Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards
Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards (AP Photo/Melinda Deslatte)
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No one expected Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards to sign the constitutional carry bill that’s been sitting on his desk. But people who watch these things in the Sportsman’s Paradise know that Edwards wants to be a Senator from Louisiana some day. That’s why many of them speculated that he’d let the bill become law without his signature, as it would have done today if the Governor had done nothing.

No such luck. Edwards has vetoed the bill. He’s happy with the current system of government-issued carry permits and training mandates.

From theadvocate.com . . .

“I have a history as a legislator of voting against bills that would do away with the permit that is now necessary in order to have a concealed weapon,” Edwards said previously. “I think it strikes the right balance to make sure that individuals go through that background check, that they have training on safety and on marksmanship.”

As for those who have campaigned against the law, the used all the same tired arguments you’ve heard time and time again.

Opponents of the measure said that lifting the permit requirement would unleash a flurry of untrained gunowners onto the streets. Baton Rouge Police Chief Murphy Paul called it an “officer safety issue,” and said that without the required safety course, residents wouldn’t understand the responsibility they have to inform law enforcement of their firearm when approached.

Yadda, yadda, yadda.

The veto sets up an override session of the legislature. And the constitutional carry bill passed by overwhelming majorities in both houses, more than enough to override Edwards’ veto. But the legislative session has ended.

An override session is automatically teed up in Louisiana once the governor vetoes legislation, but it can be scrapped with majority written vote of lawmakers in either the House or Senate. Never before in Louisiana’s history have lawmakers returned to Baton Rouge after adjournment to overturn a governor’s veto.

So…Louisianans will have to wait to see if their elected representatives care enough about their constituents’ gun rights to come back to Baton Rouge…or if they’d rather not interrupt their summer vacations. Stay tuned.


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    • Libertarians think differently.

      “Why It’s OK Not To Vote” – Katherine Mangu-Ward , video 1 hour long

      • Those who choose not to vote don’t get to complain about the outcome.

        My favorite example is when GWB 43 was re-elected and young neckbeards started wearing shirts saying “Not My President”, like they were being sooo avant garde.

        I asked one, “Did you vote?”

        He said, “Hell no!”

        I said, “Then shut up.”

        • If you don’t want to have to use the cartridge box? Then you had better use the ballot box. Attend meetings. Protest at LEFT WING politicians homes. Just like they protested at Sen. Cruz’s house recently.

        • Not to ruffle your feathers but quite the opposite is true. By voting one agrees to the outcome just as two college football teams agree to what the Refs call during a game. By not agreeing to the outcome (not voting) one is demonstrating the right to complain about any outcome. Take for another example..just for the sake of argument. The Draft. I never agreed to this and why should I have to become a slave? Because I was born here? Also I’m sure someone will misread and demand I leave the country! Why should I, I was born here and did not agree to this.
          For the record I registered for the Draft when I was 18, enlisted at 20 and spent 23 years wearing the uniform. Harmony Church, Blue Cord, other assorted scare me badges and awards. Been lots of places including the crap hole called Baghdad and the middle East in general.
          Step back and consider. By not agreeing to play one has the, dare I say it, Right to bitch about everything.
          It’s Friday, got my Nomex on and my work day is done.

        • contrary to what everybody thinks if you don’t vote you do get to complain because you didn’t vote for the idiot in charge if you did vote then you don’t get to complain because you picked the person that’s fucking everything up

        • Those who choose not to vote don’t get to complain about the outcome. In a republic, where we got the government for which we voted, that would be an excellent point. In a dumbocracy, we get the government the parasites bought with our tax dollars vote for.

          As a non-socialist resident of LA County, you have less say in politics than a shit-shoveler had in the court of Louis XIV.

        • I have a friend that always tried to bitch about various political issues or candidates. Whenever he started into it, I said the same thing, “are you registered to vote, and have you voted?”. Every time he replied “no”, I terminated the conversation, and told him he could talk to me about politics after he signed up. I even brought him registration forms. He finally relented, and now I do have to listen to his complaints. Fortunately we’re on the same side of most issues.

        • Wasting your time trying to explain it to Chris and Haz both are about equally useless. TBH you should already know this Manse Jolly.

