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Loesch: CNN Should Apologize for Anti-Gun Dog and Pony Show, Not Win An Award

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(Michael Laughlin/South Florida Sun-Sentinel via AP)
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CNN has been given a Cronkite Award (“winners prove facts matter”) for their anti-gun, NRA-bashing 105 minutes of hate televised town hall event after the Parkland shooting. That achievement is right up with there with prestigious honors bestowed on other luminaries such as Walter Duranty, Rigoberta Menchu and Yasser Arafat.

Dana Loesch, who was one of the punching bags on the stage that night, has this to say . . .

I hadn’t gone to argue with anyone, I was simply there to be a voice for millions of people who choose to associate as NRA members, many of whom were watching the CNN event with their own children at home. We are just as concerned with school security, which is why we support NRA’s School Shield program to improve security and training within schools across the country, free of charge. Our support for Second Amendment rights doesn’t make us complicit in crimes we didn’t commit nor responsible for failing to prevent these crimes — not any more than Scott Israel and Robert Runcie, who had years’ worth of advance knowledge and tips that we did not.

In the days following the event, CNN allowed to air unchallenged accusation  that I owned Congress, that gun owners are monsters, that any lawmaker who supports the Second Amendment is complicit in mass murder.

That CNN celebrates winning an award for this event demonstrates that the network cannot distinguish between political activism and reporting. At best, its event was network-organized tragedy voyeurism, a selfish intrusion into a community’s fresh, days-old pain, with the purpose of settling political scores and dividing the country instead of fostering genuine discussion on solutions and practical means of school security. If anyone should have won an award, it should be the local media in Florida, particularly the reporters at the Sun-Sentinel, the Fort Lauderdale daily newspaper whose original, dedicated focus on the truth exposed much of what we now know about the missed warnings leading up to the massacre and the corruption of the school board. (The board even threatened legal action against reporters for accurate reporting.)

CNN should give its award to the Sun-Sentinel — and to everyone else, an apology.

– Dana Loesh in CNN’s Parkland Townhall Sought to Inflame, Not Inform

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  1. Was that the one where crowd was chanting “burn her!”

    Stay classy, maimstream journalists of America. They just might haul you guys off.

  2. It was designed to CYA the authorities while demonizing guns and pushing an outright national ban.

  3. Lies I have been told by anti gunners regarding the NRA:

    They’re a terrorist organization per the SPLC.
    They’re a Russian organization.
    They sell guns.
    They don’t care about gun safety.
    They want everybody and his brother to own firearms even if criminals or insane.
    They sell guns to kids.
    They don’t support background checks for anyone. (See Above)
    They’re racists who only want whites armed.
    They’re okay with your owning a nuclear bomb.

  4. Kinda says a lot about standards in today’s society. CNN wins an award for that trash, Obama wins a Nobel for doing nothing, etc.

  5. This assumes the Cronkite Award has anything to do with journalism and that journalism is what we all used to think it was before freely available information for the masses showed us otherwise.

    Knowing what we know now of course CNN would get this award for their political activism.

  6. Cronkite was a scumbag poor excuse for a “journalist” and was, in actuality, just a “newsreader”, nothing more.
    Bestowing an award bearing Cronkite’s name on anyone should be looked upon as shameful and not worthy of recognition.
    During the news coverage on the Kennedy assassination in 1963, I observed the so-called “newscasters” (including Cronkite) smirking and joking among themselves, figuring out for myself that “the fix was in” and they knew more about the REAL situation than they were letting on…
    Cronkite’s declaration that the Vietnam war was “lost” despite the massive slaughter of the North Vietnamese and Viet Cong communists was the pinnacle of his lies in his illustrious career.
    Cronkite succeeded in prolonging the Vietnam war for years. The North Vietnamese admitted that the support that they received from Cronkite and the communist-run American mainstream media gave them “new resolve” to fight on. In fact, they were ready to settle in 1968 until the American media “turned” on the American military, blaming the U S military for the prosecution of the war.
    The Vietnam situation was an INVASION by the communist North, and was not a “civil-war” which is the most common explanation, even today.
    There are both cultural and language differences between the North and the South. The South had no desire to be “ruled” by the communist North. All one has to do is look at how many people “voted with their feet” and moved south after the partition in 1954. Observe the “boat people” who risked life and limb to escape that “communist paradise” after the fall of Saigon in 1975.
    It is interesting to note, that the so-called “anti-war protesters” were silent when the boat people were escaping their fate. The “anti-war” protesters were only concerned about one thing–saving their own skins from the draft. When the draft disappeared, so did the anti-war protesters.
    The United States did have a valid fear of communism taking over that whole part of Southeast Asia. It was feared that Cambodia and Thailand would be the next “dominoes” to fall to communism.
    When the communists took over, they could not enforce the same rigid communist controls and goals on the South as they had on the North.
    Yes, there were many failures and setbacks, with the South Vietnamese government being corrupt (which government (even the USA) isn’t corrupt?), but the efforts of Americans to forestall a communist takeover were honorable.

