Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards
Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards (AP Photo/Melinda Deslatte)
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The Louisiana legislature has sent a bill to Governor John Bel Edwards that would add the Sportsman’s Paradise to the ever-growing list of constitutional carry states. The bill would allow anyone to carry a concealed firearm who can legally own a gun and is at least 21 years old.

Democrat Governor Edwards, however, is likely to veto the bill.

From wwltv.com . . .

Edwards has defended the current permitting process as appropriate.

“That’s the right balance to strike. And I feel very strongly about that. I also feel very strongly that a considerable majority of the people in Louisiana support the system we currently have,” Edwards said when asked about the proposal in April.

Under the provisions of the bill, concealed carriers would still be required to disclose that they are carrying a weapon to law enforcement officers and submit to a search when asked. Police would also have the right to disarm someone carrying a gun.

The bill passed both the House (73-26) and the Senate (27-9) by veto-proof majorities. If the governor nixes the bill as expected, the question will then become whether the legislature will vote to override and make Louisiana a constitutional carry state. Stay tuned.

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  1. Did the GOP pass it as a stunt knowing be would veto or is there a chance at override?

    • Did the GOP pass it as a stunt knowing be would veto or is there a chance at override?

      The pessimist in me (the stronger side) says it is a “See we tried, but that evil Democrat Governor stopped us” play… However that little bit of optimism that has managed to survive throughout my adult years wants to believe that they will man-up and override that asshole Governor just to show him the people are still in charge… Good luck LA…

      • I hope they do. If not, all these people who out themselves to me as RINO’s are getting their asses primaried at the next election they’re up for.

  2. When Texas passed its Constitutional Carry law last week,
    NBC News (the self-proclaimed “most trusted name in news”) flat-out lied by describing the law as all about making it “easier to buy a gun.” NBC said that Constitutional Carry would make it “easier to buy a gun” by allowing “anyone over age 21 to buy a gun with no background check.”

    I’m not sure if NBC lied out of ignorance, laziness, sloppy reporting, because they hate gun rights, or simply because they want to scare people to boost ratings.
    Probably all of the above!

    • Sorry NBC, this only affects the bearing Ave carrying of arms, not buying. Not like this was a repeal of NICs or something. But they are busy promoting universal background checks so I guess a little obfuscation with constitutional carry helps them.

      Meanwhile, here in Florida, Republicrats are dead set against constitutional carry or open carry.

    • laziness, sloppy reporting, because they hate gun rights, or simply because they want to scare people to boost ratings.

      Not ignorance, they can read and they know the definition of all those big words… They’ve been pushing a false narrative (aka fake news) for so long they just can’t help themselves, anything they can get away with to make Conservatives look bad…

    • I just saw a NY Times article that stated you could order a firearm over the internet or store with no background check; I took a picture of it to show people.. couldn’t believe (yes I can) they’re allowed to print an outright lie like that.. all the research these “professional” reporters do and they get one of the easiest facts to find wrong?.. I don’t believe that’s an honest mistake.

      • Well, if they’re going by what appears to be the upcoming ATF definition jiggling of what constitutes a “firearm” and needs to be treated as such, then maybe they’re not lying when talking about 80% receivers???

      • Actually, you CAN buy a firearm over the internet IF the following conditions are met: both parties reside in the same state, the state permits private sales of firearms, and the seller is not “in the business of” selling firearms. FFLs however must run BCGs for every transaction.

    • Texas legislature passed a Permitless Carry Bill, a Constitutional Carry Bill would not have all the infringements that are in this bill. I’m wondering if it will become law ’cause out weenie gov. has not signed it yet and I don’t think he wants too.

  3. Why do recent “Constitutional carry” states keep imagining that exercising 2A implies waiving 4A?

  4. He feels that a significant majority support the current system, yet their elected representatives just overwhelmingly said, on their constituents’ behalf, that they aren’t. What a solipsist.

  5. “Police would also have the right to disarm someone carrying a gun.”

    Important quibble: police have no such right. They may claim authority to disarm someone carrying a firearm. Whether or not such authority is righteous is another question.

  6. It’s a game, people. Legislature passes it (knowing it will be vetoed) so they look like heros to thier constituency. Governor vetos it, so he’s a hero to his gang. The slide to serfdom continues and everyone is happy.

  7. Although he pretends otherwise there is little difference between john edwards and the self serving lord marshal b.h. obama. To see his veto shoved up his democRat behind would be fantastic.

  8. I live here. Bel edwards is an obama crony and is full of sh*t saying “the majority of the people” agree with what HE wants to do which is deny citizens their Constitutional rights. He’s a greasy turd along with everyone else in his traitorous party.

  9. In Louisiana a veto override requires a 2/3 majority in both the State House and the State Senate. Same as the Federal legislature. The Louisiana Houses passed the bill by 75%, the Senate by 74%.

    Which means they have rooms to lose votes on a vet override and still succeed.

    Let’s hope they do not lose any votes!

  10. I am a registered Republican. I voted for my first Democrat ever because I respect Governor JBE greatly. But on this issue he is dead wrong. Given the chance I will not vote for him again. He does not have my support on this issue and I believe strongly that this is a step in the right direction. Ask the Police Chief of what is arguably our most important city. New Orleans.

    • I am a registered Republican. I voted for my first Democrat…

      And in this current political climate you expected a Democrat Governor to be not only gun friendly but to also act fairly and with consideration to all aspects of the Constitution and the actual rights of the little people who trusted him enough to put him in office… Fool me once!…

  11. The government should respect and uphold the constitution,it’s there sworn duty,if not it’s treason.


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