        • My feathers are not ruffled. Nor am I angry. I am just amazed at people who believe that somehow some invisible force, will change the world to the way they want it to be. It seems they believe they don’t have to work for it. That somehow it will, that is ,freedom, just magically appear before them.

          You can certainly be like the atheist libertarian Joe Rogan. Who did nothing to keep California a free state. Rogan is proud of not voting. And was totally surprised when the people he liked and spoke well of, the progressive liberals, voted to raise taxes, increase regulations, and basically make life miserable for the residents of LA County where he lived.

          So he simply moved his rich atheist libertarian ass to Texas. Where he will do nothing to keep Texas a free state either. He is simply a Libertarian parasite. Who is enjoying the results of the hard work that other people performed to make Texas the free state that it continues to be.

        • @Chris T in KY
          Good..feather ruffling is no good. I am neither atheist nor libertarian, perhaps some form of classical liberal. However, you said ..”It seems they believe they don’t have to work for it…” Why should I need to work for something that is enshrined and protected by the Constitution of the US and Rights all Americans were born with?
          Seems interesting this concept. How does ‘working’ make Texas a Free State? and why are people parasites because they were born here?

        • “Why should I need to work for something that is enshrined and protected by the Constitution of the US and Rights all Americans were born with?”

          Here’s where I’ve landed after cycling through both of the camps espoused in this thread…

          You *shouldn’t* need to work for natural, constitutionally protected rights…and no one is required to put in any kind of work to qualify for them. However, you *must* work for them if you want to keep them, because others are sedulously trying to remove them from all of us.

          What form that work takes is up to you.

          Non-participation can be a principled choice, especially in voting, when the choice is usually between bad and rotten. But if you’re not voting, you’d darn well better be doing SOMETHING to shore up liberty’s defenses against the progressive rats, communist snakes, and “I’m with you fellas” backstabbers. Because liberty can be lost. Much of it already has been, and much more will be if we don’t all at least pull in a similar direction, if not together.

        • @ing
          “..However, you *must* work for them if you want to keep them, because others are sedulously trying to remove them from all of us…”

          so someone(s) are trying to take. Seems like there is only one possible path, which we appear to be on, but with baby steps. Ultimately many appear to be lying to themselves about national level voting. The often refrain in college football..”Well, there’s always next season.” except the teams always have the same players at the Federal level. The game is rigged to be sure. At what point will people see that voting for the same outcome is doing nothing to prevent someone(s) from taking their ‘freedom’ as you say. Off to install parts for the daily driver..later! Also in other news Audi announced only EV by 2026…

        • Well Karen, when your choice is to vote for evil or evil lite, the best choice is not to vote. It has been proven that the powers that be will not follow the ultimate law so why when the game is so rigged why would you participate? Your participation gives them the appearance of legitimacy (see the 2020 Presidential election). If you don’t participate you can claim their illegal activity does not have authority over you. Remember those who hid Anne Frank were breaking the law whereas those who murdered her were following the law.

        • Have to agree with Manse Jolly, here. In 1996 I was solidly against both candidates for pres, and I would not have voted for that office except for Ross Perot, as a protest for having no viable candidate. I recall I was ready to vote for Clinton if I thought he was telling the truth, but I did not. And I was willing to vote for Bob Dole if I could convince myself he was lying, but I could not. So Perot it was, since he could not win. And that did not even slow down my criticism of Clinton thereafter.

        • For some reason using the term “work” triggers people. I know that billionaire Michael Bloomberg is “working” to take away civil rights. And I would hope there would be people who are ”working” to stop him. But it appears that there are some people we have a problem with “working”.

          We used to call people who did not want to work lazy. Or a goof off. A layabout. A freeloader. A parasite. So yes there are people who do not want to “work” to protect civil rights. And I believe it’s Libertarians who fall into this category.

      • Dang those Libertarians. They want to take power and then leave you alone. We know, ChrisT, you need a daddy in government to tell you how to live. It is a shame you claim to be from Kentucky.

        • I don’t believe you Chris Mallory. I think you are a liar.


          “I’m OK with Joe Horn shooting a guy who runs off with the neighbor’s TV”

          I’m also ok with Joe Horn defending his property and his nieghbors. But there are “so called Libertarians” who have called him a racist. For shooting those two criminals. And a couple of those “Libertarians” are on TTAG right now.