    • Indeed. Never taught in schools is the fact that North Vietnam’s most effective weapon was the left wing media machine. What also isn’t taught is when Nixon pulled out American forces, it was a *victory*. The unrestricted bombing campaign on the north forced Hanoi to accept the accord. Only after Nixon was out of office and a democrat Congress was in session did the North test their luck. They initially didn’t even plan on taking the whole South, until they realized the US wasn’t committing any forces whatsoever. Vietnam is a war the democrats started, a war the republicans had won, and then a war the democrats lost for good. The biggest lesson that taught the entire world was to beat the US, you just had to wait until the democrats were in power again.

    • Ever wonder why, with all of the books written about Mr. johnsons’ war to expropriate all of that oil, the contributions of first person accounts by the surviving VC are conspicuous by their absence. One of the new governments’ first actions after the “unification” was to send all the hard core surviving VC to “reeducation” camps. We left them a modern, deep water port at Dangers which quickly was filled with russian tankers to haul off the spoils of war. When OPEC was informed of our loss they fell all over themselves and shut us off. Remember that long, dark, cold winter? By their deeds you will know them. -30-

    • “There are both cultural and language differences between the North and the South. The South had no desire to be “ruled” by the communist North. All one has to do is look at how many people “voted with their feet” and moved south after the partition in 1954. Observe the “boat people” who risked life and limb to escape that “communist paradise” after the fall of Saigon in 1975.””

      yep they in the south did not want to be commie BUT did not want to FIGHT FOR IT…..they where for the most part ‘zipping’ around Saigon on mopeds drinking cokes and having fun while our troops died for their freedom in the rice paddies…I will never respect any Vietnamese in USA unless they joined the military here

      now South Koreans I love…they got up grabbed all their men off the streets and feed them into a MEAT grinder the chinese had aimed at all fighting for freedom in and FOR that nation…

  7. CNN and the anti-Constitutionalists on the panel should be called Anti-American at every opportunity. Not Un-American Anti-American.

  8. I stand with Dana and the NRA. CNN’s “reward” is a steep drop in rating’s for their BS. Remember who has most of the firepower?😏

  9. Part and parcel of the propaganda wing of the Fascist Taliban’s war on America and the Constitution,Oh boy they get a gold star to take home to B-Loon-Berg and company.

  10. Reasonable people won’t be watching CNN for real news but more or less for keeping themselves up to date on contemporary libtard talking points. The same goes for syndicated newspaper journalism and a lot of commercial public radio these days.

  11. The “Cronkite Award” is a fake gold-plated statuette in the form of a Hammer and Sickle mounted on a brass pile of bullshit.

  12. Later this year will mark fifteen years since I kicked cable TV to the curb. Mainstream “news” outlets have continued to deteriorate to the point where CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, etc are nothing more than the propaganda arm of the DNC.

  13. Actually, CNN should lose their license for propagating the lies and falsehoods of the DNC. Fake news indeed.

    • And Hillary Clinton isn’t a communist at heart? I’ve heard her say that she’s a proud “progressive”, and a “progressive” is nothing more than a communist who hasn’t admitted it publicly yet.

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