Montana GOP U.S. Senate Candidate Troy Downing Faces Trial For Multiple Hunting Violations

Politicians using their power to help themselves? Unheard of! According to Bozeman Daily Journal, U.S. Senate candidate Troy Downing wants a Gallatin County judge to throw out several charges alleging he was not a Montana resident when he bought resident hunting licenses, claiming past accountants made errors in his tax filings. Christopher Williams, Downing’s attorney, filed […]

Deer Trapping Video in Lakeway, TX Goes Viral

If you trap deer, don’t do it near a Lakeway (suburban Austin) soccer mom with a cell phone. According to KXAN . . . The city of Lakeway has been trapping deer to help control the population for nearly 20 years. However, the mom’s video is going viral that has some residents asking the city […]

Virginia Bear Hunting Sets New Record

Bears beware in Virginia. According to WHSV, Hunters in Virginia killed a record number of bears during the most recent hunting season. The Roanoke Times reports that state figures show 2,861 bears were killed, marking a 17 percent increase from the previous season. The increase in bear hunting was partly due to a first-ever three-day season […]

Wolves in Serbia: A Trophy of a Lifetime

Even a single wolf can devastate the hard work of farmers and ranchers. While wolf hunting is forbidden in most of Western Europe, it’s being allowed — for a short time — in Serbia’s southern forests . . . Though much of the country is appalled by the “slaughter” of the illusive creatures, there are […]

Pastor Killed While Hunting in Case of Mistaken Coyote

The Taylorsville Times reports that a local pastor has died in a hunting tragedy after another hunter mistook him for a coyote and shot him. Alexander County Sheriff Chris Bowman stated that on February 19, 2018, at approximately 5:52 p.m., the Alexander County Communications received a 911 call about a person who had been shot […]

Colorado Hunting Bill: $50 Raffle Ticket to Hunt Shiras Moose, Rocky Mountain Elk, Mule and White-tailed Deer, Rocky Mountain and Desert Bighorn sheep, Rocky Mountain Goats, Pronghorn Antelope, Black Bears and Mountain Lions

The Gazette reports that a bill setting up a raffle for hunting licenses for Colorado big game is scheduled for Tuesday in the state Senate, but it has conservation and animal rights groups lining up to oppose it. When aren’t animal rights groups opposing hunting progress? Senate Bill 137 would direct the state Parks and […]

Active Shooter Drills: A Mom’s Story

Headlines publicizing mass school shootings strike fear into the hearts of parents everywhere. The thought of our children being shot in cold blood in a place they should feel safe is paralyzing. Innocence lost is taking on a whole new meaning when “active shooter” drills are becoming apart of daily life in schools nationwide. One […]

Montana Couple Fined over Hunting Violations

How does the saying go? The couple that poaches together, gets a plea deal together . . . As News Talk KGVO reports, a Trout Creek couple is facing stiff fines and hunting restrictions after Montana wardens began an investigation into accusations of improper purchase of resident licenses. According to FWP spokesman Dillon Tabish, the […]