          Libertarians have a long history of not supporting private property rights. Unless it’s a criminal government who tries to take your property. Then they will speak up. As they did in the Kelo case.

          But if it’s a mob of rioters??? Libertarians don’t care.

          But it’s just fine if the government kills to protect government property.

          From 2018

          Repeal of Citizen’s Arrest Law Will Endanger the Lives of Georgia’s Citizens

          “Well Libertarians here is your gut check. Do you really believe in what you say??? Can law abiding citizens take care of business??? Or do they have to wait, 10 minutes, 30 minutes, an hour, or longer, for the police to show up???”

          “And which Libertarian office holder will come forward to support citizens arrests??? You just had an special election in Georgia. What does that libertarian candidate have to say???
          Who was so proud to have cost the republican the election, to a democrat.”

          Now Chris Mallory you can leave a comment here. Since you didn’t leave a comment on my previous post.

    • with this policy working successfully in about 20 states, how can he raise any reasonable objections?…something more at work here…

  1. Override it lawmakers of Louisiana!!!!!
    Show Governor John Bel Edwards tyrants don’t have complete control.

    • Some legislatures are attempting to have an override session. But, it will be a huge surprise, if they get enough support to even have an override session. However, if by some strange circumstance an override session does convene, then there is a good chance of the veto being reversed. This type of action takes a strong backbone which I don’t see that in this legislature.

    • Because it has had practically no Republican governors since Reconstruction (1872). The only one I remember being elected, a guy named Dave Treen, lasted only one term. (I’d left before Bobby Jindahl was elected.)

    • His opponent, David Vitter, the US Senator from LA, had a ton of personal baggage in his past, that turned off just enough of the religious conservatives to tip the election to Bel Edwards, who is probably the only pro-life democrat left.

  2. It’s really amazing that an enumerated right is allowed to be trampled. I don’t understand how the sheeple can celebrate July 4th. They went from Sheep to lab rats in a year. They won’t override. They just did it to hurt the governor’s political prospects.

  3. Now, class, let’s repeat it again:

    Background checks are the government’s assumption of your guilt, and requiring you to prove your innocence through a means of their own choosing before being allowed to exercise a right.

    There will be a pop quiz later.

  4. Gonna need permits if you wanna make it so “certain people” as ‘ol segregation Joe says can’t lawfully carry.

  5. And still yet again, they NEVER explain why “the sky will fall” HERE, even after it has never fallen in – now – 21 OTHER states before here.

    They really think we’re stupid.

    • “They really think we’re stupid.”

      It’s far more evil than that.

      They don’t think you’re stupid, they *know* they control the media (including the internet), so the only version of the story that will be heard is *their* version… 🙁

      • Don’t forget the ubiquitous refrain ‘there will be blood running in the streets’ that never occurred.

        • That all used to be accompanied by the terrifying prospect of “two-gun cowboy rigs”, and “gunfights in the streets”, which have finally faded away, we hope. I never understood the “so what” aspect of that.

  6. There you go LA, your governor thinks you’re all too dumb to carry a gun without government approval. This is in spite of the same concept going swimmingly well in other nearby states. Now what will you do about that?

    • Try again, I guess? It took Utah three tries, as I recall, and they even had republican governors.

      • Never give up. Kentucky had at many votes in the legislature before constitutional carry finally passed and was sent to the governor to be signed into law.

        I believe it took Mississippi 10 years of sustained republican action to get it passed there.

      • Took Montana 4 tries. Vetoed Once by Gov Schweitzer and twice by Bullock. Both Democrats. 4th time Gianforte signed it just this year.

        We’re awash with college students (woke), unions (traditionally votes dem) and farmers/ranchers (can’t risk our subsidies!).

        Beyond that everyone else here just wants to live their lives, handle our own business and be left the hell alone. I’ll never understand the desire to live under a nanny-state, but so many people want Statist/governmental institution injected into every facet of their lives, it sickens me to literal nausea if I think about it too much.

        I guess the old adage, “Liberty means responsibility, which is why most dread it” really holds weight.

