chico chicago guns sue indiana wisconsin
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chico chicago guns sue indiana wisconsin

The first rule of politics: if there’s a problem, blame someone else. It’s always preferable to deflect responsibility onto your political opponent(s) but anyone will do in a pinch.

Chicago has become known by some as Chiraq for its seemingly intractable crime rate and the number of daily incidents involving gunfire. That crime problem and the attendant high number of murders in the Windy City, was a major factor in Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s decision to announce that he won’t be running for reelection.

One of those vying for the city’s top job as a result of that impending vacancy is Gery Chico. Showing he’s able to think outside the box, the former chief of staff to Mayor Richard M. Daley is advocating a new approach to Chicago’s gun-related crime problem.

Crain’s Chicago Business has this . . .

With an eye toward curbing Chicago’s gun violence, mayoral candidate Gery Chico would sue Indiana and Wisconsin—and a Cabela’s location in Hammond, Ind.—if they don’t take action to cut access to firearms.

“We can no longer take this,” he said at a recent candidates’ forum at Steinmetz College Prep on the Northwest Side. “I’ve said, if we can’t get Indiana and Wisconsin to work with us, we sue ’em, and that includes the Cabela’s gun shop right in . . . Hammond, Ind.”

What do you suppose “work with us” means, exactly?

Just as New York’s former Mayor Michael Bloomberg loved to blame Virginia, of all places, for his city’s gun problems, Chicago pols constantly point the finger at Indiana. And now Wisconsin, too. Chico’s hardly alone in that.

In a 2015 appearance before police chiefs in Chicago, then-President Barack Obama said: “There are those who criticize any gun safety reforms by pointing to my hometown as an example. The problem with that argument, as the Chicago Police Department will tell you, is that 60 percent of guns recovered in crimes come from out of state. You’ve just got to hop across the border.”

Yes, well what America’s Greatest Gun Salesman and candidate Chico can never seem to account for is the drastically lower crime rates in places like Indiana and Wisconsin. If guns are so easy to get in states bordering Illinois, why don’t those states have the same out-of-control crime problems?

But let’s not confuse Mr. Chico with details like that. He’s on a roll. As the Chicago Tribune makes clear, his three top policy proposals are…

1) Appoint a cabinet level director of public safety and create a Mayor’s Office of Violence Prevention and Reduction; 2) Repurpose 50 closed schools into community centers, affordable housing, retail, mental health centers and job training sites; 3) Sue Wisconsin and Indiana for failure to enforce their gun laws.

If Chico’s successful in his campaign, soon Chicagoans will be facing an entirely new landscape, a fresh beginning…morning in Chicago, as it were.



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    • “Good luck with that scumbag.”


      For how many decades did lawsuits concerning cigarettes causing cancers get laughed out of court?

      And then what happened?

      This same tactic is being played out today with some states suing other states for air pollution.

      Sooner or later, one of them will ‘stick’ and the floodgates will open.

      Remember, the more times a lie is spoken, the more true it becomes…

      • Geoff, you’re right about the cigarettes. We did laugh. They got the last laugh. Same with gender/trans stuff. we laughed and said “if you’re confused, just look in the mirror”. Now they got the last laugh on us. I blame it all on the magnetic pole shifting.

      • Or how about the fucking lawmakers in Illinois realize they caused the war zones within Illinois. Quit pointing fingers and realize you are all fucking stupid. Your strict gun laws bind the hands of law abiding citizens. When law breakers don’t know who’s armed then the game changes. Let’s see California, Illinois and New York pushes for strict gun enforcement and last I checked you all have the highest murder rate with firearms. Last I checked Indiana and Wisconsin were low. How about you pull your head out of your asses you fucking morons

      • Yup – as well as sentencing standards, prison release schemes, etc.

        If Chicago wants to go down this road, they might find the precedent used quite successfully against them.

  1. They enforce gun laws just fine. You’re pissed they aren’t as restrictive as Illinois.
    That sucks. Too bad.

  2. While it is obviously a political stunt, I am more than a little curious as to how the jurisdiction questions will put this in a venue favorable to Chicago.

