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The results are in! TTAG readers who participated in our Lockerdome poll at the side of our home page favored the GLOCK 43 over the Smith & Wesson 442 by a margin of 58 percent to 42 percent. We rank that as a convincing win – from a self-selecting sample of gun guys and gals who weren’t asked why they preferred one pocket pistol over the other. If I had to guess . . .

the GLOCK 43’s seven-round capacity (6 + 1) is more appealing than the Smith’s five-rounds – not to mention reloading ease. The $529 GLOCK 43 is also a thinner, more easily concealed firearm. Then again, snub-nosed revolvers like the $469 MSRP Smith & Wesson 442 are justifiably valued for their reliability and second strike capability. Having fired both guns thousands of times, I’ll say this: buyers will be nearasdammit 100 percent satisfied with either pistol. Unless they find themselves needing a quick reload . . .

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    • Frankly, I was surprised to see the 442 do as well as it did. I voted for the 442, but I love snub nosed revolvers. I really like Glocks as well, and will probably pick up a G43 sometime for pocket carry.

      Glocks are great guns, but there is something classy about a J-frame Smith.

      Maybe the poll should have been G43 vs Shield, or LCR vs 442.

      • I agree. I also voted Glock. I own a G42 and was looking ar the G43. I ended up getting an LC9s Pro instead. My duty pistol for most of the last decade was a G21 with a G30 backup, so I’m proficient with their system. I liked the trigger on the Ruger better plus the one extra round. Also Ruger offers the 9-round extended factory mags. So I now have a total of six mags for it. Two are the standard 7-rounders (one I keep the finger-baseplate on, the other is flat), and four 9-rounders. I voted G43 since I can take even their smallest guns out to 25 yards without an issue on IPSC/IDPA/POST courses. I’ve always had a difficult time shooting snub nose revolvers at extended ranges.

        If it had been Ruger LCR vs. G43, that would have been an interesting one. The LCR’s uber-smooth trigger cam system really changes the idea of a double-action-only revolver. So, I think that would be a really interesting poll to see.

  1. I chose the Glock because between that and the S&W it was the better gun for carrying, but I would still take a 26 over a 43 everyday.

    • I think the 43 would make a good pocket gun (and I like pocket guns). I am afraid that the 26 might be a bit big for pocket carry. That said, the 26 is a vastly superior gun with it’s ability to take extended mags.

  2. Well, I actually do have a 442 on my shopping list, specifically to replace my 637.

    I’ve owned exactly ONE Glock and have no intention of ever owning another.

    • If you change out the trigger, sights and grip- Glocks can be decent sidearm. It’s also a great gun for amateurs. But I am with you- glocks aren’t for me.

  3. I don’t like the new poll. I don’t like not wanting to vote for Colion Noire because I really like him. I just find Hickok 45s videos more straight to the point. Had it been Colion Noire versus another wordy youtuber like NutNFancy I would have picked Colion Noire.

    • Now, if only the opinion poll they take on Election Day had two good choices on it, instead of two crappy ones!

    • It was an easy choice for me I like Colion alright, but he doesn’t hold a candle to Hickok45. Hickok45 is the cool uncle/grandpa that we all would have loved to spend time with. Hickok45 also just has tons of videos. It seems like he has a video covering nearly all reasonably common guns. Again, I like Colion but Hickok45 is great.

    • Hickock. Colion may be able to beat him in a 3 gun match with lots of running and stage changes, but I dare say Hickock could probably just shoot all the stages from the starting line and hit them.

      • Although the videos of what type of people carry what gun are really funny though… “does carrying a 40 make me bi?” I absolutely lost it on that one and just for the record I do carry a 40 lol

  4. ANY GUN + GOOD SHOT PLACEMENT = YOU WIN! But preference polls are fun no matter which one you choose. ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ!

  5. It’s a poll about personal preference, which (within broad bounds) really can’t be quarrelled with. (Some guns really do suck, objectively speaking, and should be avoided if at all possible; someone professing to like that gun better than a quality piece of some sort hopefully has a very good argument for it.) Both are good guns with their limitations, but I also know my own tastes, and I know which of the two I’d take. Unless you’re a gun salesman that should be the end of it. Given that a bit over 2 out of 5 people prefer the less popular of the two, a salesman would be well advised to present it as an option to someone looking to get into the “small, concealable” realm (unless he already knows the customer to be a revolver hater or Glock lover), covnersely the more popular Glock should be presented unless he knows the customer is a Glock hater or revolver lover.

  6. I gave up my pocket pistol (Beretta Nano) for a XD Mod2 because I wantedl my guns to have the same trigger. This is why the poll results don’t surprise me. Glocks are really popular and a Glock guy is going to want a familiar trigger. A revolver guy is going to prefer a revolver. Revolver guys are like guys who still like sticks — a dying breed.

  7. Both are great deep concealment options. I like the 442 because when I carry a small gun I like to pocket carry. On paper the G43 and other single-stack 9mms seem surprisingly small, but I find the rounded shape of the revolver works better for pocket carry. For IWB they both disappear and if pocket carry was not a concern I would lean towards the G43. For pocket carry, the snubby is still the king in my experience. The G43 would certainly be an option for anyone with large enough pockets. I think the sales of small revolvers suggest that they are here to stay and certainly not only the choice of a dying breed.

  8. lol
    .357 vs 380 auto???

    Thats not a choice, thats a stupidity test.

    This was more of a test of how many people who come to this sight are glock fans.

    • Kyle, sorry bro but you failed the test. The G42 is .380, the G43 is 9mm. The 442 is .38 special.

    • Most people say no. A lot of people said the g42 was a bit too big for Pocket carry. If looking for 9mm in the pocket maybe a sig 938?


    I love my Glocks, and their carry rigs. However, when at home at night, my S&W 442 with the Performance center modified grips has the belt carry option. I keep this with +P ammo right next to my TV stand. Then, even if I’m in my underpants or pajamas, I can easily carry this out to the street to retrieve my garbage can at 3 am.

    There’s nothing better than sticking that 38 special loaded with +P inside my under pant or Pajama waistband. I don’t even notice it’s there.

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