  7. Personally, I believe that constitutional carry makes little if any difference in the number of guns on the street. All it really does is makes it legal to carry for those who already do so without a permit. Of course a few will start for the first time, but I think that number is insignificant.

    Constitutional carry is the right thing to reinstate, it’s our right, and it should have never been restricted in the first place. Hopefully, the good people of Louisiana will convince their legislators to overturn the veto.

  8. Gun owners who on average come from the lower working class are always their own worst enemies. Even a mentally challenged person is aware of the fact that when you have accidents with firearms, especially in a public place like a shopping center or you have road rage incidents the calls for complete bans on carrying firearms are made by the public at large.

    No one but a complete Moron would want the average Yahoo running around with a loaded gun that did not know his state laws in regards to when you can and when you cannot use lethal force. Nor would the public want tattooed bearded yahoo hillbillies accidentally shooting people in malls or the local fast food restaurants either.

    When I attended concealed carry class I was appalled by the ignorance of the people that attended the class. Most thought they could shoot just about anybody that pissed them off, many did not know how to safely handle a firearm and most did not know they would probably be sued even in a justifiable use of deadly force. One doctor was kicked off the firing line for accidentally pointed a loaded gun at the instructor. And the Morons who scream people do not need any training should have been in my concealed carry class. When going to the firing line I shot off my rounds rapid fire and then was able to qualify quickly and then get the fk out of that place before I got accidentally shot.

    The one test that is not given before getting a concealed carry permit is your sanity and a psychological test should be a must. Road rage incidents come mainly from mentally ill people that are walking and driving time bombs ready to gun anyone down that crosses their path while driving. The success of draconian vetting in other countries proves it works as in Japan they do indeed own rifles and shotguns yet they do not have the mayhem and mass murders with firearms that we do. But then again most hillbillies in the U.S. would never pass the written tests given in Japan , Germany and other European countries that one must pass before getting a permit to buy and then own a firearm. But that would be a good thing as those are the kind of people you would never trust with a deadly weapon in their hands.

    The Europeans who are much more advanced in the evolutionary line of human development long ago banned concealed carry as they realized you can trust a naked ape no more than you can trust a hairy ape in a zoo with a loaded handgun.

    I would not advocate that we ban concealed carry in the U.S. just yet because until we get the same vetting and training in firearms that the Europeans must go through to get a gun permit the U.S. remains the most dangerous industrialized country on the planet. I have observed women late at night even in 3rd world countries and in poor Easter European countries and they do not have to look over their shoulder every couple of seconds like they do here In the U.S. where a woman alone at night will survive about as long as a snowball falling into a fire pit.

    In conclusion the Governor made the right decision because without proper safe firearms training and a knowledge of your states deadly force laws only an idiot would vote to let people carry guns without a permit. Of course the Republicans were against the governors decision because the Republicans were duty bound to their radical far right constituents to prove they all are a bunch of Morons.

    • I wish the rights guaranteed under the First Amendment carried the same requirements that you are proposing.

      • @Jim Well he has the correct avatar for his opinions. Yea, if they intend to regulate the first, we’ll need the second, that’s why they go after the 2nd first….

      • quote—————–I wish the rights guaranteed under the First Amendment carried the same requirements that you are proposing.————-quote

        The 1st Amendment is hated with a passion by the far right and Trump did everything he could to destroy the free press in the U.S. This week the real truth about what he tried to do finally came out The Far Right scream incessantly about the 2nd Amendment but do everything in their power to destroy the 1st Amendment.

        • We all just want you to know how pleased we are, in the abstract sense, that you have the ability to post lengthy, biased, counterproductive, redundant, and entirely predictable screeds on a website that does not care one whit about your opinion and is mildly disgusted by your continued existence; We also wish to share with you that, if you wriggle just so into that odd corner of your basement–you know, the moist, dark one–you are almost certainly going to be able to have sex with yourself.
          That will preclude the necessity of your feeling compelled to come here to do it.

    • And yet, this country managed to get through nearly 300 years (including colonial days) without any gun permitting laws (except for the “undesirables” of various races).

      • quote—————-And yet, this country managed to get through nearly 300 years (including colonial days) without any gun permitting laws (except for the “undesirables” of various races).—————quote

        Herr Hauptman what races are you ranting about???????? No let me guess , Jews, Blacks, Latino’s, Chinese and Japanese Americans, Catholics etc, etc. Hitler said much the same in Nazi Germany.

