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Joe Klotz from Wisconsin brings us today’s edition of the everyday pocket dump: HVAC service carry from Everyday Carry.

He writes:  “My carry is mostly on my keychain to keep my pockets free.”

That’s a good point.  If you pocket carry a gun like that S&W .380 Bodyguard in the MIC pocket holster he’s got, you can’t dump much of anything in the old pocket along with a gun or gun-related stuff or it gets in the way.

My old FBI buddy, now retired, says that on the FBI range, he’s seen more than one agent try to stuff a lipstick tube into an 870 along with spare rounds as part of a speed reload.  I assume that’s a female agent, of course.  But then again, I’ll cop to doing much the same with a tube of Chapstick, although I caught my error before anyone else did.

Don’t be too hard on female agents/cops!  They facilitated reduced recoil 12 gauge slugs and buckshot.  Something I certainly appreciate.

My other question:  Where’s he keep his keys?  Clipped to his belt or another pocket altogether?


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  1. A Sharpie on a keychain can (and has) resulted in a large black stain on the pocket.


  2. If you need to be mobile, flexible and have to lug tools, components and the like, a BG .380 makes mucho sense.

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