    • The 7th circuit court of appeals has a 10 to 1 GOP appointed to dem appointed majority. And I think 4 of the 10 are very conservative trump appointees. Any gun control law in Illinois is going to face a conservative 7th circuit. They are much luckier than those in CA or NY, MA, MD where appeals courts are not 2A friendly

      • Yeah, in M-Assachusetts ( The People’s Republic of The Socialist Utopian, Authoritarian Police-State…) Where the U.S. Constitutional-Bill of Rights is on an “Etch-R-Sketch” at the Statehouse…..On “Lite-Brites” at Local/State Police Departments….

        • Lets not forget that our illustrious AG Healy has a magic chalk board which allows her to erase precedent and compose even more restrictive gun laws. I’d love to know how many AR-15 “assault rifles” have been used in gun violence crimes in Mashthe2shits in the past 30 yrs. Add RINO Governor Charlie Bakers list to the roll of politicos that have abandoned the 2nd amendment as well.

  3. Even if his clearly frivolous lawsuit is somehow allowed by the mental gymnastics of some cracked-out SJW activist on the bench to go forward at the beginning, it’ll be quickly laughed right out of the very next court. The SCoTUS certainly won’t grant cert, either.

    Yet more tax-payer treasure wasted on knowingly and demonstrably ineffective drivel from Crooked County.

    • Unconstitutional. They are trying to sue and encroach on other states constitutional rights and impose their own on others. Will not stand.

        • The answer is “YES,” you can sue anyone for anything.
          The real question is, “Is this suit anything more than a waste of money?” In this case, the taxpayers’ money.

  4. Love that song….one of the great all time classics……..”meet the new boss….same as the old boss”

  5. In response Indiana and Wisconsin should declare war on Chicago, invade, and install their own puppet mayor.

  6. Dan, but New York (along with New Jersey) have some of the lowest murder rates in the country, where Chicago is shall issue and has no real restrictions on handguns. And before you mention the FOID, it’s just $10 and as long as you can legally buy a gun anyways, you can get one. It’s not any more than filling out an online form and wait for it to show up in the mail.

    So should Chicago be even more like NY and NJ?

    • NJ has murder rate right 8n the middle. You aren’t any more dead if you are shot versus beaten to death. The NJ murder rate is the same as Wisconsin and Indiana. NY is lower but New Hampshire and Utah have the lowest murder rate and some of the most lax gun laws in the country.

    • New York’s low murder rate, (low compared to what it was in the 70s-90s) was the result of a number of factors. Gun control was never one of them. There’s entire books written on the subject, actually, so I’m not going to too much farther into this, but the info is out there. One good book to start with is titled “why crime rates fell.” Its all about the steady drop in crime from 94’ to ~14’ or so. Gun control was widely considered inconsequential to that crime decline, in NYC or any other locale.

  7. Counter sue for Shitcago not getting their gang crime, organized crime etc under control and the gangs and mafia spreading to Wisconsin and Indana not to mention crooked politicians.

  8. I think he needs a lesson in Constitutional law. It would be a stretch even for some Progressive judge to hear a case where one State claims the authority to set another State’s laws.

    • IANAL, but…
      I don’t see how Chicago can sue a state to get them to change their laws. This would be a civil suit, where the only punishment is money. Chicago can’t claim that a state has violated any of Chicago’s laws (which could be a criminal case), only that their (in this case) lax gun laws have damaged Chicago (which would be a civil case).
      Anyone know better?

      • You are correct, but one remedy is injunctive relief, assuming no jurisdictional bar, of course. The problem with that is that it cannot require a state to exercise its discretionary police authority in enforcing laws. The suit against Cabelas would require a showing that it was not complying with Indians and Federal law when selling guns. I assume Chicago would claim that they were not sufficiently observant of factors indicating a straw sale. The case would end up in federal district court even if Chicago tried to sue in a state court.

  9. One third of this guy’s platform consists of suing people for problems he created when he was one of Daley’s cronies. Ain’t progress a wonderful thing?