        • Catholics are a race?

          You really are a very special kind of stupid, aren’t you? 😉

        • quote——————Geoff “I’m just a gigalo, and everwhere I go…” PR June 25, 2021 At 20:27
          Catholics are a race?

          You really are a very special kind of stupid, aren’t you? ————quote

          No you are a special kind of stupid because you mentioned my statement about Catholics but not my mention of Jews which you in your ignorance thought of them as a race. Well far be it from me to argue with you and since I am not Jewish I will let them speak to you from their own website called the Virtual Jewish Library.

          Quote —Of course, Judaism is a religion, and it is this religion that forms the central element of the Jewish culture that binds Jews together as a nation. It is the religion that defines foods as being kosher and non-kosher, and this underlies Jewish cuisine. It is the religion that sets the calendar of Jewish feast and fast days, and it is the religion that has preserved the Hebrew language.

          Is Judaism an ethnicity? In short, not any more. Although Judaism arose out of a single ethnicity in the Middle East, there have always been conversions into and out of the religion. Thus, there are those who may have been ethnically part of the original group who are no longer part of Judaism, and those of other ethnic groups who have converted into Judaism.

          If you are referring to a nation in the sense of race, Judaism is not a nation. People are free to convert into Judaism; once converted, they are considered the same as if they were born Jewish. This is not true for a race.—-quote

          And by the way I am aware that Catholics are not a race I mentioned them only to show that the Far Right not only hate all other races but all other religions as well except their own which is predominately Protestant. Of course the caveat is that I made a generalization and all generations are false but as my college professor used to say many decades ago we make a generalization to prove a point i.e. your stupidity.

          Now Geoff who is the real Moron?

    • I have read some of your shorter drivel, not going to waste my time on this keyboard diarrhea.

      • It’s mostly a study in how many negative stereotypes can be fit into a single comment.

      • Copies and pasted from the master’s directives, Trace, Everytown, Giffords, and some Fudd lore as well.

      • quote—————-I have read some of your shorter drivel, not going to waste my time on this keyboard diarrhea.————-quote

        Yes attention deficit order is a common affliction of the Far Right and well exploited by propaganda machines like Fox News.

        • “attention deficit order for vlad?”
          “no, no- i wanted the bread pudding, no spoon, extra pud.”

    • This individual has never attended a concealed carry course and most likely does not own a gun let alone shot one. Was more entertaining as Vlad

      • Certainly a lot more coherent and interesting than that fool Haz, along with his partner in stupidity Geoff P R.

    • You’re making the assumption that, if the non-violent portion of American society, which is the majority, surrenders its guns, Chicago gangbangers will go back to school, start earning As and qualify for college scholarships, that the mentally ill who plan to attack others will check themselves into secure psychiatric hospitals, and that drug addicts, who commit violent crimes to fund their habits, will check themselves into drug rehab. They won’t. Crime will simply become a safer occupation for them.

      • quote————-You’re making the assumption that, if the non-violent portion of American society, which is the majority, surrenders its guns,——————–quote

        Your reading comprehension leaves a lot to be desired. I never recommended confiscation but I did recommend vetting.

        quote—————–Chicago gangbangers will go back to school, start earning As and qualify for college scholarships,——————quote

        College has become so expensive many students, especially poor ones in the Chicago area have given up any hope of ever attending college thanks to the Republicans who are vehemently against State funding of education for all students as all other civilized nations have had long ago. Is it any wonder why Capitalvania now ranks 27th in education and health care.

        quote ——————–hat the mentally ill who plan to attack others will check themselves into secure psychiatric hospitals, and that drug addicts, who commit violent crimes to fund their habits, will check themselves into drug rehab. They won’t. Crime will simply become a safer occupation for them.——————–quote

        Again it is the Republicans that refuse to fund paid for mental health care as all other civilized nations have had for decades. Also civilized nations have decriminalized drugs and when a drug addict gets free drugs along with the corresponding treatment the drug gangs soon go out of business. Europe has seen a very large drop in violent crime and drug addition because of their drug treatment programs which the Gangster Criminal Republicans refuse to fund.

