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I’m not real excited about watching a couple of slackers sticking a gun in their mouth – even if they are slackers. Especially when it’s a faux plastic pistol holding a cylinder of Bird Dog Maple Flavored Whiskey. Wait. What? Googling the abomination (the whiskey, not the pink revolver) I found this at “My first experience with Bird Dog Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey was amazing, but I got so wasted off it I totally forgot I had it for a couple of months.” Sounds about right. As does this take from . . .

“On the nose Bird Dog Bourbon has a light wood aroma with a strong alcohol scent. On the palate there isn’t much going on here besides some light grain flavors with a faint trace of honey and maple syrup. The finish is short with the same flavors from above and a slight burn. The mouthfeel with this whiskey is very thin and the flavors tasted artificial.” Confirmed by this comment beneath: “I bought it specifically because I liked the dog on the label and because I was nearly broke at the time.” Good whiskey isn’t snow cone flavoring and no revolver should go in your mouth. That is all.

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  1. I’d rather put a plastic gun in my mouth than maple flavored bourbon. In fact, I rather put a steel gun in my mouth than maple flavored bourbon.

    • I haven’t tried it (yet) but I hear Knob Creek is now making a maple bourbon. They haven’t let me down yet…

    • If my one experience with honey-infused bourbon is any guide, they are gonna have a hangover of epic proportions. Never again!

  2. The writers have really gotten a stick in their colons lately. This is a just a drinking game with cheap whiskey using a hunk of plastic that happens to look like a revolver between two silly young men. How come because it looks like a revolver, there’s something worse about it than any other piece of plastic? That’s the same line gun control advocates tow with their “zero tolerance” policy in schools.

    Getting upset over such a minute thing like this will not convince people to our side or improve our image in the American public-eye.

    • Rule #7: Once you have taken enough bites from your pop tart that it looks like a firearm… any further bites well be deemed taboo and land you on ttag

    • @Cozmolyne, I’m very concerned that you are not offended at the very thought of maple flavored bourbon.

      • There is no such thing as flavored bourbon. There is flavorful bourbon, there is bourbon is flavor. But there is no such thing as flavored bourbon.
        Is nothing sacred anymore?

    • As a citizen living in bourbon country I believe you’ve missed the point of a tongue in cheek post. It read as a bit of fun to me, not some serious indication that TTAG has become a bunch of purse swingers. No, it was your comment that fit that description much more aptly.

      But seriously folks don’t drink crappy whisky. There are so many good ones for reasonable prices. If you don’t have the palate then start off by adding ice so it waters it down just a bit. I know that’s heresy but much less so than this concoction.

  3. Good whiskey? Is there such a thing? (dives into his under computer bunker. Not for the first time today.)

    So instead of 9mm vs. .45 we’re doing brands of hootch today?

  4. Said it before and I’ll say it again: If you like flavored whiskey… you don’t like whiskey.

  5. Well I wasnt exactly expecting it to taste like Woodford… Ive had B-dog, it aint that bad. My wife likes to buy the peach one occasionally for mixed drinks, I may or may not have had a few pulls out of that bottle 🙂

    Great booze is like a quality firearm, it is crafted.

  6. The only problem I have with the video is if some stupid kid watches and thinks its funny to put a pistol in his mouth. If the kid had never beeen subjected to Russian roulette before, a youtube video is probably not the best safety wise place to get that experience. Some 8 year old might see this and copy with dads revolver. You guys saying it is plastic, so are the lcr and the Taurus poly.

    • Your post is full of so much hand wringing it made my brain hurt. Isn’t it just the little bit absurd to worry about an 8 year old’s reaction to an article posted on TTAG??? I bet you’re a huge fan of primary seatbelt laws and mandatory healthcare too right? It’s for the children!!!!!

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