  10. Always typical Chicago to blame other stays while at the same time refusing to enforce their own laws against the criminal element.

    Most of the violence is caused by violrnt repeat felony offender gangs and their “victims” who are themselves been in or out of prison.

    They think it’s “offensive” to hold violent criminals responsible for thier actions.

  11. Cuomo wanna-be. Only a turd right now. If he’s elected he will become a big ole steamy pile of shit like the 1st City mayor

  12. And the US should counter sue Chico for breaking his oath to the constitution.
    The only way to stop all the violence in Chicago is the remove all of the corrupt democrats running it.
    It’s a no brainer.

  13. This makes zero effen sense what so ever. I wonder if he’s acquainted with the phrases “kick rocks”, “pound sand” and “F.O.” if not, he’s about to be.

    • He doesn’t care, by the time such words were even spoken, he would be elected, which is the goal of his statements.

  14. Ironically enough Chico is one of better Dumbocrats(it’s a sorry azz lot). Willy Wilson is giving out hunert dollah bills. And having a Chicago casino. Garry “Streetlight” McCarthy is running on law & order-and disarmament. Daley is touting his time with Barry Soetoro…and I guarantee whatever is erected will sue neighbooring states😩😢😡

    • the dr. willy radio campaign soundbites are pure gold.
      there is only vallas and he doesn’t stand a chance.

  15. If it’s your problem, why don’t you actually prosecute the people that are using the guns you’re so scared of? You & The world knows that the guns used in your creepy state are mostly, STOLEN guns, but you dumb ass liberals won’t put these people in prison or fry them because why? The color of their skin..!

  16. Good news for Chicago. Even though NONE of that shit will work , things will get better. Young , working class and minority residents are leaving. Those people are more likely to shoot people and be shot. So at some point the problem will work itself out. Of course you’ll be Detroit by then.

  17. Only a Dimowit running for mayor of Chicago.
    Would blame crooks in another city and state for their own past and future failures.
    Rohm has lined his pockets enough.So he doesn’t have to run again.
    Time for some other Libitard fool to take over the task and line his pockets.

  18. Chico, given his history with Daley, will be way to busy skimming the city coffers and taking bribes to worry about guns….

  19. What’s this putz going to do when a court tells him to handle his own problems? Those states should sue for allowing Chicago to be a cartel drug hub.

  20. I listened to an Interview he did on WGN 720AM. His whole shtick is that Chicago’s laws won’t work if you can’t force everyone outside the city to abide by them too.

    • “Our laws aren’t working, but that’s not our fault. We need to compel other communities to also adopt the laws that aren’t working here”?

      Winning message, that.

    • But people will listen and believe.
      Mainly because our education system is too busy teaching to tests, rather than teaching their students to think.
      We see the faults in the argument, but people who have been taught to believe what their “leaders” tell them don’t. That’s because our schools, that are run by leftists, teach our children to believe whatever the left tells them.
      Sadly, our voters are too stupid to even vote in their own best interests.

  21. Fix it by building a wall around Chicago to keep Chicago residents from getting out of their little kingdom.

      • i saw feliciano open for cosby at the mill run. the year before, bill withers opened. theatre in the round, rotating stage.
        good times.

    • Seriously, his name is Chico and he couldn’t even come up with a catchy slogan like ‘Chico for Chicago’. He’s clearly not very intelligent.

      • ‘Hi, I’m Chico. I’ve made a living out of standing up to the Man and if you elect me for mayor I’ll stand up for you!’

      • Safer. Stronger. Together.
        Gery Chico for Mayor
        “The city of Chicago is as strong and resilient as its people. And once we coalesce the power of everyone – there will be no stopping us.”

        Lame. First, too many words. That will never fit on a bumper sticker that’s even legible at a stop light. Scrub the last part – it sounds like the rantings of Adolph Hitler at 2:00am after a bottle of s’more flavored schnapps, but then Hitler didn’t drink so it’s even more ludicrous. And ‘safer, stronger, together’? You’re presumably safer and stronger if you disarm yourself and pray the CPD doesn’t show up before you’ve achieved ambient temperature? Imperiled, Weaker, Apart would be more accurate.