        Sorry try again.

        • It doesn’t have to be college. Auto mechanics and HVAC technicians make good money. If you’re a functionally illiterate dropout, even free college won’t do you any good.

          I agree that too little is spent on treatment of mental illness and that most of the money spent on drug enforcement would be better spent on drug treatment. However, this is an issue not limited to states where Republicans hold enough power to block improvements. It’s also a problem in states where the Democratic majority could make improvements if they actually were interested.

    • LOL! Look who’s going on about psychological tests to qualify for gun ownership. You may be unstable and untrustworthy (obviously), “Dacian,” but that’s no reason to assume the rest of us are.

    • the Europeans who are much more advanced…in the art of killing each other…taking it to an industrial scale…

    • “Gun owners who on average come from the lower working class are always their own worst enemies.”

      You can state no valid statistics that your initial premise is correct; that being that average gun owners come from the lower working class. You are posting an opinion that is not based in any fact. In that regard, it’s meaningless to agree with the rest of your posting. One can always read, or listen, but not have to agree.

      Your chosen Avatar, however, seems to fit your entire premise here and among the rest of your posts. Mad Magaizine was a great SATIRE rag when I was a kid in the ’60s and I was a faithful reader. I can’t say how Mad sums up today, but your posting and premise must be satire, it’s difficult to believe someone above the “lower working class” could reach the same conclusions as you with the wealth of information and first-hand experience available today, even if one only got their entire “news” information from the MSM.


  9. So Gov Edwards and Police Chief think Louisiana citizens are less competent, reliable, trustworthy than citizens of 21 states where Constitutional Carry is the law, and is not causing any crime issues???

  10. Reading this I flashed the song Amos Moses in my head. ” Well I wonder where the Governor went to, You can sure get lost in a Louisiana bayou.”

  11. Another Jim Crow Gun Control democRat who will take his Gun Control anyway he can. You people who bend over for a NCIC just to purchase are allowed carry open but you bettet not wear a coat over a firearm. You need to pay extra to do that and then only after Big Brother says you can.
    Hopefully the legislature will meet and ovetride that disgusting democRat hypocrite who enjoys armed security wherever he is so it is quite obvious the peasants are expendable.
    Louisiana voted overwhelmingly to reelect POTUS DJT. That means Louisiana doesn’t want or need any democRat sht. It is time to send a message and a vote to override would do the trick.

  12. Why are we even talking about this, and why does one idiot have all the say and power whether the people in Louisiana have the right to carry, when is in our Constitution in the first place. Vote him out when you can. Dont take this from another Dem.

  13. dacian’s drivel appears to be in exact proportion to his igborance and yet distain for the freedoms guaranteed by the Second Amendment amd revisionist history of the first Trump Administration. This is proven by his silly comments, guaranteed as allowed by First Amendment. Give him approproate (no) credibility.

  14. My mom used to say that about voting, that we had no right to complain if we didnt vote. That may have been true in the 1940’s, but what happens when both sides put up crooks who are so contemptible that it really doesn’t matter who you vote for? I’m taking about McCain and Romney VS Obama, as recent examples. The lesser of two evils is still evil, and I’ll complain if I want.

  15. “So…Louisianans will have to wait to see if their elected representatives care enough about their constituents’ gun rights to come back to Baton Rouge…or if they’d rather not interrupt their summer vacations.”

    Well, Louisianans might start flooding their elected state legislators and tell them to go back and finish the job they started. Can drive to the capital from about anywhere in the state in a couple hours. Get it done.

  16. The Governor said, “Opponents of the measure said that lifting the permit requirement would unleash a flurry of untrained gun owners onto the streets.”
    Louisianans can carry guns openly for all to see and No training is required. Perhaps more should switch to open carry and see how JBE and others like that, because concealed carry is so frightening!

  17. dacian wrote:
    “Now Geoff who is the real Moron?”

    No dacian, you are. Talk about writing complete drivel, yet, as typical leftist jackals are prone to do, you project your failings onto others.

    Not only do you write drivel, you post LOOOONG portions of it. Just the the first few lines of any of your posts confirms this, and allows the rest of us to move on without reading the next 200 sentences of total gibberish.

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