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From Beretta . . .

Beretta USA is excited to announce the launch of a brand-new semi-automatic shotgun series, the A300 Ultima. The Beretta A300 Ultima features the classic mechanisms of the reliable A300 platform with new enlarged controls, an improved receiver, and the proprietary Beretta Kick-Off recoil reduction system.

“The new A300 Ultima offers a unique opportunity for shooters to experience Beretta quality with unparalleled features set at an incomparable price. Joining the venerable A300 series, we are excited to bring this new line to market in both 12 and 20-gauge configurations for the first time in our history – offering consumers a wide variety of options both in terms of aesthetics and function as well as expanding our offerings to the 20-gauge segment,” Erik Stern, Tactical and Pro-Shop Product Manager, said.

Made in the USA, the Beretta A300 Ultima is built tough to withstand adverse conditions out on the hunt and perform when you need it most. With a 7x7mm stepped rib with included mid bead, this new shotgun features a standard Beretta thread pitch, fiber optic housing with a large 4mm fiber optic front sight ideal for high visibility in low light during dawn or dusk shooting.

Included as standard configuration, the A300 Ultima utilizes the Beretta Kick-Off recoil reduction system, which provides enhanced stability, comfort, and control for faster target acquisition. This line also features an oversized loading port and low-profile receiver designed to enhance shooter experience and ease of use and a larger bolt handle and bolt release for easy manipulation in adverse conditions.

The traditional Beretta MobilChoke pattern barrel is designed to fit a wide variety of choke options that suit any shooter’s needs.

The Beretta A300 Ultima is now available for purchase in 12 and 20 gauge configurations and Black Synthetic, Realtree MAX-5®, and Mossy Oak® Bottomland finishes.

The A300 Ultima will be on display and available for demo by consumers at the 2021 Ducks Unlimited Expo starting today at the Texas Motor Speedway in Fort Worth, TX.

MSRP = $799 (synthetic) $899 (camo)

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  1. So…..if this is well below 1000 bucks….make a plain 18 or 20 inch barrel with a bead and sell a combo.

    Then I won’t NEED a 1301.

  2. I’m in the market for an auto load shotgunm, needs to have 18.5 inch barrel though for what I want. Berreta and Benelli used to be the pro waterfowlers two favorites. The platform has been well tested.

    • Right before the covid lock down I bought a Benelli for hunting. It was pricier than this Beretta but I still like it.

  3. During a four day shotgun course last year, I somehow managed to get some gravel up into my shottie while doing prone maneuvers. Borrowed one of the range’s rental 870s, and the action jammed. Borrowed the next 870, and its action jammed too (rental guns get really sloppy). The instructor personally walked me to the Armory and told his colleague to get me one of their Blackhawks and personally guarantee it, then walked us back to the range to rejoin the class. The Blackhawk’s safety button immediately jammed. By this time, the other students were beginning to wonder if I had bad juju.

    Out of frustration, the instructor pulled his personal Benelli Nova out of his truck and handed it to me. Earlier in the course, he told us to do “whatever it takes” during a malfunction to get back in the game and back on target, or else consider yourself dead from the attacker. The Benelli wouldn’t cycle, so as I kept trying (its action is slightly different than an 870’s, which I didn’t know), the instructor saw me falling behind and yelled at me from the sideline to get back on target. Following his explicit instruction from the first day, I promptly grabbed the buttstock’s heel, swung the gun so the muzzle was skyward, and fell to one knee as I firmly mortared that sucker to cycle the action. Then I stood back up, sighted in the steel, and fired.

    The instructor yelled for everyone to stop, then stomped out to me. “What are you doing to my Benelli?!”

    I grimaced and replied, “Anything it takes, right, sir?”

    He stopped, pursed his lips, and slowly said, “Yes. Correct.” Then softly added, “Just be kind to my gun, will you?”

  4. Let us hope this new version of the A300 is better than the original as it was a real P.O.S. On our skeet range one fellow let me take his gun apart and I immediately saw the op rod was broke right in two. When I pointed this out to him he said “Yeah I know I have a whole drawer full of broken ones at home. That day made up my mind about the Beretta A300. Thumbs down.

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