      • his tv spots do a melding of chico and chicago right before your eyes. it’s really quite fascinating.
        if chitown had an attorney general it would work more weller.

  22. Haters gonna hate. Anti’s gonna anti. Morons gonna moron. Don’t work to solve the problem. Blame the “JEWS” comes to mind. Blame anyone who ain’t to blame to remove the blame from those who are responsible. Hitler didn’t die he keeps popping up in lefties bodies. Stalin is alive and well and living inside
    the Nanny Bloombergs of the world.

    The guns are evil. Maybe one die they will find the evil in the world, it is SO easy. All they have to do is look at the face staring back at them in the mirror.

  23. Any suit brought against Wisconsin or Indiana is an act of local political theater. Chico is playing to the Chicago political machine in hopes of showing his new found leftest views for the party socialists. This is part of his audition. He is recovering from political purgatory and really needs to be noticed in an incredibly large field of candidates to make the runoff election which is sure to come. He’s running third or fourth right now and needs to move into a closer position to be taken seriously. The fact that he’d be laughed out of a Federal Court doesn’t mean anything and will be forgotten should lightening strike and he makes it. But, the racial politics of Chicago have no limits and can go anywhere.

  24. New idea. Build a wall on the southern Wisconsin border to keep the FIBs out. And they can pay for it too.

  25. Forget the southern border. Build a wall around Chicago and deport the illegal aliens there…unarmed, of course.

  26. The so-called “violence” in Chicago is almost exclusively perpetrated by the the feral population. De-feralization would make more sense.

  27. Cool, does that mean Wisconsin can sue Chicago for all it’s criminals and welfare parasites that seem to end up in our state? Anyone who pays the slightest bit of attention to Chicago knows it sucks because it’s over flowing with criminals and the liberals that support them.

  28. The second item on the agenda about repurposing the closed schools isnt a terrible idea and could do more to prevent violence than suing other states.

    • I saw that, my guess is that the “repurposing” of closed (read, destroyed) schools would include removing them down to the dirt, then building something new. Can Chicago afford that?

  29. Just what a cash-strapped city needs, to put forth a lawsuit it can’t possibly win. But, you know, as long as his intentions are good, that’s all that matters. After all, taxpayer money is an infinite resource.

    • As long as they are on the right side of stupid the constitution doesn’t mean anything to them. I am a firm believer in the loser pays in a court case, it would probably cut down on a lot of these stupid law suits.

  30. Good Grief! I live in downstate Illinois and it is bad enough that I have to deal with the dimocrats in Chicago, or rather live under their tyranny. Now they are trying to push that tyranny onto other states. I am packing my bags and moving across the mighty Mississippi into Missouri.

  31. Does this guy or our previous douch bag president know you can’t buy a handgun unless your a state resident?

  32. The Cabelas that Chico wants to sue over the border in Indiana checks your ID before they will show you a firearm. If you are from Illinois and don’t have a FOID card, they won’t let you see anything, let alone sell you something.

    Same thing with every other gun store in the area.

    Maybe Chico should spend more attention on stopping straw purchases.

  33. more civilians have been shot and killed in chicago than servicemen killed in the gwot:
    how can that possibly be wisconsins or indianas fault
    theres already laws on the books that keep whatever he thinks is going on from happening
    the fact of the matter is that the worst cities in america from the standpoint of crime corruption bureaucracy homelessness poverty cost of living schools and everything else thats bad all have the same thing in common:
    theyre big blue cities
    and the not so dirty little secret is that when the big blue cities go away in america so will most of americas problems

  34. Chicago has become known by some as Chiraq because it dreams of rising to level of a 3rd world cesspool

    fixed it for you

  35. Notice how he doesn’t mention the other big box retailers outside of the city in Illinois….Cabela’s in Gurnee or the BassPro shop in Bolingbrook….2 stores that aren’t taxed by Illinois. It’s the Chicago MO….extort as much as you can when you can…

  36. Empty talk. You can’t sue other states for what they determine to be best for their state citizens. It would be thrown out in a New York minute.

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