge you can get a Noveske, BCM, or LaRue with zero slop between the upper and lower.

    I will say it was a very reliable AR 15. It ate everything I fed it including Wolf.

  3. Can anyone give us a ballpark estimate for the the “significant discounts” for those interested in buying after trying?

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