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Like a good neighbor, a gun owner is there. That’s exactly what happened in Gainesville, Georgia as a knife-wielding mental case who was “off his meds” prowled the parking lot of an apartment complex.

As EMTs treated an injured victim, the lunatic, Darrion Suave Fraley, approached and apparently decided he wanted to perform some thoracic surgery on the EMTs. At the same time, a neighbor saw the commotion and the obvious threat of death or great bodily injury to the innocents. He shot Fraley four times.

Turns out hot lead stops violent, psychotic behavior even faster than medication. But not before the mental case had injured the good guy with a gun, too.

In any event, perhaps that injury to the good guy with a gun proved the one which motivated him to open fire.

Fox5 Atlanta has the details . . .

Gainesville police say that around 7:30 a.m., officers got a call about a man carrying knives, damaging cars, and threatening people on Shades Valley Lane.

Before they could get there, one resident took matters into his own hands when the man allegedly tussled with medics, who were in the area tending to another person.
“It was about four shots,” said John Morea, who awoke to the incident. “Somebody outside popped him, and that was it…”

Fraley was charged with criminal attempt to commit murder, two counts of obstruction of an EMT, possession of a gun during the commission of a crime, possession of a knife during the commission of a crime, and aggravated assault. He was still in the hospital as of late Monday afternoon.

“They’re very brave for doing that. It takes a lot to take that on yourself,” said Carmella Neal, who lives near the scene. “I’m thankful they did it for the safety of others.”

We’ve written before about the potential perils of using deadly force to protect innocent third-parties who are threatened. It’s perilous on a good day. However, in times like this with an armed lunatic attacking first-responder EMTs with a knife, it’s easier to discern the innocent from the armed attacker.

Even low-information types — and prosecutors — should be able to figure this one out.

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  1. Criminal knife attacks every day in the U.S. …. ~1,300 victims daily of criminal knife attacks, ~80% of the victims without firearms are injured or killed by the attacker, less than ~5% of the victims with firearms and employing DGU are injured or killed by the attacker and of that less than 5% less than 2% of those are killed.

  2. Am I reading correctly that the knife wielding crazy got charged with possession of a firearm? Did he have temporary control of it during the tussle or was that a typo?

      • The Fox report states that the Good Samaritan was wounded. Despite the lack of full details, it’s possible that the assailant was within danger-close distance to the GS and “tussled” with him as well, temporarily getting his hands on the gunn before the GS regained control of it.

        I imagine a standard 7 yard distance would enable a person to place four shots well enough to send the attacker straight to the Hereafter, so if the attacker survived, it may have been a body-to-body wrestling “tussle” in which the GS was only able to squeeze the trigger four times in the anticipated general direction of the attacker’s body. Heck, for all we know, those four bullets went into his leg, not necessarily the torso.

        I need more info to produce a better “armchair quarterback” call on this.

        • The EMTs probably didn’t hold a grudge, so the loony got immediate care. Probably the only better place to get shot is the waiting room of a trauma center.

    • SAFEupstateFML,

      … knife wielding crazy got charged with possession of a firearm?

      I noticed that as well. I wonder if knife-wielding crazy dude also had a concealed firearm which he never pulled out?

  3. Fox5 News:
    “Before they (the cops) could get there, one resident took matters into his own hands when the man allegedly tussled with medics, who were in the area tending to another person.”

    Don’t you just love the spin…The knife wielding psycho was just “tussling” with the EMTs before the nosey, gun nut neighbor “took matters into his own hands” before the real professionals (the cops) got there.

    The giant brains at Fox5 are probably the same sort of people who’d just hold up their iPhones instead of trying to help someone.


    • Ticked Off,

      Don’t you just love the spin …

      Yes, I noticed that as well.

      Very few media sources adhere to journalistic integrity standards any more.

      • They never did. The journalismers played up the myth of War of the Worlds hysteria back in the day to attack their competitor: radio and they continue to repeat the “poison Halloween candy!!” lie year after year despite a stranger handing our poison candy on Halloween never happening.

        News was only ever meant to sell ad space for revenue and just like any other job they want to keep theirs so they always tilt nice to the power structure. Any semblance of “truth to power” is and always has been a complete fabrication.

  4. If I am in a parking lot, see EMTs treating a bloody person, see a knife-wielding guy rush the EMTs, and then see the knife-wielding guy attack the EMTs, I would not hesitate to use every measure at my disposal to stop the attacker.

  5. Please tell me that the EMTs didn’t plug up the new holes in the stabby guy to save his worthless life.

    For the armed rescuer, I have two words: “head shots.” Also, “thank you.” Okay, that’s four words. There’s no reason to be overly laconic here.

    • shooty guy possibly prevented a mass knifing. It’s likely that if stabby guy had not been stopped by shooty guy he would have continued in his attack and then moved on to others he encountered.

  6. Knife attacks on EMT’s are not rare. For example > GRAPHIC WARNING: Unprovoked Knife Attack On EMS Lt. In NYC >

    Criminal knife attacks (and use in general crime) in general are fairly common across the U.S., a lot more common than criminal use of firearms for the crime. For example, from the last few years;

    Moment knifeman flees Las Vegas Strip after stabbing eight including four showgirls in ‘unprovoked’ attack that left two dead: Suspect in custody is Hispanic man in his 30s >

    Sleeping Family Stabbed in Brutal Attack That Snapped 7-Inch Metal Knife >

    Minneapolis man allegedly attacks two with knife on Metro Transit >

    Ohio police fatally shoot teen girl after call about knife attack >

    Criminal knife attacks are on the increase world wide, for example > The battle for Britain’s streets: Knife attacks more than DOUBLE in five years in parts of UK as Met Police fight back with 1,000 stop-and-searches a day in bid to stem bloodshed >,another%20day%20of%20bloodshed%20for%20Wild%20West%20Britain

      • That woman on the bus told the group of teenagers their foul language was unacceptable, and was assaulted and shoved off the bus for it.

        I have a feeling we’re closing in on the point where we’ll soon begin to see a rise in vigilantism. “Immediate street justice”, as it were, to take out some of the trash. A gut feeling.

        • My uncle owned a trailer park , I helped him do maintenance. One day I was commenting on the rise in crime in that town. His reply ” Looks like it’s time for the vigilante to ride.” This was in the early 90’s.
          I’m all for defunding( no call, no show) the police and giving We The People the same advantage that the criminals have.
          The way it is now an honest person protects themselves and winds up in a heap of shit, ask Kyle Rittenhouse, and if lady luck ain’t there you wind up locked up with the people who needed eliminated in the first place.
          Organized crime and disorganized crime. Death from a thousand cuts.

  7. I would have mag-dumped his stupid ass. He might be in the hospital, but he’d be in the hospitals morgue….refrigerated.

  8. John Morea, who awoke to the incident. “Somebody outside popped him, and that was it…”

    I embrace Mr. Morea’s brevity.

  9. I dont think your a lunatic unless you do crayz sht during a full moon.
    Like A Good Neighbor
    State Farms Are Here
    ,,,,, no joke, a particular communist foreign country is buying ever farm in North America that it can.
    Agriculture was Americas strength.

  10. If this happened here in New Jersey, police would arrest the Good Samaritan on gun charges as the “perp,” and they’d release the crazed, knife-wielding lunatic as the “victim,” but only after allowing him to press charges against the Good Samaritan. That kind of thing happens all the time here in Jersey, where police are unable to understand the difference between a perp and a victim.
    By the way, this TTAG article also called the crazed, knife-wielding lunatic the “victim” — he’s not the victim, he’s the perp! Please correct the article, because the lunatic with the knife was the perp, not the victim.


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